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Great. A one person version of trench warfare. At least this cover is something, so he had to aim under fire.
The cover did it's job fairly well, as only 2 bounce-offs and one direct hit impacted Catalina over the course of 5 seconds taking aim, and pull the trigger twice. A shock round and explosive round flew to their target, in that order. With Nathan being so close to the edge as he vaguely saw, he wondered if he's lucky enough to shoot his opponent off the cliff.
[Aura at 67%]
[The shock round can shock for 5 seconds and do 1% damage, the explosive round does 2%]

Okay, screw this I'm outta here. Unable to deal out anything advantageous against the overwhelming Ergia, this has to be the only choice. Skipping just over the heat staff of death with one leg still in the air,, Catalina ran for the nearest cover before his opponent can turn and notice. Okay. What to do?
Spoiler: Did something • show
Firstly the burnt back hurt like hell, Good news is I can deal with that. Now to rearm. What to do to not get melted by the heat? WITH HEAT! Pouring a split of fire dust into his aura and Take that! in a ratio of 3:1, the heat damage should be neatly neglected thanks to the second law of thermodynamics. He knows this is the estimated maximum concentration of dust in his regular surface area aura field. The other parts of the capacity of the hammer was filled with air dust. The cartridge was loaded with 2 healing rounds, then 15 explosive rounds, then shock-explosive-shock alternated for the rest.

Loaded and maybe ready, Catalina peeked for a chance to strike or shoot again.
[Aura still 72% because the cause of damage didn't came into contact.]

As soon as Cata felt the wrist moved he knew both that he fucked up and what's going on as a consequence. Scrambling to roll he still got hit right on the back and turned to get up behind Nathan. Trying to make him take exactly what he dealt, he reached and tried to lock his staff with his hammer from the back and pressed onto the opponent in front of him. Then a lightheaded feeling came and he knows this is from that move with his semblance but luckily he just has to held his position and can easily recover. He also glanced back to make sure the closest dust patch probably isn't possible for him to be knocked on and delivered a knee to back of Nathan's thigh.
[Aura at 72% and going down]
[The knee is 5%, the lock is 4% per second to Catalina and the 20% to Nathan if came into contact.]

Only now Cata realized how desperately outmatched he is. Shorter reach and less firepower and hitting weaker with weapons!? No thanks, gonna make all the effort in disarming that huge staff.
On the mouth he said "I don't hit exactly hit hard on the fists, so give up on the stupid weapon crossings and try me close!"
[The following grab attack was granted by Nathan]
He said it's just 'stupid weapon crossings' since he is confident he can parry the staff hit for hit. He's not wrong for now, but he needs to deal damage, and swinging isn't exactly great against stabbing in a range. As he swung his hammer into the tip and got some recoil so serious that it damaged his aura, he ran straight for Nathan again and broke out his semblance-three spikes spontaneously emerged from his aura, two for the eyes and one on the throat, while holding the hammer with another aura tube and having the head sliding to have the staff trapped in the right angle between the head and the handle-barrel again. Hopefully taking advantage of his instinctive eye-closing, Catalina got a grip again on Nathan's wrist, this time with both hands. Take that! came crashing down using the momentum at the same time and just before it hit his own hand, the hand covering his wrist moved revealing the his own repulsion crystal excited by the current! And the well timed hammerhead hit the crystal right at that time, making a point blank shock on Nathan's wrist artery. Which is protected by the aura thankfully, otherwise the hydrostatic shock is going to do some long term damage.
Surely the shock is going to make him drop the huge staff! Or so he thinks. He just hoped his opponent don't pull of something so good that it makes him on the receiving end of a 'rules of nature' moment.
(Sorry for the writing style, but none of them are autohits, obviously)
[Aura at 82%]
[Spikes each hits for 4%, but they're mostly a distraction. The Take that! is 8%, and the crystal probably clocks in at 10% at most, and did 7% to Catalina himself.]

