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Cheri Chanson
« on: September 12, 2016, 12:40:41 AM »

Name: Cheri Chanson

Age: 18, Born Hua 13th, 63AC

Species and Gender: Female Caracal Faunus

Symbol: A pair of iridescent cat's eyes peering out from a backdrop of stars and a crescent moon.

Theme: Try Everything-Shakira

Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon Academy, semi-retired Musical Icon, Fashionista, Outspoken Faunus Rights Activist, Published Autobiographer, Singer/Songwriter

Appearance: She is sleek and tanned, and likes to keep herself on the curvy side of fit, weighing in at about 150 Ilbs and standing at 5'10". Two elegant tufted ears poke out from wave after wave of tawny hair that cascades down past her shoulders. Usually she wears it down, but for performances or when she's feeling lively she'll do something else with it, but as with everything else it has to still be stunning. Cheri certainly falls on the more feral end of the faunus spectrum, for she has vibrant feline eyes, a short but perfectly groomed tail, delicate yet pronounced pearly white (as the rest of her smile) canines, and immaculately manicured ebony retractable claws...I mean, ahem, nails.

When it comes to attire...what sort of outfit does Cheri not own? More often than not she prefers something loose, flowing, colorful, and chic. She detests being seen without makeup, which she flawlessly applies and touches up in spare moments or at dull points during a conversation. Every occasion calls for her to be dressed her best, even if it is designer yoga pants and a tank top for a morning jog.

Speaking of movement, hers ranges from a stately sway that could lull an irate ursa into slumber to a spritely bounce in her step that catches everyone's eye and has them bounding along right with her in the next breath. Her gestures are expansive and light, with an innate sincerity and sweetness, and she has a voice to match them. She never really allows it to degrade into girlish bubbles unless excitement completely overtakes her, but lets it warm up the air around her until it's a more pleasant place to be.

Her performances are much the same way, and her singing voice is even more infectious than her speaking tone, were that possible.

History: Faunus tend to have a rougher go of things. It's to be expected in a world where your ancestors were once held as chattel. The simple math of socioeconomic reality weighs in against you there. Unless you happen to be very lucky. Cheri certainly was. She grew up in Vacuo as the daughter of a successful independent financial consultant and a graphic designer, Mr. and Mrs. Arturo and Michonne Chanson. People didn't much care that her father's winning smile had sharper teeth than normal if he kept their bottom line right where they wanted it, and most of Remnant had likely seen the design input of her mother's keen feline eye in some sort of product placement. Their financial security made for a nice buffer against the cruelty of the world, as did the high white walls of their gated community. The desert itself had no hardship left to it, for the carefully tended palms and pools of the neighborhood landscape were an idyllic escape from both stress and the heat.

Cheri never even had to deal with school bullies. Her education was entirely conducted by private tutors entirely in her home or with other neighborhood children. Most of her friends paid no heed to the business of war or survival, and had handlers ranging from personal assistants to bodyguards that could tackle that ugliness for them. Her father, though, was by necessity and upbringing a practical man, and made sure that she was given instruction in these matters, despite her mother's fervent protests that her precious daughter stay safe and well away from harm. His perspective was a simple one: bodyguards, police, hunters, all of them were well and good, but nothing trumped being able to stand on your own two feet when trouble came crashing down about you. And so, much to his doting wife's disapproval, he sparred with his own small security team and carried his own weapons, a pair of easily concealed gunchaku, wherever he went.

None of this meant that Cheri would remain forever blind to the darkness in the world. Her parents kept well abreast of current events, both out of economic necessity and avid personal interest, and were stark and passionate voices in the community. From an early age she learned to stand her moral high ground and never give an inch, at least when it came to ideology. From the moment her father sat her down to talk about what discrimination was, and how it affected people like her, she found herself driven to prevent it. Perhaps it was her own easy way of life that rankled at the sufferings of others, or even a budding sense of justice, but stars, did she hate it. By the age of eight she had begun to attend small, local rallies, one hand safely gripping her mother's and the other holding a crayon-scribbled sign, with her small voice piping away in the general din. Some of the things people yelled at her during the protests she didn't fully understand, and others stung, but her mother showed by quiet, tender example how to gracefully turn aside or accept verbal abuse. Her skirts also were convenient shields to escape behind when the screaming became too much for her young and tender ears.

