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Odayaka Mizu
« on: April 28, 2018, 12:31:47 AM »
I'll finish the rest later
Name: Odayaka Mizu

Age: 21

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol:  A top-down view of two fishing swimming in a circle

Occupation: 4th year Beacon Student

Appearance: Mizu is a big boy with a healthy appetite.  He stands 6'2" tall, but that's not the dimension most people would be concerned about.  Clocking in at over 320 pounds, Mizu looks more the part of a sumo wrestler than a huntsman.  His legs are best described as pudgy tree trunks, and his arms seem to jiggle with every movement.  He is completely bald, the only hair on his body being very thin eyebrows.   His face normally carries a very calm, relaxed smile.

Due to difficulties finding clothes in his size, Mizu generally wears a loose-fitting, dark blue robe with a belt of cloth tied around his waist.  He wears comfortable sandals, or often chooses to go barefoot.  In cold or wet weather, he'll instead where a much thicker robe and a pair of very-worn boots, that might be a bit too small for him around the ankles. 

History: Odayaka Mizu was born in the kingdom of Vale in a small, outlying village.  However, for one reason or another his parents were unable to take care of him, and thus his first memories are of being in an orphanage.  It wasn't until he was 6 years old that he finally found a foster home in the form of a sumo stable.  His adopted father was the stable-master there, and he saw potential in the young boy. 
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