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Savas Carnelian
« on: September 12, 2016, 03:34:11 PM »

Name: Savas Carnelian (Pronounced Sah-VASH)

Age: 22 years old. Birthday is on the 24th of the second month

Gender: Male

Species: Rhinoceros Faunus

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Occupation: Fourth year student at Beacon

Savas stands at 8’4” with a muscular build and weighs 465lbs of pure muscle mass. Due to his Faunus heritage, he has brownish-grey skin as well as a small horn protruding right above his nose. He has extremely broad shoulders as well as arms that are as thick as people’s thighs and legs that are extremely massive. He has olive green eyes that are slightly slanted upward, giving him a penetrating gaze as if he is staring into a person's soul whenever he looks at people.  His hair is dark brown and is about four inches in length, which he keeps pushed back. He also wears a gold necklace with a ring held on it, which is the same ring he had meant to give to his lover, Auburn.
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The Guinness book of world records lists the tallest man ever to be Robert Pershing Wadlow, who stood at 8’11”. Therefore, I believe it is perfectly legit to have my guy be 8’1”, but it’s open for debate

His casual clothing attire consists primarily of a sleeveless crimson colored shirt with black cargo pants and black boots.

His battle attire consists of three different armors for differing occasions:

1.) His first, and most commonly used, attire is all crimson in color and consists of a metal breastplate, pauldrons, gauntlets, bracers reaching up to his upper forearm, and greaves that cover all the way up to right above his knees. Underneath each armor piece, he wears chainmail to protect the rest of his body. This set is mostly used against fighting Grimm, particularly the larger ones.

2.) His second attire is a full lamellar armor set that weighs 125lbs. He wears a helmet made of steel and small plates to protect his head and neck, steel bracers with leather gloves underneath, and the same greaves from his first set, hidden underneath a crimson cloth that covers his body. The lamellar armor primarily protects his vital organs as well as his shoulders and go from his shoulders all the way down to just below his knees. He also wears a thick padded leather underneath to give him added comfort and protection. This armor is worn particularly when fighting against other humans or large quantities of Grimm as it gives him the greatest protection against slashing and piercing attacks.
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3.) His third and final set is a set of studded armor, which he uses only for scouting missions or when stealth and/or speed is essential. Weighing only around 50lbs, the armor covers his abdomen and upper legs. He also wears a set of leather bracers and leather boots. Though it doesn't give him as much protection, it gives him more freedom in movement, allowing him to attack more easily.
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His weapons are harnessed onto his back whenever he is traveling with either of the three armors. He also wears a leather belt with holsters that hold his cylinders of dust crystals. All of his armor is slightly loose on him to make up for when he activates his semblance.

Savas was born in the town of Frouri in Mahāna Dhūsara Havā. He was born as an only child to his father, a rhinoceros faunus who works as a metal worker and his mother, an elephant faunus who works as a stone mason. Due to the size of his parents, both being rather large, he ended up being a really big child growing up, nearly twice the size of all the other children his age. His family lived in the Clan Gladiis district of Frouri and took great pride in their clan. When Savas was seven years old, he followed his parents advice to become a warrior for the clan, primarily because of his size and strength. After receiving his partner, a fellow great sword wielder named Vigdus Verez, Savas spent the next eight years in the Gladiis Magnus subset and was trained to fight with the great sword where he learned tactics on how to combat different types of Grimm as well as the weaknesses of the different types of Grimm that the village has fought thus far. However, due to his size and rapid growth, he oftentimes found himself fatigued and not able to keep up with many of the other kids when it came to stamina. Though, what he lacked in stamina, he excelled in strength and would always defeat any opponent he went up against in hand-to-hand combat and wrestling. During this time, his aura was unlocked by the head of the clan, though he was unable to figure out what his semblance was. Throughout those eight years, Savas would also go out on Grimm extermination missions with his clan, but only to observe so that he would be better equipped on fighting the different creatures. On Savas’ 15th birthday, to commemorate him becoming a man, he was fully recognized into the clan’s warrior ranks as a full-fledged warrior. Proud of their son, his parents presented Savas with his weapon: a six foot, 50lbs great sword, which he named Sandalphon, while Vigdus presented a large harness to hold the sword on his back. Thus his life as a warrior went on for another two years until that one fateful day.

