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Dr. Gustave:
We here at RNN pride ourselves on investigative journalism and information on the terrorist organization the White Fang, with news and sources coming from all four kingdoms and beyond!

Dr. Gustave:
Zinnober 11th, 80 AC

“Breaking News!” Flashes across the television, interrupting a commercial for Sudohbucks.

The news anchor, a man with slick, black hair and just a hint of facial hair sits behind the desk. His usual, mandatory, upbeat demeanor was… missing. Instead, he sat behind the desk with a stoic gaze. His eyes, usually bright with an inquisitive look about them were now serious and almost less colorful. He cleared his throat and shuffled the papers on his desk before taking a sharp intake of breath.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” He started out, his voiced in line with the stoic face he wore. “I am… regrettably here to deliver some unfortunate news. If you have children in the room, please ask them to leave until the broadcast has ended.” He paused for a moment. Longer than a moment. “Now that you’ve had time to escort the children out..” He cleared his throat once more. “... There has been a bombing in the residential district of Vale this afternoon. At approximately 2:37 PM, two explosive devices went off  in alleyways between buildings, across the street from one another.” The screen behind the man lit up, showing a scene almost out of a movie.

The street was filled with rubble, cast aside by the explosion. Cars that had tried to swerve to avoid the blast had crashed into other buildings or each other. The two apartment buildings in question were clearly beyond repair, with one completely without a front and the other with nothing but a few lone walls and rubble to remind you what had once stood there. All around them. Emergency workers frantically ran around the scene, trying to get injured into ambulances, trying to move large chunks of rubble out of the way. Toward the back, a small rabbit faunus could be seen sitting on the end of an ambulance stretcher, with her mother holding her tightly, not wanting to let go ever again.

The anchorman paused for a moment to recollect himself. “While we don’t have much information at the moment, we can offer the public what little we do know…” He looked down at the stack of papers on his desk, concentrated on the facts of the matter more than anything. “The area targeted had a majority of faunus living in it. The two apartment buildings caught in the blast have been broken beyond repair and nearly entirely destroyed. Witnesses describe two males, dressed in dark clothing and hoods, that were seen around the area of the attack with briefcases.” The man paused for a moment, not to recollect himself or to clear his throat, but to read and reread and rereread what was written on the paper below him.

“As many of you know, today is saturday, and as such even though many adults and young adults may have been at work at the time, many more adults still and… children… were still within the apartment buildings. We feel the need to inform the public that most that live within apartments do not have children, though there are still confirmed casualties.”

“As of now, the number of confirmed casualties has reached into the forties and the number of injured has reached the eighties. We can only hope and pray that the number does not rise any further.” The man looked up from the papers and glanced past the camera for a second before returning his gaze to the camera. “I’m getting word now that the police have released a statement they are completely focused on locating and apprehending those responsible for this horrible act. Currently, the council of Vale has officially enlisted the help of Huntsmen home from missions and Inquisition members.”

“We will stay with all of you and update you all on information throughout the day, but right now we wish to honor those who stayed and assisted the injured directly following the explosion. First year students of Beacon academy: Camille Alyssandra, Zwei Carter, and Brock Greenwood. Second year student at Beacon academy: Xavier Cendres. Local citizen: Vahn Crimson. We here at RNN would like to extend our thanks to you for admirably showing what it means to be hunters and huntresses and for not letting the tragedy of this event destroy this city.”

“As a last note, the police have confirmed the two men witnesses had seen are their prime suspects and for citizens to please call in if they have any information on the individuals.”

Dr. Gustave:
Saaral 27th, 80 AC

As the news flickers on, following a documentary about Mountain Glenn, a petite woman with short green hair and pale blue eyes appears sitting behind a desk, her eyes trained on the camera.

"We here at Remnant News Network are happy to report that the two men responsible for the bombing earlier this week have been found. Clancy Suro and Ethen Irving were found, dead, on the steps of the police station. Before we continue, we'd just like to remind everyone we do not condone vigilante justice, and any info the white fang may have had on these individuals should have been given to the police."

Behind the woman, the screen flipped and revealed imaged of a crime scene on the steps of the Vale police station, the bodies had been covered with cloth and the area around them had been taped off by the police, who stood around the scene.

"The bodies were found by an officer leaving for patrol last night. After going back to watch the security feed, they saw that someone wearing a White Fang uniform teleported into the scene with two bodies underneath their arms, dropped them on the steps, and then teleported out. The bodies have evidence of abuse, bruising along the body and face as well as shallow cuts on their faces. They have a slash along their necks as well, though the coroner report says they died from blunt force trauma to the back of the skull. They had evidence of rope burns along their wrists and ankles as well as lashing along their backs."

"Along with the bodies themselves, a printed note was left taped to one of the bodies. We have managed to get a look at the note itself and its contents are surprisingly tame for a note seemingly written by the White Fang. The note said simply, 'Dear Cops, here're are your suspects. Sorry they aren't in mint condition. - Cornix' Now, many might not know that name, 'Cornix', while not much information is known to the public, we do know that they are a captain of the White Fang and that they were involved in the hijacking of the Atlesian cargo ship two months ago."

