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Codename: Artist

Age: Unknown

Gender & Species: Female Raven Faunus

Symbol: N/A

Occupation: Valish White Fang Lieutenant

Appearance: Artist is 5’10” and wears a large white brim hat that goes over head and creates a fit for her mask. Her mask is one that looks like a plague doctor would wear, with it being white and the eyes as red slits to create that ‘Grimm’ image. She wears black gloves and black leggings. Artist wears a white shirt, and over that is a long white overcoat that goes down to her knees but starts to part at the area around the thighs. Under the overcoat is where she stuffs her hair to keep it away from battle. On the overcoat is the White Fang Symbol on the back of it. Most of her outfit IS made to be bulletproof as she relies on her aura for everything else that would not qualify as a bullet. She wears black combat boots with the whole outfit. The area where the stumps would usually be sticking out of the overcoat and it would have black metal wings plugged into them that has extra shielding for it to be used as armor.

Uniform: ShowHide

History: Not much is known about artist other than that they've been active for several years, implying that they are Valish in origin.

Personality: Artist is rather darker and jaded, often incorporating that as much as she could into conversations. She also seems to be a bit bloodthirsty, even compared to others within the Fang. Artist has no mercy to give and would slaughter those in her way without regret. Caught and twisted into an angel of death… Well, how can she say no? After all, when is stuck with no hope, it would only make sense that the one who provides hope would have her wrapped around their finger.

She also likes to paint. Especially with blood of her enemies. Have fun with that.

Aura & Semblance: Her aura is a bright white, but her semblance has yet to be seen.

Combat Behavior: Artist has been in several confrontation with authorities and hunters and if it all had to boil down to one word, it would be ruthless. She's extremely agressive with her weapon and focuses all remaining attention on her aura.


Name: Judgement

Primary Form:
Reference: ShowHide

The weapon is 8 feet long, with the hilt being 8 inches of it, and an inch wide. It’s all black and quite sharp. The blade part can light up blue when powered by dust, for some unknown reason.

Dust Function: It’s powered by fire dust to heat up the blade part of the weapon.

History: She recreated her original weapon but improved it as much as she could and re-accessorize it in order to stay incognito & anonymous. Now no one can remember what the weapon originally was. Except for a few people with a seeing eye...
Atlas: ShowHide
Mercenary: Kol Augur ~ The Judicator of Atlas
Speaking: #5C5054 Thinking: #EAC117

Mistral: ShowHide
Huntress-in-Training: Aca Roth ~ Member of Team RWND
Speaking: #E05260 Thinking: #EA857F
Huntress-in-Training: Brook Pallas ~ Member of Team CNBR
Speaking: #4863A0 Thinking: #98AFC7
Council Member: Phaedo Katsaros ~ Figurehead for Faunus/Human relations
Speaking: #667C26 Thinking: #B6CC76

Vacuo: ShowHide
40th Vytal Tournament Champion: Zabar Aga ~ Member of Team DAWN
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Vale: ShowHide
Huntress: Malina Nahualli-Roth ~ Leader of Team MCCA
Speaking: #993A64 Thinking: #8B0C44
Beacon Professor: Titania Printemps ~ Assistant Headmistress of Beacon Academy
Speaking: #4AA02C Thinking: #E55B3C
Drop-out: Durian Ghede ~ Former leader of team DFDL
Speaking: #E1BD27 Thinking: #AF8B00