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Coconut Cream
« on: April 05, 2018, 11:25:13 AM »

Name: Coconut Cream

Theme: Reol - + ♂

Age: 17

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol:  A cream-colored Mars symbol with a hot pink plus shifted to the left of it.

Occupation: 1st year student at Beacon academy

Appearance: Coconut stands at 176 cm and weighs 75 kg, with a decently muscular build. His pale blonde hair is on the longer side for a boy, reaching to the base of his neck in the back; if left unstyled, it could easily reach down below his nose at the front, but Cream spends more time than he'd like to admit every morning to keep it in a sort of 'messy bedhead' style – the effect is pleasant, though clearly artificial.

The boy himself is by no general means unattractive, with well-defined cheekbones, deep blue eyes and slightly thin, slanted eyebrows. Cream is close-sighted and forced to wear dark-framed glasses.

Coconut can most often be seen wearing a white, short-sleeve coat which reaches down to his knees. He tends to leave the coat unbuttoned, revealing a cream-colored button-up shirt underneath. He wears white lace-up shoes, and his pants are usually the only article of clothing he has different pairs of, ranging from blue jeans to beige suit pants. He keeps his sword in a scabbard on his hip.

The bulk of Cream’s wardrobe consists of various accessories. He usually has something in his hair – a hair clip, a ribbon, a small jewel, etc. – and can often be seen wearing numerous bracelets.
His right arm bears a straight scar running up from the elbow, another similar scar above his right ankle.

History: Cream was not born into a family of warriors, businessmen or entrepeneurs. Instead, he was born into  a family of artists - his father a writer, his mother the latest entry in a long line of painters and his older sister a musical prodigy. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was expected to join his family as a creator of art and live the good life.

That was until he went to one of his sister's piano recitals when he was 12. He spent the entire evening bored out of his mind until his father ran into an acquaintance on their way out. The man was tall, muscular, with a thich head of hair and impeccable posture. He was impressive to look at and simply oozed confidence. When the boy later asked who the man was, his father told him that he was a huntsman.

From that day onward, the boy knew what he wanted to be: he wanted to be big, tough and menacing - a huntsman! Despite protests from his family, he began training every day on his own. Eventually his father caved in and let the huntsman he had met that day help tyutor him. The man's name was Ether and, as it turned out, he was actually retired. That didn't mean he had forgotten his own training, though - Cream became a formiddable swordsman uder his guidance.

The boy attended Signal and finished with high marks in most subjects, though he clearly hadn't mastered his aura or mechanics of any kind. He was still accepted into Beacon, where he continues to focus more on physical training than anything else. Only time will tell if it will be enough.

Personality: Cream is a person completely lacking inhibitions which tend to be oh-so-necessary for a teenage boy to survive. He quickly becomes attracted to members of the opposite sex and doesn’t hide it on any level. Despite his good looks, he often appears creepy and even depraved to most.

Coconut is an overwhelmingly outgoing person. He expresses his own thoughts as much as he inquires about those of the people around him. That being said, he has zero understanding of social norms and often acts all too familiar with people he’s only just met.

He can also be somewhat spiteful to those who wrong him or anyone he likes - and he likes most of the people he meets. Cream might initially seem superficial and focused on looks above all else, but he is also capable of being good friends with anyone he deems fun to be around - a pretty face just helps.

Aura and Semblance: Cream's aura is, unsurprisingly, coconut cream and is of just slightly above average strength. Coconut is hardly a master of his own aura, and has little practice in utilizing it.

His semblence, which happens to be hereditary, is rather lackluster in its power and potential - Cream possesses the ability to 'steal' color from his surroundings in a 1 meter radius around any part of his body. In actuality, he covers a surface in a thin layer of his aura, essentially painting it with it, while also 'sucking up' the colors previously there, which he can then reuse as he wishes.

As he doesn't bother practicing with his ability, he can store only roughly 1^m of color, though he can technically paint in the color of his own aura infinitely, though he'd start to feel exhausted after roughly 10^m. He can choose from any color he has sucked up and store it for an indefinite amount of time. When he sucks up more color than he can store, a random color already stored starts to be discarded and replaced.

Combat Behavior:  Due to his poor vision, Cream stays away from ranged combat. His fighting style is notably aggressive, with little room for actively dodging or blocking his opponent’s attacks, instead preferring to concentrate on dealing damage. His attacks aren’t always precise, but over years of practice he’s learned to quickly recover from a miss with a follow-up strike.

If facing another swordsman or, at the very least, someone wielding a weapon similar enough to a sword, he does quite well when it comes to parrying.

Against a physically stronger opponent or multiple attackers, most of Cream’s usual strategies fall apart. At that point he’d either look for support or opt for quick consecutive strikes, then retreating. If facing multiple ranged opponents, Cream would instead opt for running as fast as possible in the opposite direction.


Name: O.T.N.

Primary Form: A stainless steel short sword with a silver cross guard, the blade being 50 cm long. The pommel of the weapon seems to be split in half, the bottom half of it being twistable.

Secondary Form: Upon twisting the bottom part of the pommel, two more previously folded steel blades spring forth from the cross guard and slide into place at the tip of the sword. Once the blades connect at the tip, the length of the sword reaches 1 meter, slightly shorter than the average long sword.

History: Cream constructed the weapon when he was at Signal academy. The scars on his arm and leg are from messing around with the mechanisms inside and having the spring-loaded blades slice into him.

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