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Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:18:10 PM »
Name: Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter

Age: 18

Species and Gender: Grey Wolf Faunus

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A gold Wolf head that has a runic F inside it's mouth

Occupation: First Year Huntress, Beacon, Heiress

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Lady Blair stands at a pettie 5'0 with an average build and blue hair. She usually wears a black vest with a blue tank top underneith. Her family armor is red and brown with fur around the joints.

History: Being the only daughter of the Jarl of Felwinter, Blair was raised as an heir. Within her family, she was next in line for the head of the household and to govern the village of Felwinter. Due to her status, she was treated as a noble, never given a chance to do anything on her own. She did not like the life of a noble but she knew that was what she was born into. She always wanted to what is right for her village but did not like having to stay within the village to do so. The fact that the village would suffer countless Grimm attacks during the night did not help her state of mind either. In her eyes, the head house in the village needed to protect the village as well as the guardsmen or Hunters they hired. When she brought this up to her parents, they both refused against this notion. They advised her not to take combat classes as they feared for their only daughter's life. She refused their disapproval and began taking lessons from one of the Hunters at night.
Eventually, she learned enough to prove to her parents that it was worth doing. One night, after her father's reluctance, she was allowed to fight along side the village guards during a Grimm attack. She held her own with a make shift weapon she had been using and her parents agreed that this was the best thing to do. Not only did her training help her grow as a leader, but it showed the rest of the village that the head house would be there to protect them no matter the case. Before she left, her parents gave her a suit of armor that had been in the family for centuries as well as a battle axe. While not the most technologically advanced village, due to it's location high up in the mountains of Mantle, Blair was able to use what money the family had and took a horse down the mountains to the closest city. After a couple days trying to figure out where to go, she arrived in Vale via ship and attempted to take the enrollment exam at Beacon. While she failed her first attempt, her next attempt she just barely managed to pass.

Personality: Due to her upbringing and family values, Blair takes pride in protecting people. Because of this, she easily will jump into the line of fire for her friends or team. During combat, she will usually lead the charge and act as the distraction for her team. While she does show heart to anyone, if even one person were to attack or harm anyone she cared for, her team included, she would not stop until the person was brought to justice by her own hand. This mentality usually lead to being on the wrong side of the law if it came to something serious.

Aura and Semblance: Her aura is a very light silver to the point where it looks like iron. Her semblance allows her to create a circle of protection to anyone inside it, giving them a barrier that allows them to take more damage then usual. The barrier can  withstand about 4 strong attacks or 8 normal attacks. She can not however use it more then a total amount of 3 times in succession. If used more, it drastically weakens her and she collapses to the ground.

Combat Behavior: Blair tends to lead the charge during combat as a way of showing those who follow her that even those in charge must get their hands dirty to protect everyone else. Due to her weapon, she tends to be deep in combat, usually leading to her team picking off enemies as she tosses them to the sides. However, if she can not get into combat, she will usually fight along side her team if surrounded, acting as a distraction to allow her team to get away.

Name: Fridolf. A large two handed twin sided axe with chains across the center and her family's crest on the center.
Dust Functions: Upon using fire dust and striking the ground, the axe head becomes engulfed in fire.
History: The axe has been in her family for years, however, only recently the axe has acquired dust functions
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Re: Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter
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Re: Lady Blair Valka of Felwinter
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