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Hey kids, I've got a serious message for you.


Dr. Gustave:
As the latest news on a money raised by a bakery to help displaced faunus cuts to commercial, the screen opens up to a single figure standing against a pale white background. She had one foot planted on the bottom step of a wooden stool, her white strapped boots and light cargo pants standing out against her dark skin. Above her chest, she wore a white undershirt showing through an open short sleeve jacket with pearlescent lines running down the length of the arm and a single leather shoulder guard on her left shoulder. Her dark hair, seeming to originally be an afro, is styled into a large, tall, and fluffy mohawk.

"Hey there, everyone." She said with a soft smile and a gentle voice. "I'm Pearl Hawthorne, but you may know me better as a world class huntress." Pearl lifted her boot off of the step and pull the stool underneath her, taking a seat and looking directly into the camera. "I'm sure you all know tomorrow is Halloween, a wonderful day of the year where we can all dress up an go out for candy. But I've come here with a message." Pearl turns her head to another camera as the camera angle shifts.

"There's nothing 'dank' about dressing up as the White Fang." She said with an over-exaggerated air quotes gesture. "They are terrorists and the only 'meme' they're selling... is death. This year for Halloween, dress up as your favorite hunter or huntress and do a dab on the bad guys!" Pearl raises her hands up as if she's about to do a karate chop as the screen freezes.

"THIS MESSAGE WAS PAID FOR BY MEMBERS OF THE CITY OF VALE COUNCIL AND THEIR AFFILIATES." pops up on the screen for a moment before the entire things fades away into the next commercial.


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