The day looked to be like any other day. However, it all changed when the clan was informed by a badly injured miner that the road to the town’s mine was attacked by a huge dragon Grimm. After discussing it with the other clans of the village, it was decided that Clan Gladiis, Clan Clava, Clan Scutum, and Clan Arcus would take the honor of investigating the attack. With each clan gathering three of their best warriors as well as the leaders of the clans, Savas and Vigdus was also asked to go along with them to help, but also to observe as this was their first time seeing one of these beasts.  It took the seventeen warriors about 2 hours to get to the mine. Upon arrival, it looked as if a great battle took place: dead bodies littered the area and there was blood everywhere. Moving from body to body, the warriors went and checked to see if there were any survivors. Not finding any survivors, the warriors moved towards the entrance of the mine. It was there that they met with the culprit. Staring face to face at the almost forty foot Steche Neak, the creature let out a huge roar before shooting out a huge white ball of fire at the group. Jumping out of the way, the warriors spread out in hopes of circling the beast. Thus the battle went on for almost ten minutes as the warriors continued in their attempt to try and kill the dragon. It was then that a moment of opportunity arose when the dragon had its back to Savas that he decided to charge straight at the dragon in hopes of slicing through its wing. However, the dragon was smart and knew that Savas was coming. With a huge flick of its tail, it thrashed Savas, knocking him through the air into a huge boulder. Laying there, half unconscious, Savas continued to hear the battle, but couldn’t open his eyes. “If only I was stronger…” was the only thought that went through his mind as time passed. After ten seconds or so, though it felt like an eternity, Savas felt a huge burst of strength welling over him. Opening his eyes, he saw a faint reddish glow encompassing his whole body. Feeling stronger than he ever felt before, he looked at the beast. As he watched the fight, he knew that he needed to make it so that the creature would not be able to move. And so, turning around he took hold of the boulder behind him and began to try and pick it up. He knew that he wouldn’t normally be able to pick up the boulder, but at that moment he felt like he could move mountains. Picking up the 600lb boulder, Savas hurled it as hard as he could at the dragon, which wasn’t paying any attention to him. It wasn’t until the last moment that the dragon noticed the rock, but it was too late and the boulder came crashing down on the dragon’s wing, crushing it completely. As the dragon let out a huge roar of pain, the rest of the warriors made easy work of it and killed it shortly after.

After that momentous day and seeing all the dead people at the mine, Savas vowed to grow stronger to protect his home and those who live there. Seeing the usefulness of having a bludgeoning weapon, Savas sent a request to Clan Clava, asking if they could make him a secondary weapon: a huge maul that stood around four feet tall and weighed 60lbs, which he named Metatron. Upon asking the clan leader, Lady Rubra Cerasis, on what he can do to become stronger, she advised him to consider going to Beacon to become a Huntsman. After discussing it with his parents, he went and applied, along with Vigdus, to Beacon and was barely admitted due to his lack of intellectual studies. Upon entering Beacon, he was relieved to find that he was placed on the same team as Vigdus; much of that decision was based on the fact that they had been partners for much of their lives and a request from back home. And so, with Vigdus being the team leader, his first year at Beacon would be what some would call a nightmare: being a strong warrior didn’t mean anything for his grades and Savas had a difficult time passing his classes. However, with the help of the others on his team, he was able to keep his grades afloat and was able to make it all the way through to his first few years. During this time, Savas grew very close to his other teammates and they became like family to him. He particularly grew close to one of his teammates and partner, Auburn, which turned into a relationship between the two. Throughout his time at Beacon, she was the one who helped him the most with his studies as well as in combat. With her speed and his strength, they were a near unstoppable pair in battle, able to take down whatever they faced. It was also during their time together that she suggested to have his weapons augmented to form into one destructive weapon, which he agreed to and had both his weapons augmented and re-forged so that they could be combined to form one weapon as well as use dust crystals in it, which he named Halvanhelev.

