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Lilly "Melody" Meier
« on: March 12, 2018, 04:28:07 AM »

Lilly Meier
Stage Name: Melody
21, Amare 3rd
Species and Gender:
Faunus, cat     Female
A spear with a cloth ribbon coiling around it
3rd Year student, dancer
Lilly is 5’5” and 121lbs. She has straight, light red hair that falls past her shoulders and cat ears. She wears her hair down at all times. Her eyes are emerald green and she has a heart-shaped face. She is often found wearing silver headphones and dancing slightly to whatever she is listening to.
When she can she wears a pair of dark blue jean short shorts and a black off the shoulder crop top that shows off a little bit of her midriff. On her feet she wears over the knee black boots. To top her outfit off she wears long, red jacket that she keeps unbuttoned. For accessories she tends to wear chokers, often with a red design, fingerless gloves, and a messenger bag.
Growing up in the slums of Vacuo, Lilly always loved music and would sneak into concerts and dance performances. She practiced nonstop to try and be as good as her idols. Her parents supported her as best they could with their meager income and always made sure that even if they didn’t eat, she would have food. Lilly was surrounded by other faunus her entire childhood so when she eventually got a scholarship to a local dance school she wasn’t prepared for the racism she would encounter. However, instead of allowing the humans to bully and push her down, Lilly would simply brush their insults off and outwork them and try to avoid making enemies of them and instead become their friends. She quickly became a star dancer and by the time she was 12 she was touring as part of a youth group. Because of how weak Vacuo’s government is she quickly realized how popular and cool the huntsmen were and she decided to try and pursue that as an alternate career to dancing, because what would be cooler than a dancer who was also a huntsman. She enrolled in Oasis Academy. There she excelled in her studies but never was the best fighter. She was never confidant enough in her abilities in combat and often was in the lower half of her class in combat scores. She graduated from Oasis and got into Shade due to her high academic scores and potential. After two years of school at Shade, she applied for a transfer to Beacon because of the culture there and an amazing opportunity had opened up for her in Vale, she got a mentorship with one of her dance idols, Kiara Ashley (A great dancer in the dance community). Moving to Vale, she began learning from Kiara and going to the academy. 
Lilly is a very extroverted person. She loves to meet new people and is constantly talking or otherwise trying to be the center of attention. She used to spend her time surrounded by her friends in Vacuo. She is an impulsive person often doing things on a whim and will answer any dare. She never backs down from a challenge. To keep up her appearance and keep her friends around she tries to always be upbeat in front of others no matter what is going on in her life. She always has a smile on her face and is affectionate to all of her friends and to her a friend is anyone she talks to for more than five minutes. She is always listening to music and moving to the beat. Her hobbies are dancing, hanging out with friends, making new friends, and playing or listening to music. She if often found at a local club dancing and drinking. However, she knows that she isn’t the best combatant and will try to avoid most fights and work as a team. She is terrified that even though she has come so far, she will fail and end up right back where she came from and so she is constantly pushing herself when she is training in dance or combat or school. When she gets too excited, Lilly tends to purr a little bit. 
Aura and Semblance:
Dance Partner
Lilly has always been in tune with music, and always wanted someone who could share her love of dancing. Her semblance summons a red dance partner out of her aura. He fights as Lilly fights. He fights based on what music she is listening to and how she is moving so as she hits he will attack from another direction. It doesn’t require too much concentration for her to keep him fighting. He deals a relatively low amount of damage, about half of what Lilly does which is already lower than most people at her level. She can keep him fighting for an hour straight before needing to rest for an hour. He isn’t only useful in combat. She also practices partner dances with him because he matches his movement to her she programs him by practice dancing with him, so he knows what different music that she is listening to means and will follow a designated style of fighting based on that. He can be destroyed by a few solid hits. Resummonin him only requires Lilly to pause for a second and focus on bringing him back.
Combat Behavior: 
Lilly fights in rhythm with her music. She is an agile dancer and that shows in her combat. As she spins and dances around her enemies she jabs the quickly with her spears before moving to dodge the retaliation attacks. She uses her semblance when she needs to deal more damage or distract the enemy more by adding another opponent to the mix. She will move in sync with her semblance partner and their attacks land at the same time at different points to try and make blocking or dodging her attacks harder. She tries to organize her team to fight with her and as a unit because she knows her combat skill isn’t the best, but she can see the music of the fight and is great at working with others to take down foes that the would normally have trouble with. Her greatest weakness is that she doesn’t deal much damage and isn’t able to take a lot. She relies on her ability to dodge attacks and all of her dodging is a dance and once someone figures out that she is dancing based on her music they can anticipate how she will move until she switches music. An opponent paying attention will be able to land blows too often for her to be effective at close quarters. If this happens she backs away and uses her guns but this means that she is removed from the combat and she is worse at directing her companions in the fight due to her not being in the middle of the music of the combat.

Primary Form:
A three foot long spear, the weapon is black with red along the edges
Secondary Form:
The spear transforms into a one handed SMG with a thirty mag clip. Think of Pyrrha’s weapon for transformations.
Tertiary Form:
Lilly keeps a holster for her SMG on her left hip and stores the weapon in gun form there but mostly fights with it in spear form.
Primary Form:
A two foot spear, the weapon is red with black edging. The blade has what looks like the revolving cylinder of a revolver where it attaches to the shaft.
Secondary Form:
The spear shaft collapses into the handle of a revolver. The revolver has eight chamber and fires on bullet at a time.
Tertiary Form:
She stores this weapon in a holster on her right side but also mostly uses the spear form.
Lilly watched a lot of huntsmen fight in her time in Vacuo and there she noticed that the most elegant weapon to her was a pair of short spears so when she got the chance she made herself a pair of them. They fit her dance style so she was able to use what she already knew in combat and it allowed her to keep up with the rest of her class.

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Re: Lilly "Melody" Meier
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 08:35:29 PM »
There is nothing to say no to but I would point that given the team based nature of schools in Remnant transferring is probably a bigger thing than it is in our world so more detail there would be nice. You also still have indents after each section which look kinda strange with the first few sections. You could also put more detail on what exact dance style she prefers/has most experience with as most do specialise and is there any dance related events which happen after she was 12?

Not enough to not get approval tho. +1
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Re: Lilly "Melody" Meier
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2018, 06:37:50 PM »
First, I would like to apologize for the long delay in approval here. I do agree with King, most of the things I saw that could use some explanation were very minimal so I won't hold back an approval on it. I will say that, as you create more characters, you will need to add more details so be prepared for that in your next characters. Aside from that, I love the semblance concept as well as the fact that she's a third year (there's not enough third years so thank you).

Approved 2 of 2.
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