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Iris Mathoera
« on: March 28, 2018, 04:54:38 PM »
(Still going to be a while before I actually put this character up)


Name: Iris Mathoera

Age: 21

Species and Gender: Human and Female

Occupation: Biology Professor, Independent Marijuana Grower


Appearance: ShowHide


Personality: A very social and outgoing person, Iris is kind and always tries to inspire those around her and bring them up. At work, she is highly professional but also has a party side to her when the situation is appropriate. Many who know her believe she has a tendency to buy very expensive things when drunk, but in reality, Iris gets drunk in order to make a hefty purchase. Iris's single greatest asset is her vast intelligence. As someone who has a great interest in pretty much everything, Iris is great at studying and researching the world. She's a natural at constantly experimenting and optimizing everything in her life, especially those she considers great investments like her learning habits.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color: Black | Abilities: N/A
Semblance: Iris can summon black thorny rose vines that slowly leech the energy of everything they constrict and supplies it to her. When it leeches energy, red rose flowers will start forming on the vines. Iris is sort of capable with her semblance but her aura isn't super good.

Combat Behavior: Iris avoids combat as much as possible, and while she isn't anywhere near the same level of combat abilities of students at huntsman academies, she is competent at shooting her Walther PPK/S and can somewhat use her semblance well. She is also really good at golf, and if the situation ever came up, she could hit ranged targets with a golf ball.


Self-Defense Weapon: Walther PPK/S

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