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Akane Tozawa
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:30:31 AM »

Name: Akane Tozawa

Battle Theme: Excision & Space Laces - Rumble
Battle Mix: Excision - Lost Lands Mix 2017

Age: 23, born the 23rd of Machlud/September

Species and Gender: Human Female

Occupation: Huntress


Appearance: Akane is a Mistralian woman with fair skin, loosely curled light red hair tied to one side with a red ribbon, and blood red eyes. She usually wears a white button-up shirt with a black tie clipped to it and a casually worn rust-colored cotton blazer over. She also wears dark grey trousers, black converse sneakers, a red scarf, and an expensive watch.

-Art in progress-
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History: Akane was born in a small village north of Mistral to two humble, but highly skilled professionals. Her mother was a physician with an expertise in giving checkups to huntsmen and huntresses while her father was a masseuse and acupuncturist who used aura techniques passed down through his family for generations. While they were eager for their daughter to inherit their techniques, they didnít rush to teach her when she was little, knowing that forcing her to do something this difficult will more than likely deter her from wanting to learn in the future.

As Akaneís early years passed, she would meet many people who came to her parentsí establishment, the huntsmen and huntresses especially catching her interest. It was after she was inspired by their tales of heroism, adventure, and especially their freedom to travel the world, that she finally asked her parents to not only unlock her aura, but also enroll her in Sanctum Academy the next year when she was old enough. Her parents agreed, on the condition that she would study and inherit their techniques which she was happy to agree on.

The year before she went to Sanctum was an important time for her, because not only did she learn a great variety of aura techniques from her parents before schooling even started, she also met Yabash Khan, a child who was abused by his parents and bullied by others for his mental handicap, unusually large size, and faunus traits. Finding him bruised up in an alleyway one day, Akane brought him to her home, where her parents treated his injuries and fed him. However, they couldnít do much about Khanís parents due to lack of solid proof. Unable to simply stand by and do nothing though, Akane activated his aura so he can cope with their beatings easier. From that day on, Akane would always be there for him, defending him and teaching him to be strong. She also started calling him Matir Khan, a name that denotes courage and bravery instead of Yabash Khan, a name denoting defeat.

When time came for Akane to go to Sanctum, her parents also pulled a few strings and got Matir Khan in under that name too. The two, being practically inseparable, had all their classes together due to her ability to supervise and understand Matir Khan. They developed excellent synergy and teamwork throughout the years at Sanctum, but both never discovered their semblances until they went to Haven. While Matir Khan discovered his while wrestling a Beringel during the initiation of team ETKN (Extinction), Akane randomly discovered hers two weeks later while meditating during a thunderstorm. True to their name, ETKN brought an apocalypse with them onto the battlefield, with all four members capable of dealing huge amounts of crowd damage perfectly timed with each other. They were a very diverse group, with their leader Eleanor loving everyone and everything, Akane always doing whatever she wants, Matir Khan being mentally handicapped, and Nazar being a high-functioning sociopath. Despite this, Eleanor was always able to keep them together and well up until third year.

Nazar was the first to go, having been invited into a special training program with the Kingdoms to combat rogue huntsmen/huntresses at the start of the year. Akane, on the other hand, was utterly bored with school, feeling that she was more than ready and didnít want to go through another two whole years. This went on for another half year as she continued to tutor underclassmen when eventually one of them, an ex-member of the White Fang came to her for help. His sister was taken and held hostage by the group to get him to turn himself in. He had nobody to go to, so Akane left to go help him out, wanting some self-justification to leave school. Matir Khan followed without a second thought - where Akane went, he went too.

After helping him out, she didnít want to go back to the academy because she enjoyed the complete freedom from traveling the world and doing whatever she wanted. Completing various jobs for people all over the world and earning a name for herself, Akane ended up in Vale as Amane Petrichorís sensei, teaching the latter aura detection along with various other things like the mentality of a veteran, staying calm under pressure, shuriken throwing, and most of all, a mindset on how to practice, train, and learn effectively. This went on for two years until Amane graduated from Signal and began going on missions.

A while later, when the Shiru attacked Vacuo, another Grimm attack happened near Mistral where Akane was. As all the huntsman were focused on the Shiru, the kingdoms didnít know what to do until her and Matir Khan stepped in. Amane also happened to be doing business with Akaneís mother and provides them with long-range support. Together, they went from village to village fending off the Grimm attacks and slaying the Frostbite, a unique boss Grimm in the form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a freezing breath that woke up from a deep slumber in Northern Mistral. Their accomplishments did not go unheard of with the kingdoms and both her and Matir Khan were given huntress status while Amane disappeared off, having finished with her business.

