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Airi Okairos
« on: May 10, 2017, 04:55:27 AM »

Name: Airi Okairos

Age: 20

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol: an hourglass with the bottom glass bulb shattered and sand leaking out

Occupation: Third-Year Beacon Student

        Airi is 5í10Ē and around 140 lbs and has long, black hair that can sometimes appear a dark brown in certain lighting conditions.  With pale, peach-colored skin; almond-shaped, medium brown eyes, upon which sit naturally long and lush eyelashes, her appearance can be described as somewhat ďAsiatic.Ē  Along with high cheekbones, a narrow, straight nose, and sharp features, she gives off an aura of self-assuredness, intensity, focus, and cunning.  Were she to give a restrained half-smile, the expression could be mistaken for one of a crafty and wily haughtiness, yet it stands in contrast to one of her rare, genuine smiles that hint at a simpler character that belies her usual apparent self.  Combined with her toned yet slender, shapely, and well-developed feminine body, Airi radiates an exotic, but altogether complicated and intimidating beauty that while making her an object of desire, it at the same time denotes her as one not to be trifled with or underestimated.
        When not wearing her school uniform, Airi wears a burgundy-colored sleeveless tunic that reaches to a little past her hip.  She has a brown leather belt, unsupported by any belt loop and wrapping freely around her hips.  The beltís buckle is round with Airiís symbol embossed onto it.  Below, Airi wears off-white/eggshell-colored pants tucked into mid-calf-length slightly-heeled brown leather boots.  On top of her tunic, she wears a white full-sleeved half-jacket with burgundy highlights and a gradual pink sakura theme around the edges of the sleeves.

Reference (Mari Kurihara - Prison School)

        Airi was born in a village in Mistral as the only daughter and the last child of the Sanada family, skilled craftsmen who specialized in woodworking and artisanal construction.  As artisans, they were of some renown in their local area and, despite having a permanent home in one village would frequently travel between villages and communities in order to meet the needs of clients for extended projects.  Being in the more remote parts of Mistral, travelling was not entirely safe, as Grimm often roamed the lands between inhabited settlements.  However, with resident hunters in the region, Airiís parents felt safe enough to continue their trade and travels. 
        Their perception would prove to be in error.  During one trip, a group of Grimm suddenly attacked their extended familyís caravan in the mountain forests between two villages.  Though a small group of hunters were in the area and had rushed to the scene of the incident as quickly as they could, they were not quick enough to prevent the Grimm from slaughtering most of the family.  As she lay succumbing to her grievous wounds, Airiís mother passed Airi, who was still an infant, to the hunters, begging them to take her.  The hunters could do little but to take the child.
       The hunters took Airi back to their lodge, but they were a group of young, travelling hunters, and they could not afford to be taking an infant with them on their adventures.  As a result, they took Airi back to Mistral and left her in an orphanage, one that they made sure performed background checks on the prospective foster parents in an attempt to filter out those who would lead adopted orphans into a lifestyle characteristic of Mistralís unsavory lower class.  It is an unfortunate fact of orphanages that the younger an orphan was, the more likely he/she is to be adopted.  But for Airi, this was a fact that worked out to her benefit, for she was soon adopted by a young couple, the Okairoses.  They were two Atlesian academics that had traveled to Mistral for an extended teach abroad stint at Mistralís university.
       For much of early life, Airi, having taken the surname of her adopted parents, lived in Mistral, her life filled with books and seemingly destined follow the academic path of her parents.  However, despite being loved dearly by her adopted parents and loving them back in return, Airi, was very much conscious that she was adopted.  After all, with the considerable differences in appearance between her and her adopted parents, it was hard not to remain conscious of it.  At first, her adopted parents were reluctant to provide Airi with the answers she sought about her origins, but as the Okairoses moved back to Atlas and Airi looked more and more out of place and exotic amongst her peers at school, she insisted on learning about her heritage.  Eventually, Airiís adopted parents relented in their refusal and told her everything they knew, including that Airiís parents were Mistralese villagers ambushed and killed by Grimm. 
        Though somewhat satisfied from finally finding out the truth about her origins, the Okairoses noted that Airi seemed to develop a strong sudden interest in combat and becoming a hunter, a sharp turn from the academic career that they hoped Airi would grow into.  They attempted to convince Airi to turn away from a future as a hunter, not least because as academics, they were distrustful of the extremely close relationship between the Atlas Academy and the Atlesian military.  When they saw that they could not convince Airi otherwise, her adopted parents gave in and reluctantly blessed her in her desire to become a hunter.  However, the single stipulation they made was that Airi would attend Beacon Academy in Vale, not Atlas Academy.
         Airi attended Atlasís combat school and performed exceedingly well, known not only for her distinct appearance compared to the other students, but also for her intense drive, perceptiveness, and her tricky fighting style that seemed to rely almost on things coming together at just the right moment almost as much as they relied on Airiís own fighting skill.  Graduating at the top of her class, she moved to Vale to attend Beacon.  Relying on the techniques she developed at Atlasís combat school, as well as the more disciplined and regimented training that she received there, no doubt partially a result of the influence Atlasís military had over the school, Airi similarly found success at Beacon.  Now that she is in her third year, Airi is starting to look towards a life outside of Beacon, as a hunter dedicated to fighting the Grimm and protecting those who can not protect themselves - those like her birth parents.
        At first glance, Airi is quite a serious person, as she rarely smiles.  Having a cool and collected demeanor, she is stoic and goal-oriented.  In pursuit of this, Airi is quite independent and can be described as a bit of a taskmaster, being studious and meticulous in the extreme and expecting competence in both herself and her friends and companions.  For better or for worse, her demanding nature for better or worse, creates a sort of pressure on others to keep up with her performance and expectations.  While some may appreciate this effect Airi has, treating it as source of strength and inspiration for self-improvement and high standards, the appreciation is by no means universal, for Airi is a poor coach.  Rather than nurturing development, she demands exemplary performance at a momentís notice, being dissatisfied with simple improvement or merely adequate performance.  Nonetheless, Airiís high expectations creates a sort of unconventional charisma, in which her approval and rarely-given unqualified praise carries significant weight, This stands in contrast to the stinging feeling of inadequacy and disappointment that accompanies a failure to obtain such approval.
       Airiís drive towards being not merely a good hunter but the best hunter can be readily explained as a result of her feeling the need to avenge the fates of her birth parents.  However, digging deeper, it suggests that Airi, despite being grateful towards and loving her adopted parents, the Okairoses, does not feel fully a part of their family, with some part of her still identifying with her birth parents.  Whatever the cause of her lack of feeling fully a part of her adopted family, it is possible that Airi, for all of her outwardly-appearing confidence, harbors at least a slight insecurity of her fitting in and sense of belonging.
       As exemplified by her semblance, Airi, despite being driven towards performance and effectiveness, favors the unpredictable and unorthodox.  Revelling in puzzles and riddles in all forms, Airi appreciates problem solving, especially when complex and seemingly disparate things interact with one another to create an unexpected solution, and takes delight and finds amusement in seeing her own plans come together as well as those of others.  Occasionally, her love for the unconventional has led others to even ascribe to her a twisted, though not necessarily sick, sense of humor.

