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The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« Last post by DEXES on January 08, 2019, 08:52:32 AM »
Dawn stood by one of the Bullhead's windows, watching as they passed through the craggy environment. Only at the sound of her scroll did she averted her gaze from the window to look at the holographic screen and listen to Sam's briefing.
She nodded silently as he finished and immediately turned back to the window, having no questions in desperate need of an answer.

When the Bullhead arrived at the mining shaft, Dawn grabbed her skateboard, which was leaning against the wall next to her, tucked it under her arm and then jumped nimbly into the cave. The flickering lights made it hard to get a clearer picture of their surroundings, but nevertheless, she was determined and ready to go "Well then, let's get started guys."
Beacon Academy / Re: ABoat time [Open]
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on January 08, 2019, 07:29:10 AM »
’I saw someone take out a small Nevermore with a firework, it’s not much but its something. And I’m sure it’s only the truly great patients that end up in worse shape than when they first lay down on the operating table. Even a ninja doctor couldn’t keep you safe from yourself’ Calen continued to tease Kisha lightheartedly. The combination of Kisha’s earnestness, absentmindedness and seriousness made her an amusing target for such taunts although she had proven herself to be more than what the gaunt boy expected so he didn’t push too hard. ’Honestly I think people are too quick to give up on anger, it can be a powerful motivating force if you know how to control it but I agree in most cases it is a waste of energy. Cutting someone else off from your life can often feel like you are punishing yourself as much as them.’ Calen responded his expression darkening. Calen very much didn’t hold grudges for the same reason that Kisha mentions but he still hated and he still remembered. It might be a fine line fair play or retribution are never in Calen’s mind.

Luckily his sisters were a happier topic and only small hints of Calen previous dark mood hid in the corners of his smiling face. ’I have nine siblings and I’m the youngest by around seven years, the baby of the family and I can’t imagine life without them. We lived in a small town and were one of the families responsible for its defence so my parents were often out on patrol so they basically raised me. Although any flaws in my person are entirely my doing. In my experience, a big sister is like a mother who isn’t under as many obligations to keep you safe, least of all from themselves. It can end up being a bit rough and tumble when you are all training to be hunters but they are less of the imposing impossible challenges than older brothers are and instead try to eke out every little bit of potential you have. That doesn’t mean it was easy but I wouldn’t have traded it away for anything.’ Calen responded happily looking dreamingly off into the distance.

After a short pause Calen turned back to face Kisha. ’If you would like to go another round it is your turn but if you are simply curious about something, feel free to ask. I’ll promise I won’t lie … too much. Although likewise, I’m curious about being an only child. It must have been lonely at times?’ Calen asked cocking his head to the side as if the different perspective would give him a more detailed view on Kisha. It’s an odd habit that he had picked up from one of his brothers and only really served to make Calen look even more overconfident than he did already.
     Ayaka held on to her wires as Catalina backed off, not giving much slack for him to move. The wires attached to his waist meant he'd be able to move sideways, but not backwards much. That was enough.

     Shooting the ends of her spool to ground the trapped wires, Ayaka then begun tracing the line with her finger. The wires held firm, and her blade kept charging, all that was left was to release all that energy.

     She knew next to nothing about her opponent. Personality-wise at least. She only learned what she can from their clashes. A coward, a schemer, maybe even a bit tactical, but nothing told her why he fought. Ayaka found constant running annoying, cowardly even to an extent, especially when against a supposed equal. Underhanded schemes disgusted her, but she had to admit they had their uses. Unfortunately she'd rather do without.

     Walking towards Catalina, Ayaka kept distance just a few meters away. Her left hand ever so slightly on the wires that pulled taut on her opponent, and her right resting on the hilt of her blade. She paused, despite her semblance flowing into her blade, and spoke. "Why do you fight?" She asked, her eyes judging, "From what little I can tell I have no reason to respect what I see. A coward, a schemer, and not even a good one at that. You fight as if expecting everything to fall in place but I see no strength behind your actions." She wasn't buying time, she had more than enough charge to deal a hefty blow. She didn't care about raw strength more than she did technique, so why did she talk? "Whatever your answer I'll tell you this. You are but another step towards my goal. A rough stone on my path. Win or lose, you have not earned my respect with what you've shown."

     She wanted to cut him down right then and there but she held. She could at least allow a reply, besides, she had the swallow in her cage and could draw her blade in a split second. "Anything you'd like to say? Stone?"

