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Oberon Falcov (Professor)
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Oberon Falcov

36 years old. Born Arashi 27, 43 AC

Species and Gender:
Male Human

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Team Strategy Teacher for year 1 - 3 at Beacon Academy and part-time Blacksmith

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Oberon stands at 6'1" and weighs 230lbs with an extremely muscular build due to his work. With brown penetrating eyes and brown shoulder-length hair pulled back in a ponytail, he has a menacing look that is topped off with a gruff beard covering the entire bottom half of his face. His symbol is tattooed on his right shoulder and his wife's name, Aria, is tattooed on his left arm.

His casual outfit consists of a white or black wife beater, a dark brown duster coat, black cargo pants held up by a brown belt and tucked into black boots. A gold necklace with a circular pendant and an anchor in it hangs on his neck as a memento of his wife as it was given to him on their one year anniversary.

While on campus he can be spotted wearing a dark brown padded armor covering his torso, a black belt tying the armor against his body, and black cargo pants tucked into black boots. His weapons will also be wrapped around his arms, forming metal bracers.

When out on a mission, he will exchange the padded armor for a full suit of black studded leather armor, which covers his entire body. Underneath, he will wear a black chain mail shirt and coif to give extra protection.
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Oberon was born in a small village in the kingdom of Atlas to Axel and Cristela Falcov towards the end of the Faunus Civil War. Though both of his parents were human, they were both faunus sympathizers and secretly helped the Faunus during the war. With Axel being a Blacksmith and Cristela running the family general store, they sold their merchandise to the Faunus at a huge discount, but did their best to keep it on the down-low so that those who hated the Faunus didn't hear about it. This went on from the beginning of the war until the end, with Oberon being born right before it ended.
Growing up, Oberon spend most of his childhood playing inside his family's store under the watchful eyes of his mother. However, as he got older, he would oftentimes go outside to watch his father work their small forge with fascination. This continued through until he was nine years old, when his world was turned upside down.

The day started off like any other day: upon finishing breakfast, his father went outside to get the forge started while his mother began to get the store ready to be opened. While they were doing this, Oberon began to clean the table and put the dishes into the sink. It was then that he began to hear shouting coming from outside. Curious, he went to the door to see what was going on outside, but was stopped in his tracks by his mother, who told him to stay inside as she went outside to see what was happening. Not liking to be left out and his curiosity getting the best of him, Oberon ran upstairs and opened the window to see what was happening. Looking down, he immediately saw a group of the townspeople all outside the house holding large rocks and torches. Here and there, a few people held brandished swords, pointing it at his parents while yelling obscenities at them. Though there were many people yelling at his parents, Oberon could hear one phrase very clearly:


Looking at his father, Oberon saw that his father held no weapon, though he had dozens of them made. Instead, he held a pair of shields, using one to defend himself and the other to defend his wife. As the crowd continued to yell at his parents, the violence escalated quickly as the began to throw the rocks at his parents. Though he was able to block most of the rocks, a few of them hit their mark, which Oberon vaguely heard the grunts from his father as he used his body to shield his wife. As if luck was smiling on them that day, a squad of police officers, led by the mayor of the small village who was a retired Huntsman, broke through and formed a wall around Oberon's parents. After a heated argument between the townspeople and the mayor, the angry mob was disbanded and sent away.

Helping his parents inside, the Mayor sat down in the living room. Coming downstairs, Oberon saw his mother help bandage up his father, who had sustained a few minor cuts as well as a few large bruises from the barrage. It was then that he heard what the Mayor was proposing. "It's not safe here for you here. The people found out that you both helped the Faunus and they won't stop until you're both dead. Best you leave here and start over in a different kingdom." After hearing what the Mayor said and looking at each other, his parents agreed. Gathering what they could that day, Oberon and his family left their home that night under the watchful care of a dozen police officers who helped escort the family out.

Traveling from the town, Oberon and his parents made their way to Atlas, where they bought airship tickets to go to Vale. Upon reaching Vale, his parents started the life over again by each finding a job. Not able to stay home during this time, Oberon was sent to a public school for children, where he began his education until he turned thirteen. Finishing there, he enrolled to Signal Academy to pursue the life of a Huntsman. It was at that time that his father took him aside to give him a word of advice that he would never forget: "Find something worth protecting and nothing will be able to stop you."

With those words in mind, Oberon graduated from Signal with exceptionally high scores. It was during this time also that he created his weapons: two shields in honor of both his father's words and actions that was displayed throughout his life. From Signal, Oberon was accepted into Beacon where he continued to train and grow in strength and abilities. Being the team leader of Team Octavia, Oberon began to study even harder in battle tactics and strategies so as to protect and lead his team well. It was during this time that a rivalry grew between him and one of his teammates, Aria Ta'ala. Though harmless at first, the rivalry grew between the two of them as each of them tried to do better than the other. The tension between the two of them escalated until their fourth year at Beacon when they were sent on a Search and Destroy mission to take down a flock of Nevermore that were rampaging through an area east of Vale and were getting close to destroying a small village. It was during this mission that Aria was knocked unconscious and surrounded by half a dozen of the flock, which proceeded to bombard her with a barrage of feathers. With all thoughts of his own safety gone, Oberon dived into action and, with his shields, used them to protect both him and Aria from the deadly attack. It was at that moment that his thoughts went straight to what his father had said years ago: "Find something worth protecting and nothing will be able to stop you." It was in that moment that he realized that it was Aria that he wanted to protect. She was the one that he wanted to protect with his life. Carrying Aria out of harms way, his other two teammates gave cover fire as he reached safety. From there, they were able to finish off the rest of the flock and finish their mission.

