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Albrecht Clodwal
« on: June 05, 2018, 04:08:51 PM »

Name: Albrecht Clodwal

Age: 18, Born 12th of Klever

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol:  Turquoise Eyeglasses w/ a White Glint

Occupation: 1st Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Albrecht stands at 5’11” and 170 lbs. Being lean with surprisingly broad shoulders, Albrecht has a swimmer’s physique with good upper body mass that lends itself well to his fast-paced fighting style. With teal eyes, clear skin, and long hair usually clad in a high ponytail, he could easily be described as handsome - if it weren’t for the fact he seems unable to grow a beard, beyond constant 5 o’clock shadow and a goatee he takes too much pride in maintaining.

Albrecht is also extremely nearsighted, and finds it necessary to wear black-rimmed glasses with thick lenses in order to see. Typically clad in dress pants and a dress shirt of various colors, Albrecht accessories with bowties and suspenders. He has a notable penchant for hats, and is most commonly seen wearing a fedora or newsboy cap (even with his school uniform). In combat, he’ll done a black trench coat and a lightweight chestplate, alongside bracers on his arms to provide a small modicum of protection.

History: Albrecht Clodwal was an unexpected baby, conceived between the rich entrepreneur Bernard Clodwal and his trophy (and supposedly infertile) wife Miriam. Unable to bring himself to give up the child, Bernard had Miriam gave birth to a screaming baby boy after an excruciating nine months of pregnancy barred by multiple problems. After her son was born, she brought the child to her breast and fed him once as Bernard pondered over the name, before subsequently settling on that of his father - before promptly handing him off to a wet nurse to be taken care of, and to let Miriam relax. In his entire lifetime, that would be the most affection Albrecht ever recieved from his parents.

Albrecht’s childhood left him mostly to his own devices, cared for only by hired nannies and the family’s servants. His education was provided by private tutors throughout his formative years, as his parents deemed it beneath them for a child of such a stature to attend public (or even private) schools. He was given the best education money could buy, literally. However, unable to attend school with other children his age and a lack of affection from his parents, Albrecht resorted to the desperate means only a neglected child could to gain the attention of his parents: rampant, ridiculous acts and extreme temper tantrums. Unable to cope with their emotional child, both Miriam and Bernard would resort to showering him in expensive gifts and lavish him with short-term affection to pacify him, before moving on as quickly as they could. Albrecht caught onto this risk-reward cycle quickly, and dramatic temper tantrums that lasted well into his preteen years in order to get his parent’s attention were not uncommon.

However, even neglectant parents can tire of their child’s spoiled attitude, and eventually Miriam and Bernard came to the joint decision to whip their child’s behavior into shape. In order to teach him discipline, he was shipped off to Signal. The lack of socialization as a child left him outcast from his peers, being horrifically socially awkward; and despite a natural aptitude to most academic subjects, his blatant lack of physical abilities alongside awkward demeanor made him the perfect target for bullies. Despite his best efforts, the more time Albrecht spent at Signal, the more his personality was slowly warped to despise the world around him.

While his parents spoiling of his slowed as he aged, he never lacked the wealthy amenities that other children usually wouldn’t be afforded. Facing constant ridicule at Signal with no home life to speak of, Albrecht eventually relented to searching for communities within the internet that could accept him. His naivety and lack of real social experience would leave him stumbling through community after community as he attempted to bully his way into various online social circles, before being rudely rejected. Every experience caused him to grow more bitter, until he was driven backed into a corner, and could only take solace with those who experienced the same rejection.

In a community of toxicity and twisted viewpoints, Albrecht reveled.

In online boards and forums, Albrecht found the brothers he never had: the people who told stories of their neglect, of their rejection by everybody. It was never their personal fault, it was everybody else - everyone who could be branded as different. Albrecht saw himself in these neglected people, and fully immersed himself in the community. His viewpoints of minorities like faunus twisted dangerously, alongside that of those from other parts of the world.

The spoiled, screamy attitude of his childhood combined with his bitterness towards other people as a teenager resulted in the creation of a dangerous us vs. them mentality, putting himself and his chosen brethren against everyone else in the world. Albrecht’s disgust with the world around him manifested in a sickened determination, desiring to prove himself and people like him to the world around them. To earn their respect - and in Remnant, nobody was more respected than hunters. With his education from Signal Academy bolstering his combat skills where they lacked, he smoothly passed the entry exam - ready to join Beacon and finally prove to the world what they’re missing.

Personality: Despite this pessimistic outlook on life, Albrecht’s personality does have some (if mildly ironic) positives. He’s surprisingly polite and chivalrous upon contact initially, following the outlook of a “white knight” in life. He can be amicably sociable, despite having no idea how social boundaries work; and is quick to crack a joke or chirp in with a hilarious, if awkward, thought. He’s ironically extroverted, and thrives around people; so if you like someone who can endlessly prattle on about themselves or any of number of topics, he’s your guy. Finally, he’s loyal to a fault if he deems you worthy of being his friend or ally; with a stubbornness that will prevent him from backing down in even the greatest face of danger.

