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RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:34:11 AM »
Canon: I said I'll never allow that

Two students in the Beacon stadium are duking it out. Water is wet, the Kingdoms Series does not invite teams from every Kingdom, sparring is one of the most common single activities in Beacon Academy. Especially true here as this is a training session held by the school. However this match today is... more than a little unorthodox.

The boy opened the match with a left straight at the breast of the girl. No, he was not aiming at the heart, which would require him to punch at her left with a right punch. The girl snarls at the punch before it connects and her expression turns pained as it does. Catalina read this one online and at lessons.  That general area is more sensitive than other, and especially so for females than to males.

The girl retaliated in the form of point-blank pistol shots,  but they missed and the assault on her continues as the boy secures the tempo of the fight by the first attack and will go on to win the match by finishing it with a kick in the crotch doubling her over.

While the better part of other students grasped at the attack in either fascination or horror Catalina was seething. And the triumphant boy wasn't ignorant of this. "It's not like I pulled any punches; isn't that what you advocated?" Cat's activism isn't exactly unknown to the class, so he added that. "Plus if it works, what are you gonna do, shoot me?"

Calen might be right just two days ago when he stated how every little edge in combat should be stacked to his advantage, after all, your opponents might just not care, and can not care if they are the creatures of Grimm. But that is the very thing Catalina stands for.

How could he? Not because she was a girl, Catalina was never about that. It's that... what? Catalina can tell it's definitely a direct violation of his principles, but what exactly is it? Cat have to find out or he can't rest comfortably, for something threatening his very identity is right there and he can't meaningfully resolve it.

At the sparring session the next day Catalina challenged him to a match. He is going to prove that it simply doesn't work. The professor also sees through what's bothering him, and as he is the combat teacher he realizes he should probably counsel him after this, but he didn't stop Cat for now.

The match was opened with another debilitating groin attack. Cat simply uses his semblance to block it off. But that reminds him: He was exploiting her sexual traits, and that is unacceptable. It doesn't matter if it's a male or female if he wants gender equality he'll practice it. With this renewed determination Catalina began his volley of semblance-aided piston punches only to be stopped when he decided to tank a punch. It hurts. The pain just doesn't match the strength behind the hook. No wonder he fights like that, he had a pain amplification semblance. Does that make his moves justifiable, hair pulling and all that? Probably from a pragmatic perspective, but this fight is already on.

So Cat went ahead and carried out his barrages of punches punctuated by the occasional sledgehammer swings and rifle shots. One such attack went for his adversary's head and he flattened his bunny ears to avoid a grab, but Cat reveals he aimed for the temple with a dazing jab. And so it went back and forth with neither side having the edge, and the proactive side changes hand over and over. Cat sends a spike straight at the target but is blocked by the arm, which Cat proceeds to wrap around and pull but was used to boost a punch.

Catalina extended his hand. He didn't think he'd be so eager to do so but he learned. To each their own: if someone uses a fighting style it's because it suits them. It doesn't really interfere with his agenda, after all, it's just that Cat would never sink to using those moves.

Smokey is idling but not sleeping. He should though, it's a good idea not to squander away your stamina if you are not preparing, which he already did. It seems like the three of them isn't very equipment heavy, even if the files she's been given tells her to think otherwise about Smokey. As for Mikado, he's feeding Dust to his Dragon. That must be Kiro. Can he speak or comprehend human sentences? Or do you have a semblance bound connection to him? Can- ...he think by itself? Siu wondered out loud in a triplet of questions. This is really interesting because Fung can do none of that and definitely cannot just follow her around or be miniaturized like the file about them said.

Not realizing she spoke the question and therefore never expecting an answer, Siu started to study the map of Monaha's evacuation. Threat and likelihood of encountered Grimm, time to pass, weather conditions are all to be taken into consideration s when drawing their escape route. Of course, they already have one in mind with more up-to-date and minute information than she does now and is already en route, but it is a good mental exercise and provides backup plans in case their original route becomes unavailable. With that in mind, she started making notes on each of the regions, writing down and pointing out each of their terrain and features, as well as the effect of various weather conditions on the passing speed of them and the types of Grimm that needs to be fended off.

