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Can you think of any music that would suit your characters? Fighting themes or general leitmotifs?

Catalina was expecting a defensive use of the dust, which is the reason he didn't pay much attention and launched his attack anyway. But he didn't expect Smokey to launch himself with those, and certainly not backwards. Noting that a longer distance means more strain for himself, Cat closed the distance a little and let his semblance 'fistcuff' move the rest of the way to finish the attack.

He was focusing a lot on the attack in the front, and his head now feels not only light but stinging now, so Cat didn't notice that his hammer is freely spinning in the air until it had reached its peak and is momentarily suspended. No problem though, he can just divert one of his attacks to collect it when it drops lower. For now, he can just keep extending and retracting his Aura spikes to chip at Smokey's Aura and watch out to account for any necessity for him to change his course of attack, especially if Smokey fires another round which would crash his Aura if it hits.

Aura: 55%
Semblance: 38%
Status: lightheaded, headache

Spike attacks: (3% + 2% fire) x 6

Catalina was ready to lash out at Smokey, but then he saw him reach into the pocket, squeeze his hand and sprayed out... fire dust. Phew. Luckily for Cat, he already infused some fire dust into his Aura meaning even if they are activated all at once to make a small firestorm it would have little effect to his own heated Aura, which means they are safe to ignore. Which he did because he is going to barrage him to kingdom come. Or hopefully more than halfway to it anyway, since it will take out another chunk of his mental strength to sustain this one.

Standing still Cat launched as many as 4 spikes, each aimed at the center of mass and near the target hand so that a swing block isn't as effective, at Smokey and started chipping away at Smokey bit by bit. He can do a bit of retracting and relaunching, effectively turning it into a fist cuff with his semblance. Although despite trying hard his mind is being stressed, he is starting to feel winded and it will only get worse from here.

Aura: 55%
Semblance: 44%
Status: lightheaded

Spike attacks: (3% + 2% fire) x 6

Twice now had Smokey fired while still holding his own weapon. Cat is astonished by this-- he needs to use both his hands to wield it effectively. To prevent another losing power struggle for himself, Catalina had to again let go and instead prepare an attack on his own. Clearing his mind, he planned out his attack in mind and prepared to launch it. Maybe, just maybe, he can take this with one volley. Well, probably not, but hopefully he can get a bigger lead. He is about to show Smokey that he is actually back on the proactive side of the fight, even at thia range without a firearm.

Aura: 55%
Semblance: 50%

Huff. Puff. It takes a quite bit just to point the muzzle away against his wrist! Cat would certainly either lose the struggle or tire out before that. He needs to actively get away and get his weapon back.

As the- his- hammer heads for Cat, he saw a chance to get out and tried to take it. Giving up on pushing away the shotgun Catalina turned his attention and semblance to the sledgehammer, grabbing on it and using the resistive semblance of his as leverage. With one moment of focus, Cat flung himself with the help of a jump and landed a few meters away from and slightly behind Smokey. Normally this would be an excellent opportunity to fire and deal a bunch of damage, but he is disarmed so he needed to get it back. And so Catalina kept pulling under his deeper and quicker breath, this time trying harder to be able to also move and dodge.

Aura: 55%
Semblance: 52.5% and decreasing
Pulling at Take That!.

Huh? Once again Cat gets a nasty surprise as Take That! was halt instead of pushing through or bouncing back and now it is being caught. I totally forgot his semblance and that was it! Now he has little hope of retrieving his weapon as he fruitlessly pulled, pushed and slid it off his arms.

But a struggle in place is dangerous for him and so it is when he was under the threat of instant elimination. But... "Not if I can help it." Using the grabbed hammer as leverage, Cat pulled his body to the side, the frozen left leg in the front and facing Smokey. Time to push the mind to its limit.

Cat used a copious volume of his semblance at once, first using it to push the barrel away from him along with his imminent loss, then forming one clamp to take his dust out. As he struggles against Smokey's strength and semblance, he got to infuse his fire dust into his Aura which starts melting the ice on his left leg. That would make aimdodging much easier. Cat then does an upward kick with no intention to hit but to splash Smokey a face of steam. Now he focuses all his mental strength into pushing away his doom and if the hammer drops he can retake it by another use of semblance. He feels his breath get a little heavier. This might not go so well after all.

Aura: 55% (not fired yet)
Semblance: 70% and decreasing
Kick: Distracting steam

Cat made a small smirk as he showered his target in flames and changed that into a grimace complete with eye-widening when he saw Smokey charged into the inferno and tried to grab his hammer still firing. Cat blocked the grab with his semblance walling off the grabbing hand and retracting back when the hammer moves out of the way.

Ok, new plans. A close firefight works too as long as Cat lands more shots than receives, running in circles should do the trick. Just a little distance from now will do. This is the distance Cat prepares the most against Zabar after all, if he couldn't make the most out of this range than he might as well not attempt against him altogether.

