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Jima Purpora
« on: March 27, 2018, 08:51:24 PM »

Name: Jina Purpora

Age: 19, Born 1st of Amare

Species and Gender: Human Female

Symbol:  Purple book

Occupation: 3rd Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Jina is a fairly tall woman at 5’10”, weighing approximately 150 lbs. Sporting a curvy figure with a DD chest and wide hips, she’s conventionally attractive, further improved by good muscle tone and long legs. Her black hair is done back in dreadlocks that come down to her waist with lavender tips and the occasional silver band. She wears a large pair of perfectly round glasses, though they’re mostly for show - she simply enjoys the aesthetic. She has a small overbite, and coupled with wide lips and a straight nose, she’s rather adorable. 

Jina prefers tight clothing to avoid loose ends that may create problems in combat, though she has a soft spot for most forms of silver jewelry. She’s commonly seeing wearing knee-high combat over a pair of lace leggings, a dark-purple skirt offset by a black belt around her middle, which she uses to hang her mace from. She usually wears a dark red sleeveless tank, and over that a black leather jacket with shoulder spikes, personally modified by her to have strengthened bracers. On her back she wears a harness that usually has a four-sided metal pyramid attached to it, used to carry Grab n’ Go into combat.

The most notable attribute of Jina’s appearance are the tattoos she has, only a few of which can be seen over her everyday clothing. All the tattoos are matching, done in white ink with red highlights, which stand out beautifully against her dark skin. On her back is a Nevermore in white, the grimm’s wings extending down the back of her upper arms, and the heak and beak visible on the back of her neck when her hair is up. A King Taijitu spirals down the length of her right leg, one head disappearing underneath her skirt while the other lays coiled at her ankle. A front-facing Goliath, her first and favorite tattoo, is located directly underneath her sternum - and she’s still planning on where to put a Death Stalker. If asked for the motivation behind the tattoos, she’ll simply state “Because they’re bitchin’!”

History: Jima was initially a quiet girl, raised by overprotective parents in a middle class family, safely located in central Vale. Her bookish nature as a child didn’t afford her many friends, and her parents would never let her visit anybody else anyways - so she compensated through reading. Her reading preferences led her quickly to historical texts, the ones that detailed the wars between kingdoms and the way hunters and huntresses would fight for the safety of their people - all against these fascinating creatures known as Grimm, a mysterious species that the human race knew little about. Her parents adored her reading habits, and would help provide as many texts as she liked - so despite being a loner throughout childhood, she was perfectly happy in her written world.

This all changed dramatically at age 11, when her class took a field trip took a trip to a historical landmark not far outside the kingdom of Vale. She’d practically begged her parents to let her attend, as it was the sight of an infamous battle between Kingdoms - the educational nature of the trip, alongside the fact they’d be personally escorted several student teams from Beacon eventually convinced them to relent. However, the somber nature of the visit as their teacher recounted the the story of what happened on the historical sight quickly took their toll on the impressionable young children, and soon the whole field trip was permeated by sad melancholy - which was enough to start attracting the attention of Grimm in the nearby forest.

They Grimm came on faster than the students could anticipate, and soon the field trip was thrown into chaos. Children were running for their lives as the fledgling hunters attempted to defend the class, teachers couldn’t gain control as panicked children fled everywhere - and amongst the chaos, Jima sat enraptured, watching a mock-makeup of the historical battles she’d read about all her life happen right in front of her. The final straw came when a large Nevermore, attracted by the chaos, chose the frozen young woman as a target and dived at her. Jima would’ve been eaten then and there if it weren’t for a student tackling her out of the way of the dive - but the push caused Jima to be knocked unconscious as she hit her head on the ground.

When she woke up again, everything was groggy and displaced. She could see her body from across the hospital room, and was hearing her mother’s sobbing from over her shoulder. She could smell the flowers next to her bedside as if her nose was buried in them, she could taste the bitter black coffee in the cup her father was holding - and when she tried to speak to them to let them know she was awake, her voice came from the foot of her bed despite her mouth still moving. The knock to her head had literally shook all of her senses loose, leaving them scattered in the vicinity around her body - accidentally kickstarting her semblance for the first time, and leaving her a stranger in her own body. Furthermore, she couldn’t find a way to return her senses to her body beyond the sense of touch, essentially leaving her stranded.