As she matured several things happened. She found her voice, in more ways than one, and learned that if she used it well enough, it could speak for others who had none left. Her first performance was, in fact, at a peaceful demonstration, and consisted of a song she and her father had collaborated on for a month or so prior. "The High Road" would later be her first hit single. While performing, the hope and peace she saw on the faces of her audience filled up a part of her that had been lying barren for years. Sure, she had helped her mother bake food for the less fortunate, she had helped organize papers for her father so that he could do some book-keeping for a non-profit instead, but nothing had felt as effective and as immediate as this. The pain and sadness had gone right out of the faunus listening to her, and they had been able to forget their worries as long as the song went on.

With the resources readily available to her in the combined know-how and connections of her mother and father, she dashed right into making sure that it never, ever, stopped.

Her natural, charming, free-spirited nature, combined with her increasingly honed vocal talents and almost child-like innocent musical stylings made her a force to be reckoned with on stage and over the airwaves. By the time she was fifteen she had released her first full album, "Days in the Sun", with songs that topped the charts for weeks after their release like "Young for All Ages", "Shatterproof", and "Golden Hearted". Her relentlessly positive ambitions and vibrant love of people captured the hearts of anyone who had a little bit of dreamer still tucked away inside. She also discovered that she relished this new lifestyle, and hopped headlong into the rush of parties, glamour, fashion, and constant travel. While her tastes became more extravagant and her appetite for attention and praise grew, she did manage to keep her head, thanks to the solid guidance and bedrock provided by her family.

She even managed to barter away some of her star power for the creation of a new fashion line, A Cheri on Top, and arranged to have a thick percentage of the profits go to organizations who cared for the less fortunate. While it has yet to be as successful as her musical career, the brand is still a largely recognizable name, and the funds it has procured have done good for everyone from disadvantaged faunus to the survivors of Grimm attacks. The same holds true for the critically reviled autobiography "Hug the World", which, while sorely lacking in craftsmanship and full of tacky sentimentality, still sold well enough that it did dominate the best seller lists for a day or two after its release. Cheri's share of the profits went, of course, to assorted charities that had caught her eye during the writing process, not that there was much of one.

Shortly after releasing her second album, "Dovesong", in which she called for a renewed dedication to interpersonal charity and forgiveness in songs like "Hand in Hand" and "Brothers and Sisters", she turned eighteen, and found herself on the cusp of another life-altering event. On the final leg of the album inaugurating tour, the White Fang raided a dust processing factory belonging to the Schnee Dust Company relatively near to her home, and Cheri's life-long lucky streak ran out. She, her parents, and some friends had taken a shortcut past the factory's grounds in her limo, on the way to her birthday party, and were caught in the crossfire. The ensuing firefight was a horrific experience for all involved, and were it not for her father's preparedness she might have received more than just some emotional scarring that night. As it happened her training and their security detail's quick wits kept them out of the worst of it, though two of her friends did take trips to the hospital for lacerations.

Cheri was simultaneously horrified and furious. She had known for awhile now that the White Fang had gone rogue, and had openly expressed disapproval in public interviews centering around the subject. She'd even had friends who left its ranks as things began to fall apart, and received barely legible death threats from people who supposedly belonged to the organization claiming that she was a traitor to the cause. What she hadn't fully realized was the absolute brutality with which they were waging their guerrilla war. It took the lifeless bodies of the factory workers and the screams of her frightened loved ones to bring that crashing home with unstoppable force. Once again, something deep within her came to life, and she made another grand decision.

She had never been a patient person, and now was no exception. After some brief but detailed discussions with her father, and some longer, more harrowing ones with her mother, her path was decided. Music could wait, for now. It was time to stop merely soothing the pain after the fact, and prove once again that a pound of cure was nothing compared to an ounce of prevention. While music and performance would always be her first loves, now she would make a difference in an even more direct way. She would become a huntress, stop the White Fang and people like them, and once the World was a bit safer, she could get back to the business of healing. And what better place to learn that trade than Beacon, the tower of light at the center of it all?

The entrance examination was difficult, for while she excelled at the Academic portion, her scores for both sections involving combat were barely adequate. It wasn't so much that her technique was off, in fact it was often flawless, but she appeared to lack any real taste for the task at hand, and consistently shied away from anything even remotely risky. Despite being very out of sorts, she did manage to squeeze through, and looks forward to this new stage in her life with the same blissful naivete she has always had.

