Author Topic: Bottoms up, and the Devil Laughs [WF] [Closed]  (Read 841 times)

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Bottoms up, and the Devil Laughs [WF] [Closed]
« on: December 21, 2016, 03:28:03 AM »
Frost 13th, 80 AC - 11:30 AM

'Oh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man. This was not good. This was never supposed to happen! Why am I heeeeeere!?' Thoughts raced through Dee Ree's head as she peaked her head around the corner, looking out into a busy street of the commercial district. It was cold, but it wasn't just cold, no that would be too easy, wouldn't it! It was cold and it was early! "Who even gets up before noon?" The small girl mused to herself as she stepped back out of sight from those on the street and back into the alley.

This had been the worst few weeks of the poor faunus' life. First, her parents send her out to a camp during a winter break of all times, and then... and then she... got on the wrong bus.

Dee looked down at the object in her hand. A bottle that looked like it was probably used to hold wine in the past sat in the palm of her hand, its contents swashing around within it. Now that she really thought things over, it was her fault this all happened. If she had just gotten on the right bus, she wouldn't have been in this situation. The first tip that she wasn't where she was supposed to be was when the sign for "Camp Super Sun Fun" wasn't hung on the side of the bus. The second tip was probably when she exited the bus into a warehouse filled with members of the White Fang.

She wanted to just leave! Of course she did! But... what if they looked at her weird or were angry at her- that would be so embarrassing! So she went along with everything. Equality this, racism that, all of it. She didn't agree with what she had to do, sure, but there was a sense of something bigger than herself that finally clicked within her that was immediately drowned out by the clack of anxiety.

'What if the police find me!? What if I'm killed!? What if I have to leave Vale!?' Dee let out an audible gasp as another thought crossed her mind. 'What if mom and dad find out!? Oh gods, they'll be so upset if they find out I'm a terroris-' The girl mentally slapped herself on the hand. '- Freedom fighter. Not terrorist. But...' Her gaze returned to the bottle in her hand as she ran her finger along the curve of the glass and onto the soft and wet cloth that fit snugly into the mouth of the bottle.

The girl let out an exasperated moan as she brought her eyes back up to the street just outside of the alley. more specifically, to the establishment that was across the street, "The Thyme Bomb"; trendy cafe by day, club by night, and full time denier of faunus workers. Apparently the lady that owned the place, Lynn, didn't want "animals" handling the food. At least, that's what Cornix told her.

Dee reached into her pocket and fiddled with the lighter that sat within her oversize hoodie. The one solace in the whole mess was when Cornix told her she could wear anything she wanted as long as she wore her mask and head a hood on. The hoodie, pajama pants, and comfy boots wrapped themselves warmly around Dee's body as she waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for the signa- and there it was.

A man was pushed out of doors of the Thyme Bomb by a large man. After a fit of swearing, the faunus shot a glance to Dee and angrily stomped off away from the building. If everything went to plan, he just left a large mess of spilled liquor on the floor. 'Okay, Dee. You can do this! Just like you practiced! Just like it's written on the cards!'

Several heads turned to the exit of an alleyway, some in concern and some in curiosity, as a small faunus girl with two small antlers on her head stepped out of it wearing a White Fang mask and holding something behind her back.

"P-p-people of Vale!" The girl called out nervously. Why did so many people have to stare at her? "This place r-refuses to hire faunus workers and k-kicks out faunus for no reason!" Oh god, people are looking at her weird. "The White Fang won't stand for this sort of blatant discrimination!" She paused for a moment before adding "Will everyone p-please move away from the building?"
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Re: Bottoms up, and the Devil Laughs [WF] [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2016, 01:54:09 PM »
Argent had gone out for the day to do some shopping for his team. In his left hand he carried a bag filled with various goods, including some books and art equipment he bought for his partner. His breath swirled in the cold air as Argent walked past a cafe. The faunus had never heard any reviews, but he thought that as long as he had some coffee, he'd be happy, regardless of quality of the drink or the service. Argent looked puzzled as another faunus was pushed out of the cafe, and as soon as Argent was going to walk in he heard the nervous voice of a girl calling out the business for being discriminatory toward faunus.

"White Fang..?" Argent looked shocked as he spied the girl wearing the White Fang's signature mask and holding something behind her back, what Argent guessed was a weapon of some kind. He also became aware of the eyes that were looking on him, now; however few they may be. Any faunus would look guilty in the eyes of the public, especially one with a weapon strapped to his waist. Thinking the next few seconds were going to be chaotic, Argent began to dash, thinking that Maybe the workers deserve what's coming.

Argent pulled out his scroll and quickly took a picture of the girl in the mask, and sent it to his team leader, Sherwood. "I'll be a bite late." He wrote. Getting a good way away from the cafe, Argent kept a watchful eye on the building and on the girl, wondering if she had any backup.


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Re: Bottoms up, and the Devil Laughs [WF] [Closed]
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2016, 04:30:09 PM »
To be frank, the past week could have been a lot worse.

Caja was just recently released from the recovery ward, and had just started physical therapy. A definite step up, given that a week and a half ago, Juno had expressed concerns about her ever walking again. She was nervous about returning to the field, though. Granted, it was understandable. She was run through with a sword whilst simultaneously murdering her father's killer... an odd thought, but likely the cause of more than a little trauma. Hopefully she would stay at Beacon, though. Would be a shame if she left.

