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« on: September 04, 2017, 10:14:15 PM »

Name: Unknown

Codename: Blacksmith

Age: Unknown

Gender & Species: Male Wolf Faunus

Symbol: N/A

White Fang Occupation: Valish/Mistrali Captain

Appearance: Standing at 5'8" and weighing in at 154lbs, Blacksmith is deceptive in his threatening nature. His White Fang outfit is of very dark coloration, so itís pretty edgy. Blacksmith has a completely black mask, and the visor is shaped like a T and colored red, and it covers a good amount of the mask. After that, is a bunch of red lines through the exterior of the mask as if it was a Grimm. Inside the mask is a voice changer that makes it hard to distinguish who is behind the mask. Alongside the mask is a black hood that came from the black undershirt he has on. Over the undershirt is a black lightweight kevlar vest, and black leather jacket that is bullet proof and it remains unzipped. Blacksmith wears black leggings that are a bit loose, but not enough to make it hard to be flexible. On the back of his jacket is a big White Fang symbol to clearly show his allegiance.

History: Not much is known other than he appeared in Vale at the same time Cornix did, implying he too is from Mistral.

Personality: While Blacksmith is ruthless and bloodthirsty, he is also extremely subservient to those with more power than he. At his core, he believes he is a weapon for the white fang to use to achieve their shared goals.

Aura & Semblance: Unknown

Combat Behavior: Not seen in direct combat yet.


Name: Iron & Steel

Primary Form: Iron is a steel gauntlet that has dust vents in the palm of the gauntlet, with it being hooked up to a dust revolver chamber strapped onto his forearms. Its color scheme is a mix of a majority of white and a minority of black, with it being quite sleek. The revolver chamber, although six, can only hold the powdered form of three dusts. Steel is the exact same thing except swap the colors on the design. Both are quite durable on their own, and can be used as a standalone weapon, but itís mostly used to amplify Blacksmith's semblance.

Dust Function: Iron & Steel takes any dust crystals, but it can only use one at a time. Blacksmith only use certain dusts due to the fact that he did not have enough time to calibrate it to certain dust crystals. Due to that, heís locked to those three dust crystals for now, which is lightning, ice, and fire dust.
Blacksmith is currently experimenting with other dust to create more variability, but without a dust user to assist in calibrating Iron and Steel, heís stuck to those three dust types until he finds more time to undergo this research.

History: Thereís not much to be discussed about it, but there seems to be a forgotten history behind it...
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