Author Topic: The Legendary Alliance [ALIA] [Closed]  (Read 2637 times)


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Re: The Legendary Alliance [ALIA] [Closed]
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2017, 01:59:30 PM »
Isabelle sighed, her elongated breath creating a puff of steam that traveled up through the frigid air as they walked onwards. Thinking about how little their team was actually able to get together was rather disheartening. Even if she didn't want to blame herself for it, she couldn't help but think that she should have said something to Iron directly in hopes that he would actually show up on time. Then again, he tended to be unreliable no matter what. Even on their first serious assignment, they weren't a complete team. With only the three of them, it really was a disappointing bunch. A timid cat, an indifferent ninja girl, and... whatever Lucina was. Would the villagers really feel more secure at the arrival of three teenagers?

'Just stop overthinking it, that'd be great.'

After a few more seconds of mental self-loathing, she realized that it might be polite to at least answer her teammate. "Yes, that'd be much better. Maybe if we're lucky, he'll actually join us with the professor before the mission is over. But I'm not really going to count on that." Wanting to lighten the mood a little, she made a slightly overdone 'oh well' gesture with both of her arms, starting to speak a little louder as she did so. "... But heyyy, at least we're here together, and all that. We'll get to kill stuff and maybe beat bad people up. Can't do that while sitting in class, can we?"
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Re: The Legendary Alliance [ALIA] [Closed]
« Reply #16 on: February 16, 2017, 07:19:23 PM »
Being a girl of few words Ayaka merely nodded and continued on. The trek seemed to last forever and she was quickly getting bored of their idle chatter. Isabelle seemed worried as usual and Lucina...well she was Lucina. Not much to say about that, not unless she wanted her head to hurt thinking about it. Iron on the other hand was again, absent, making her wonder whether or not he really did care about becoming a huntsman. The boy never did bother to show up for their regular team meetings and sight of him was becoming rarer than that of a colossal grimm.

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Re: The Legendary Alliance [ALIA] [Closed]
« Reply #17 on: March 20, 2017, 06:41:40 PM »
Maintaining a good pace, Lucina would attempt to keep up with her teammates as they walked through the snow-covered forest. Despite slowly getting colder, she was doing pretty well for herself, considering it's been a social mission so far. Although, when the time would come, Lucina would be ready to beat up those pesky Grimm or idiots who would attack three "powerful" huntresses-in-training. Still walking, Lucina would try and keep the conversation alive and well, considering the walk would be pretty awkward otherwise.

"I could beat people up in a video game while in class, I guess. But that's no fun compared to this shit!" Not really having anything to bring up other than a comment on Isabelle's previous dialogue, Lucina would kind of kill the thing she intended to keep alive.
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