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Aurum LeBlanc
« on: September 27, 2016, 10:15:13 PM »

Name: Aurum LeBlanc

Age: 20 4th of Niege, 55 A.C.

Species and Gender: Male Human


Occupation: Atlas Student. Third Year


Aurum at first glance would look exactly like his brothers, being identical triplets and all, but he does have his own quirks that differentiate him ever so slightly. Standing at 5í10 with a lean athletic build, he seems inquisitive at first glance, sharing the same  sharp eyes and rather neutral mouth expressions but will quickly change to a more lazy tone when relaxed with an impish smirk and golden smile. Aurumís complexion is rather fair due to Atlesian heritage while his hair color is a strong golden blonde fashioned in an impressively spiky style that would seem impossible to pull off without dedicated time to fix it beforehand. Aurumís eyes glisten with an electric blue tinge being also sharp ended with thin eyebrows right above that arc ever so slightly inwards.

He casually wears a black t-shirt and slightly ripped jeans adding to his carefree appearance but doesnít mind changing into his brotherís clothes with or without their permission. When it comes to combat attire Aurum would simply put on his weapon/armor scales and have them in the form of scale plates covering his arms , torso, and legs and maybe don a fashionable scarf and some random accessory that would make him stand out if he wanted to.


Aurum was the eldest of his three siblings, siblings that looked exactly like him and were born only a few minutes after each other. In short Aurum was the eldest among a batch of mischievous triplets  and was always one of the perpetrators behind heinous crimes such as stray water balloons hitting innocent teachers, buckets of ice cold water sitting on top of partially opened doors, and the occasional ink jet explosion during class. Needless to say he would often get his identical siblings caught up in the mess whether they wanted to or not.

Despite being a somewhat easygoing occasional prankster Aurum and his siblings went to combat school as expected of the Atlesian youth, and somehow made it through the early stages without getting expelled. Detention and hard labor was often a repercussion for bad behaviour but it was during these times that Aurum would excel with his lighthearted nature and would brighten up the situation despite being one of the causes of their misfortune most of the time.  Being as they were Aurum and his brothers often faced hard scoldings and lectures mostly saying that they were unfit to be soldiers as they were, not that Aurum cared but much to the dismay of their professors they did fairly well in both academics and combat courses meaning it would be a shame to expel such students with high potential just because of a few disciplinary issues. By the time they got into Atlas huntsmen training academy they were bound to be straightened up into fine individuals and better yet, soldiers...or so the higher ups thought.

Even in Atlas academy Aurum would drag his siblings into even more fun situations and though not get scott-free they did fairly well enough as usual in the important stuff to not get kicked out of school though they did have to avoid some extremely strict professors who would like no more than to hang them by their ankles and dunk them in freezing cold water.

Being especially lazy compared to his siblings Aurum always had problems when it came to training, always being rather fluid in his style rather than adopting a single technique. Because of his indecisive and lax nature he opted for a weapon and mixed style that adopted multiple techniques while constantly changing in the heat of battle, this had both its advantages and disadvantages however.


The eldest of the Le Blanc triplets and also the most easy going, leaving the worrying and stress to the others. Aurum tends to relax most of the time and rarely worries about the consequences of things often leading to scoldings and repeated trips to the headmaster's office. When around his siblings he would most of the time try to act in similar fashions to the other three leading to confusion due to their already similar appearances and try to cause some troublesome fun that may or may not be initially his doing. Aurum is a natural prankster, heíd use tricks and small misleading statements to get people to do awkward and/or embarrassing stuff much to his amusement and more often than not his siblings would be there to either assist him or take the fall along with him, mostly because they look the same and people canít tell whoís who.