However, during the ending of his third year at Beacon, his team was sent on a search and destroy mission that went terribly wrong. What was to be a mission to exterminate the rising population of Grimm in the Snowy Forest went wrong when his team was ambushed by a hungry Ymir Rex that came out from being dormant to hunt. Its ambush took the group by surprise and with its first attack, it slashed through Vigdus’ armor as if a hot knife cutting through butter. Filled with rage at the sight of watching the dragon slaughter his childhood friend, Savas activated his semblance and transformed his weapon into Halvanhelev and began attacking the Grimm. However, the fight continued to go wrong when he was knocked against a huge tree by a swipe of the dragon's tail. As the dragon rushed in to kill him, he watched in horror as Auburn jumped into the fray to protect the one she loved. Trying to get to his feet, he was unable to do much other than watch as the dragon slashed Auburn across the abdomen, knocking her to the ground. It was there that Savas watched his dreams fall apart as he watched the dragon grab hold of the near unconscious Auburn and, with her eyes locked onto Savas, he saw tears fall from her face as the beast bite her head and shoulders off. With her death, Savas lost his will to fight and fell to his knees, ready to die. However, before he could be eaten to join the others, his last teammate jumped in at the last moment and activated her semblance, creating a force field dome to protect them both from the dragon’s onslaught. Having eaten his fill and lost its desire to keep fighting, the dragon left the two and flew away back to his cave. The loss of their teammates was hard on both Savas and his last teammate. With the near death experience, his last teammate decided to withdraw from Beacon to pursue a less dangerous occupation, leaving Savas alone and teamless as he entered in his final year at Beacon.

Savas is a quiet giant and, due to his size, was never mistreated by anyone for being a faunus. Always wearing a serious facial expression, he doesn’t smile or laugh much to those around him. The only people who he would open up to was his past teammates, but he now keeps quiet so as to not show any emotion. He is extremely protective of those whom he cares about and will always move to protect them, ready to destroy anything that tries to harm them, even if it puts his life in danger. When not doing class or going out on missions, he would spend his free time going to the arena to train or the gym to work out and grow stronger so that another tragedy would never happen again.

In regards to his studies, Savas is not the brightest in the bunch and struggles quite a bit with keeping his grades at average. He is not good with geography, science, math, or English. However, he does excel when it comes to combat lessons as well as battle tactics.

Strength of the Giant:
Upon activation, he glows a dark crimson and his semblance causes his muscles to almost double in size and strength. When he activates his semblance it allows him to wield his weapons faster and with more powerful attacks. Not only that, but it also doubles the strength of his heart (since it's a muscle), allowing it to pump blood faster and easier through his body. This allows him to be able to fight at full potential throughout the duration of his semblance being activated.

In order for him to activate his semblance, he must be completely still for ten seconds to “power up”. Once activated, his semblance will run for one minute before wearing off in which, his semblance then has a cool down of five minutes until he can use it again. Each usage puts a heavy strain on his body, leaving him feeling more fatigued after each use. If used in quick successions, it gives him the risk of having a heart attack due to the strain it puts on his heart. Overall, he is able to use it a total of 12 times a day before the excessive usage takes a toll on his body and causes his muscles to start to tear, which will then take him roughly 2–3 days to heal.
With his semblance activated he is able to throw roughly 1,000lbs, lift roughly 2,200lbs and can squat around 2,600lbs
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The Guinness book of world records lists Paul Anderson as the strongest man in history, back-lifting 6,270Ibs, squatting 1,206Ibs, bench press 627Ibs, and push press 600Ibs. Seeing that my guys is roughly 2 feet taller, 100Ibs heavier than Paul, and is all muscle, I think it’s fair to have his semblance be able to lift the weight listed, seeing that his semblance doubles his strength. I am more than happy to discuss this though. More details on Paul Anderson is listed here:

Combat Behavior:
Due to his height and size, he suffers from having low blood circulation due to the fact that it takes his heart more to pump that much blood through his body. He also has leg problems due to his weight and can only walk about three miles or run about half a mile before needing to take a break and sit down.

When in combat, he is the type to stand his ground and let his opponent come to him so that he can hit them back hard. Since he is a big target, he will oftentimes not dodge the attacks against him fully, but will maneuver himself so that it will either hit his armor or glance off of his armor, allowing him to attack back in force. Years of training to be a warrior has also given Savas a level-head and is able to calmly think through a fight to find the best way to defeat his opponents.

To sum up all his strengths, Savas is EXTREMELY strong with a fairly high endurance and defense due to his body mass and armor that he wears. He is a close range combat and can defeat many opponents with one hit. He is extremely protective of those who are close to him and will do whatever it takes to not let anyone that is under his protection die. Due to his years in combat school, he was able to learn quite a bit about dust and is proficient in its use. Lastly, he is a combat specialist who assesses every opponent he goes up against and builds his fighting strategy from there.

