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Camellia Yulind
« on: September 11, 2016, 04:28:10 PM »

Name: Camellia Yulind

Theme: Sea Moon (Akino - Miiro (LU-I Remix))

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: A yellow circular smiley face with a single sharp fang coming out the left corner of its mouth.

Occupation: Beacon First Year

Maya, Arpeggio of Blue Steel: ShowHide

Camellia's appearance is very akin to that of a doll, being a young girl with long auburn hair, light skin, and jade green eyes. She wears a red and white dress with a large magenta ribbon both in front and behind along with a purse in the shape of her symbol hanging from it. Over that, she wears a red shawl over her shoulders adorned with a hood and more ribbons. Finally, she wears red and pink striped thigh-high stockings and brown boots.

History: Camellia's father was a huntsman while her mother Ophelia took care of her at home. Growing up, she loved to collect dolls and dress up as them. Her mother was also a rather lax parent, letting her do what she wanted as long as nobody got hurt. As expected due to her father's profession, she joined the school when she reached the average age to join. However, her mind matured later than others due to autism and Savant's Syndrome, yet her parents encouraged the positive effects, namely an IQ of 175. As her years in Signal passed, her raw childish personality became somewhat more refined, but still puerile. Too much mecha-anime has also given her an obsession with missiles. She studied how to build them for future years, becoming highly educated in science, math, and programming due to also being a savant. However, she basically trained only with her semblance, therefore developing an above average Aura, but graduating an year late. Little does she know, her mother is actually a quite powerful Atlesian 'sleeper' specialist.

Personality: Camellia has a very childish demeanor with just a small hint of sadistic. She is impatient and hyperactive, but is nice to people and will always listen to her superiors, including her team leader in the end. This doesn't stop her from being annoying though to the point of comically superhuman standards. (Her highest achievement was singing the same exact song 241 times in a row for 36 hours on loop, even in her sleep.) Her sadistic side comes in during combat, as she has tendencies to compose lullabies that symbolize the destruction brought about to her enemies by her. Though she doesn't show it, she happens to be highly intelligent, as an obsession with missiles has caused her to hungrily learn rocket science and all other prerequisites. Her autism also causes her to not be able to take a hint when people are pissed off. She talks normally but may occasionally repeat things. She also "stims" a lot (body rocking side to side when sitting, singing the same song 241 times in a row as mentioned before, twirling in circles while shooting lasers, and other repetetive movements) which may contribute to the "annoying-ness". She may also hilariously call people by the wrong name with full confidence.

Aura and Semblance: Color: Pink
Semblance: Laser Hazard - Camellia's semblance allows her to create glyphs that spin for 4 seconds, getting faster and faster until a 8 inch diameter laser beam bursts out for 1.5 seconds. The glyph is bright pink, and when channeling, will have an aesthetic of absorbing in heart particles that appear in front of it. The aura cost depends on how many Camellia is creating at a time before a 3 second interval. Currently, having 4 in play is enough to sustain her through a lengthy (6:00) fight, not taking damage into consideration, so she fires them with impunity. Camellia can also stack the glyphs in front of each other for higher output. Though highly destructive, with even some explosive power able to just about blast through 3 inches of concrete along with a large range, the lasers cannot move once summoned and are easily dodge-able to aura-users, as everything about the glyph LITERALLY screams "GET OUT OF THE WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN." Where the lasers will be is 100% predictable by the "sense of danger" given by aura. (My point is, godmodding against lasers is allowed unless character is physically incapable of getting out of the 8-inch diameter line before 4 seconds. This is another story with Grimm.)

Combat Behavior: Camellia would fit as a mage/caster type, being able to handle behind-the-lines combat with her glyphs but not a straight up physical fight due to not having a weapon and being reliant on her semblance. Therefore, she has a highly supportive role and wouldn't be able to handle most 1 on 1 fights by herself. She is also a glass cannon, as she focuses on using her aura offensively rather than defensively. However, if given enough space, she will happily rain death and destruction and lasers upon her enemies, all while doing things like twirling and singing lullabies and overall being the happiest person on the planet. On the other hand, she tries to keep her missiles as a secret trump card that will only be used against Grimm or criminals, but if deployed, therefore no point keeping it secret anymore... Let's just say she isn't all too conservative of them.


Inside of the locker. Animation by me: ShowHide

(After Initiation) Due to not needing to use it, Camellia has retrofitted her Beacon Academy locker into a concealed semi-automated multi-missile launcher. When the locker descends after lifting off, it will stick parallel to a surface and detach its door, revealing the 12 loaded missile launchers with individual hatches, 6 on each side. When Camellia arms the missiles, the hatches rapidly open one by one, showing a green light next to each missile. The missiles can home in on targets, and once acquired, the lights turn orange, as the head of the missile slightly pops out, then red, indicating the missiles are armed. When she orders the launcher to fire, it "flings" the missile out using magnets, which then activates in midair and heads towards its target. She can't summon her weapon indoors (Or anywhere else a locker wouldn't be able to go) and once it lands, it can't move so she'll have to have it hauled back to Beacon manually.

UPDATE: With the introduction of the new Atlesian Paladins, Camellia has also built a new weapon of similar, possibly higher invincibility back at her home. It is of ridiculous simplicity, requires only a joystick to control from afar, and is way funner to watch as it goes around demolishing any nonflying enemies it comes across. It is... A remote-controlled 2.5-meter diameter metal ball covered in 1 foot long acute spikes and bright yellow paint. A built-in controllable gyroscope allows the ball to roll around with ease, and the spikes can rotate like drills, devastating anything in its path. The problem though, is transporting it. As of now, Camellia has drafted plans for a catapult, but Beacon may not be all that well of a good place to construct one. It may also not be a good plan to roll it through the student-filled hallways. Thus, she is arranging to sell it to military and border control.
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Re: Camellia Yulind
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2016, 07:58:03 PM »
Theme link is busted.
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Re: Camellia Yulind
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Fixed link. Doing a great job keeping up with the flow of characters!


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Re: Camellia Yulind
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Hmmmmm...nothing out of the ordinary here, aside the high IQ score, which I'll let slide.

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Re: Camellia Yulind
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Begrudging approval.
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