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Jack Pettibone
« on: September 12, 2016, 11:10:39 PM »

Name: Jack Pettibone

Age: 18, born the 1st of Hua

Species and Gender: 18, born the 1st of Hua

Symbol: A golden hand bearing a brilliant torch.

Themes: Everybody-Backstreet Boys,Sexy and I Know It-LMFAO

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon Student, Part-time Fashion Model

Appearance: Standing in at 6’1” and about 190 Ilbs, with 4% bodyfat, Jack is an exceptional physical specimen. Tan, muscular, polished, with a smile like the sun and a tousled mop of bleach-blonde hair that has your mind already halfway into your swimsuit for a day at the beach, he considers himself, and many would say rightly, Remnant’s gift to women. The impossibly baby blue eyes that rest in his perfect face would urge you to agree. Even his voice seems designed to be just what a magazine cover ordered: smooth, rich, and playful in an awfully endearing way.

His dress, of course, is impeccable. When not in his Beacon uniform, which he still wears well due to it being specifically altered to fit him like a glove, he invariably has some sort of light button-up shirt on that he keeps completely open, the better to show off his unstoppable, glistening abdominals. He’ll combine this with whatever sort of shorts or pants are necessary for the occasion, and accent it with a sharktooth necklace. Chucks are usually the go-to footwear for Jack, but when it’s time for formality he’ll keep it classy with some Chelsea boots, a white collared shirt, partially unbuttoned with a loose tie, black slacks, and an open suit coat to match.

His combat gear simply adds thick leather fingerless gloves and matching black combat boots to whatever else he’s wearing.

Jack carries himself with an easy swagger that has made him a hit on the catwalk, and never really seems to be anything but completely relaxed and pleased with himself. In a group, he tries to back up his chit-chat with lots of friendly, almost charitable, physical contact, and is never without his winning smile. When at rest, he’s almost always leaning on something in a way that compliments his physique, and in fact positions himself so that he always is in the best possible light. It’s one of his goals to avoid situations where he’s anything less than picture perfect.

History: Unsurprisingly, Jack was an only child in a newly rich family where Mr. Pettibone sold real estate after upgrading from being a car salesman as his family started out. Mrs. Pettibone was and is a fading lily of youth well on her way to being a lush. The Pettibones loved their darling baby boy, and let both him and the whole world know it. Excessively. Everything he received was the best they could afford, and sometimes more than that. It was only natural, once he flowered into young-adulthood, that he become a runway model and then find himself on the cover of many a magazine. Rumor had it that he almost dated Cheri Chanson, despite his family’s lawyer trying to squash that juicy but unrealistic gossip flat. While he did find himself in the tabloids with all sorts of women, even women like Cherry Chainsaw, dating a faunus was unthinkable. In fact, that fistfight incident involving the faunus rockstar, which he stills claims to have won, was started because he insulted her ears.

For the Pettibones, in their upper-class suburb homes on the edge of the ritzier section of Vale, faunus were an unpleasant reality that thankfully was kept confined by economic discrimination to the slums. They’d always felt themselves above such barely-human folk and made it known whenever it was appropriate to do so. The White Fang’s bloody rise only confirmed their suspicions and justified Jack’s own personal self-righteous dealings with their kind.
None of this had much to do with his entering Beacon, though. That was a combination of youthful rebellion, a lust for action that his world-class martial arts training had brought him, and the realization that chicks dig action heroes. Really, he was getting bored with the rules of his martial hobby, and his natural talent called for something more. Besides, he didn’t think he’d ever take the famed Arturo Chanson down a peg just by training under other masters that lame caracal faunus had beaten, sometimes repeatedly. It was time for a change, as he put it. He aced the combat portions of the entrance exam, did well enough on the academic portion, and found himself in a whole new world of people waiting to fawn over him. Life was indeed excellent.

