Author Topic: Building Birthday Memories [Team CASA] [Closed]  (Read 23 times)


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Building Birthday Memories [Team CASA] [Closed]
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:31:18 PM »
Prism was tired.

Getting up at eight in the morning was painful, especially on the weekend after two hours of sleep. A quick shower and an energy drink for breakfast were all that Prism had had time for, before meeting with the school's financial adviser about her continued attendance at Beacon next year. Next up had been flying into town with barely a moment to spare to meet one of the sponsors for her scholarships, an interview for why she should still receive funding next year - and then onto a third meeting about the same thing. It'd been late afternoon by the time Prism had managed to stop by a flower shop and pick up the biggest bundle of red-and-yellow roses she could conveniently find. To top it all off, her already-defunct Scroll had given it's last solemn beeps that morning, before shutting off and refusing to hold a charge. What a great day to turn 18.

Now it was flying back to Beacon for a change of clothes, grabbing Hawk's Eye, and heading out to the southernmost part of the city. It wasn't just Prism's birthday after all - she had two sisters to visit and wish the same for them. Maybe if she was lucky, she'd be able to check in with the rest of the team before she headed out, they might throw a "Happy Birthday" her way -

Though that was just a bit of a pipe dream for Prism. It'd been nearly 5 years since she'd celebrated it with anybody, and now on the momentous occasion of becoming a legal adult, she didn't expect it to be any different. Approaching the dorms from the outside, Prism flew alongside the building. A year at Beacon, and she still had trouble finding the window to Casanova's room - with a little luck, it'd been left unlocked, or she'd need to hope someone was there to let her in.

...Now she just needed to find the one room with a birdfeeder hanging outside it. And maybe put up a neon sign, as well. C'mon Prism.
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