Catalina raised his hammer again upon seeing it'll be difficult to get close, transforming back into rifle but were hit by the spinning staff before he could do anything, and followed through and duck to avoid the second hit completely. He aimed and emptied his cartridge on Nathan the first moment he knew the second spin passed, still lying on the ground as he did so. 3 of each targeted his two legs and the remaining 8 were spread evenly onto his torso and the immediate side of it. Once again ignoring the result of the rounds he got up standing, again ready to infiltrate the opponent's guard. Where was that dust patch again?
[Aura: 92%]
[Still 3% each hit, take as many as he can't avoid.]

Beacon Academy / Re: The split between the critics[open]
« on: October 23, 2016, 10:30:04 AM »
This guy, Jack Pettibone... he's really angered by the accident, even more so than the victim himself, Gray Saggio. This can't be good...

On a second thought, it might not be so bad to leave his opponent with the staff, as long as Cata can stay close so that the staff can't hit him. Trying his best to stay close, he approached the Green-gray looking opponent with a anticlockwise circular movement, barely outrunning the staff's end and get hit by the middle. As he got closer he put the hammer on his back and delivered the left knee towards the stomach and two hooks, one to his face and the other to the back of the head.
[94% aura, the hooks are 3% each and the knee to the stomach is 5%.]

He's getting annoyed from this, he knows and he has to not lose his head. Yeah, no, I don't want to be in the firing range of that barrage again. Nor do I want to be hit by that death staff of heat again.
Trying to close the distance again, Cat readied Take that!, swinging his sledgehammer into his target's fingers, with again the intention to smack the staff onto the ground or somewhere where picking it back up again would not be possible without giving openings to his attacks. If it missed he'll have to put down his hammer to just standing by and do close-quarter combat.
[The swing is 5% and you can dodge or not get Ergia knock off whatsoever if you don't think it will.]

Teams / Re: Signing Up for Initiation
« on: October 21, 2016, 11:33:46 AM »
I'll sign up team WVDG for the initiation.

Beacon Academy / The split between the critics[open]
« on: October 21, 2016, 10:36:04 AM »
[This post take place sometime in between Gray vs Nathan and Catalina vs Nathan. It's for people that have no reason to be visiting Nathan.]
Catalina sat down on the Canteen, watching footages, mass media critics, anything that's related to that fight.
How? Why? Would it happen to me? This thoughts are never fading ever since he saw that fight. So now here he is, in an equally neverending search of answer. He really needed someone to give him some opinions.

Catalina gathered himself as quick as possible, pulling up his rifle to parry the incoming attack. It's still not quick enough though, and it's the barrel instead of the staff that hit his temple.
Bearing the hit, he used his parrying rifle to push off Ergia away, sliding into his guard, freeing his right hand to infuse lightning dust into his aura on the way, and reached the hand toward his opponent's wrist, then grips as hard as he can forcing the Nathan to drop his staff.
If he can get the grip he'll spin the parrying rifle around, transform it into Take that! and try to knock the dangerous staff out of Nathan's hand by swinging it at his wrist;
Otherwise he will go for a full body ram to what looks like a patch of kinetic dust, then fires a shot at the patch of dust.
"Hey say something you spectators, It's really boring to fight without some cheering!" He cheerfully added.
[Aura: 95%]
[The lightning dust in his aura makes a sight shock and nothing else since it's just a handful of crystals, and the swing would be 5% and may knock Ergia out of Nathan's hand;
The ram does 10% to both of us if it connects and knocks Nathan towards that patch of dust. Then the round fired would probably make the patch explode doing something.]
Edit: Added Aura.

Teams / Re: Team WVDG[4/4]
« on: October 20, 2016, 09:41:26 AM »
 Xar, Arros, what do you think?

Climbing up slowly definitely is not a good plan, but he needs to get up there somehow. Well, if he can't climb up, he'll jump up! Using the airtime to spot clearly, he fired a round on where Nathan is hiding, then slammed down on the back of his head.
[Again, the bullet is 3% and the slam is 10%.]

The moment to assault and the outcome of the first hit make a big difference, Cata knows that much. He waited patiently out of sight, waiting for Nathan to make the first move.

Catalina is quite furstrated by the constant failliue of hitting his opponent. Deciding to change the stegergy, he started to work his way up the mountain, carefully avoiding crystal patches and trying his best to conceal.

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