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Topaz (Taylor) Stone
« on: January 28, 2017, 04:12:13 AM »

Name: Topaz (Taylor) Stone

Age: 21

Species and Gender:Female Human

Symbol: A quartz crystal cluster.

Occupation: 3rd year Atlas Student

Appearance: Topaz has an average height at 5'4 compared to other women with small A cups, and her weight isn't anything very special either clocking in at 120 pounds making her at first glance a very normal looking girl. Her body has a slim build to it with a hint of some muscle that she developed through her fighting and other activities. Topazs blond hair is mid range reaching down to just above her shoulders, normally she likes to keep it in a ponytail while fighting so that it doesn't get in her way, but if she is simply walking around or at school she hangs it down. Her emerald green eyes are a highlight of her face, the other being Topazs petite nose and black nerd glasses due to her near-sightedness.The last thing she carries is a brown messenger bag to hold her books and other materials.

Daily Outfit:/Her daily outfit is best described as hipster, going from top to bottom she has a dark green knit beanie that is more sitting on her head then being worn. Around her neck she wears a matching knitted cowl on top of a gray long slim shirt. Topazs pants are just normal black skinny jeans that end in light brown leather boots.

Fighting Clothes:Topaz uses what is basically her daily outfit for combat only switching out her shirt and cowl for a thin hoodie with short sleeves that reach to two inches short of her elbow and a facemask. Her facemask is a lighted version of a miners facemask, allowing for communication to her other teammates through its microphone, it also allows her to give her drone basic voice commands such as return, shutdown, or startup.The facemask is light gray alongside the rim but the more inner portion is painted an emerald green. Looking more downward after her hoodie ends her arm warmers begin, they are a more muted shade of emerald green, drawing much less attention to them vs the mask.The entire of the arm warmers are reinforced with kevlar to make them less likely to rip and help Topaz fire arrows from her bow without hurting herself with cuts or rope burns. The last thing of note is that on her left arm is a small touchpad built into the arm warmer that allows her to control her drone by either tilting her arm, or by using it as a touchpad to control it like that.

History: Topaz was born as second youngest of her family with two older brothers(30,25) and a younger sister(16),they all mostly get along but she is much closer with her sister then she is her brothers.Her  family lives in a mining town inside of Atlas with her father being the foreman of the local mine and her mother being a stay at home mom taking care of the kids and house. As a child Topaz would spend lots of time with her father at the mine occasionally venturing down into it with her father to check up on things, and the time that wasn't spent at the mine was spent exploring her town(and once in a while sneaking into the mine to explore there as well). Once she was old enough Topaz began roughhousing with her brothers, but as they all got older the roughhousing became much rougher and intense until it turned into straight up fighting each other. This type of fighting continued until Topaz was 10, when they discovered that their school had a fight club which they promptly joined

          Every time they went to the club they would all be badly beaten, week after week after week. Discouraged her brothers quit but Topaz kept going determined to eventually win even if she had to get beat up for the next decade. By the time Topaz turned 13 she was one of the strongest fighters there, being able to beat(or at least tie) with everyone else in the club. This turnaround was due to her spending all her free time studying how to fight and getting tutored by other people in the town. By this point she decided to go the next level up and train with weapons, the school of course didn't offer much in this way due to the obvious danger so she had her father hire a private tutor to come over and teach her. Her skills with weapons developed much the same way as her fighting and by age 15 was Topaz was competing in tournaments and doing decently. At a regional level she was one of the tops but it was in nationals than her skills were truly tested. It was also in one of these tournaments that the "accident" occurred in which the opponent ended up with a real weapon and not a training one. This made her parents fire her tutor and ban her from practicing fighting, instead her father made her a supervisor down in the mine hoping to convince her to follow in his footsteps.

         Topaz was furious at her parents decision and instead continued to practice down in the mine when she was alone, this was about the time that she also began to pick up a new hobby of remote control vehicles. She still had to work as a supervisor making sure no one was hurt, but since the mine practically ran on its own she had loads of free time with nothing to do, lots of the time she would end up helping in the underground workshop becoming good friends with the workers there. If not that she would bring books to read to pass the time. At first they were fiction but as time passed Topaz began to read more and more non-fiction, absorbing tons of new information. Topaz learned some building skills in the workshop and constantly make trinkets and toys for her little sister, or components for her newest RC thing. As Topaz grew up she knew she wanted to be a huntswomen and there was nothing her parents could do to stop her, this meant endless nights of arguing about her future and how she didn't want to work in the mine forever while her parents pleaded for her to pick a safe lifestyle at home. Eventually her parents relented, begrudgingly allowing her to go to Atlas Academy to follow her dreams.

Personality: Topazs is very bullheaded, she always wants to get her way and refused to let anyone else get in the way of that thing. Sometimes she will stick to a position even if she realizes that halfway through that the other option is the better option, when the argument has ended she will then slink over to the other side trying to hide it best she can. Outside of that Topaz appears to be kind of a ditz in often forgetting things or tripping over her own feet. Going in that theme she is nice to anyone who hasn't wronged her, but goes out of her way to annoy or bother those that have.