Personality: Jack naturally wants to be the center of attention, at all times, in all places, but he has learned how to wait for the right moment and not appear as needy as he really is. He’s become highly capable at hogging the limelight, and will do so shamelessly when the chance arises. Entitled, but not whiny, he’ll put all his natural charm and cunning toward getting whatever it is he wants, be it a new car, clothes, grades, prestige, any number of girls, or just a tasty meal. Like many people raised to be perfect, he’s got an overbearing fear of failure, and is dangerously insecure, so routinely busting the chops of those less fortunate than him is the status quo. Faunus, aside from being distasteful creatures, just happen to be easy targets, but really, any poor schmuck will do.

Aura and Semblance: Jack’s aura is honey-colored and he has a good deal of it. His semblance allows him to travel extremely fast for short distances, giving him the appearance of blinking out of existence for a second after being surrounded by a golden corona. The corona effect can be held with almost zero aura cost as a cosmetic effect, which he employs to boost his already stunning good looks. The sudden speed increase is almost instantaneous, and costs 1% of his aura per five feet traveled. While it does give the impression that he's teleporting, an astute observer will note that he can only travel where he could already physically get to, as he's not doing things like changing direction in mid-air or going through locked doors.

Combat Behavior: Jack loves showing off, and he loves to run his mouth. You can expect a crushing amount of witty banter, one-liners, insults, and just about anything that makes him look like the golden boy he knows he is and you like the pile of turds he wants you to be in comparison. Misdirection is the name of his game, and he’ll slap you silly and make you feel bad about it, too. The dust grenades are mainly there to give him a ranged option or to function as a wild card. Most of the time he blinks around and uses his own particular brand of flashy but effective martial arts to pummel you into submission with fists and feet of fury. Be on your guard for pranks, because he’s not above yanking your underpants over your head if you’re a guy, or goosing you if you’re a girl. He’s just “playful” like that.


Name: Righty

Primary Form: His right hand clenched into a fist.

Secondary Form: Stealing your girl.

Tertiary Form: Flipping you off.

Dust Functions: Can hold his dust grenades.

History: He was born with it.

Name: Lefty

Primary Form: His left hand clenched into a fist.

Secondary Form: Taking your pocket money.

Tertiary Form: Flipping you off.

Dust Functions: Can hold his dust grenades.

History: He was born with it.

Name: The Bomb

Primary Form: A belt with a total of twelve rectangular polished metal boxes attached to it. Each box is a detachable grenade that he can activate with his aura and then chuck at the enemy with extreme prejudice.

Dust Functions: They can be filled with just about any kind of dust for a variety of obvious effects. Or just stuffed to the gills for maximum explosive power.

History: His dad bought him these as a present for his eighteenth birthday. Jack is mechanically competent enough to load them properly and do basic maintenance, but if one has a serious malfunction he just buys a replacement. They’re not exactly expensive or hard to come by.

Relatives and Associates (NPCs):
Spoiler: ShowHide

Carnadine Carnation-Older than her face and frame would suggest, Carnadine’s sweet nature and quiet innocence made her a hit when she worked for Cheri Chanson by modeling parts of the A Cheri on Top clothing line, which gave her career a jumping-off point. While she has fallen in with Jack’s crew, mainly because she likes some of the other girls her age and enjoys their friendships, she’s not particularly close to him despite his better efforts and is kept around as a challenge more than anything else. It’s fairly clear her short, red-highlighted raven hair and petite shape will be selling quite a few things from here on out, if the critics are any indication.

Blanca Nieve-While the dainty, silver-haired cosmetics model likes to present herself as an unshakeable austere beauty, she’s actually quite tender-hearted and poorly suited to the business. Easy to push around, she fell in with Jack unwillingly and has been dragged along in his wake ever since. She’s also launching her own cosmetics line.

Ki Yong-Don’t let Ki’s waist-length golden mane and bombshell figure deceive you, because surprisingly enough she’s strictly an activewear model who despite being adventurous and flirty, isn’t in the business to show a ton of skin. Forceful and hard to outright control, she can give Jack a headache but still manages to be enjoyable for him. Part of her knows he plays games, but she’s relatively new to the industry and doesn’t fully understand the situation, so she puts up with it for the thrills. She’s also been on the cover of Vytal Illustrated.