Then he saw him pointing the big freaking gun at him. That is scary but the low aim means he can't possibly doge it at this close which means he had to make up for it with his own. So Cat Swung with full windup, even propelling the hit with some more flames on the other side. This should very well hit if the exchange is worth it for him, but Cat first received one and it feels cold in addition to being painful. Cat tried to jump off but only one leg did. He looks down worriedly and finds it frozen to the ground. Well that's horrible for him.

Aura: 55%
Semblance: 94%
Hammer: 15%

How do I exploit this opening... Right, that. Works every time. Seeing the effectiveness of the round made him kind of regret not utilizing them to the fullest the last time. It might have gotten him a litter farther. Just a bit.

Cat used the time Smokey is being shocked to get his weapon to transform into his hammer form, charged in and... started using his hammer to spew out flames. Work wonders when trying to force some distance. The idea is to deter him from closing in, then beat him in a firefight with Take That's fire rate and ammo advantage. 2 out of 6...

Aura: 80%
Semblance: 96%

Flamethrower: 5% per second

Catalina did not make light of that shot and immediately activated his semblance, forming a palm to fling himself out of the way. As he lands decided what his something will be. Cat started skirting the edge of the arena as soon as he landed and took out his other magazine and put one of his shock rounds in his pocket waiting to use.

The mutual stare between the two notified each other of their intent as well as to the audience: finding an opening to shoot. In an attempt to create an opening, Catalina ran again in circles and pointed his gun but only pretends to aim and shoot and focused on dodging the incoming shot by outmaneuvering Smokey's aim and mainly dragging himself to a stop using his semblance again. But dodging to the ground isn't going to work twice in a row, so got hit on the leg this time.
Then he returned fire with the shock round, this time sure of himself that he can hit a stationary target, although lying on the side shooting upwards does put that into doubt.

Aura: 80%
Semblance: 96%

Shock: 5% and shock enough to throw off aim, modified by however the semblance reduces

Approved Characters / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: June 24, 2018, 09:26:44 AM »
Ammo box toned down to 500 rounds and added a barricade to her arsenal.
Specified that the gun is belt fed but the belt is stored in a box.

Cat's really worried about that monstrosity on Smokey blasting him, and then would be no thens. He tries to figure something against that before the signal went off. A straight charge is easy to take on, so Cat did stay and fired back in place, hoping to slow down his advance and buy himself some time to get that something.

Catalina properly raised his gun, takes aim but not through the scope to be quicker, then pulled the trigger and sent 3 piercing rounds towards Smokey, two at either leg and one at the center of mass. Regardless if it hit or not, Cat will then squat down, preparing to dodge to either side in anticipation of retaliatory fire, ones that are significantly stronger than his.

Combat data:
Aura: 100%
Semblance: 100%

Sniper shots: 15% x 3

At the stadium of Beacon Academy it is a busy day. The seats are full of citizens as well as students, some of them even selling homemade snacks to make a quick Lien. Outside the entrance are a series of signposts pointing a path to the stadium. Inside is two qualified students preparing to fight it out to boost hype, have an entertaining fight and hoping to increase the turnout in the matches to come.

Catalina Glenn, the quarter-finalist last tournament, Stands on one side. He presents himself in a fighting stance, one like he is going for hand to hand combat but holding his trusted sniper instead, pointing forward but not at his competitor, Smokey Emberstone.

(A coin flip decided Smokey gets the first post. The arena size is that of the school stadium in the show. This is essentially how fights in the last tournament go, although the opening posts are quite more detailed than this courtesy of Gus. Those who missed the last can join this one at plot zone!)

Approved Characters / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:43:09 PM »
Added details of the light machine gun. The two other numbers are the rapid and cyclic rate of fire according to Wikipedia so the 600 RPM rate will not actually be used to fire bursts.

1st Year 1v1: Catalina Glenn

4th Year 1v1: Infrared Ray

Huntsman's Bracket: Siu Ceong

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: June 20, 2018, 08:45:01 AM »
Infrared was relieved that the volley finally stops and puts down her arm before Solar even started throwing. Her legs are getting better from 'being nailed' to 'washing wound with plain water' but her hand, it hurts. Moving it hurts. Just leaving it alone hurts. Touching it hurts. Exposing it to the air hurts. Scraping it hurts. Flexing it hurts. It is actually pretty close to getting a rather serious burn.

But as she sat up she felt some... moist. She only felt it on her seat, but she had better make sure what it is, she doesn't know the strain of overusing her semblance.
Infrared turned around and back to see Solar splashing water from her drinking. That made Infrared wished she had brought a bottle or something too. But anyway that should be the end of our part. Now it's just Rust and the big guy.

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