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Johannah Mary Salem
« on: October 03, 2016, 06:57:16 AM »

Name: Johannah Mary Salem

Age: 20

Species and Gender: Cow Faunus Female

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Third Year Bacon Student

Appearance: Johannah has the appearance of a small girl at 5’7 with a disproportionately large hammer. Having a short haircut,her fringe has been left to grow to such an extent that it covers her mixed eyes, with her right being blue and left, gold. The heterochromia in question being due to mosaicism. Otherwise, she prefers to wear white combat dresses styled after wedding dresses, this is both in and out of combat. She also has a pair of stylised earphones designed to look like tesla coils, used to muffle the sound of her gun when being fired. Lastly, while in combat she tends to wear a pair of plate bracers so that she can protect her forearms from cutting weaponry.

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History: Born to Claude Desdemona And Maria Salem, she was born a bastard and abandoned with her mother. Not having a father figure in her life because of this, she was raised by her single mother with a minimal material wealth, often going to the degree of sowing up her clothing if it broke instead of buying a replacement.
This life continued on until she was Ten. On her way back from school, she arrived home to find it covered in police tape and a blood covered construction digger trying to play hide and seek in her front room without going through the door, deciding the wall was fine too. With this accident, Hannah became a ward of the state. Sent to live with her father, Claude, she quickly came to hold a disdain for him and her new brother, Vermillion. This was due to the luxury of the household, especially so when compared to her mother.
 Spiteful of both the fact that her alleged birth father hadn’t done more to help her mother, as well as clearly favoring her true-born brother to the point of barely considering her his daughter, she quickly grew to hate them, to the point of enrolling in the same Hunter’s academy as her half-brother both to learn how to fight and help the poor like her mother, but also so she could bully him, regularly fighting him whenever she could get the chance. Of course, as soon as she’d get home the tables would turn and she’d get punished, but it didn’t stop her feeling better about herself from causing him pain.

Over the years until her test to get into Beacon, Johannah had mellowed to the point of only periodically going overboard during training at Signal, while also defending him if someone else tried bullying him with the excuse “Because it made her look weak”. When the entrance exams came up, she decided to take them. Not just so she could prove to everyone that she was the better child, but so that she could see the look on her father’s face when she passed the entrance exams and he didn’t.

Unfortunately, not only was he successful in passing the exams, same as her, but he was placed on her team with her. This caused the old hatreds to flare back up, to the point of doing rather creepy practices such as watching him sleep to contemplate how she could kill him and how to get away with it and nearly exclusively choosing him as a sparring partner just so she can try and hurt him more and more, now that their father isn’t there to save him.

Personality: Due to her treatment by her father, she’s resistant to being given orders. If it didn’t fit with what she wanted, she politely declines. If that fails, she tells them more bluntly to get lost. She’s also rather aggressive when it comes to someone pitying her, taking it as an offense if they even state it as a good match if she lost. Otherwise, she is perfectly happy to speak to someone until they press one of the two buttons, shutting them down like a fed hero.

Aura and Semblance:
Her semblance is the ability to use her aura as a barrier. Forming in the shape of concentric octagons. Much stronger than the standard aura shielding all humans and faunus have, it is capable of blocking weapon strikes or ranged fire. It is also capable of being used offensively to push, pull or otherwise assault them. However,  there is a maximum range of five meters for the semblance, and the octagon can only be at most one meter large.  She is also consigned to being able to make 10 of these barriers at the same time, each being 30cm large, and 10cm deep, with it being capable of using dust from a foci to augment the effects. For example one using fire dust would have both increased resistance to fire, and augment the shields blunt force usage to cause flames as well.

Combat Behavior:
As expected from someone who wields a hammer larger than them coupled with an autocannon, Hannah relies on shock and awe and is a natural opponent to slow or armored individuals. However, that is not to say she’s a slow attacker. Her speed with her weapon belies its weight, capable of deflecting attacks from polearms due to all the training she did with her sibling. However, much closer weaponry such as knives are more difficult to defend against, having to block them with her bracers, something which normally ends with a lot of cuts around the edges of said armour.


Name: Death’s Dance

Primary Form: Sledgehammer. Looking like a standard warhammer. It is designed to look sci-fi in nature down the pommel and hilt. Weighing in at 2kg, it is 6ft long and capable of ruining most peoples days.

Secondary Form: The weapon’s ranged form is that of a M61 Vulcan. The barrel being between the two hammerheads and the trigger popping out from the handle at the bottom of the sledgehammer. For added stability if needed, a tripod also extends from the head of the hammer to allow for prone usage, and the ammunition is stored inside an open-able compartment by the handle.

Tertiary Form: None.

Dust Functions: Using kinetic Dust. A field generator, which is located in the head, emits a kinetic pulse with a 5m radius on its head. This is used to do shock wave damage to both the enemy and the environment.
Electricity Dust. This electrifies both the hammer and the shaft of the weapon, for added defense and offense capabilities. The electricity can also be shot off from the face of either side of the hammer head in a 5m distance beam.
Lastly, Death’s Dance is capable of using wind dust. This is used mainly in conjunction with its ranged form to stop the hammer flying out of her hands when the trigger is pulled. Other than that, it has no other purposes.
Designed while at Signal to use her mixture of strength and proficiency at using everyday tools, she slowly expanded on it by adding in things such as the dust as she became more and more used to it, to the point of it being less of “Death’s Dance” to “Death’s Dance version 20”.

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Re: Johannah Mary Salem
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