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Theodore "Teddy" Williams
« on: December 14, 2016, 12:47:03 AM »

Name: Theodore "Teddy" Williams

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male Grizzly Bear Faunus

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student; Bartender

Appearance: Standing at 5'2" and weighing 145 lbs, Teddy is the antithesis of intimidation. His lean body and feminine features make him seem younger than he is. He purposefully emphasizes this, wearing thick hoodies with sleeves slightly too long for his arms. Under the hoodie, you would see that he actually has a well-toned body, packing a fair amount of muscle on his small frame. His medium-length brown hair tends to keep his ears mostly hidden, but you can see them if you look hard enough or his hair parts slightly.

As for armor, he likes to keep everything under his normal clothes. Under his hoodie on a normal day, he may throw on a chest piece, mostly to keep himself comfortable with it on. On a day where he expects to fight, he will have shin guards, kneepads, elbow pads, and some light armor under his clothes, but they are light. A well-trained eye could spot the slight bulges in his attire, but for the average person, he looks like he was just wearing a hoodie and blue jeans.

When at work, he dresses for the occasion. A black suit vest, red tie, red dress shirt, and black dress pants.

History: Born the son of a hunter, Teddy was always fascinated with them. He got to meet the entirety of his father's team, and he loved to sit with them and hear stories of their adventures. He got to do so often, because he spent his childhood with his father. His mother was a drug addict, and kept going into and out of rehab. She was out of the picture for pretty much his entire childhood.

Teddy spent most of his life with his father, being left with his Uncle Mac and Aunt Tracy whenever his father left for missions. Eventually, his father retired from active hunter duties and worked on Vale's City Council, successfully being elected three times to the position of City Manager. He was very active, not afraid to show his opposition to those he disagreed with, constantly fighting for equality among human and faunus. Teddy spent his time in school, with his shyness keeping him from making many friends. He started working at his uncle's bar a little before he turned 15, cleaning tables and washing dishes.

Shortly after Teddy turned 16, his father was killed. A police report into the matter could not find a suspect, but said there was a strong possibility it was linked to a pro-human group. Teddy would move out of Vale for a few months, going to live with his mother in Vacuo.

After turning 17, he decided to move back into Vale, enrolling at Beacon and once again working at the Time-Out Lounge.

Personality: Teddy is generally shy, with serious difficulties talking to girls. He is not confident in his own abilities, and has a habit of letting criticism get to him. He thinks that he is not as good as everyone around him, leading to being more anti-social. When he does make friends, he sticks to them, and he can be taken advantage of easily. He is also driven to be a hunter like his father, and plans to help improve human-faunus relations once he graduates. He is determined to finish the work his father started, hoping to secure equal treatment for the faunus.

His weak spot is his ears. If someone messes with his bear ears, he becomes incredibly affectionate, even when otherwise stressed or troubled. It leads to him being teased a fair amount and subsequently being more anti-social than he would be otherwise.

Aura and Semblance: Teddy can cause himself to gain tremendous speed, but only in short bursts. When running, he can run twice his normal speed, but only for three to four seconds at a time without exhausting himself. He can also use this ability to swing his hammer 1.5 times as fast as normal, but using it more than twice in one minute will leave him winded, and if the blow does not connect, he may very well topple to the ground.

Combat Behavior:  Teddy is a team-oriented fighter. He gained his father's knack for combat strategy, and tends to keep himself right on the front lines. In a one-on-one fight, he will try to analyze his opponent and try to exploit their weaknesses while trying to present himself as weak. He uses his physical appearance to cause his opponents to underestimate him. His quick movement mixed with power make him great at dealing damage, but his lack of long range and substantial armor make it very hard for him to sustain fights. If the enemy can keep range or outmaneuver him, it is very hard for him to win.


Name: Lucille

Primary Form: A large 20-lb war hammer with a rectangular head. Made out of polished aluminum.

Secondary Form: The handle of the war hammer is the barrel for a shotgun, with the trigger on the grip of the hammer. It can hold 8 rounds per magazine, and can only fire standard shotgun shells.

History: Lucille was based on Teddy's father's weapon of the same name. Mac was the one who came up with the design of the shotgun handle, and Teddy managed to craft it with some assistance from his instructors at signal.
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Re: Theodore "Teddy" Williams
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2016, 09:20:31 AM »
Given how the only difference from an old profile is a secondary form, approved 1/2 :3
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Re: Theodore "Teddy" Williams
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2/2 (Even though transfers with minimal changes really only need one, DEE)
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