Author Topic: Burn Unto Cinereous Ash [CLOSED][Team CNRS-Initiation]  (Read 26 times)


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Burn Unto Cinereous Ash [CLOSED][Team CNRS-Initiation]
« on: July 16, 2018, 04:03:53 AM »

Recently, reports have surfaced from several aerial shipping companies of a new mercenary band calling themselves the "Immortal Lancers" repeatedly harassing cargo Bullheads transporting shipments of seemingly random materials. The manner in which they carry out the 'heist' is, according to each report sent in, identical; a group of 8 pirates grapple the targeted ship before breaching and boarding, a similar tactic used by Grimm Lancers to bring a ship down. However, instead of sinking the Bullhead, they merely strip the ship of all cargo and load it onto their own ship before vanishing off the radar. Eyewitnesses have determined and confirmed that this is not the infamous "Red Corsair" and as such have deemed this a safe case for a Beacon Initiation.

Team CNRS, overseen by Professor Ferus, is to undertake the following mission/initiation. The team will board a cargo Bullhead which is identical to the previous targets struck by the pirate group and act as bait to lure the "Immortal Lancers" out. Once the pirates have boarded the ship, the team is to capture the 8 pirates and bring them back to Vale. The pirate ship has been confirmed to be on autopilot during each 'heist' so reinforcements are not expected. Each of the 8 pirates have also been confirmed to have some degree of Aura training, and every report makes strange mention of some very lucky incidents for the pirates. Team CNRS is advised to exercise caution while engaging.

 - Capture the "Immortal Lancers"
 - Do not let any pirates escape

As the sun started to fall from the sky, casting dark grey shadows over the expansive ground of the Beacon landing pads, one lone cargo Bullhead stood on the far left platform, with its only visible accompaniment being one lone, tall Hunter. With the more rough, defined angles of the cargo ship easily separating it from the more sleek, polished passenger Bullheads, it was hard to mistake--yet even if one paid close attention, there was little to distinguish it from any of its other 'brethren'--just a old, standard grade cargo ship.

Professor Ferus was alone on the platform, standing solitary vigil and clad in full combat attire for his next upcoming mission. Though his blank face showed little emotion, time was somewhat of the essence--it was essential that the ship be in the air and on one of the regular flight paths at the right time. There he stood, patiently awaiting his new charges' arrival. They should have received the message to sortie a while ago...
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Re: Burn Unto Cinereous Ash [CLOSED][Team CNRS-Initiation]
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2018, 12:17:30 PM »
With the steelcases around his wrists and the scroll in hand, Nami read through the message he received again. At first glance the mission looked quite simple. Eject bait and wait for the prey to take it, then capture them and bring them back. No, the only thing that concerns him was the implementation. Four people who have never met before and a teacher against eight pirates, about whom they had little, almost non information.
A yawn escaped his mouth as he made his way past the Bullheads to the left platform. He already saw the bullhead assigned to the mission from afar and now he could also identify their companion, Professor Ferus.
He seemed to be the first to arrive, since besides him and the professor, which he greeted with a "good evening" and a nod, no one was there yet.
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