Aura and Semblance:

Golden Time

Aurum can create a sphere around himself wherein the occupants would experience time at different speeds relative to those outside. He cannot create a bubble without being inside it and the spheres cannot last more than 2 seconds without him inside it in real time. The larger the difference in time perceptions between the inside and outside the smaller the sphere created. Aurum can use this ability to create a small sphere that can fit around 4 people max and accelerate or decelerate them and their perception of time relative to outside the sphere. The fastest it can accelerate is a roughly a minute inside to 10 seconds outside, 6 times faster than normal speed. The speed bubbles last a maximum of about 10 seconds in real time or about a minute in accelerated time during sped up use. Inversely it can last 60 seconds in real time or 10 seconds in slowed down time. Projectiles entering the sphere are deflected haphazardly from their original orientation and people leaving or entering the sphere experience a suddenly lurching sensation due to the jump in speeds and objects passing the edges of the sphere would be met with some resistance akin to buffeting winds or passing through water.. Projectiles leaving and entering the bubble are subject to the same effects as those inside, or outside of it. If a bullet heads for the bubble from outside its trajectory would be angled haphazardly and rarely go in a straight line, often curving around and going all over the place, meaning that people inside the bubble canít shoot and out gun someone in faster or slower speeds. 

Combat Behavior:

In battle Aurum doesnít really care much about teamwork unless needed and usually just takes on enemies one at a time and occasionally butting in otherís targets trying to finish them off quicker than usual. Heís quick to the draw and prefers reducing the difficulty of things by selectively choosing his quarry but will also use his semblance to assist his teammates so they can easily overpower their opponent. With his weapon and semblance, Aurum is more than capable of holding is own in single combat while using his extremely flexible weapon to disorient, disable, and dispatch folks quickly and effectively in confined spaces.


Name: Silver Proteus

Primary Form:

The base and most basic form of the weapon is in the form of hundreds of razor-sharp scales capable of interlocking with one another. Holding these scales together are thin yet durable wires made of a substance akin to graphene to prevent easy breakage. Each individual scale is made of a mix of both the wire material and metal with sensors built in to allow for location detection and orientation. Due to the increasingly large amount of the scales it would be nigh impossible to properly process and manipulate them without a higher external processing system. Attached to his back like a small metallic backpack is a computer fully dedicated to tracking the movements and positions of the scales in conjunction to Aurumís commands. Certain keywords or gestures are used for base weapon forms while Aurum can manipulate the scales to some degree for some on the spot management lest something happen to the processor. Scale relocation usually takes a while due to the sheer number of them depending on what form is being changed. The more complex the next form is compared to the previous one the longer it takes, of course.

Predetermined forms::

Steel skin:

Silver proteusí scales wrap themselves around the userís upper body, most of them on his front with thinner layers at the back and none at the joints. In this form Silver Proteus is basically armor and used in close quarters where long weapons would be too unwieldy or if he feels like walking around without having to hold anything. Having the armor on would mitigate damage taken as usual but itís not an all protective device, most of the scales would be near the arms and torso for deflecting blows. With a simple command Aurum can make the outermost scales turn into a prickly exterior used to poke and stab stuff by running into them.


Forming a long blade, simple in design looking like a rather long box cutter, Silver Proteus is used to cut things. Ta da! Or stab. Can be turned into two separate swords of shorter length. The blades can curve and attach themselves wherever aurum wants as long as enough scales are there to hold them in place, usually shortening the blade.

Razor net:

With interconnecting wires, Silver proteus digresses to its most haphazard and unrestrained form: A tonne of blades and a tonne of wires. Used to catch stuff that moves around too much and cut them if they struggle..

Spiny whip:

With the amount of scales and wires involved Silver Proteus can get pretty long and can be used to tie things up, lash around like a whip or slash things about from afar. Other uses may require further imagination.

Dust Functions:

Nope. Not gonna add elementals to another goddamned weapon.


Obviously someone as lazy as Aurum wouldnít have made this so he had his family and some other connections fashion a weapon that fits his rather lax yet spontaneous. Due to the complexity and required maintenance of the weapon Aurum actually has a little debt to repay and is trying to learn the ins and outs of the thing, even after three years of using it.
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Re: Aurum LeBlanc
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Approved, 1/2.
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Re: Aurum LeBlanc
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