Mikado did give a straight answer to the question, is annoyed, and every information checks out. That's completely expected so Siu simply goes on with what she wanted to say.
"I am Siu Ceong indeed. Call me Siu." Siu shakes Mikado hand gratefully as she returns the stand. Having been introduced Siu continued explaining."Now, I know that question was stupid, but it doesn't hurt to be more descriptive. Specifically, the way we stop Grimm from killing people. We are instructed to buy time for the villagers as the primary objective, and eliminate the horde only if doable. While given the threat reports of the horde versus the team sent it might very well be doable, the prioritization would be useful to keep in mind should any complexities arise." Now that explanation could be seen as showing off depending on the person as they may or may not have considered that already, but you can't control what others think so no harm done in Siu's books.

It is about time for takeoff, so Siu signaled the pilot of their readiness. Acting according to the difficulty of the mission Siu decided she should sit back and observe the activity of the two on the flight to Monaha. She wasn't told to but do so but she would try to evaluate them and if the observations are interesting she might file it to the staff.

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Re: Happy Birthday Monster!
« on: August 20, 2018, 01:17:18 PM »
It is? How attentive are you guys about this? Do you like, look at their profile every day or...?

Well then, happy birthday Monster! I really look forward to seeing more from you from now on too! Especially Graham, I really want to talk to him about technology in combat.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: August 20, 2018, 01:47:18 AM »
(OOC: Sigh.)
Infrared had rushed in to catch the Crown as soon as she saw it flying at the ground but it was too late, so she had to brace the gigantic blast, daring not to wince even though the blinding flash emitted from the Crown so as to prepare her semblance. Only it didn't come. Any signs of damage of damage was out of the way at the side. What about Solar? Is she hurt? A quick inspection says no. So her worry about Solar's safety fades... and gives way to the anger born. And so she calmly walked up to her, picked up the crown and hand it back to the Captain by stuffing it in her hand before turning back to Solar and pirecing her with the stares of spears. "What. Did. The Captain. Say?" Infrared's face might have looked calm, but her twitching body language screams that she might seize her by the waist and give her a paddling any time, just like that one time when the mines she worked in collapsed and trapped her inside.

In a bullhead, 15 minutes before the scheduled takeoff of her mission sat Siu Ceong. She is to be shadowed by two first years, Mikado Drak and Smokey Emberstone. Although with the estimated difficulty of the mission it might just be the reverse. What complications exactly are the staff foreseeing to send a huntress to accompany first years on a first-year-level village defense? Couldn't they have picked a level more appropriate for shadowing if that's what they're going for? The wondering mind of Siu rushed to work out possibilities. Starting from the likely ones: White Fang activities? Bandit targets? To less so: Criminal subversion? Border skirmishes? ...Anyway, somewhat out-of-the-way villages like these usually have an interesting heritage of their own, which I can tell Dad about. Cool.

Seeing both of her teammates board is the cue for her to double check everything. Barricades, check. Point Defense, check. That would be it, but there's still a bit of time before takeoff, so she should take the time to get to know them better for the good of all of us, given she's is a complete stranger to them and vice versa, plus even if she's working with two teammates as they are, she does not know anything about the relation of them, but hopefully a good one.
"So, who are you, where are we going to and what would we do there?" A fairly useless question, checking if each of them went on the right bullhead, plus if any of them received more or fewer instructions than she did. In addition, from their reactions Siu might be able to figure out a thing or two about their characters and on each other.

Not having time to rub her sore leg after that launch Infrared got to her feet and started ascending the mountain, jumping up the mountain pillar by pillar and climbing the altitude meter by meter. Looking back he could see him catching up and fast, but she expects still to be able to reach the summit or at least finds footing to unwind a bit before reengaging.

Battle data:
Aura: 87%
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored


RPG Discussion / Re: Meaningful Strengths: "I Can" vs "You Can't"
« on: August 17, 2018, 11:12:16 AM »
Now, to some of you, this may seem obvious, especially when given in a context like this.  But if you take a look through my characters' profiles, I'm pretty certain you'll see at least one "You can't" ability.  And if you look through the Vytal Festival fights, I'm sure you can find one fight where said ability made the fight uninteresting, if not two.  And the reason those fights are uninteresting is because that ability robbed the opponent of potential options.  Because said options were denied, they were put at a tremendous disadvantage. All because I pushed a button that did a certain thing.