Aura and Semblance:
        Airiís semblance is called Time Remnant.  When using her semblance, she leaves aura-based ďimprintsĒ of herself at that exact point when she created the imprint.  These imprints exist in their own frame of reference and are unable to interact with anything outside of them whatsoever, merely appearing as fragmented and semi-transparent replicas of Airi.  These time remnant imprints lag several seconds behind Airi chronologically, with the time lag varying anywhere from one second to ten seconds or possibly even a variable time lag.  Thus, the remnant imprints will copy all of Airiís prior actions and are, essentially, representations of of Airi several seconds in the past.
        Airi can either send herself back to a Time Remnant imprint, effectively travelling back to her prior location, appearing to be doing all of her actions near-instantaneously in reverse until she arrives at the appropriate position.  Her physical state after having travelled back reflects her state before she did so, meaning she cannot heal wounds, recover energy, etc. through the techniqueís use.  Upon arrival, Airi can create a damaging aura shockwave with its power depending on the seconds of lag between the particular imprintís frame of reference and her own.
        Alternatively, Airi can rapidly accelerate a Time Remnant imprintís reference frame, speeding up the imprint until it near-instantaneously reaches her in present-time.  Upon its arrival, the imprint will ďechoĒ Airiís action at that particular point of time, with its actions being able to interact with other things.  For example, if Airi swings her blade at an opponent while accelerating an imprint, the imprint will also swing a blade mere milliseconds after Airi, compounding the damage inflicted (though the imprintís attack will be comprised of pure aura rather than a physical blade).
        Notably, Airiís use of Time Remnant imprints does pose a danger to herself.  While Airi can re-absorb Time Remnant imprints that she created, this requires her to be focusing and standing relatively still in order to ďreconcileĒ the imprintís reference point in the past with hers in the present.  However, if Airi makes physical contact with a Time Remnant imprint without preparing herself to re-absorb it, such as being suddenly and roughly shoved back into an imprint, Airi will enter a time stasis and essentially be ďfrozen in timeĒ for a period equal to the time lag between the imprintís frame of reference and her own.  In her frozen state, Airi is invulnerable, maintaining an immovable physical presence where she was frozen, but otherwise she is completely removed from the time frame, unable to act or perceive things occurring around her.  Moments of hilarity can be had should she be frozen mid-air and remain in time stasis off the ground, unaffected by gravity.  Thus, while opponents cannot harm her while Airi is frozen, they can use the few seconds of stasis to prepare a trap for her the moment she exits out of stasis.
        Airiís Time Remnants imprints suffer the same stasis effect that Airi does when they come into contact with one another.  When they come into contact, the imprint further in the past gets subsumed into the one closer to the present, with the surviving imprint gaining solidity with qualities akin to an aura construct before completely freezing in-motion for a period of time equal to the temporal difference between the subsumed and the surviving imprint.  After that time period has passed, the surviving imprint will cease to exist.

