Author Topic: Third Year Beacon [ALREADY FILLED]  (Read 808 times)


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Third Year Beacon [ALREADY FILLED]
« on: January 11, 2018, 05:26:36 PM »
This team is already filled up, and I'm just making this thread so we can populate it with the characters and discuss the details.
Diamante Solar (Flooberoid (me!))
Dominique 'Alice' Pentaghast (GingerAvalanche)
Justice Montenegro (Mikelobmike)
Airi Okairos (FunkyMonkey)

For team names we're looking at:
D/S | D/A/P | J/M | A/O
1st Year Beacon Students: ShowHide
Hagane Inaba- Can melt steel beams. Leader of team HTDG
Mint Fresch- A chipper gale.
Persimmon Burhan- A douche.
Carnation Prescott- Get it, CAREa? Sorry.
Lissa Lime- Beacon's spinning top
Jacob Stillwater- Nailed it

Literally everyone else: ShowHide
Patchouli Breschi- First year at Shade. Don't let her penetrate you.
Diamante Solar- Third Year at Beacon. Feel the Light of the Holy Noodle!
Dannum Sohrab- Professor of practical combat skills at Shade. Or at least that's his excuse to blow things up.
Crystal Evermore- Aura professor at Beacon Academy.

Now introducing my AMCA, complete with apathy!