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Siobhan Clannad
« on: September 12, 2016, 11:28:44 PM »

Name: Siobhan Clannad

Age: 28, born 2nd of Amare

Species and Gender: Female Fieldmouse Faunus

Symbol: She doesn’t really have one, but likes using Smiley Face stickers when grading.

Theme: I'll Tell Me Ma-Sinead O'Connor

Occupation: Professor at Beacon Academy, Personal Finance and Home Economics

Appearance: A small, delicate, pale woman measuring in at 5’2” and just below 110 Ilbs, Siobhan has a sweet, round face and wavy, sandy hair that she wears at about shoulder length with conservative bangs. Her large, liquid brown eyes, along with the rest of her fine features, are rarely graced by anything but the most sparing makeup.  Her clothing is likewise as a far as risqué from possible, and consists largely of skirts and flats in muted colors and white blouses. When it’s colder she’ll most likely be wearing a matching sweater of some kind.

Her voice fits well with her looks, and due to its softness and general hush it can sometimes be hard to hear her in the classroom, which is why she keeps a wireless microphone attached to her lapel when teaching before large groups. Her movements, when nervous, are bustling, small, and almost furtive, and despite her size she can cover large distances in a very short time. When she does allow herself to relax or is at peace she is so sedate she almost seems pleasantly drugged or loopy.

The one sign that she is a faunus, her lengthy, mousy tail, is almost permanently kept hidden beneath her skirts. It’s not so much that she’s concerned about discrimination, it’s that it had a tendency to get caught in doors or trod upon and tripped over. It was best in the end to keep it out of everyone’s way, although she can use it to carry something very light in a pinch.

History: She was born in Vale proper, in one of the rougher sections of town. Her parents, a human man named Patrick and a field mouse faunus named Ginger, both worked as hired help for various well-to-do citizens, and worked hard to ensure their daughter had the best life possible. They were determined not to lose another child, as her older sister Alice had been killed by Grimm when they lived out near Forever Fall. Shortly after moving into Vale for greater safety, their son Macdonald was slain in a brawl with anti-faunus elements. He had been drawn into one of the gangs that would later subsume into the White Fang shortly beforehand. The Grimm attack had occurred before Siobhan was conceived, and her brother’s death happened only weeks before her birth.

Needless to say, her early years, while happy, had many elements of financial hardship, and some of her earliest memories were tinged with the sadness of her parents’ all-too-recent grief. She did her best to help them along and cheer them up, and from an early age learned thrift, a solid work ethic, and how to be kind to everyone she met, not matter how surly they seemed. Despite the prejudice she experienced as a member of the faunus community, the odd jobs she had to take to keep the family fed and housed, and the level of crime in her neighborhood, she managed to be at the top of her class at school, and eventually earned her Masters in Finance. After having no little success living on her own in a simple but elegant apartment and working at a local bank, something happened that set her on the road to Beacon.

On a fairly routine trip to visit an ailing Aunt in Mistral, her parent’s hoverliner crashed, and was swarmed by Grimm. While she was not there to witness any of the no doubt horrifying events that followed, one thing was made abundantly clear by the survivors. If a Hunter had not been there to save the day, she would no longer have had the luxury of her family. Her immense feeling of gratitude to the man she never even learned the name of had her searching for a way to repay such an awesome debt. She was no fighter, and despite her love of books and poetry, she was no wordsmith capable of immortalizing the deeds of these heroes. What could she possibly bring these demi-gods among men?

Practical as always, her mother and father had the answer: even elite soldiers need to know how to look after themselves. And so she soon found herself on Beacon’s doorstep, frightened out of her wits and clutching a perfectly composed resume, feeling wholly unprepared to sell the Headmaster and his associates an idea she herself was still unsure of. In the end, her earnest desire to help in her own small way, and the truth of the unsure and chaotic lifestyle that is the hallmark of a Hunter’s existence, won through. As one of Beacon’s few teachers who are not themselves Hunters or Huntresses, she is one of the odd ones out, and that comes with its own unique challenges when it comes to earning the respect of the students. Often the first few days or weeks of class are difficult and full of pupils all too eager to show how little they make of personal finance, investments, cooking for yourself, and managing a budget.

Yet, over time, her steady, guiding hand and personable demeanor succeed in passing on invaluable knowledge that allows them to put their mind at ease about struggles off the battlefield so that they can maximize their energy and attention on the martial tasks at hand.

Personality: Above all, she is a kind and compassionate young woman with a sensitive soul. Yet when it comes to work and teaching, Siobhan is all business and has a direct, matter of fact approach. She is a clear and concise thinker and uses her words with exacting care, for she places great importance on the knowledge she imparts. In open social settings she’s very quiet and prefers not to be noticed by strangers, although she’ll be happy to talk if you approach her calmly and respectfully. When not in the classroom or in a one-on-one environment, she’s very warm and friendly, and enjoys good, quiet conversation over tea, held someplace comfortable.

In fact, privately, her love for creature comforts knows no bounds, and she spends a large portion of her free time curled up with an excellent romance novel or anthology of poetry and a mug of something hot. Unless it’s hot, then it’s of course time for a cool drink and some shade. Surprisingly, due to her extremely busy schedule before being hired on at Beacon, she has had little time for the romance she so enjoys to read about, and isn’t sure how to go about achieving it in her own life. This has made her a little air-headed when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, but she hides it well. She hopes.

Aura and Semblance: She can’t even use her aura and hasn’t bothered to think about what her semblance might be.

Combat Behavior: Running for the nearest hidey-hole at the first chance she gets, which as a fieldmouse faunus she excels at. When the chips are down, though, she’d lay her life on the line for another person if she was out of options.

WEAPON Being too sweet to hurt. That counts, right?
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Re: Siobhan Clannad
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All good.
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