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Rackley Winchester
« on: September 12, 2016, 03:38:36 PM »

Rackley Winchester

18 years old. Born Tulikuuma 8, 61 AC

Gender and Species:
Male Human

 A short sword pointed down with a thorny vine circling down it

First Year Beacon Student

Spoiler: ShowHide

Rackley is 5'9" and 140Ibs with a slim build. He has brown hair and dark purple/blue eyes with a clean cut facial appearance. His hair comes down to about his waist, which he braids. He wears a dark blue work jacket with white cuff-links that he rolls up, dark blue pants and dark brown boots. He wears both his katana and his tonfa on his right hip.

Rackley is the child of a retired huntsman and huntress. As a child, he grew up hearing the many exploits that his father, an expert marksman with a sniper rifle, and mother, a katana and dust magic user, had made when they were still working in the city of Vale. After they retired, his family moved to a small farming home right on the outer most part of the city of Vale, where they made their living off the land or by helping those in need of a huntsman. Rackley received his first "rifle", a small pellet gun, when he was seven years old and would often spend his days outside shooting at different targets that his father made, though still within sight of his mother's ever protective care. Rackley began training with his father at the age of nine where he learned the fundamentals of shooting with a rifle: from velocity, to distance, to wind and gravity pull, Rackley learned how to take into account all of that when making a shot. When he was not outside shooting targets or learning how to be a huntsman by his father, Rackley would be inside reading a book from his parents’ collection of books. At the age of eleven he was given his first real gun, a modified Barrett M90, and killed his first Grimm at the age of twelve, with the help of his father. At the age of thirteen he was enrolled by his parents to go to Signal Academy. Due to his training and education from his father and mother, Rackley was able to do well in his classes and got fairly above average scores. While at Signal, Rackley received even further training and there, made the weapons he uses now. After graduating Signal Academy at the age of seventeen, Rackley immediately went and applied for Beacon, which he was accepted.

Rackley has a "go with the flow" kind of attitude and does not like confrontation with other people unless it is absolutely necessary. He is the type that would rather spend a day in a tree reading or listening to music, than be in a gym. He does, however, love to go on jogs to build up his stamina and likes to go sight-seeing.

Growing up on the outskirts of the city, Rackley isn't accustomed to being around large groups of people so he tends to be more on the reserved/quiet side and is very self-conscious whenever he has to talk to a person or group of people. He will often have withdrawals when around a lot of people for a long period of time and will need to get away from them for a time to "recuperate". This aspect makes it hard for him to make friends, but that doesn't mean he won't at least try to be friends with people, though his efforts are usually seen as weird and awkward.

Intellectually, Rackley is fairly above average compared to others. He’s not too fond of studying, but will do it simply so he can pass the class. He loves to read and will learn better from reading a book than from hearing a lecture. He is fairly knowledgeable when it comes to combat tactics, but only when it comes to scouting or reconnaissance.

Power Shot
When Rackley is scoped in on a target, he is able to wrap his aura around the bullet, augmenting the velocity of his shot the longer he stays scoped on the target. As the speed of the bullet increases, it causes the damage caused by the impact to increase as well, at most being able to double the damage dealt. Each shot, regardless of how long he stays scoped in, takes 10% of his aura, making it so that he can only use the ability 10 times a day. The damage ratio goes as followed:
1 second: speed increases by 20%. Damage increases by 40%
2 seconds: speed increases by 40%. Damage increases by 80%
3 seconds: speed increases by 60%. Damage increases by 120%
4 seconds: speed increases by 80%. Damage increases by 160%
5 seconds: speed increases by 100%. Damage increases by 200%

When Rackley activates his semblance, his aura glows a dark blue around the gun he is using.

Combat Behavior:
Rackley is an expert marksman, being able to make shots that would be considered difficult  for others to make. Frequent trips outside the city walls has also taught Rackley to move quickly and quietly through different environments, making him an expert scout or reconnaissance teammate. During a fight, Rackley is at his best by staying a good distance away from the actual battle and provide support. He will go for the kill quickly so as to avoid a prolonged battle.

However, what Rackley has in stealth and speed, he lacks in strength. Though taught how to fight melee, Rackley is only a mediocre melee fighter and doesn't like fighting in close combat unless he has no other choice. Due to his lack of strength, he can be easily overpowered or pushed around if attacked at close range. He wears very light armor to move faster around, but makes him more susceptible to damage and will go down if he takes too many direct hits.


Name: Washi (Tonfa), Taka (Katana), and Aoshi (Rifle)

Note: Both weapons have been mechanically made while Rackley attended Signal Academy. Therefore, though they may resemble a tonfa and katana, they're both made of machinery. (Just think of how Ruby's Scythe looks and operates when imagining this)

Primary Form:
The two weapons can be connected. To do so, Rackley turns Taka so that the sharp side of the blade is facing 3:00 and puts it against the top end of Washi, which triggers a small push plate on the bottom of Taka. He then turns Taka 90 degrees clock-wise, which causes the end of Taka to fold over and connect to Washi, forming a pole-arm. Rackley then pushes a button located on the corner of the grip on Washi, which causes the grip to fold in, extend and expand, forming the scope, trigger, stock and butt plate with the lower end of the tonfa. The top part of the tonfa expands slightly and has a slot open in it, where the clip goes. The pommel of Taka folds over Washi and forms the bolt-action. It also expands with the hilt to cover most of the blade to form the barrel and muzzle. The tip of the sword breaks off of the rest of the blade to form a bayonet which connects to the end of the muzzle. In the end, the two weapons combine to form a high powered sniper rifle that shoots .50 BMG dust rounds.

For detail on the type of bullet

The rifle is a bolt-action rifle with a 5 shot clip, which takes approximately 4 seconds for Rackley to bolt back upon firing. Putting in a new clip and bolting back takes approximately 6 - 8 seconds, depending on the circumstance. Pushing the same first button again, which is now located right behind where the clip goes and before the trigger, turns Washi and Taka back to a pole-arm and pushing it twice quickly causes the two weapons to disengage each other and go back to their original forms.

Secondary Form:
When Washi and Taka are connected, Rackley can choose not to push the trigger, allowing the two weapons to be used as a naginata for closer combat.

Third Form:
Rackley can choose to keep Washi and Taka apart, allowing him to use one in each hand. With the trigger and half barrel on Washi, a small clip of 10 bullets is able to be inserted into the grip of Washi, making it so that Rackley is able to shoot smaller 9mm dust bullets out of it
Tertiary Form:
When storing them, Rackley has both Washi and Taka sheathe on his right hip.

Dust Functions:
Rackley uses two special types of dust bullets with Aoshi aside from his normal bullets:
-   Explosive Rounds: A combination of fire and earth dust, these bullets cause a fairly large explosion (around 5 feet in diameter). Rackley will usually carry around three - five cartridges of these, depending on the mission.
-   FMJ Rounds: A combination of Kinetic and Earth dust, these bullets are used to pierce through hard objects or hard to kill Grimms. Rackley will usually carry around three – five cartridges of these, depending on the mission.

History: Since it was required of all Signal Academy students to make their own weapon, Rackley decided to make a combination of both his parent's weapons as his own.
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