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Merletta Yoru
« on: September 11, 2016, 12:09:24 PM »
Name: Merletta “The Raven” Yoru
Species and Gender:Female Human
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Occupation: Huntress/Weapons Specialist
Appearance:Huntress Outfit
(Minus Mask)
Normal attire:
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History:Born in to an upper middle class family in Atlas, Merletta was always drawn to weapons. Having her father be a weaponsmith for the Atlas might have been something to do with it. She was fascinated by all forms of weapons, whether they be the common or much more lavish. She helped her father make several weapons before he passed. Once her father passed, she closed herself off from most of the world, her mother being her only console. Nothing could really fill the void that her father left. She eventually ended up making weapons for herself. She never really used them but made them as a way to fill the void.

After a couple years, at the age of 17 she crafted her first weapon, a prototype of her eventual main weapon, and having graduated from a combat school, she entered into the main Atlas school. While she was focusing on studies, she spent most of her time working of weapon ideas. When she graduated, she had created Thorn, her main pistols.

She took on missions but during her downtime, she began work on other weapons. Eventually, she managed to take on less missions as her weapons started to make her money. While she did sell weapons, her best concept she left for herself. After a couple years, at the age of 29, she created her sword and it's 4 blades. However, even through her weapons and career, it still did not fill the empty hole in her heart. Her success reminded her of her father. She started to hide her emotions from people, not allowing her to show a weakness to anyone. She eventually created Edge and it's 4 interchanging blade.

Personality:While she acts cold and hardened, this just a facade. Behind that persona, she is actually scared, scared of losing anyone again. Because of this she might show little to no emotion around others. However, if someone were to show of a weapon, her demenor changes. She becomes facinated by the weapon, taking it into her own hands and examining it until she gets bored. During battle, she tends to focus more on combat then her teammates, going so far as to even forget she has teammates.

Aura and Semblance: Merletta is able to use smoke as a distraction. She can form the smoke into different shapes, usually a storm of ravens and strong winds. While she is covered in smoke, she uses it to hide her movements. Through training, she has been able to dodge out of cover, leaving a small smoke version of her, allowing her to use deception and cover to take the advantage on her opponent. While the smoke ravens can do no physical damage to anything, they are able to be used as a distraction.

Combat Behavior:Merletta fights from both long range and close range. She uses her pistols as cover before charging in with her sword. She uses this fighting style in tandem with her semblance as a way of distracting her enemies. However, she can get a bit cocky in battle, usually leading to her misreading her opponent.

Gun Form:
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Smg Form:
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Name: Thorn
Primary Form:Two black and green pistols that fire 9 shots
Secondary Form: The pistols combine to form a small SMG that can fire rom up to 18 shots
History: She created Thorn after becoming a full fledge huntress
all three blades in order Bolt Caster, Edge, Raze Lighter
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Primary Form:A single two handed blade
Secondary Form: Name: Raze Lighter. A blade infused with Fire dust, allowing it to inflict fire dust effects
Tertiary Form: Name: Bolt Caster. A blade infused with Electricity dust, allowing it to shock opponents and send a small arc of electricity able to go about 6 inches away from the tip of the blade.
Dust Functions: Depending on the blade, the dust changes between fire or electricity dust.
History: Edge was created recently and is still within it's prototype phase.
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