It was a short walk from the parking structure to the music store Caja wanted him to visit. Sure, licensed digital music distributors were a thing, but Caja had always had a preference for CDs and Vinyl records. The air was cold and brisk in this late morning, but it wasn't anything new to Juno. He was born and raised in Atlas, after all, and sleeves were rarely a part of his attire. A questionable decision to begin with, but now, it didn't bother him. What did bother him was the abnormally large congregation of people and stopped cars in front of what appeared to be a cafe. An inconvenience on its own, but the closer he got, the more he heard the shaky, timid voice emanating from the center of the group.

A demonstration by the Fang, no doubt.

Juno didn't want to get involved. The last run in he had with the Fang had turned out disastrously, and he could stand to avoid involvement in any of the group's actions. But of course, demonstrations like this were likely quick to sour. Was he the best person to step up to potentially diffuse conflict or keep people from getting killed? Hell no. But he didn't see anyone else move. So he pushed through the crowd, his eyes settling on the deer faunus, who appeared to be just a little younger than him, wearing a White Fang mask. She certainly wasn't what he had expected to see of the extremist group, and she didn't seem dangerous, but the request to back away from the building only put him on edge.

As he looked the girl over again, he could tell she was holding something behind her back. A weapon? Recording device of some kind? He didn't know, and asking probably wouldn't do much to diffuse the situation either. So he stood there, locking eyes with the girl, only to flinch as Phi materialized on his shoulder and spoke.

"Hello, miss. What is your name?" She asked calmly, hoping to break some of the tension. The girl seemed uneasy. Maybe she could be reasoned with?

"We won't hurt you. We just want to talk. Is that alright?"
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Re: Bottoms up, and the Devil Laughs [WF] [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2016, 09:33:09 AM »
"Ahh geez. When would I be rid of these idiots? Kei murmured, downing a 'legally acquired' bottle of milk. Honestly, she would have been drinking if she were actually into beer, but the watery bland excuse of liquor they had in Vale was pathetic. Well, at least it wasn't covered in soot. Sfumata was infamous for that. Other than drowning oneself in badly prepared alcoholic beverages bars often became hotspots for gossip and the like, often leading her to ripe pickings such as a worker seemingly getting fired by his boss to 'cut losses' while the fat sod drives off in a sports car. Or maybe a discontent retail worker who got chewed out by a fancy-schmancy high class lady for getting her a size too small. It wasn't her fault she was fat! So yeah, Kei's reasons for being at a bar didn't really include getting drunk, but it probably also didn't include getting involved in a stick-up.

White Fang. A girl, no doubt and probably just some grunt they hired to do their dirty work. Sure she might have had a point, Kei did hear a few faunus complain a week back about unfair treatment at this bar but it didn't warrant anything as severe as a White Fang visit. Perhaps she was really just an faunus activist dressed up like one, for impact and the like, or maybe even one of the good White Fang members who didn't steal crates of dusts for remnant-knows what. That or she might actually be a White Fang member like those all over the news. Kei shivered at those memories.

Kei pulled her cap down over her dog ears and twitched her face over to a gnarly snarl. The fake mustache she had was starting to itch and maybe the milk wasn't helping. Her jacket was slightly bulked up around the shoulders and her waist to hide feminine shape and her already not-so noticeable chest only required a tad bit of padding to hide. Frowning at that thought Kei turned to look at the newcomer with her ruffian snarl just to see an odd holograph thing talk to her from the shoulder of another boy. Tech like that would pay well if she could find someone who'd alter it for her. She took a mental note to study the boy after this supposedly minor kerfuffle. Atlas tech was worth a lot and she wouldn't let an opportunity like this go by.
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Re: Bottoms up, and the Devil Laughs [WF] [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2016, 02:38:32 PM »
Izumi stood outside a nearby cafe, wrapped in a comfortable, red jacket that made her purposely stand out like a sore thumb, black gloves for familiarity, and a clean, white wool cap. She was waiting for her father to show up, but he was running late. As usual. She snickered, and her eyebrows clenched slightly together as she flipped out her scroll, ready to reprimand him for wasting her time. Before she could begin, her scroll shook and a message took over the screen.

"Something came up. Cant make it" it said, and before she could reply, another message took its place. "Sorry"

She sighed, letting her frustrations escape her, away into the air. Izumi had no reason to be angry. Well, she did, but she figured it wouldn't be worth putting much thought and effort into. She resigned herself to people watching, her eyes scanning over and processing as many people as they could as they passed on by. Couples, families, teenagers on vacation, workers, business people. But one person in particular caught her eyes: a White Fang member revealed themself from an alley. Her body tensed, but she soon realized that the White Fang member seemed like pretty harmless due to her stature and her voice. Izumi wondered if the girl even knew what she was getting into.

She shook her head. Regardless of appearances and considering the recent happenings, there is no reason to think that any White Fang member would show themselves without some sort of agenda, no matter how pitiful they may seem. Izumi brought out her scroll again and sent a message to her father and her superiors. "1 white fang, near thyme bomb". What a fitting name. She returned the phone to its place, and while she wanted to talk to the girl herself, that would put herself in a great deal of possible danger. Besides, someone was already doing it for her and with some sort of AI hologram no less. Color her surprised.

For now, Izumi sat back and observed, keeping an eye on the crowd, an ear on the girl's voice, and herself a safe distance away.
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