Now, Akane still lives her life doing whatever she wants without regard to her title as huntress, but still answers call-to-arms whenever the kingdoms need it. She also occasionally gives Amane some advice and training whenever she's around.

Personality: Akane is very calm and collected yet at the same time, spunky, completely self-confident, and possesses a rebellious side. A free spirit, she does whatever she wants, goes wherever she wants to go, and isnít afraid to break a few laws as long as it doesnít do harm to others. Despite this, she abstains from sex and drugs except for caffeine and occasionally expensive alcohol.

Sheís very well-versed in the subjects of advanced anatomy, kinesiology, and aura, having grown up inheriting all her familyís techniques and gives massages to people from time to time. Akane is also an excellent teacher, being able to spot the flaws in anyoneís fighting style and giving suggestions on how they can develop effective ways to rectify them. She has quite a few unorthodox yet highly effective teaching methods up her sleeve, being someone who doesnít just teach people what to learn, but also how to learn and practice efficiently. While she provides excellent hospitality to her students, she never goes easy on them when training them.

Finally, Akane is someone who eats a ton of food, despite her small stature. Big, giant Matir Khan already eats a lot, so people get shocked when Akane somehow eats even more than him. She does care what she eats though, and holds meals to a high standard.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Blood Red | Abilities: Strength, Shield, Blast, Detection
Semblance: Bloodstorm - Akaneís semblance allows her to shift into a particulate storm cloud made of blood that can freely zip around along any solid or liquid surface, even vertical and upside down surfaces. The cloud gathers and condenses moisture around her, using a process similar to aura healing to convert it to blood. If the moisture picked up is already blood, nothing is converted and cost is reduced.

In this form, Akane is still particulate and can be struck by attacks. The longer she utilizes this ability, the more draining it gets, exhausting exponentially. Prolonged use also consumes nutrients from her body and will make her very hungry. As such, it is mostly used in short bursts. If she uses her semblance in midair, she will automatically gravitate towards the nearest travelable surface before being able to control where she goes.

While her semblance has a few arcs of red electricity surging through it, they donít have any significant effect except for making hair stand up and smelling like ozone. However, Akane is able to enter supercell form, where she stays in one spot and rotates the cloud around her at high speeds until it generates powerful enough bolts of electricity. She is able to continuously spin up, collecting more blood and electricity and rotational speed before blasting it all outwards to knock back and electrocute enemies. However, due to the exponentially increasing cost of her semblance, it exhausts her quite a bit.
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Combat Behavior: In combat, while Akane is completely confident in herself and her abilities, she always respects her opponent and starts off fighting at full power. As someone who meditates frequently to develop a clear mind and higher level of control over their consciousness, she gives off an aura of tranquility, even in the midst of battle and can also perform autosuggestion, filter out unnecessary thoughts, and divert her entire conscious state into a task.

As for physical abilities, Akane is someone who specializes greatly in movement speed and damage output with above average durability from her aura training, but is a bit lighweight. She utilizes instantaneous bursts of strength from her aura, perfect 0-degree edge alignment, blindingly fast attack speeds, and a long nodachi blade to become a great destructive force on the battlefield. On top of this, being a natural expert in anatomy and kinesiology, her strikes are mostly targeted towards weak points when fighting stronger enemies. She is also able to integrate her concealed knives into her flowing movements with a high level of secrecy and sleight of hand, slipping them into unsuspecting enemies who are too focused on the big sword and reconcealing it without them knowing what they were stabbed by.

Akane's fighting style is greatly integrated with Matir Khan's, both able to output a ton of crowd-control damage and compensating for each others' weaknesses. She uses Khan to output a ton of damage, disrupt enemy movements, or to act as a shield, while Khan relies on her to follow up on his attacks or to take out faster, smarter enemies that may be flanking him. Akane is also really good at knocking enemies into Khanís eruptions and does so automatically.


Primary Weapon: A nodachi made of highly durable materials. Cherry blossom designs run along the flat of its 140cm blade and its handle is 40cm long with a grey cross wrap. It is carried in a sheath diagonally across Akane back, which can automatically unfold most of the protective covering and allow for easier drawing of the blade.

Dust Functions: The cherry blossom designs going along the flat of the blade are Dust channels with an open port at the center of each flower. It contains a mixture of kinetic, lightning, and air Dust that allows her to send out large ranged energy slashes through the air. If cuts arenít enough to slay a Grimm, Akane can also activate the Dust to create a energy extension on her blade that vacuums the insides out of anything she slices through.

Concealed Carry: Akane also carries various concealed knives on herself and can throw them as shurikens.
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