Personality: All of Cheri's fans would tell you she is the most positive, upbeat, loving, generous person in show business, and that she really does care about her fans and treats them all like friends. Her detractors would tell you that's she's exceptional at manipulating a crowd, vain, and possessing the depth of a thimble. Neither are really wrong. While clever and having a degree of common sense when she is given the chance to think, she is easily carried away by her emotions and makes snap judgments on ill-advised whims if her feelings are strong enough. It is within the realm of possibility that her recent enrollment at Beacon will lead to a rude and rough awakening, as it is the first time she has truly struck completely out on her own. Previously she had at least a trusted and loyal member of the family security team close at hand. Now it's just her, a difficult task, and largely untested personal mettle.

Aura and Semblance: Cheri's aura isn't anything special, and like most people with basic combat training, she is able to use it to put strength behind her blows, harden her defenses, or heal herself. Her semblance is also not much to write home about, although she does put it to good use. She can make herself, and herself alone, lighter at will with relatively minor expenditures of power, which makes movement much easier to manage and helps her avoid being pinned down in tough situations. It cannot, however, make her totally weightless, and the closest she has come to this just made it hard for her to stay on her feet in windy weather. When active her semblance flashes rainbow hues around her in a sphere, and the more power she puts into it the more vibrant the colors become.

Combat Behavior: Cheri cannot take a punch, and hates messing up her clothing, makeup, or...well, anything actually involved in close-quarters combat. She'd much rather put on a show and tease her opponents to no end while remaining safely out of harm's way. Both her semblance and her gear allow her to favor that exclusively to great effect. She feels absolutely no shame in fleeing for her life should it feel necessary, and has a penchant for over-estimating the risks of a situation. Before it comes to that point, though, she has a few options. Most of the time she can be found dancing around the battlefield, using her semblance to add height to any jumps or speed to any dashes, while she covers every target in range with a technicolor spray of explosive needles from Showstopper. Her mobility is heightened not only by the fact that she's already a spry jumper due to her caracal faunus heritage, but that Softshoe allows for essentially frictionless movement. Should she get stuck in a tight spot, out comes Curtains until she can get a safe distance away and resume firing.


Name: Curtains

Primary Form: A small white ornate lacquered cylinder that looks to be some sort of cosmetics container or other such accessory, which easily fits into all but the smallest of handbags. The only clue as to its true nature is its durability, which far exceeds any resilience that would be necessary for something so trivial. It usually does hold a significant amount of extra emergency cash (a habit she picked up from her father) and only opens with her handprint.

Secondary Form: With a number of different methods of applying pressure, ranging from a specific grip to simply hammering one end onto a hard surface, Curtains explodes to life and snaps out into an strengthened alloy staff with a powerful taser on either end. The can be controlled to fit the situation, starting at what her mother dubbed the "Don't touch" setting all the way up to "GET OUT", which will send a large man sprawling at the merest contact. The battery has enough charge to last for quite some time, if she isn't forced to use it at full power consistently. A steady, channeled shock at that level drains it completely within fifteen minutes. Simply leaving the weapon on at any setting has a negligible drain on power reserves.

Tertiary Form: If she fails to keep her opponents at bay when Curtains is in staff form, it can break apart in the center and form two taser batons that function at the same power level as the original staff. They can separate or link with a simple snap and twist.

History: Curtains was her very first weapon, given to her by her father at the start of her training. The entire purpose of the item was to make sure that no matter what she had some means of defending herself, and it's been her constant companion wherever she went since her father first taught her how to use it.

Name: Showstopper

Primary Form: Two golden bracers which cover her forearms. Atop each wrist is an inset tube and a seam for where the ammunition feed connects when Showstopper is in its secondary form. The small black feed itself is in two sections and can be covered by assorted sleeves that match whatever outfit Cheri happens to be wearing. It functions much like a belt when not in use and has a small, lightweight battery pack that rests comfortably just below the small of her back. Its two sections can clip together where they would join the bracers, and can wrap around her waist a few times, so that when they are fully unfurled she has a complete range of motion with her arms.