The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« Last post by ReaperJoe on January 08, 2019, 01:12:04 AM »
When she first heard she’d be undertaking a mission alongside two fully-licensed huntsmen, Aurelia couldn’t help but be a bit excited. She’s still only in training, after all, so she jumped on the opportunity to work in the field on an actual mission like this.  However, when she heard the words “authorized for lethal force”, she realized just how dire this situation might be.  This isn’t a vacation, nor is she here to “shadow”.  She can’t afford to be a burden here.  But will she be prepared to take a life if the need arises?

The huntress-in-training shakes her head.  Now’s not the time for doubts, she’ll have to rely on her training. 

Clad in shining silver armor, Aurelia is also very noticeable, and that’s a huge understatement.  She practically glitters under the sunlight.  If Siu looked like a fantastical mage, then Aurelia was the knight to go with it.  If she summoned Noble Steed, she’d probably stand out even more, so subtlety is probably out of the question. 

Though, if the people of this savanna valued strength, the cavalier is more than confident she could earn their trust.  Looking about, the horse faunus can see why she was picked for this mission in particular: an open plain is ideal for her style of battle.  Frankly, while she knows overconfidence is deadly, Aurelia would consider herself a match for any huntsman in this environment. 

Now’s not the time for hypotheticals, though, and as plumes of smoke come into view, Aurelia begins to steel herself for the events to come.  ”If you can scout the area, please do.  We may already be in for a fight,” she responds to Siu.  In the meantime, she switches Dusk into its rifle form and scans the area for anything that might pop out at them. 

She debates channeling her semblance now, but Aurelia ultimately decides to wait until the team is approximately 20-30 seconds out from the first plume of smoke.  The horse is fast, but the vehicle is probably a bit faster and she’d rather not fall behind this early. 
Beacon Academy / Re: The INKKredible room fiesta [INKK]
« Last post by Th3King0fChaos on January 07, 2019, 11:04:09 PM »

Ismael grabs the cards and begins to think, "Hmmmmmmmmm", as in his mind he begins to think of the different combinations of numbers to make 31.

Yet all he can think of is the entire image of them all on a ship that is sinking, every card is life or death. Every moment there could be a watery grave as he stares at Nathan as he begins to blink and give off the feeling of, what are we doing again?
The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« Last post by Siuwa on January 07, 2019, 02:43:11 AM »
Siu wore her trademark robes, the one made of silk and that have big long sleeves, making her look just like a mage out of a children's fantasy book. It is also quite comfortable, with little airholes allowing it to 'breathe' which is consistent with the advertisements, perhaps surprisingly. There's only one problem: it is kind of very noticeable.

She did bring her other set of clothes, and those would have been just fine for blending in, and she had no qualms just changing into it on spot, but it is thicker and thus hotter and she figures this wouldn't be a short mission despite being on a clock, so conserving stamina is important.

The summation made by her teammate is not entirely accurate, but she's sure Sam will correct him on that. Instead, Siu plays her usual role of scouting ahead. "Should I send a dragon ahead to check that out?" She asked pointing at the pillars of smoke.
The Vale Region / Re: At the mountains Summit
« Last post by arcus_gray on January 07, 2019, 01:49:06 AM »
Revya listened to the briefing quietly and gave a chuckle at the response from Toast. He had put Ladybug in the bullhead and once the doors opened to let the group out Revya was already on the bike with helmet on.
The instant the doors opened Revya gunned it and flew from the bullhead hitting the ground and skidding slightly spraying rocks around. after landing Revya dismounted and walked the bike towards the cave.
"Glad I brought ladybug, I think her headlights will come in handy." With that comment Revya turned on Ladybug's headlights to try and illuminate the cave in a more reliable manner.
The Vale Region / Re: Hunt across the Savannah
« Last post by arcus_gray on January 07, 2019, 01:39:06 AM »
The cloaked huntsman had spent the majority of the trip in complete silence, potentially asleep. He only seemed to stir once information started coming in on his scroll.
"So in short, try to disarm any hostiles and don't let anyone know why we're here?"
1v1 Matches / Re: Huntsman 1v1 bracket- Round 1: Janus Rogo vs. Budonoki Sophos
« Last post by Kingnoname1 on January 06, 2019, 02:31:11 AM »
Although everyone knows this is just for completeness sake. Riven concedes.
Kaliot concedes.
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