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Silence Gray
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:30:31 AM »
(WIP Note:  I'd like feedback on the semblance.  I'm attempting to play a 4th wall lean seriously, but I'll understand if I need to change it.)

Name: Silence Gray

Age: 26, born 14th of Zinnober

Species and Gender: Female Rabbit Faunus

Symbol:  A cartoon-like silhouette of a rabbit head, with two empty spots for eyes.

Occupation: "Underground" Huntress, vigilante

Appearance: Sample Text

History: Sample Text

Personality: Silence is paranoid.  She always expects the worst, and jumps at every shadow.  She speaks in terrified stutters in face-to-face conversation, which is why she conducts almost all of her business remotely, never showing her face and even disguising her voice.  She speaks in short sentences when performing "business," which makes her seem intimidating to those she works with, but in reality, she's too nervous to elaborate on her points.  It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that she hasn't had a face-to-face communication with another human or faunus in years.

Regarding Grimm, Silence believes humanity is doomed.  With all the time she's spent studying and fighting them, she's come to the conclusion that mankind can't win because they can't learn from their victories.  They don't need sleep, they don't need food, and they only exist to hunt down and kill humanity.  They're an endless and unified force facing a hopelessly divided and finite enemy.  Her current "fight" is nothing more than an attempt to stave off the inevitable.  Why does she do it?  She doesn't really know.  Maybe she hopes she'll be proven wrong.  Maybe she'll find something that can save humanity.  But until then, she'll study the Grimm remotely, while keeping as many villages and kingdoms safe from attack as she can, by any means necessary.

And she does mean "by any means."  While she'd prefer to eliminate crime and wanton destruction, she'll work with vagabonds and cartels to keep violence off the street in order to keep panic levels down.  She'll bargain with the White Fang to keep their terrorist activities to a minimum.  She'll steal from the SDC to fund her operations.  She doesn't like it, but she feels it's the best way to keep people safe. 

Aura and Semblance: Silence's aura is a sky blue color.  Due to years of training and influence from her own semblance, she has developed her aura's detection ability to an incredible degree.  It's almost impossible to catch her by surprise.

Her semblance is difficult to describe.  In short, it's an incredibly limited fourth wall awareness, so limited that Silence isn't aware of its true nature.  What she feels instead is a pair of eyes that exist within 15 meters of her.  They are entirely invisible and undetectable.  Silence is aware of where the eyes are and what direction they're looking.  This semblance is completely uncontrollable.

Now, what these eyes look at is context sensitive, but in general, they'll look in the direction of potential future conflict.  As in, they look in the direction of the plot.  Is there a nasty Grimm about to pop out of the ground?  The eyes are watching the exact spot.  A major news event is about to be broadcast on a nearby television?  Eyes will be watching that annoying commercial before it comes on.  A boy with a terrible crush is about to confess his everlasting love to Silence?  The eyes are looking at the creepy guy with his hood up breathing just a bit too hard hiding behind a corner.

This semblance comes with a few obvious benefits.  When used in conjunction with her detection ability from her aura, she can make decisions as if she knows what the enemy will do before they even think of doing it.  It's not unreasonable to act as if she has precognition.

However, as this semblance is uncontrollable, sometimes it won't react at all until it's too late.  This generally only happens mid-conflict, when Silence's mind is distracted by the situation directly in front of her.  In short, a large coordinated effort can shut down her ability to predict what's going to happen next.

In case it's not obvious, this is the source of Silence's paranoia.  She's only aware that the eyes are looking at future conflict.  She's not aware of the nature of the conflict, but she'll actively choose to avoid where her semblance looks unless she's certain it's absolutely safe.  On top of that, if she does enter conflict, it's possible her semblance won't inform her of any other dangers that might be looking nearby.     

Combat Behavior:  Silence's combat behavior can be summed up with a single word: no.  Did the eyes look down that alleyway?  Not going down there.  Is her semblance looking at the top of that building?  Better head for cover.  Do those woods seem to pique the eye's interest?  Better alert local huntsmen and huntresses.  With her aura's natural detection abilities on top of her semblance, Silence can conceivably avoid any and all conflict she comes across.

However, she's not going to leave a town to die if no huntsmen are available, and she is technically a Beacon graduate.  If she has the chance, she'll lay down mines before a fight begins and set the battlefield to her favor.  Next she'll look for a nice vantage point where both she and her semblance can get a wide view.  From there, she'll take her sniper rifle and take out as many enemies as she can, before moving to a new spot and devising a strategy based on the situation.

In general, she's a pure ranged combatant.  She prefers to keep as much distance between her and the enemy as possible, often preferring to be completely out of sight.  Because of this she's absolutely awful in melee combat.  She does have a few countermeasures prepared in case someone does manage to get there, but she'll definitely lose to even first year students in pure close-quarters combat. 


Name: Sample Text

Primary Form: Sample Text

Secondary Form: Sample Text

Tertiary Form: Sample Text

Dust Functions: Sample Text

History: Sample Text
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Re: Silence Gray
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2018, 10:45:41 PM »
As unusual as an idea the semblance is remember it is supposed to be representative on your character's personality or soul. And considering you would be able to be able to perfectly make this semblance without the fourth wall lean it does come across as a bit arbitrary. That being said there is nothing specifically against such abilities and if it's something you want to keep I won't push too hard against it.
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