Secondary Form: With a quick unbuckling and an artful twist of her hips or a well-timed spin, she can let the feeds loose and let the magnets hook them to her bracers. Once attached, she can unleash rapid-fire volleys of needles at the enemy wherever she should choose to wave her hands. Should she choose, she can fire one at a time, or five round bursts, and conserve ammunition, but who wants to be boring? Since the rounds are so small, she can fit about five hundred in each belt section, so there's no need to be stingy. Full-auto it is, then!

Tertiary Form: While the tactic itself is not exactly viable or sane, the twin feeds are durable enough for her to keep them attached to her bracers but slip the bracers from her wrists, and sling them about while unloading her ammunition willy-nilly. It is unlikely that she would hit her mark, or any mark at all, while firing, but it would be loud and flashy, so she still looks eagerly for situations that would excuse her use of it.

Dust Functions: Each needle has a small dust charge set to ignite on impact, with eye-straining multi-colored results. The charge is also meant to make up for the small size of the needle and to maximize the damage output when combined with the high rate of fire.

History: Showstopper was actually adapted straight from her usual hand-held firework launchers, and modified to make it a little more combat-ready. Whereas her performing gear was largely decorative, could fire streamers and confetti, and also included a "sparkler mode", the professionally adapted combat version wisely removed this, and is only slightly less decorative in both appearance and capabilities. It also turned out to be unworkable to retain the streamer and confetti feature, or so the weaponsmiths she hired told her. To this day she harbors doubts about the veracity of their claims.

Name: Softshoe

Primary Form: A pair of sandals that snap on and magnetically lock into place so that they do not fall off during the most violent of movements. The soles of the sandals are dust-charged and function as miniature hover-boards, much like the larger models that tend to be affordable for your average person. The dust activation results in a rainbow glow that waxes from one color of the spectrum to the next, trailing out behind the wearer as they move.

History: These pricey puppies certainly cost a mint, but when a starlet needs to dance out over an adoring crowd during an encore performance, nothing beats them. Cheri even had a spare set made that she keeps locked up somewhere safe. Since they were excellent for being able to rapidly get away from undesirable persons or places in her public life, she decided they could do the same on the battlefield.

Assorted Non-Weapon Gear:
Handicart 5.0 “Luggagebot”: A battery-powered cart with three pairs of strap attachments and four wheels. Its carrying space is 3’ by 2’ and is bordered on the front and back by rounded walls 6” in height. It has a carrying capacity of 200Ilbs. The rear and front have soft warning lights that pulse gently depending on the direction it moves. The rear has an extendable handle for pushing if the owner wants to manually operate it. The front has a small motion/distance gauging camera and a speaker which emits pleasant alert noises during movement. It has an idle mode which can be voice activated or turned off, and is also scroll lockable and pilotable. Cheri’s has a nickname and is keyed to her voice. While it comes in a variety of colors, she chose the standard chrome and stuck a black bow tie and googly eyes around the motion sensor as if it were a nose.

Relatives and Associates (NPCs):
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Arturo Chanson, Age 46: A tall, immaculately polished man from his spotless dress shoes to his conservative honey blonde Ivy League haircut, Arturo manages to stand out among the endless other suits in his profession. While many men at his age have gone either scrawny or soft from a life of slaving over detailed financial records, he has kept active and has a vibrant, youthful energy that blazes out from his sculpted, clean-shaven face and shines in his baby blue eyes. His perfectly fitted suits not only conceal his twin black gunchucks, “Father’s Little Dividends”, but a lean, fit physique that would be the envy of men years younger than himself. A highly successful and sought after financial consultant by trade and a devoted father and husband by conviction, he has a shrewd mind of for business and is eminently practical in all things. Arturo firmly believes in training both mind and body, and every person’s duty to know at least one method of defending themselves. He is a master of several martial arts which are bolstered by a blistering speed semblance, but prefers to downplay that fact, if not completely sweep it under the rug. As for being a faunus, well, he hasn’t let his pronounced canines make his smile any less congenial, or allowed his retractable claws to compromise the friendliness of his handshake.