Shortly after the mission, Oberon couldn't stop thinking about Aria. It wasn't until four months later that Oberon mustered up every ounce of courage and conveyed his feelings to Aria in which, to his surprise, found that the feelings were mutual. Finishing up at Beacon, Oberon and Aria were married two years later and settled down in Vale by taking over his father's blacksmith shop as Axel asked if Oberon would be willing to help work the forge. After six years of being a blacksmith and going out on the occasional Huntsman job with Aria, Oberon was approached by the Headmaster at Beacon to see if he would like to take a job as the Team Strategy Teacher at Beacon. With the forge doing well and his wife pregnant with their firstborn daughter, Oberon gladly accepted the job at the age of thirty. Six years and two children later, Oberon has continued to teach first and second year students the fundamentals of teamwork while cherishing the time he gets to spend with both his daughter and son. The one lesson he always teaches each team he works with is the one he was taught long ago: "Find something worth protecting and nothing will be able to stop you."

If there were two words to describe Oberon, it would be 'Loyal' and 'Protective'. Protective of his loved ones and loyal to Alban and Beacon, Oberon can sometimes been seen as standoffish towards those he doesn't know. However, to those who do know him, he is very warm and caring. He particularly takes great care in training up the next generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses as they are the future protectors of the realm.

When he is not teaching students or working his father's forge, Oberon can be seen spending his time with his family or reading new battle tactics and strategies. Among his peers, he is often called 'The Man With A Plan' as he is always thinking a few steps ahead of people. Aside from battle tactics and strategies, Oberon is a fairly intellectual man and is always up to learning something new if it means it can be used to protect those he cares the most about.

Aura and Semblance:
Oberon's aura is a dark brown color. When he activates his semblance, he is able to 'pin' a person or creature and make it so that he can track them from afar. Long story short, he is able to place a kind of tracking device on a person in which he is able to know where they are.

In order for his ability to go into effect, Oberon must first be within 100 feet of the person or creature that he wants to track. From there, he must be able to see and stay focused on the person or creature for two seconds to 'pin' them. Once he has pinned someone, he is able to track that person up to twenty miles from his location or up to eight hours, as that is when the effect wears off. Even if a person should get out of his sight, he is still able to sense a general direction of the person should they be within a twenty mile radius and if he concentrates on them. A person or creature who has been pinned by him appear to be glowing in his sight with different colors, depending on his emotions towards that person:
- White: Neutral
- Red: Anger/Hatred
- Orange: Amusement/Happiness
- Green: Jealousy
- Blue: Sadness
- Pink: Love

Once a person has been pinned by him, the only way to break his semblance would be to get out of range of it or for Oberon to deactivate it on that person. He is currently able to 'pin' up to twenty people or creatures, but usually only keeps it to around ten people at most due to the amount of confusion it would cause him if he pinned too many people.

Combat Behavior:
Due to his work in the forge, Oberon is exceptionally strong with enough stamina to go for hours on end. In regards to agility, he is above average and able to keep up with most humans as well as some faunus. All that said, he is primarily a support/reinforcement fighter, going in to help whoever is in need of assistance. All of his training and studies have made him to be an expert strategist and tactician so he would mostly be the one who stands in the back and sends his comrades in and will support them either with his strategies or with his battle prowess should the fighting go awry.
His primary defense is in his weapons as his armor is on the lighter side to grant him better mobility. Due to the lighter armor, he is more susceptible to damage from heavier attacks. He is a close - midrange fighter, lacking the power to fight long range. This also means that he is at a disadvantage when going up against a long ranger fighter.


Hamia (Protector in Arabic) and Contego (Defend in Latin)

Primary Form:
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Both Hamia and Contego are shields worn, one on each arm. Each shield has two tips from which Oberon uses to slash and stab with. On the inside of each shield is an attached automatic assault rifle, the handle being where he holds each shield and is where the trigger of the guns are located. Each gun has a forty round clip that uses 7.62x39mm ammunition that shoot at a velocity of 2,200 f/s and has an accurate range of 50 yards

Secondary Form:

Tertiary Form:
By pressing a small button with his pinky fingers, both Hamia and Contego are able to compact and break down into smaller metal plates. Each plate then rotates slightly until the whole shield folds around his forearms, turning into bracers.

Dust Functions:

Not wanting to make a complex weapon, Hamia and Contego were both made while Oberon was attending Signal as a reminder of the night his father protected his mother from the angry mob. Through his years at Beacon, he refined it and added it's secondary form. However, it wasn't until after he graduated and began working in his father's forge that he broke the whole weapon down and re-forged it. Using a mixture of high-quality steel and titanium, he folded the metal over a dozen times, removing any iniquities in the metal and strengthening it to withstand a heavy attack. Upon finishing them, he plated them with chromium to keep it from corroding or rusting and then had his symbol painted onto it.
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