Despite this seemingly horrific predicament, Jima took in stride - something had changed in her, after seeing a Grimm attack first-hand. Her fanatic obsession with history had shifted, landing on the soulless creatures that had been humanity's scourge as long as anybody could remember. Seeing them in person had utterly captivated her, and while she still understood the necessity of killing the creatures, she now had a new goal in mind - to know everything about them instead.

She quickly adapted to her altered state of mind, learning to think of her now freely-moving senses as limbs, instead of just parts of her body. She could will her voice, sense of taste, eyesight and hearing - alongside her sense of touch - giving her an entirely new perspective of life. Her new obsessive attitude regarding Grimm somewhat scared her parents as she devoured every academic text about them she could get her hands on, and they eventually yielded to her begging request to enroll in Signal Academy, figuring the harsh training and lifestyle would scare some sense back into the formerly bookish girl - but instead it only invigorated her further. She reveled in the physical aspect and excelled in the academic, managing to graduate near the top of her class before applying to Beacon - and passed the entrance exam with ease, albeit with some difficulty in the physical aspect.

During her first years at Beacon, her passion for the soulless creatures only grew, and as she matured she decided to do something to honor the creatures that had given her a new passion in life - getting her first tattoo, a Goliath, on her sternum. Each further year at Beacon warranted another tattoo, with the Nevermore appearing on her back during her second year, and the King Taijitu being freshly inked onto her leg as she returned to the school for her third year. Her offsetting obsession with the creatures of Grimm made her difficult to get along with despite her friendly and upbeat attitude, coupled by a somewhat-obvious lack of social skills as a result of overprotective parents for so many years. She never stayed friends with her team members for long, and would constantly transfer - never serving as a leader, instead being assigned a new one every year, with her third year at Beacon yielding her third, and hopefully final, team.

During her time at Beacon, her fascination with Grimm and zest for the hunter lifestyle has allowed her to grow close to multiple professors - to the point where she proposed a new mechanism to help capture Grimm in the field, she was able to take the design into Beacon’s weapon workshop and emerge with a prototype. Her determination to study the mysterious creatures has resulted and in the creation of the Grab n’ Go 1.0, an experimental device she carries with her in the field that can (likely) easily be used to temporarily detain small and medium-sized Grimm by tying them up without major bodily harm, allowing for closer study before bludgeoning them to death. With the obsession of a lifetime and a passion that never dies, Jima’s determined to find a new team and stick with them to finally get that elusive sense of teamwork that’s slipped by her for the last two years - and hopefully, convince them to help her capture more Grimm!

Personality: Despite Jima’s lack of social skills as a child, the young woman’s zest for life has morphed her into a friendly, charismatic young woman with an accidentally creepy nature. She loves to talk and chat, using any conversation as a form of verbal brainstorming - and will often be found scribbling in a well-worm notebook while in conversation, whether it’s anything from her latest sketch of a Grimm she recently encountered to more plans and prototypes to improve the Grab n’ Go. Her passion for reading as a young woman hasn’t faded in time, and can often be found with her nose buried in a book. She happily serves as an excellent tutor as a result, with her passion for knowledge being practically contagious and a nearly endless amount of patience carefully cultivated from years of building and creation. Her sense of humor can be a little twisted and dark at times with a certain dryness, and her words are often incredibly blunt.

The one problem with being a chatterbox with a Grimm obsession is that Jima can be fairly socially oblivious. She’s so caught up in her own little world that insults slip right by her, whether she accidentally insults someone herself or someone is making fun of her. Coupled with this social incompetence and the nature of her semblance alongside a penchant for collecting as much data as she can, she’s something of a natural gossip - sending her eyesight and hearing roving wherever, picking up all the data she can. This awkwardness and her obsession with a soulless murdering species can make it hard for Jima to forge close friendships, and she’s never really had anybody she’s been particularly close to outside her parents - but even if she’s secretly lonely, she still her studies to bury herself in. It doesn’t help her case the nature of her semblance can inverdently creep people out, as her physical body will often gaze out into space while her eyesight is elsewhere, or her voice will emanate from halfway across the room when she’s sitting elsewhere - though on the plus side, this has made her excellent at pranks.