If you count outside of just the tourney then it would be... still two actually. The best part about the "You Can't" kind of abilities is how one side tries to force the other into a position where the only options are countered by the "You Can't" while the other finds ways to sidestep it partially or entirely and exploit the implied "Can" of the "Can't". Kind of like offensive versus defensive play, pushing the target to make a mistake as opposed to waiting for one. Example being Cat vs Smokey,

Smokey: Blocks off displacement and avoids knockback, grabs stuff and such.
Catalina: Uses the anti-displacement as a leverage anchor to move away and attack from a distance.

Although that is really specific I think "You Can't" of as a puzzle to be solved with the tools at my disposal, so it's not uninteresting at all.

Everywhere Else / Re: Hunt for the Howling Storm {CLOSED}
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:41:56 AM »
In response to Cordell's cheering Infrared joked,"One of us is already famous before and the other three of us still won't be famous afterwards because.we would rather keep our wealth secret."
On the other hand, Rust's threat does not intimidate her. "One, I won't know where you are like right after we depart. Ding! Two, I did not see how the Fang died so that's not a effective threat. Ding! Three, you just assumed I know who you are. For the record, I do, but you did not know that. Ding! Sin tally: 3. Sentence: trying to tell that to the face of my handler." Confident she just roasted Rust she took a long sip from the offered rum. If not for him though, Infrared can totally ensure her intoxication.

Oh, he's right behind me and trying to make a pass by. Remember how that rocket was dodged entirely? Now it's her turn.

Infrared shot to the air with another leap from the column of rock to make the viable window of his thrust disappear entirely. Leveraging the movement of the jump plus extending her hand to the fullest she can attempt a slam-slash aimed at Kei's forehead and if that didn't work, the real kicker comes in literally, when Infrared touches the ground she applies the semblance at herself and converting most of the fall into horizontal velocity that enables her to deliever her boot to Kei. A fall from that height isn't really damaging to Infrared, but a flying kick certainly is. And if it missed that's ok too, now she must be a fair distance from him which allow her to start making her way up the mountain.

Battle data:
Aura: 87%(-3% from semblance use)
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored

Slash: 8%
Knee: 12%

Plot Zone / Re: Big Game Hunting [Tentative Signups]
« on: August 09, 2018, 07:34:04 AM »
I'm put Siu in if/when her semblance issue get fixed. I want to debut the Dragon so if you can?

Character Editing / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: August 07, 2018, 03:21:14 AM »
"They are about the 10 centimeters tall and when they fly they make noises like a toy helicopter of a similar size. Their maximum range is 500 meters from Siu and she can have up to 10 cranes summoned at once."

Done, done and done.

Also the I have changed the speed. "Their cruising speed is about as fast as Siu herself without carrying anything".

Hah, that worked. But then Kei stepped back and Infrared did not push closer in time so she just mirrored the backward step to gain a bit more distance than is ideal to the lance.

Barely out of each others' direct reach she finds another approach in her peripheral vision, one that uses her semblance more liberally. That also means a lot more pain accompanies, but luckily things that doesn't hurt normally doesn't hurt with her semblance either. Just try to not give away the semblance entirely, because there's one thing Infrared really wanted to do with the terrain here.

As soon as Kei even looked like he's moving Infrared breaks off to her right and again jumped onto another column of rock 3 meters or so tall, looking down as she prepares for any chance of applying her semblance.

Battle data:
Aura: 90%
Reaction: 1/2 Shots/16 stored


Catalina sat in the match and carefully observed his potential future opponents. Thinking of ways he can counter their moves and now the wires. The easiest way to know some is by watching others go at it and so he did.

Character Editing / Re: Siu Ceong
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:35:27 AM »
1). Yes. Edited in.
2). "Their guns are about the same as the ones mounted on warplanes but proportionately weaker the missiles are similar to a grenade in power." Edited in.
3). "They are about the size of a pack of 250ml drink." Edited in.
4). "Siu can summon as many of them as her Aura can afford." Do I have to have a limit?
5). "They do not have a defined range but if their time runs out while in the air then they simply fizzle out and their invested Aura is lost." Again do I need to have one?
6). Yes. Edited in.
Balance: Done as told.

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