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Jett Davenport
« on: September 12, 2016, 03:37:11 PM »

Jett Davenport (J.D. for short)

19 years old. Born Niege 16, 60 AC



Two battle axes forming an X symbol.

Second year student at Beacon

Jett stands at 6' 3" and weighs 220Ibs with a muscular build. He has blue eyes, a darker skin complexion, and always has a small grin on his face. He has brown hair that comes barely to his shoulders, which he will usually tie back when out in public.

Spoiler: ShowHide

When he's not wearing the school uniform, his normal clothing attire would usually be a loose fit black or brown t-shirt, baggy brown long pants tucked into a pair of black work boots.

For battle attire, he wears a full set of studded leather armor for protection, which includes armor, bracers, gloves, helm, and boots, which gives him decent protection, but still allows him to be able to move around quickly.

Jett grew up in Mistral, where his parents happily ran a lumber business. Though, they weren't rich, his father always made enough to put food on the table and his family always counted their blessings. Growing up in the safety of Mistral, Jett had a simple life as a child: whether it was playing in the creek nearby their house or collecting bugs, Jett had a happy childhood. Once Jett was 7 years old and able to hold an axe in his hands, he started to go with his father to work and help with the smaller tasks like break the smaller branches off trees, while his mother stayed home with his three younger sisters and younger brother. When he wasn't out working with his father, Jett would be at home getting his education by his mother, though he was never good at learning things like Math, English, or Science and would often try to get out of doing his homework by sneaking out of the house to go and work on different wood carvings that he would give to his siblings. This continued on until he was 11 years old. It was then that his father sat him down and told him that, as the oldest, he needed to be a good role model to his younger siblings in everything, including his studies. Not wanting to let his father down, Jett decided to take his studies more seriously, though he struggled for the next 2 years as he was almost a year behind in his education. However, he persevered in his studies and did his best to make his parents proud and also to be a good role model to his younger siblings. Being the oldest of five, he looked up to his father and wanted to be just like him, a lumberjack, when he grew up. However, his parents had something else in mind for his future and, when he was 13 years old and fully caught up on his studies, he found out that his parents had saved up as much money as they could so they could send him to Sanctum to become a Huntsman and have a better life. Though he didn't want to at first, Jett obeyed his parents and studied hard at school. It was there that he learned how to fight as well as craft the weapons he uses today. After graduating from Sanctum with above average grades, he decided to apply for Beacon, with his parents encouragement of course, which he was accepted, though barely.

Jett's first year at Beacon was rough and uneventful for the most part. When he wasn't busy trying to not fail any of his classes, he would spend more of his time interacting with his teammates or carving little wood totems that he would send back home to his little siblings. With his grades holding at academics holding at around average and his combat skills rather exceptional, Jett finished his first year and looks forward to what his second year holds for him.

Jett is a happy go lucky kind of guy. He always looks for the good in things and always tries to make people smile. He loves being around people and flourishes when hanging out with friends. If he's by himself he will oftentimes whistle a tune and do some wood carving with his knife or see if anybody wants to hang out with him. However, as much as he always tries to make those around him happy, he has a tendency to be taken advantage of by some people as they know they can get away with making him do things for them.

Being the oldest of five, he is overly protective of those he cares about and will do whatever it takes to make them happy and keep them out of harms way. Having all younger siblings has also taught him how to be responsible and is a natural born leader.

Intellectually, Jett is not the brightest person in terms of education and needs to study more than the average person just to get decent grades. However, he does enjoy learning combat strategies and tries to put them into practice whenever in combat.


Shadow Armor
Jett is able to draw in the shadows around him, which encases his whole body to form a black armor around him. His appearance takes on the look of a black shadow with his eyes and mouth glowing white, making him look like a shadow demon. The range of what he is able to draw in is only what his physical body as well as his own shadow is touching and costs 10% of his aura when using. Once activated, the shadow armor will stay active for up to 10 minutes or until either he deactivates his semblance or the armor is destroyed off of him to which, if the armor is destroyed off of him then he won't be able to activate it again for another 2 minutes. The strength of the armor depends on the situation he uses it:

Broad daylight:
If he is in direct sunlight, the only shadow he is able to draw in is his own shadow. When he draws in his shadow, his shadow disappears and will reappear once he deactivates his semblance. This form is fairly weak and can only deflect a small blade like a knife or attacks from small Grimms. Heavier attacks done with a larger weapon or bullets will still penetrate through the armor and begin to break it off, but will have 25% of the damage reduced by the armor. Dust attacks will still have full effect against him and deal 100% of its damage to him
Daytime, but with another shadow:
If he is able to come within contact of the shadow of another thing, he is able to draw both his own shadow and the shadow of whatever he is touching in (both shadows disappear and will reappear once deactivated). The other shadow he pulls in must be at least as big as his own shadow or else it will still be only as strong as when he's in direct sunlight. If the shadow is as big or bigger, then it will allow his armor to be able to deflect one handed weapons, such as swords, axes, bows, or handguns as well as attacks from average size Grimms (Ursa Minors, Beowolves, etc). Larger two handed weapons or guns (shotguns, rifles, etc) will still affect him as well as larger Grimms (Nevermores, King Taijitus, etc), but he only takes 50% of the damage, which it would take about two good hits in one area to begin breaking the armor off. Dust damage will have less of an effect on him and will only deal 75% of the damage to him.
Night time or complete darkness:
His strongest form, which allows him to be able to deflect most melee attacks from smaller weapons. High powered snipers, rocket launchers, or mauls can still affect him, but the damage is reduced by 75%. His armor is able to deflect a blade or hammer, but it doesn't stop the force of the attack, making him still feel the trauma from the attack to the point that he can still get bruised, bludgeoned, or even knocked out if hit hard enough. Dust damage will have even less of an effect on him in this form, only dealing 50% of the damage to him. In this form, he can take a lot more hits and would have to take around 4 - 5 strong hits in one area to begin to break the armor off of him.

Though the armor is strong, he is still susceptible to falling damage and will take full damage from that. Also, though the armor can deflect damage, it doesn't deflect the force of the attack: so, if he were to get hit by a larger Grimm, though the damage may not cut him open or affect him so much, he can still get bruised or bludgeoned by the attacks. As he continues to take damage to his armor, it will slowly start to crack and, if sustained enough damage in one area, it will break off, leaving that area vulnerable.

Lastly, though the darkness gives his armor strength, it is also his greatest weakness as his armor can be weakened by any form of light. Whether it be from a campfire, the gunfire from a bullet, or a blinding bright light (from a flash grenade for example) his armor would be susceptible to being broken apart from the light depending on the brightness of the light.

Combat Behavior:
Due to years of working in the lumber business and chopping trees, Jett has an extremely fit body, making him extremely strong and above average in speed. He also has a lot of stamina and endurance from working long days, which were usually from sunrise to sunset. In combat, he has learned to fight exceptionally well in hand-to-hand combat and also learned how to wrestle so that he can bring foes down to the ground, which is where his specialty lies.

However, what he excels in close range, he has absolutely no long range, which makes him useless when fighting against a long ranged enemy. He also doesn't deal too much with dust so he doesn't know a whole lot on its uses and would do rather horrible against a dust-based user. Lastly, he doesn't have too much experience fighting different kinds of Grimm as he's only seen them in books or in his classes in Sanctum.


Scath (Shadow in Irish) and Svart (Black in Swedish)

Spoiler: ShowHide

Just imagine the handles being curved and made of metal

Primary Form:
Scath and Svart are both one-handed battle axes that Jett dual wields with. Each axe weighs roughly 9Ibs. The handles of the axes are both high alloy metals that are not cylinder in shape, but rather form a kind of 'U' shape with the flat side of the 'U' being on the outer side from the axe head. It also has a curve end that curves outward. If one was to look at the handle, it would look to be one half of a shotgun.

Secondary Form
See Semurhat below.

Tertiary Form:
When storing Scath and Svart away, Jett has a loop on his left side and one on his right side where he slides them down so that they rest comfortably on each side of his waist, with the axe heads on his waist side and the handles going down his legs.

Dust Functions:


Semurhat ('It Murders' in Finnish)

Primary Form:
By placing both flat ends of the 'U' shaped handle together, Jett turns the two curved ends of each axe handle 90 degrees so that they're connected, which causes the two axes to combine together, forming one massive great axe with the handle transforming into an AA-12 shotgun. The shotgun uses a drum magazine that holds up to forty, 12-gauge, explosive shotgun shells. The gun shoots at 250 rounds per minute, a muzzle velocity of 1,100 ft/s, and has an effective range of 325 feet.

Tertiary Form:
When transforming back, Jett needs to first take the drum magazine out. From there, he pushes a button on the butt end of the gun, which causes the two ends to de-attach themselves, allowing the great axe to once again become two battle axes.

Dust Functions:
Though he didn't use dust at first, he began to use dust shells when he began to go to school at Beacon. He currently uses explosive rounds, which is a combination of fire and kinetic dust. Due to the expense of buying these kinds of bullets, Jett only carries one drum magazine with these types of rounds. He also carries two other drum magazine that hold regular 12-gauge shotgun shells in them.

Jett created this weapon while at Sanctum as he is used to using axes. He also likes shotguns and wanted to integrate it into the design.
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