Jima rarely gets mad, only usually getting frustrated when someone is being purposefully obtuse. She’s been going alone in her passion her entire life, and has learned to let the awkward glances and words slip away. She only really gets upset if someone is insulting her passion directly to her face, repeatedly, and telling her it’s a waste of time - then she’ll get concerningly quiet, withdrawing into herself and ignoring the outside world before she manages to shove the emotions away and continue on with a faux-cheery mood. She’s not very good at dealing with mad or sad people, having enough trouble managing her own negative emotions, and defeat/guilt is an entire other ballpark.

Aura and Semblance: Jima has a slightly larger-than-average aura, proving to be a deep royal purple that goes along with her eye color. She’s especially good at detecting the presence of Grimm.

Her semblance has both active and passive functions, and she’s nicknamed it “Information Overload”. After a bump on the head as a child, Jima’s senses were essentially knocked loose from her head, and she’s now able to move them almost as individual “limbs” - this extends to sight, hearing, sense of taste/ability to speak, and touch. It’s passive as this is something she can never really turn off, as she’s yet to return her senses to her own body beyond her sense of touch, but she can thankfully actively control where they travel within a certain radius. She still 180° of vision, and 360° hearing, but they now can be moved autonomously with alongside her other senses. Touch is the one ability she’s learned to essentially transfer between her body and traveling around her however, though to keep a degree of familiarity with her surroundings, she prefers to keep her sense of touch within her body. She still 180° of vision, and 360° hearing, but they now can be moved autonomously with no effort. The placement of her senses in the space around her is intangible and cannot be sensed, though they are blocked by tangible objects such as walls. Her senses furthermore have a limit - up to 40 meters from her body, it starts to become difficult to hear/speak/see, and while she can push her senses up to 50 meters it becomes progressively blurrier/harder to hear/speaks in a whisper, etc.

Her semblance has a major downside however - wherever she’s cast her senses, her body is left without that sense. If she’s looking elsewhere her body is effectively blind, if her hearing is across the roof she’s deaf to the conversation next to her, and if she’s having a conversation with someone in the next room, she wouldn’t be able to answer the people in front of her without being mute. She therefore prefers to keep the majority of her senses close to her body at all times so she’s not left helpless - and if she needs to cast more than two major ones, will find a safe place to do it from.

Combat Behavior: Jima’s a fast-moving upfront brawler with a brutal attack style, approaching opponents the same way she approaches everything: head-on. Despite her mace possessing an internal shotgun, she’s more physically comfortable with it in it’s non-gun form, thinking of it in the same way she does the rest of her senses - as an extension of her body. The same applies to her mace when in flail mode. She prefers not to waste time if there’s any to take, and will strike unexpectedly, leading her to developing a surprising physical style when combined with the martial arts she’s been trained in through her time at Beacon and Signal. This is further aided by creative use of the grappling hook in the end of her Mace, often using it to trip, tie up, or otherwise maneuver when in battle. She also enjoys banter when fighting - rambling on about something or other during a battle to distract her opponent, exchanging quips and the occasional insult when she manages to think of one in time.

Jima’s semblance gives her a perfect view of the battlefield at all times, along with a severe physical advantage - it’s impossible to physically blind or deafen her, as her senses are separate from her body. While she’s still feel the pain of the attack, as long as that particular sense is physically elsewhere and her aura is still operative, she’ll be able to push through it and continue to battle. While separating her sense of touch from her physical body would in theory allow her to continue to fight without pain, it automatically snaps back into her body whenever she receives a brutal attack or her aura is depleted completely, allowing her to remain cognitively aware of her surroundings at most times. While Jima will jump at any opportunity to use the Grab n’ Go on a Grimm, she hesitates when using it on humans except in dire situations - personally understanding it’s painful effectiveness.

