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Robyn Reseda
« on: November 20, 2017, 04:08:12 AM »

Robyn Reseda

18, born HuŃ 13th

Species and Gender:
Female Robin Faunus

A brick red robin on a dark brown tree branch

First Year Beacon Student

Robyn is an average sized girl, with a height of 5'6, a weight of 165lbs and tanned skin. She has curly auburn hair that falls to just above her shoulders, with a fringe that stops at her eyebrows and brown feathers dotted throughout. Her eyes are a dark brown colour that contrast with Robyn's preferential green eye shadow, while her nose is smaller than would suit her face. Robyn's has rather prominent lips that she likes to cover in soft pink lipstick, and on her chin is a circular birthmark. Robyn wears earrings with grey feathers hanging from them, and has an tattoo of a feather behind her left ear.

For her casual outfits, Robyn likes to keep things simple and rustic. She typically wears forest coloured cardigans; reds, browns, and greens, over a dark green plaid button up shirt and a tank top, with a pair of dark jeans and slip on shoes to complete the look. If the weather is particularly cold, or Robyn's just in the mood, she'll throw on brown scarf and mittens as well, while abandoning the cardigan if she's too warm.

In combat, Robyn switches to a light green shirt sleeved shirt and dark green skirt, with brown woolen tights and black hiking boots. On her skirt is a black belt that holds the cartridges for Robyn's weapon. On Robyn's left thigh is the sheath for her knife. Over her outfit Robyn wears a dark green cloak that serves to both hide her weapons and keep her warm when not in combat, as she quickly discards it when a fight begins.

Robyn was born in a small village in a forest near the west coast of Vale. The village was about a days journey from a small port city and Robyn's family lived a few hours outside the village as her Grandmother liked her privacy. Robyn's mother died of an illness a few years after she was born and she was raised by her Father and Grandmother. Robyn's father spent most of his time hunting and would sell the excess meat and furs in the village during the weekly market. Robyn spent her early life helping her Grandmother with the chores or her father with his hunting, mostly learning how to fetch arrows and skin animals during the early years.

Robyn's Grandmother was a teacher in the village before she became too old and frail to make the daily journey back and forth, so Robyn was homeschooled. This meant that she only got to see other children on the market days, though that didn't stop her making good friends, who occasionally got her into trouble for sneaking out to meet up with them. During these market days, it was a tradition for elders to tell stories after the trading was over, and any Huntsmen and Huntresses that were passing through were often pestered into telling a few of their own. It was one of these traveling Huntresses that unlocked Robyn's aura, along with her father's, as payment for food for her journey. It was this Huntress that inspired Robyn to go to Beacon and become a Huntress herself, a dream her father couldn't deny, as he'd gone on his own little adventure when he was young.

It was only when she was thirteen that her father allowed Robyn to join him on the occasional hunt, as long as she had been good. At first, Robyn would only check the snares her father set up and pick berries for them to enjoy, but as she got older and proved herself responsible enough, her father allowed Robyn to set up some of the snares. In the event they came across any Grimm, Robyn's father would handle them at a distance. Just before her sixteenth birthday, Robyn's Grandmother passed away of a chill, and left her father a sizable inheritance, mostly due to the lack of necessity for money were they lived. Some of this was used to purchase weapons for Robyn and passage to Vale, which Robyn used to take the entrance exam for Beacon, which she passed with fairly good marks.

Robyn is a bright and friendly girl, that always seems to be full of cheer. She's sweet and kindhearted, ready to help or hang out with anyone at a moments notice. Robyn doesn't really place distinctions on people, regardless of if they're Human or Faunas; friend or foe. The way she sees it, today's enemy might just be tomorrow's ally. That's not to say Robyn is kind to the point of naievity; she is willing to fight to protect others. She just won't go beyond that into the realm of hatred and cruelty. Being raised by a hunter means that Robyn has grown used to seeing guts and gore, and they don't turn her stomach all that much.

Beyond being a kind soul, Robyn is also immensely curious about things, with a tendency to stick her nose into things she shouldn't just because they intrigue her. That's not to say that she's a good listener, as Robyn is a bit of a chatterbox. Similarly, she has no real boundaries when it comes to physical affection, constantly leaning on or throwing arms around her friends or even strangers. Robyn also has a deep respect for nature and wildlife, and likes to go outside and learn by doing more than by sitting in a classroom all day.

When it comes to anti-Faunus discrimination, Robyn doesn't react to it any differently than she does to any other kind of hatred. She doesn't think she's special or in any way wrong because she's a Faunus, just different. But she is soft hearted, and is more likely to clam up and run from any manner of abuse than fight it directly. She likes to think she's too sweet to get angry at anyone.

As an aside, apart from the feathers, Robyn's Faunus heritage also emerges in the form of a fondness for music. She can't actually play any instruments, and doesn't have a particularlygood voice, but in her father's words she'd "whistle for Vale".

Aura and Semblance:
Robyn's aura is a shade of green unsurprisingly.

Her semblance allows Robyn to "hear" the aura of a single individual and use it to track them, in a 20 square metre radius. She developed this from her time spent tracking game with her father. It is limited to a single target at a time, and requires her to keep eyes on the targrt fir 5 seconds prior. It doesn't have a duration, but fades immediately if Robyn is too far away from her target, and thus must be reapplied.

Combat Behavior:
Robyn typically takes the role of scout-assassin in combat, sneaking up on opponents and using her relatively quiet weapon to eliminate them without being caught. But this is her ideal scenario, and can be quite hard to set up depending on the circumstances. As such, in a straight fight, Robyn plays a mid ranged evasion game, keeping ahead of her opponents and taking shots at them when able, showing solid accuracy when standing still or on the move  She's rather quick on her feet, and has surprising endurance, but isn't the physically strongest person in the world. Likewise, Robyn is highly dependant on her crossbow for combat, as her close quarters skills are only average at best when she uses her knife, and rather hopeless without it. The blade is really more of a survival knife than a combat knife, used only in desperate circumstances, yet her father trained her well enough to be able to defend herself with it, should the situation require it.



Primary Form:
A dark green, pump action recurve crossbow that's been modified to fire collapsible bolts from cartridges. The main body of the crossbow is a forest green, while the stock, wings and pump are a lighter shade. Trilogy has a detachable scope to aid at range. The cartridges are attached from the front, with symbols to differentiate between normal and Dust bolts  and operate as part of the crossbow when attached, while the pump mechanism automates the firing mechanism by pushing the nut, drawing the bow string and expanding the bolt in one motion, then pulling the nut and bolt together for use.

Secondary Form:
The bow curves inward and the stock collapses slightly when a button is pressed, turning it into a more compact form that can be slung over Robyn's back.

Dust Functions:
Yewlogy also uses simplistic explosive Dust bolts for added firepower. The combine fire and earth Dust to create shrapnel with equivalent force to a hand grenade.

Robyn received her crossbow from the part of the inheritance her Grandmother left her in her will. She promptly painted it in her favourite colour, and is quite attached to it, as it's not just a weapon but a reminder of her family and home.

Robyn also has a survival knife that her father gave her for her fifteenth birthday, which she keeps in a sheath on her leg.
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Re: Robyn Reseda
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First off, sorry for the super late approval. Second off, this is a group review, which means only a single review is needed. Third off, this was a genuinely simple and sweet character. Good job! Approved and moved.

Approved by Gustave and Vision.
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