Michonne Chanson, Age 42: The moment one sees mother and daughter together, it’s instantly obvious where Cheri got her ears, eyes, and tail, as well as her appreciation for the beautiful things in life. Michonne always has loved things that pleased the eye, and with her deft hands and wonderful imagination it was only natural that she bring her artistic vision to the rest of the world with skill and finesse. With her lucrative career as a graphic designer for everything from soft drinks to medicine to dust, it was only natural that she and Arturo crossed paths. He was instantly hooked by her self-assured and friendly manner, and her small, excellent figure, lengthy, wavy brunette hair, and not to mention her enchanting eyes, only made the encounter all the sweeter. One thing lead to another and after a short engagement they were happily married. Age and raising Cheri has barely dulled her beauty or spirit, and while she remains as full of motherly concern as ever about allowing Cheri near any sort of danger, she is immensely proud of her daughter’s next step in life.

Note: Aside from any other weaponry listed here, all Chanson Security Team members carry a .45 caliber pistol that holds a 10 round magazine of electric dust stun ammunition, two extra magazines with 10 solid slug rounds each, two extra magazines with electric dust stun rounds each, and a collapsible stun baton. The team has a total of ten members, the most important or noticeable are described in more detail below, the remaining six are Dutch, Niles, Ace, Goose, Rey, and Lemmy, all of which have professional combat training and can keep pace with your standard law enforcement officer. They are strictly average in appearance and wear the customary black suits and sunglasses. The four below are capable of holding their own against a fully trained, freshly minted Hunter unless otherwise stated.

Lance Galahad, Age 47: The most experienced of the Chanson family security team and its official head, Lance started his training by joining the Atlas military, where he excelled and quickly outstripped his peers. He showed a great deal of promise but felt out of place in his vocation, and often was reprimanded for his dedication to a higher brand of ethics than his superiors felt practical. His strong moral code eventually led him to resign his position and leave the country. He was a drifter for a time, and participated in prize fighting to keep a roof over his head and food in his belly, but hated the lifestyle that came with it. Lance eventually found his way into private security work and then to the Chanson family, who befriended him and in so doing found an ever-vigilant, loyal protector. He is as thick as thieves with Mr. Chanson, and has a large soft spot for Cheri, whom he sees as almost like a daughter. He is a large man, 6’4” and 250 Ilbs of trained soldier, and he carries himself well. His face his hard and craggy, and he keeps his head shaven and polished with military efficiency. Should someone catch a glimpse behind his sunglasses, they would note he has brilliant blue eyes. Lance always carries a large but unassuming metal briefcase with him, which can snap open and fold out to into a full set of shining, segmented plate armor, helmet and shield, dubbed Righteousness, included. An extendable jousting lance and sword, Justice and Purity, are carried inside the briefcase. He is familiar enough with the gear that he can be fully equipped within moments. He also has an armored motorcycle, Slepnir, that never stays far away from him and can be set to autopilot so that it can come to him when electronically signaled. A camera and a small computer allow the vehicle to avoid collisions unless completely caught off guard. Lance’s semblance is useful in his line of work, as anyone striking him finds some of the kinetic energy of the blow forced right back at them. Due to his wide array of experience and professional military training, he is easily a match for an experienced hunter, and unlike the rest of his team, able to fight Mr. Chanson to a standstill.

“Wild Bill” Dr. William Holliday, Age 38: A short, lean man with long, unkempt dark hair and a goatee and moustache accentuating his pale skin, he looks decidedly unwell, thanks to intemperance earlier in life. His outfit is highly unorthodox, as he’s had his suit coat modified into a duster coat and he is never seen without a diamond style cowboy hat, leather gloves, and boots, all black to match his suit. Beneath his coat he carries a total of eight custom six-shot single-action revolvers, The Furies, that fire specialized shock rounds which hold a mixture of propulsion and electric dust for maximum stopping power. Before a long bout with alcoholism, he was a brilliant surgeon, and currently puts his medical knowledge to invaluable use in his new profession. He was good friends with Lance before his fall from grace, which was induced by an ER surgeon’s special brand of workplace stress, and the professional bodyguard put him back on his feet and gave him a job where he could keep an eye on him. He proved to be well suited to the work, if a bit of a character, and has taken a shine to using his quickdraw marksmanship hobby to protect others. His semblance is so subtle most people wouldn’t notice he had one. When activated, a barely perceptible drain on his aura allows him to retain perfect hand-eye coordination at all times and in all conditions by means of invisible “aura strings” that allow him to swiftly puppeteer his own limbs.