"Finally, the police chief has stated publicly that at the moment, the bodies presented to them have matched all evidence and identification test so far and that they would begin immediate work to search for any evidence the two did not work alone."

The screen behind the woman flipped to an image of the White Fang's symbol on a white background.

"What does this mean for the White Fang? Have they once again turned a new leaf, or is this simply a case of common interests aligning? More, at 10."

Dr. Gustave:
Frost 4th, 80 AC
The television flickers on.

A news anchor sits behind the desk, a woman this time. Not just any woman, but Lisa Lavender, something a celebrity in the news world. Her light purple hair and stone faced appearance make her recognizable to any who watch the news regularly.

"I come bearing unfortunate news today, ladies and gentlemen. Though it has been dealt with, many of those within the city of Vale may have noticed an alarm sounding from approximately 2:14 PM to 2:52 PM today. There was an incident in the south-western portion of the residential distract where a large Emperor Taijitu was released into the city through a sewer grate and proceeded to cause major havoc within the district. For those unaware, an Emperor Taijitu is a creature of Grimm that, in every way, appears to be a King Taijitu, though when one of its heads is destroyed, another two grow in its place."

"Now, we say released because evidence to support the theory that it was an intentional attack. The sewer the Grimm escaped from shows signs oh having been broken into and having paths blocked off. The council has assigned the top investigation team to the case in order to find those responsible, though they've hit a roadblock due to all surveillance around the sewer and its exit point has been wiped of memory, those in charge are allegedly currently being held for questioning."

"In addition, this is the second major incident in a faunus residential area in the past two months, the first being the bombing from Zinnober. Those responsible might very well be a human superiority group commiting acts of terrorism. We promise to provide more on this event as it unfolds. For the Remnant News Network, I'm Lisa Lavender, signing off- signing off- signing off- off-off-off-off..."

The television flickers off.
The television flickers.
The television flickers.

Dr. Gustave:
The final image on the screen, Lisa against a background of a group of faunus outside, asking for more focus on the lost homes, begins to shift and waver.

The screen slowly comes back into focus on a dark room. Metal walls and a metal floor are all that can been seen in the dim lighting. That, and a simple wooden chair.

After a moment, a figure walks into the frame wearing a full White Fang uniform. Though the figure has the vague shape of a woman, All distinguishable features are covered by the garb. All, except for a large, pointed plague doctor mask, highlighted with the red and orange lines of Grimm. The woman slowly sits down in the chair and faces the camera.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming, but I truly don't have much time." Though her voice is muffled by the mask, its clear she has a confidence about her. Her words are spoken with meaning, carefully planned in advance, and her voice is that of a commanding officer.

"I am a captain of the White Fang, Cornix. I will... Lay everything out on the table for you. Nothing will remain hidden that can be afforded to be public. I was transferred to the Vale branch of the White Fang four months ago from the Mistral head quarters. To be frank, it was a disappointment seeing what the White Fang had become. Rarely acting in public and when there was action, it was senseless terrorism. They had forgotten what equality meant."

"During the past two months, you can see just how well that strategy had done for them. Two attacks on faunus homes, attacking innocent people, men, women, children. First a bombing and now going so far as to release a creature of Grimm into the city. This is atrocious, and we will not stand for it."

"We will not commit random acts of terrorism or treason, but we will fight. The councils of the world still view us as terrorists and we will continue to wear our masks to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our fight. But we must fight for our people, when no one else will. When the four human students that were at the scene of the Grimm were unable to stop the beast from causing major damage and in fact were unable to stop the beast at all. Two first years, a third year, a fourth year, and a full fledged ex-hunter were not able to kill the Taijitu and were defeated by it."

"When the students of Beacon, a place intended to train those to keep the kingdom safe, cannot keep Faunus safe, it is clear that we are the ones who should take up the mantle. Not just from Grimm, but from oppression, racism, and hate. There will no longer be "faunus residents" or "human residents", only residents. There won't be stores specifically for humans and specifically for faunus, there will be stores for all."

Cornix paused for a moment before continuing. "We have fallen from being equals to being second class citizens. Our senses and abilities were what kept many settlements alive in the old ages and we proved ourselves again during the faunus war. But that wasn't enough. Clearly we need to keep fighting, keep proving we are equals."

"I want to make one thing very clear." She said, leaning toward the camera. "We will still be out there, fighting. Yes, we are fully aware that what we'll be doing will be outside of the law, but extrajudicial measures must be taken to ensure those who spread hate, spread it no longer. I know it will be hard for many to accept that we are not terrorists. We are fully aware of how we are viewed in the public and in the media. But I promise you, we are not terrorists. We are freedom fighters."

The television flickers once more and quickly lights back up with a "Technical Difficulties!" image from RNN.


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