This does not seem to correlate with her other large personality trait in that she is a massive nerd, she tries to be knowledgeable on most things and hates it when people are talking about something she doesn't know about. This means that she is book smart, and spends a lot of time studying or learning random things in the library.Topaz can also be quick to violence at times, if she sees a situation start to go south she'll put some effort in to save it but will usually quit and start swinging instead seeing it as a much easier way to get out of something. She also hates her name and asks everyone to call her Taylor on account of it, continually calling her Topaz may anger her.

Aura and Semblance: Topazs aura is Emerald Green. Her semblance is Crystal Ball, it allows her to use crystals or gems as cameras and tracking devices, all she has to do is hold the crystal/gem in her hand and "activate it".The process of activation takes 30 seconds and does not charge the crystal.The cameras also can choose between having sound and not having sound, the latter using less charge than the former. In order to use the crystals as cameras she needs to charge them as well as activate them, and while activating is a one and done per crystal, charging needs to be redone after itís spent. On standby the camera can last for weeks or months, but using them will rapidly deplete their charge based on the crystal/gems purity. A extremely high purity crystal(which is rare) can be used for 24 hours with sound on a 2 minute charge, while a average purity crystal gets 1.5 hour of charge on a 2 minute charge without sound, and 40 minutes with sound. The camera crystals also a max range of 5 miles in camera mode, in tracking mode it has a longer range but after 5 miles becomes much weaker.When a crystal is further than 3 miles out Topaz can develop a headache from using it, and after 6 miles it becomes very painful. At its full range itís possible for Topaz to develop a migraine when using it as a camera so she tries her best to not be that far away when using it. And in order to use it Topaz has to stay still and concentrate if it is farther then 1/2 a mile away.In order to use the camera she must close at least one eye to see the images coming back. When tracking a crystal where ever it is it glows extremely bright in Topazs vision making it easy for her to see it, but it being behind thick walls makes it more difficult to see.  Activating a crystal take 5% of her aura while charging uses another 10% a minute, her aura while awake also refills slowly, about 10% a hour, while a 5 hour sleep will fully refill her aura from 0. As a final note when the crystal/gem is activated it faintly glows, in a well-lit room its barely noticeable, while in a dark room itís extremely obvious.As a final FINAL note she can have a maximum of ten crystals activated before having to deactivate them(which she does not need to be hands on to do).

Combat Behavior: Before the battle begins Topazs likes to scout out the battlefield with Lithium in primary mode to find any possible advantage to use before charging in. But once in combat Topaz tries to keep her opponent constantly guessing at her next move, is it going to be ranged? Or close quarts? Fast or slow? Where from? For an experienced person it make her appear random like she has no idea what she is doing, but there is a method to her madness. Primarily she is ranged, but when the opponent begins to understand that she is shooting at a mid-range distance she switches to being very close and fierce, slashing in a flurry before retreating for a moment, acting winded after that attack to lure them into a false sense that they have a moment. Then jumping in close again giving it all she has. Basically, what she is doing changes every minute or two, keeping them on their feet.Unfortunately in a horde type situation Topaz does much worse, preferring to deal in only 1v1 battles since that's where her background is. Along with that if the target is heavily armor that also throws a wrench in her plans since she will more likely than not tire before the enemy is brought down. In a team situation she doesn't work nearly as well as solo having the issue of wanting all the glory for herself, Topaz does try her best to communicate what she is doing to everyone else but ends up more narrating what she is going to do without regard for others. Last little note, Topaz sometimes gets in the way making her a potentially frustrating person to work with.


Name: Lithium

Primary Form: In its default state Lithium is a RC flying wing but it does not have wig tips at its end, its inner wing has a strip going the whole way round and the outer wing is sharp as a sword. At the very tip it has a extremely high purity quartz crystal that Topaz uses to see below and around Lithium, acting as a scout. In the middle of the flying wing there is also a gap thats ends in a point where the crystal housing and electronics begin. Its length from tip to tip is 2 feet.

Secondary Form: Lithium second form is when the two half of it split with a bar between them that Topaz can grab to use as a weapon. The bar can be anywhere from 6 inches to 1.5 feet long. In this form the two sides splitting are the only thing that change allowing Topaz to fight with it taking advantage of its razor sharp wings.

Tertiary Form: In its final form Lithium is a bow, coming in at 3 feet 6 inches the bar in between the wings is fully opened, and the wings bent backward on rails in order to create more of a curve to the bow. When Lithium enters bow form a malleable light string goes across the two wing tips and is used as the string for the bow. Like this its maximum range is 150 yards but Topaz tries to stay within 50 or less.

Dust Functions: Accepts all dusk rounds, although it usually holds ice, fire, and electricity. When in its first form it uses propulsion dust to move around, a full canister giving it 20 -30 minutes depending on conditions at the time. Otherwise no other dust has effect. In its secondary forum the strip on the inside edge lights up with the appropriate color, whatever it hits gets the effect of the dust. And in the third form whatever dust canister is placed in it the arrows get its effect.

History: Lithium was initially designed by Topaz and the first version was created as a parting gift in the mines workshop. Ever since Topaz has been upgrading it and changing it to make it better.

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Re: Topaz (Taylor) Stone
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Re: Topaz (Taylor) Stone
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Nothing too crazy about this one. I like the semblance idea and fighting style concept.

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