“Red” Aka Hong, Age 21 :  A lean, wiry youth with a demeanor not unlike an alley cat, Aka is the only person, aside from Cheri and her mother, who can actually enjoy themselves around Johnny Boy. His blazing red ponytail can often be seen alongside Johnny’s golden crown, albeit a couple of feet closer to the ground. He has a hard, unforgiving face, a face made for sarcastic remarks and biting comments, which he does employ to devastating effect from behind his toothpick-grasping clenched teeth. During his off time he mostly lazes about and dozes, but on duty he’s incredibly perceptive and alert, even if he doesn’t look it. Despite his terrible attitude, Mr. Galahad sees him as his most reliable spotter, and is guaranteed to take him along anywhere he strongly suspects trouble to be afoot. Aside from the usual armaments, Aka always has a black lacquer sword cane, Black Bess, with him, and can use it sheathed or drawn to devastating effect. He also has a carbon steel butterfly knife in each pocket, Sinister and Dexter, but those rarely come out unless things get messy. His semblance allows him to fire his opponent’s pain receptors upon striking their aura, in proportion to the amount of aura he expends. This effect is limited to a small radius around the area he strikes, sparking with a small charge of crimson electricity when he does, and can be extended to his close-quarters weapons. He can also deaden his own receptors for the same aura cost.

“Johnny Boy”, Jonathan Encore, Age 24: The most physically imposing of the Chanson security personnel, he stands at an immense seven feet tall, with another foot of blonde pompadour to boot. His broad frame, swollen by his previous career as a bodybuilder, barely fits in his custom made suit, the seams of which he has a habit of straining by way of his exaggerated posing. Between this behavioral quirk and his penchant for shouting unnecessarily, wearing his sunglasses at all times, and flirting with any nearby females, he barely maintains a tenuous grasp on his job. Mr. Galahad even tried to fire him once, but Mrs. Chanson intervened out of pity. His saving grace, aside from his exceptional skill at getting in the way of unwanted persons and serving as a walking distraction, is that his semblance allows him to project his own aura onto someone else, or form it up in front of himself like a shield. Which he will then pose behind. To everyone’s dismay. The family never takes him with them when they’re hoping not to be noticed. Aside from the standard armament, he carries electrified brass knuckles, the Mugshots, for when things get dicey.

Musical Career:
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The High Road-first released as a single

Days in the Sun-The cover is a shot of Cheri running with her hands in the air through a field of flowers at sunrise, wearing a yellow sundress. Her hair and the white gauze shawl in her hands billows in the wind. The album back is just more of the same field.
1.   The High Road-Encouragement to make the choice to stay positive despite your troubles, and kind despite the temptation not to be. More folksy in musical style, this song has a jaunty banjo tune. The music video features Cheri and few friends finding adventure and trouble on a high mountain path.
2.   Young for All Ages-A reminder that youth is a state of mind and a promise to the listener to never let them forget that. A hopeful melody that blends pop and classical elements.
3.   Golden Hearted-A tribute to her father and his steadfastness in all things ethical and wise. The beat is slow with a fast-paced rousing chorus, and is played by a full orchestra that is heavy on the strings and drums.
4.   Shatterproof-A boastful song about having an unbreakable spirit. The music is as close to rock as Cheri has ever strayed.
5.   Living Light-An airy vocal and string piece which compares life to free and unfettered flight in all its glory, despite any clouds that cross your path.  Heavy on the woodwinds and chimes, this song truly soars. The music video is simply Cheri and an ever-growing number of formerly beaten-down people given the power of flight by the song gliding through golden clouds.
6.   Apogee-A heavily synthesized melody with peppy vocals which talk about staying at the top of your game. A perfect song to jog or jump rope too.
7.   Your Story-An appeal to the listener to live their life by what’s in their heart and approach every day as a new chapter they’re setting out to write. Mainly played on an acoustic guitar accompanied by piano.
8.   Life Starts Now-A reminder that even when things have fallen apart it’s possible to pick yourself up and start all over again. The music has a steady, jaunty, pounding beat that sets the feet moving and the heart hopping.
9.   Hold Me Softly-A vivid and moving description about being loved by someone and lying safe in their arms. The music is light and sonorous, and mostly there to accent her gentle yet powerful vocals.
10.   Tell Me Again-A story about a child learning from her parents’ stories, partially influenced by Cheri’s own life experience and combined with that of her friends and associates. One of her more folksy pieces, again featuring the banjo and an acoustic guitar.
11.   Morning Dew-A tribute to Cheri’s mother, framed in a tale about a walk they took in a garden when she was a young girl. An acoustic song mostly done on guitar.
12.   On the Inside-A song about a rainy day made brighter by your own happiness, largely on piano.
13.   My Gift to You-A portrayal of Cheri’s music as a gift of self, and an encouragement to pay this gift forward to everyone the listener meets. Largely smooth, sonorous vocals with piano accompaniment. The music video is Cheri singing to the viewer as she walks around various landmarks in Atlas, Vaccuo, Mistral, and Vale.

