Author Topic: Through Friendship & Chaos, a Team May Blossom [Team BSSM] [CLOSED - Initiation]  (Read 1194 times)


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One by one, the Beowolves slowly were taken down. However, for every beast that disintegrated, another one quickly took it's place.

As eight of the Grimm disappeared from Billy's attack, two of them survived and slowly got back up and joined the other eight that closed in. With fangs and claws bared, the first two in front lunged at Billy while she was still reloading, while the others quickly followed behind them.

Taking a heavy hit on its skull, the Beowolf crumpled and faded away from Smokey's attack. As short-lived the victory over that attack could be, the remaining seventeen closed in, with four of them swinging their claws at Smokey. The other Grimm came towards Smokey by trying to flank him on both sides.

With a frigid blast, the first three Beowolves froze solid from Kiros attack with the others partially freezing. Clawing through the ice, the others began to break through their entrapment and slowly circle around the ones that were still frozen solid.

As Serin charged through the incoming Grimm, the one he shot with his arrow faltered and fell to the ground, slowly dissolving into nothing. With the one being stabbed slowly dying off and another one pinned down, the remaining five proceeded to circle around Serin before lunging at him with fangs bared at him.

Watching all this take place, Oberon continued to make his way down the path, purposefully slowing down his pace slightly so as to at least give the first year students a fighting chance. It was at that moment that a large Ursa broke through the forest with a roar. Spotting Oberon, it clawed at the ground briefly before charging straight at the professor. "Oh no...whatever shall I do?" he responded loudly with much sarcasm dripping from the comment. Let's see what the students do now... he thought, readying his shields in the even that he has to take the hit from the Grimm.

So, to make things a little bit clearer, here's what I'm seeing right now:

  • Serin is in the front taking on the remaining 6 Beowolves as well as the 1 Ursa that has appeared
  • Mikado is on the left side taking on the 21 remaining Beowolves (Wasn't sure if you were on the right or left so I wrote you as on the left side.)
  • Billy is on the right side taking on the remaining 10 Beowolves
  • Smokey is in the rear with 17 remaining Beowolves

Let me know if that is correct or if I need to do any changes.
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Billy was torn between blocking the two Grimm or ducking when she was reloading her gun. She ended up lifting her gun and squatting at the same time as the beowolves lunged at her. Without her magazine security locked in place, she pulled her gun up with two hands to squat block the two beowolves. One of the beowolves knocked the magazine onto the ground as they bit at the gun. She swore and tried to push the beowolves away long enough to grab the magazine. It was a two-handed power struggle and the reloading prosses was its own operation. Then she was about to call out for help, but then heard the Ursa's roar.
She changed her grip on one of the gun so it was laying on her forearm more, and went down on one knee. The two beowolves got a few bites in on the forearm, but aura kept it from being a bad attack. She grabbed the magazine and loaded it into the gun with a quick jab. Then Billy kicked at the beowolves feet until they were unsteady and fell off her gun.

Billy ran a few feet towards her professor to catch up. She then stopped and quickly shot a bullet into one of each of the ten beowolves attacking from the right.


1 bite from Beowulf on arm
1 bite from beowulf on arm
Fired 1 bullet each at 10 separate beowolves

Aura: 90%(?)
Semblance: deactivated, 75% left
Longarm: 0/10
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Great.  Smokey finally got his gun reloaded and the Beowolves are splitting up.  Why do Grimm never cooperate?

Smokey was forced to change tactics, and started shifting Matchstick back into revolver form while backpedaling to buy just a little bit more time.  He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a red cartridge, which he barely managed to load into his gun before the front four Beowolves were upon him.  Smokey only had time to raise his arm above his head before their claws came down and--

The claws stopped.  The creatures' fierce attacks had apparently lost all momentum upon coming into contact with Smokey's arm.  Here, four Beowolves were pressing down with all their might, but this shorty looked about as lackadaisical as if he were shielding his eyes from the sun.  "Ow.  That almost hurt," Smokey dryly said before he raised Matchstick and fired 3 times, once at the group right in front of him, and once at each group of Grimm at his flank, aiming at the largest mass of black he could see.

Combat stats:
Aura: 92% (Immovable Object Damage Resistance)
Matchstick: 4/7  (Fire Dust Loaded)
Dust: 11/14 Fire Dust, 14/14 Ice Dust

Attack log:
3 shots with Matchstick, one into each major group of Grimm. Now with Fire!
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While Kiro continued to make sure that none of the Grimm came too close to Mikado, he switched from his Bo to the Kusarigama again.

The blade flew through the crowd of Grimms, dragging some of the creatures with it, then crashing them into more Grimm and throwing them to the ground. That was not enough to kill them, but it gave him enough time to focus on the standing Grimm.
He threw the weighted end of the Kusarigama around one of the Grimm's arm and before he knew what was going on Mikado had already sunk the blade in his head. He repeated the process until about 8 more Grimm or so were dead on the ground. During this time, the previously knocked over grimm had stood up again and attacked. While Kiro slowed most of them down, some managed to go straight for the attack.
Mikado jumped back to build up some distance, but still got some scratches on his arm. From his new position he fired several shots from the shotgun barrel at the weighted end of the Kusarigama into the heads of the approaching Beowolves.

Aura: 92%
Semblance: 97%
Kiro's Dustbreath (Ice) : 90%
Shotgun: 7/14
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Serins luck had ended now as proven by him now being tackled by 5 Beowolves at once, it was a less than ideal situation for him and his close-range more singular fighting style. In the interest of not dying he quickly rolled over with the Grim that he had on the end of his blade placing himself on his back, he used the one Grimm that he rolled along with block two of the Grimm to his left, with two more being behind him and one right on his feet. He kicked the one on his feet to keep it away but he could do nothing against the two that were behind him being forced to take two bites to his back, in retaliation for this injustice he slashed the throats of those two Grimms with his one free arm while pulling his other arm out of the now dead beowolf and using that arm to spring himself back up into a standing position. Serins new stance gave him a much clearer view of the battlefield and the Ursa which had romped out in front of the professor causing even more issues for the mission.

With seconds to act Serin activated his semblance placing a line of four puppets between Oberon and the Ursa having them mimic his own movements of grabbing a distraction bolt and throwing it while simultaneously giving off a loud a yell as possible towards the Grimm in front of him(which would be amplified three times by the puppets) to blind that one and ideally the remaining two while also making it look like his puppets were throwing something of their own at the Ursa.

Normal Arrows: 7/8
Flash Arrows: 7/8
Aura: 85%(?)
Semblance: ACTIVATED, 7 minutes remaining.
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