Despite Jima’s strength as a frontline brawler, she still possess multiple weakness; primarily of being absolutely useless in ranged combat. She’s a melee combatant with a gun that becomes ineffective at long range, so she’s easily vulnerable to sniper shots or other forms of attacks at even from a medium distance. Furthermore, while her larger size and strength are useful, that’s left her less agile than she likes. Her weapon doesn’t possess a propulsion system that many students do, and while she does her best to make up for that with the grappling hook, she’s still at a clear disadvantage. Finally, if she’s caught unaware with the majority of her primary senses elsewhere, you can literally sneak up to her by just walking up, as she’s practically helpless in that form, and won’t notice the presence of others until her senses return to within range of her body, or she’s physically touched.


Name: Goliath

Primary Form: A 26-inch black all-metal mace with a thick handle and spiked head, Goliath is a deadly weapon that serves multiple functions. The head of the weapon is composed of 4 metal bands that curve to form a diamond shape, outlined with multiple metallic spikes. The spikes are retractable, allowing for safe carry outside of combat. The neck of the mace is thick, housing both the chain that allows for the head to detach to become flail and the weapon’s shotgun mechanism. The lower half of the weapon has a similar diamond-shaped though much smaller, and has a rubber grip to allow for better hold alongside a long wrist strap. The diamond at the end of the mace can open by twisting the metallic grip, revealing a spiked claw - and can then be fired from the end of the weapon, serving as a grappling hook that can extend up to 100 meters and is attached to the end of the weapon by carbon-nanofiber cabling that’s usually stored in the hilt of the weapon.

Secondary Form: Goliath has two secondary forms: that of a flail, and a shotgun. When the flail is activated, the head of the mace detaches from the body and is connected by a silver chain that’s 36 inches along. The shotgun form of Goliath requires the head to be attached to the body. The diamond-shaped head can be opened up and the barrel of the gun extends, allowing Jima to fire the weapon via a pump built into the grip. The magazine of the shotgun only holds 5 shots at the time, and can be reloaded through the barrel of the gun in the neck of the weapon.

Tertiary Form: When not in combat, the mace’s spikes are able to retract to make it safer and easier to carry.

Dust Functions: Various types of dust can be loaded into the head of the mace in either regular or flail mode, allowing for the head to be electrified, lit on fire, frozen, etc. The barrel of the weapon can furthermore be loaded with bullets tipped with the intended type of ice.

History: Forged and constantly upgraded during her time at Beacon, Goliath started as a mace with flail capabilities. Jima upgraded the mace to have to have the internal shotgun and the grappling hook after her lack of mobility on the battle made itself apparent, as did her disadvantage to students with guns.

Name: Grab n’ Go 1.1

Primary Form: The Grab n’ Go usually appears as a black metallic pyramid with a 12 inch-by-12 inch base attached to a harness on Jima’s back. When loaded onto the tip of Goliath in shotgun mode and fired without bullets in the magazine, the pyramid can shoot forwards from the tip of the mace at a high velocity. When fired, Jima is then capable of using a secondary remote attached to the buckles of her harness to cause every corner of the pyramid to separate from the main body, attached by the same carbon nanofiber cable in her grappling hook. These corners then transform into serrated hooks. When the primary body of the Grab n’ Go makes contact with a target, it automatically attaches itself through a series of metallic spines that shoot out, and the four serrated hooks can either fire into nearby solid surfaces and pull taunt, essentially trapping the target against it. The Grab n’ Go can also act as a bola when fired with a spin from Goliath’s barrel, wrapping around the target.

Tertiary Form: A small black pyramid that Jima wears attached to a harness on her back.

Dust Functions: None at the moment, though Jima’s drafting the plans.

History: Planned by Jima in her second year in Beacon and perfected by her third, the Grab n’ Go is Jima’s beginning to finding safer and more effective ways of immobilizing Grimm in the field for safe study. The current Grab n’ Go is only capable of immobilizing Grimm up to the size of a small Ursa (and even that’s a stretch). The 1.0 version that automatically deployed on first contact instead of on command was quickly retired before it left the workshop - an accidental misfire proved its effective use on human subjects though, which Jima still has the scars to prove.
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