Dovesong-The cover art is a closeup of Cheri’s hands holding a dove, with the back of the album being a whole flock of the birds taking off over a sunset backdrop.
1.   Hand in Hand-A plea for unity and a willingness to help get your neighbor back on their feet and through the hard times. Sung with a chorus and orchestral backing.
2.   Brothers and Sisters-A proclamation that we’re all in this together, that we’re all one big family. Childlike vocals with keyboard backing.
3.   In Their Eyes-The most plaintive Cheri has ever sounded, this song is about the most downtrodden members of society, faunus and otherwise, and relates heartbreaking stories sung slowly and acapella. The music video plays out these stories.
4.   All the Same to Me-A description of how despite their numerous differences and flaws, people are by and large are worth caring for, every time. A carefree drum and acoustic guitar song with vocals done in an almost laughing tone.
5.   In the Corner-A story about a girl growing up and finding her inner strength. Heavily classical with a solid, powerful beat.
6.   Beneath Our Stars-A song about a night under an open sky while walking with a crush. Mostly played on piano with some keyboard synth elements. The music video tells the exact same story.
7.   Show Yourself-A continuation of Beneath Our Stars, where the girl dares the boy to be brave enough to show his true feelings. Similar in musical style but with some soaring electrical guitar thrown in.
8.   Embrace-The finale of Beneath Our Stars and Show Yourself, where the couple kiss for the first time. Soft, breathy vocals accented by gentle piano.
9.   Mother Earth, Father Sky-Praise for the natural world and a call to preserve it. Heavily governed by flute music and other pipe instruments, with drums for accent.
10.   Four Maidens-The fairytale of the Four Maidens in ballad form on an acoustic guitar. The music video is a dramatic rendition of this.
11.   Hua Days-A peaceful melody about flowers and carefree fun under the sun. Heavily piano with light, airy string additions.
12.   Step by Step-Encouragement to stay strong in adversity with a comparison to mountain climbing. An upbeat drumming song with a rolling beat.
13.   Everlasting-A party song about the never-ending celebration of life. An upbeat tune with heavy reggae and latin elements. The music video is simply Cheri singing while in the midst of a massive outdoor summer dance party.
14.   Lift Me Up-An expression of her desire to see the world as a brighter and more hopeful, loving place, and invitation to share it with her. Soaring, powerful vocals with equally powerful electric guitar and orchestral elements.

Seek Justice, Love Mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

Character List:
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Marlon Murk-Leader of Team MRKD (Marked) "The power of the night, the press of the storm, The post of the foe; Where he stands, the Arch Fear in a visible form, Yet the strong man must go..."-Prospice, Robert Browning

Cheri Chanson-Team AFMC (Afirmacion) “The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?” -Bob Marley

Jack Pettibone-Leader of Team JCRA (Jackrabbit) "In my body, where the shame gland should be, there is a second awesome gland. True story."-Barney Stinson

Cherry Chainsaw "Wake up, I'm a bullet loosed Into the heart of a wretched age, I breathe just to beat and bruise, an evolution of the burnin' rage!"-Miracle of Sound, Hell to Pay

Professor Siobhan Clannad-Personal Finance and Home Economics Professor at Beacon Academy "We can do no great things, only small things with great love."-Unknown, often attributed to Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Professor Feltch Hatterly Criminal and International Law Professor at Beacon Academy "Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere."-G.K. Chesterton

Professor Scarlet Vandal Weapons Engineering and Design Professor at Beacon Academy "Perfection has one grave defect: It is apt to be dull."-W. Somerset Maugham

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