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Abigail Aurelianus
« on: April 03, 2017, 08:46:11 AM »

Name: Abigail Aurelianus.

Age: 18. 30th Arashi 72 AC.

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol:  Blade intertwined with a rose.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: First Year Student of Beacon.

Appearance: Blonde hair with the right side in a small plait though otherwise going down just past her shoulders, and pale grey-blue eyes, she’d have a rather pointed face, and spend most of her time, both in and out of combat, in armour. Mainly as part of her doctrine from her training, she’d on rare occasions where safety is assured (Such as staying in her room all day) wear light t-shirts and short shorts to let out as much hot air and sweat which normally accumulates inside the full plate.
Her armour would be relatively standard full plate armour. A Silvery-copper look with small designs marked onto it, she’d wear a white standard down the front and back with her symbol imprinted on them. When in combat, she has a matching full-helm. When it isn’t in use, it can be clipped to her shield or her waist so that she doesn’t necessarily have to wear it.

History: Born into a small village outside of the four kingdoms, her parents were part of a small militia for the village which had been,around eighty years prior, part of the Great War, but deserted the army and cut all communication. Because of this history, most of the children in the village were given some degree of combat training, to protect themselves and take up their grandparents past role if the war returned to their doorstep.
This was only compounded for Abigail. As her parents were part of the militia which protected the little settlement, she was to train from as soon as she reasonably could to become one of the defenders. This continued until she was 14, when the first official meetings between the village and outside caravans and traders occurred.
Learning the war had been over for eight decades, as well as that there were Hunters being trained specifically for what their militia was required to do, a slew of children were sent to the closest Kingdom of Vale, Abigail however, was not one of these people. However, it was when she learnt of Beacon. Having an objective in mind, she applied herself even moreso to her training, knowing it’d be a harder battle than for those who were at a combat school.
Eventually, her time to try out for Beacon arrived. After three years of burning herself out to get on par with other entries, she managed to pass the entry exams and get into Beacon. There, she met her team and continued her training, aiming to become more proficient in her ways of defending her family and friends from Grimm, and to prove she was just as strong as those who had gone to formal schools.

Personality: Friendly to anyone regardless of gender or species and seeming to be in a state of perpetual calm for the most part due to her training to become a guard whilst she was younger. Abigail’s also someone who isn’t willing to use an unfair advantage on someone if she can help it. This can manifest from either letting someone re-arm themselves after disarming them, or stopping to attack them if they so much as call that out. However, if someone was to use this as a ploy against her, she no longer gives them the courtesy of a fair fight, treating them as if Grimm for as much as the rules would allow her to, going full force on them until the match is called.

Aura and Semblance: Leitmotif: Other than the standard ability to defend herself and heal her wounds with her aura, her semblance is rather mundane. It generates background music whenever there’s something which can be considered ‘intense’. This can range from obvious situations, such as combat. To obscure situations, like a rather intense staring competition. Having essentially no control over it, it has no combat potential other than getting people pumped up while destroying any chance of stealth if it's serious. She hopes to one day become able change the volume of it, though.

Combat Behavior:  Preferring to let them come to her while hiding behind her shield, if they refuse to she’d march forwards while in cover, until she was in range. Using her heavy armour as well as the strength and stamina required to wear it for long periods of time, she’d go to slowly but surely beat them in a battle of attrition, deflecting any pointed strikes towards the armour instead of any joints, and parrying blunt based strikes with her shield or sword. That said, while her speed is faster than one would expect, it is still slower than many others, and her aura is rather inefficient due to her training regime, taking longer for it to heal wounds, taking more to defend herself when she does get hit, et cetera. 


Name: Diligence and Vigilance

Primary Form: Diligence is her hand and a half sword. It is kept chained to her left wrist during combat and is otherwise a standard bladed weapon. Its pommel is rounded for a blunt attack in close proximity, and its grip is made of rubber to protect against the lightning dust it uses. Otherwise, it looks like a simple steel blade. In the other hand, is Vigilance, her shield. A large tower shield, it has a slight curvature, and is large enough to cover her neck down. On it is her symbol painted onto it, with its grips and connectors covered in rubber as well, to protect against lightning.

Secondary Form: Sword and shield snap together into a Partisan. In this form, it has an extra length boost from the shield acting as a spear shaft. The shaft being 1.6m long, it makes the weapon closer 2m long with the blade and closer to a svärdstav than anything else, being used to hit targets just out of reach of her sword.

Tertiary Form: Single barrel shotguns in crossguard section of the blade allow for the usage of either slug or buckshot rounds. If in a pinch, they can also be used to accelerate the swing of the blade.

Dust Functions: Fire Dust and Lightning dust are able to be used to augment the strikes down the blade, as well as when parrying or deflecting any strikes. This means that it's entirely possible for someone hitting the blade with their own metal weapon could get a shock, if they haven't got sufficient protection against it. Otherwise, it has no real dust functions which are tried and tested, not being capable of using dust rounds either.

History: An old hand-me-down. Abigail desecrated the set as soon as she arrived at Beacon, transforming them from their old non-adaptive form, to their new form partnering gun and sword.
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Re: Abigail Aurelianus
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seems ok to me . +1

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Re: Abigail Aurelianus
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