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Wine Maker Dead in Violent Display of Red


Xarias Fury:
A man was found dead on a red rose bed in Vale Central Park around 6 pm, in the afternoon, just a little around sunset says Vale City Police Department. The man was identified to be 43 year old wine maker Franc Cabernet who was walking home that day after his job at the winery.

Cabernet’s body was found by a jogger passing by the area who immediately called the police after seeing the gruesome display. Forensics indicate that Cabernet was killed by a jagged cutting weapon of some sort, possibly glass from the broken wine bottle judging by the broken shards around the scene of the crime, says investigators at the scene. The jogger, name to be withheld, said he found the body during his daily rounds around the park and was found clean of any connection the the crime scene at the time though still going through questioning at the local precinct.

“At first I thought it was some sort of random art display with all the red around...It was almost beautiful, I must admit... but when I came closer I saw blood running down his throat and I ran to call to the police” Said the witness, in an interview at the scene of the crime, “I didn’t want to stay and find out if the murderer was still around. The man also looked pretty dead to me.”

Authorities confirmed time of death to be around 5 - 6 pm in the afternoon, judging by the condition of the body and said that this was clearly the work of a killer despite the lack of marks of struggle. When questioned the wife of Mr. Cabaret said that she knew of no one who’d harbor a grudge against her husband and the general consensus of the neighborhood revealed him to be well liked and kind. Cabaret’s employer said he regrets the loss of such a fine worker and there’d be a hole in all their hearts with the loss of such a long time friend as well.

Authorities advise residents to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior and to remain vigilant, especially near the end of the day. Any information to the case would be greatly appreciated and would help prevent any further incidents.

“We’ll find the b****** who did this, so rest assured citizens.” A local investigator said, at the local precinct mere hours after the discovery of the murder “And he’ll be locked up behind bars for a very very long time.”


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