Albrecht is self-described as a “nice guy.” While he thinks of himself as a humble yet impressive man with a humorous wit that captures the heart of anybody around him, the truth is that Albrecht is the exact opposite - a massive sleazeball with an ego problem, used to cover up the cowardly, awkward child inside. Albrecht is absolutely obsessed with being right to the point it’s annoying to have any form of conversation with him - he needs to have the last word, even when it’s a casual conversation. He’ll butt into conversations, take credit for ideas and baselessly slander those he talks about - all in an attempt to come out on top and be “impressive”, which accomplishes the exact opposite of what he’s trying to do. As far as he knows, he’s the smartest and most important person in the room; and will do absolutely anything to attract attention of either the positive or negative variety. Albrecht furthermore has no leash on his temper. If denied what he wants, he doesn’t hesitate in getting angry to the point of escalating a confrontation to physical violence, and will do whatever’s necessary to assure his “superiority”.

While not outright classist, Albrecht doesn’t understand the concepts of poverty, having everything provided for him his entire life, and will therefore often make blind or dumb statements in return to hearing of people’s hardships. His treatment of women isn’t much better, thanks to his father; wielding casual but often intense misogyny easier than hunters wielding their weapons. He possess a unique approach to xenophobia, as Vacuo’s simply a lawless wasteland in his eyes (and anybody from it, savage scavengers), and while Atlas gets a pass with their impressive military service, he almost-creepy admiration Mistralian culture to the point of obsession. Finally, his views on faunus are in-line with a good portion of most humans, finding them lawless animals who’re better off as pets than free people.

Aura and Semblance: Albrecht’s aura of average size and intensity, colored a ”light teal”. He’s capable of focusing it to reduce oncoming damage, but seems to completely lack the danger-sensing capabilities most other hunters have.

Albrecht’s semblance allows him to create rounded, buckler shields that he can grow to cover up to three people, including himself. Usually created on his forearms, they’re capable of disappearing or appearing at will, or otherwise can take a maximum of up to 5 hits before being shattered. Albrecht is also capable of hurling these shields at high velocities. They can then bounce off a target as another form of offensive attack up to five times before shattering, or shoved between objects to act as a form of doorstop. Currently, their maximum range is 50 meters, but aren’t required to remain within seeing distance (therefore allowing them to be thrown/bounced around corners).

Combat Behavior: Albrecht’s attack style is just like he is: upfront and unrelenting. With no ranged capabilities to speak of (or guns, for that matter), Albrecht prefers to get up-close and personal with his opponents, striking them down while dual-wielding katanas in a fighting style that has plenty of ridiculous flare. A fan of ridiculous affairs as well, Albrecht’s bound to pull off ridiculous maneuvers that match in power, resulting in an unexpected if showy fighting style. Finally, he prides himself on being a master of battlefield banter when in combat, which actually means he’s really good at annoying opponents to the point they blow a fuse and do something stupid.

However, Albrecht’s fighting style has some very obvious drawbacks, primarily in the form of any ranged combat. Due to his swords not even having inbuilt guns, he’s left at an extreme disadvantage to medium and long range attacks, having no better strategies than to hunker down behind his shield and hope for the best, or slowly close the gap until he can throw a shield at them. The lack of propulsion or recoil from anything mechanical furthermore leaves him unable to close the gap between opponents beyond the old-fashioned way of running. Finally, it’s not uncommon for Albrecht’s temper to get the best of him even on the battlefield, as if an opponent manages to push all the right buttons, you’ll be left with Albrecht’s attacks getting sloppier and riskier as he trades strategy for power.


Name: Masamune and Muramasa

Primary Form: A twin pair of katanas, slightly curved with a  single-edge cutting blade stretching 70 centimeters. They’re Albrecht’s pride and joy, and he keeps their cutting edge dangerously sharp.

Tertiary Form: Both katanas are capable of being sheathed in an x-shaped harness on his back, allowing for easy transportation. This is done either on a harness sewed onto his trenchcoat, or one that he wears under his armor.

Dust Functions: By inserting a canister of dust into the hilt of the blade via a small hatch in the very base, the blades are capable of a variety of effects from lighting on fire to freezing enemies on contact to creating minor whirlwinds, depending on the type of dust loaded.

History: Commissioned by Albrecht from a professional weaponsmith shortly before his Beacon entry exam, similar to the weapons he’d excelled the most with at Signal.
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Re: Albrecht Clodwal
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+1 best channer.
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Re: Albrecht Clodwal
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