However, to sum up all his weaknesses, Savas has absolutely no long range and is at his weakest when fighting against a long range opponent. Though his protectiveness over those he cares about is one of his strengths, it is also a weakness as he will lose his cool and go into a berserk rage mode if any of his teammates get hurt. When this happens, he loses all rationality and will become vulnerable to any attack as all he is concerned about at that moment is to destroy the enemy and save his teammates. He also has a tendency to just take the damage that is being dealt to him in order to deal damage back. Also, due to his weight, his legs are unable to hold him up for a long period of time, making it so that he can only stay in combat for about 15 minutes before his legs start to feel weak and he runs the risk of falling over. Lastly, he has an intense hatred towards any kind of dragon Grimm, but particularly against Ymirs and will completely lose all control and will do whatever it takes to kill the beast in order to avenge his fallen teammates.



 Primary Form:
A great sword measuring at six feet and weighing around 50Ibs.
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Secondary Form:
See Halvanhelev

Tertiary Form:

Sandalphon was given to Savas as a gift when he turned 15 by his parents. During his second year at Beacon, he had it melted down and re-forged so that it can be combined with Metatron.


 Primary Form:
A Warhammer that stands around four feet tall and weighs 60Ibs. The hammer portion is made of hardened metal plates folding over each other to form the head.
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 Secondary Form:
See Halvanhelev

Tertiary Form:

Metatron was made shortly after his fight with the Steche Neak where he realized that a bludgeoning weapon was just as deadly as a blade. During his second year at Beacon, he also had it melted down and re-forged so that it can be combined with Sandalphon.


 Primary Form:
When Sandalphon’s hilt is inserted into the hammer portion of Metatron, it activates a push plate that causes the folded metal plates that make up the head on Metatron to fold up and over Sandalphon. The blade on Sandalphon also extends out and grows in length with the full length of Halvanhelev being 10 feet.

Secondary Form:
In the center of the hilt, a slot opens up where a dust crystal cylinder can be inserted. The cylinder can hold five dust crystals and each crystal does the following:
-Fire: ignites the blade on fire for up to 1 minute per crystal
-Earth: Hardens and doubles the weight of the sword, making it stronger with a heavier attack for up to 1 minute per crystal
-Air: When the sword is swung it shoots out a blast of air in an arc up to 40ft away. The wind speed averages around 75 mph (an F-0 category tornado wind speed) and is strong enough to blow down an average sized foe. Can only use this attack once per crystal
-Lightning: When the sword is swung, it shoots out an electrical current up to 25ft with enough current to stun whatever is hit for up to two minutes, depending on the size of the foe (Bolts hit at around 1,000,000 volts and 4 miliamps: the amount is around a standard stun gun). Can only use this attack two times per crystal
-Kinetic: When the sword makes impact upon anything, it activates the kinetic crystal, causing it to knockback whatever is hit. It has the power to push back up to 1,000lbs but can effectively send anything under 400lbs flying. Can use this attack three times per crystal
Each cylinder has a button on it, which, when pushed, is what activates the crystal.

 Tertiary Form:
When breaking Halvanhelev back into its original forms, Savas must first pull any cylinder out of the hilt. Then, he twists a small turnkey located on the bottom of the handle, which causes the metal on Metatron to refold off of Sandalphon and causes the one weapon to become two once again. 
Savas had Halvanhelev created in his second year at Beacon when his team went on a search and destroy mission to take out a nest of Nevermore. During that fight he realized his uselessness against flying Grimm as he had no range to take them down. Thus, Halvanhelev was created. 
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Sandalphon and Halvanhelev were both ideas taken from Tohka Yatogami in Date A Live. A visual use of the blade can be seen here:

First Year Beacon Student: Rackley Winchester - The Hawkeye Sniper currently Teamless

Second Year Beacon Student: Jett Davenport - The Playful Shadow Knight of Team MLDC (Melodic)

Third Year Beacon Student: Suntalia Lyn Ryker - The Voice of Thunder currently Teamless

Fourth Year Beacon Student: Savas Carnelian - The Quiet Berserker Leader of Team SARK (Stark)

Beacon Professor: Oberon Falcov - The Man With A Plan / Team Strategy Teacher of Beacon