Noir Schonnfrau-Noir is an interesting creature, pale with long hair like ebony and remarkable, soft amber eyes. Tall, well-formed, and stately in manner and movement, she does well as a model for eveningwear, perfume, and the edgier side of fashion. As a person she’s fierce, cunning, and perfectly willing to manipulate people to get what she wants. In other words, she fits right in with Jack. Drawn by his rebellious, devil-may-care streak, she pursued Red of the Chanson Security Team for over a month before finally leaving him in peace. She still harbors a grudge over the rejection and will take whatever chance she’s given to make him suffer for it.

Honoria Angel-Well-built, healthy, and strong, Honoria does best in active photoshoots where she can show off her physical prowess. The carrot-topped dynamo keeps her hair short and out of the way, and is always ready with a winning smile and a can-do attitude. Honestly, she really only hangs around with Jack because she’ll go jogging with him sometimes and she’s friends with Victoria, who he will not leave alone.

Victoria en Fuego-A statuesque beauty with blood-red hair that tumbles down her back, Victoria is a fashion icon whose green eyes compliment all manner of elegant gowns and formalwear. Arguably the most personable and least catty model on the scene today, she’s well-liked and gets along with everyone. Jack simply hasn’t managed to get very far on the romance front with her, as despite her seeming innocence she’s perceptive enough to recognize a bad decision when it rears its head. It hasn’t stopped him from trying or her from politely playing along, though.

Verdant Sesily-Successful more out of her provocative and sensual style than any special depth of beauty, Verdant’s tan, supple form, bright crimson eyes, and soft, teal hair have sold lingerie well for many a company. More proud and demanding by far than her friend Ember, whom she usually takes cues from, she tends to be fussy and disagreeable if people don’t cater to her every whim. She also happens to be easily flattered and hurt, which is useful to men like Jack. Her petulance hasn’t served her well, though, and the results of always getting what she wants can be seen in a “cousin” back home in South Vale that looks remarkably similar to her. She rarely sees the boy and the subject remains a sore point for her despite few people knowing his actual, embarrassing origins.

Ember Autumn-A tall, voluptuous raven-haired beauty with amber eyes that almost look as if they’re burning with their own internal light, she’s well known for her smoldering looks. Her fair skin is most often draped with formalwear, lingerie, and occasionally fine jewelry. Aside from her waist-length, wavy hair, that is. She’s a proud, dominant woman who plays her own games unless they coincide with someone else’s, which is why she’s become Jack’s favorite and they keep finding themselves out together. She and Verdant actually grew up together in South Vale near Fortuna Altin and mercilessly bullied the girl throughout their childhood before they parted ways to become fashion models and a huntress respectively. 
Seek Justice, Love Mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

Character List:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Marlon Murk-Leader of Team MRKD (Marked) "The power of the night, the press of the storm, The post of the foe; Where he stands, the Arch Fear in a visible form, Yet the strong man must go..."-Prospice, Robert Browning

Cheri Chanson-Team AFMC (Afirmacion) “The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?” -Bob Marley

Jack Pettibone-Leader of Team JCRA (Jackrabbit) "In my body, where the shame gland should be, there is a second awesome gland. True story."-Barney Stinson

Cherry Chainsaw "Wake up, I'm a bullet loosed Into the heart of a wretched age, I breathe just to beat and bruise, an evolution of the burnin' rage!"-Miracle of Sound, Hell to Pay

Professor Siobhan Clannad-Personal Finance and Home Economics Professor at Beacon Academy "We can do no great things, only small things with great love."-Unknown, often attributed to Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Professor Feltch Hatterly Criminal and International Law Professor at Beacon Academy "Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere."-G.K. Chesterton

Professor Scarlet Vandal Weapons Engineering and Design Professor at Beacon Academy "Perfection has one grave defect: It is apt to be dull."-W. Somerset Maugham

Character AMA here, Personal AMA here, Character/Plot Timeline here, Descent into Madness here

If you ever need writing advice, be it for a post, a plot, or a character, don't hesitate to ask, I'm happy to help! PM me if you need someone to DM Grimm or NPCs, or need my Professors in your threads, though my ability to help with that depends on my free time!

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Re: Jack Pettibone
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All good.
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