Combat Behavior: 
        Airiís combat style is heavily based around her semblance, and even when she is not using her semblance, itís impact on her fighting is apparent.  Because of the threat of involuntary stasis, Airiís style focuses heavily on agility and hit and run, typified by darting into land to strike at an identified weakness before just as quickly back out to find another angle of attack.  Airi semblance, in particular, aids her in this hit and run style, providing her an additional option to ďrunĒ through the ďtravel backĒ ability while allowing her to capitalize on an enemyís openings using the time remnantsí ďtravel forwardĒ ability.  For opponents unfamiliar with her style, Airi is unpredictable and predatory, just as likely to advance for a strike as to retreat.  While Airi is a very skilled swordswoman who is more than capable of holding her own through bladework alone, it simply is not Airiís style to engage an opponent long enough for more than a brief exchange of blows.
        As far as combat mentality goes, the unique demands of Airiís semblance requires her to multi-task and be constantly aware of not only her and her opponents but also of any semblance time remnants out on the field in order to utilize her abilities to optimal effect.  This has caused Airi to look at fights from a very four-dimensional perspective involving as much strategy and planning as in-the-moment instinct, sometimes leaving opponents baffled when they fail to recognize the timing and anticipation required for optimal use her abilities and instead attribute a bout gone in her favor to sheer luck. 
        Neither Airiís semblance nor her weapon leaves her with an option to engage targets at range.  While she is exceptionally agile, in both a finesse and an acrobatic sense, it is nowhere near comparable to a functional gap closer, leaving her vulnerable to opponents who are able to maintain their distance from Airi or otherwise suppress her such that she cannot close in to engage.
       As a side note, Airi is ambidextrous, and while Fateweaver, being shaped for her right hand, means she usually wields Atropos in her left, Airi has been known to occasionally wield Atropos in her right hand, gripping it while wearing Fateweaver, if for no other reason than to throw off opponents by switching things up.


Name: Fateweaver; Atropos

Primary Form:
        Fateweaver is a gauntlet with clawed fingertips that Airi wears on her right hand.  Atropos is a Swiss Saber

Secondary Form:
        Neither of the weapons transform, but Airi carries a spool of threads on her right hip.  In the palm of Fateweaver, there is a small clasp that allows Airi to easily attach the threads to her gauntlet.  The threads, being made of synthetic gossamer, are very strong enough to carry some weight and dig into and lacerate flesh yet thin enough to be difficult to casually see.  Airi often uses them to bind and constrict her opponents.  The mechanism that interacts with the clasp underneath Fateweaver acts as a weighted end for the gossamer threads, allowing Airi to throw the threads when they are unclasped to Fateweaver and the spool is unlocked.

Dust Functions:
        In the upper-arm section, Fateweaver has room for five dust cartridges (Airi prefers a standard loadout of fire, lightning, ice, kinetic, and gravity) that allow for easy casting.  Fateweaver is not equipped to particularly focus the dust.  Itís dust function is more geared towards free-casting.  This is in contrast to Atropos, which has a slot for a single dust cartridge, most often of kinetic dust, in its guard and instead focuses any dust usage into an arcing slash that follows its blade.

        Fateweaver and Atropos are weapons created by Airi during her time at Atlasís combat school.  While Airi insists that they are just tools that can be discarded and replaced as needed, their long length of service in Airiís possession has endeared the weapons to her.  In particular, Airi often tinkers with the weapons in her spare time.  In fact, it was such tinkering that led Airi to develop the gossamer thread device to Fateweaver, which it originally did not have when created.

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