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Captain Lennox
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:43:24 PM »

Name: Unknown

Codename: Lennox

Age: Unknown

Species and Gender: Female, unknown faunus type

Symbol: N/A

Occupation: Mistrali/Valish White Fang Captain

Appearance: Approximately 56 and 144 lbs. Like most members of the white fang, she wears the standard uniform, though with some changes. As with lieutenants, her armor has a large collar, protecting the neck, and a full face mask, though hers seemed to be in the style of a plague doctor's mask, hiding her identity, however the uniform kept the long sleeves, hood, and gloves from the lower grunt uniform. Around her hips, her white fang sword and pistol lay in their holsters, though like the uniform they have their modifications.

History: As far as has been seen, Lennox hails from Mistral and came to Vale on an assignment.

Personality: In the brief moments she been seen in combat or in the field, she's seen to be collected and commanding her forces with a strong tone.

Aura and Semblance: Unknown

Combat Behavior: She has not been seen in direct conflict as of yet, only leading troops.


Name: WF_SS06

Primary Form: A standard issue White Fang sword, with minimal dust modifications.

Dust Functions: Depending on the type of Dust inserted, the sword can take different effects. For example, fire dust will light the sword on fire, lightning dust will electrify the sword, ice dust will extend the sword's reach with ice, and earth dust makes the weapon more blunt and covered in rock.


Name: WF_SHG09

Primary Form: A standard issue White Fang handgun, with minimal dust modifications.

Dust Functions: Depending on the type of Dust inserted, the bullets can take different effects.

History: These weapons were given to Lennox when she joined the fang. After some time she made a few modifications to each weapon.
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