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Wanna ask about character creation?
Wanna ask about my characters?
Go ahead!
Why am I asking myself questions?
Because it's an AMA!!...ugh

Made one just in case the lot of ya have something to ask about any of my characters(look at my sig ya scrubs) or maybe about reviewing since it's what I rant about. I will not divulge any names though, unless you want me to roast ya.

Approved Characters / Shiroe Pendragon
« on: October 05, 2016, 08:05:28 AM »

Name: Shiroe Pendragon

Age:  17, Niege 2

Gender and Species: Male Human

Symbol: Sword Rune

Occupation: 1st year Student at Beacon


Shiroe has white hair that reaches just a bit past the ears, somewhat messy at the front and with a small bun at the back. His eyes have a sharp turquoise tint to them and arc in an almost feminine fashion with his eyelashes deceivingly so as well. Standing at a height of 5'9 Shiroe wears a dark blue vest over a white, long-sleeved polo and fashions a black bow tie. For his lower body he wears black slacks and rather formal looking boots made for both image and utility. On Shiroe’s waist his scabbard rests neatly to the left while a line of pocket compartments on his belt hold other items such as small dust canisters and his scroll. Shiroe’s symbol is tattooed on the back of his right hand usually covered with a black leather glove though it starts to glow through it if he activates his semblance. Underneath his shirt he has a long scar that reaches from the area where his heart is, streaking down to his lower right waist. In battle he wears a light chest plate, bracers, shin guards and boots engraved with runes bleached to a silverish white.


Shiroe comes from a rather aristocratic family who had ties to many major companies that deal with businesses ranging from land development to huntsmen organizations in Atlas. The Pendragons were not always a business oriented family and played a major part in their region during the Great War, many of their family members serving high ranking positions in both military and economic standings.

Despite being from a more than well off family he grew up without much parental care and usually just had his butler as well as servants attending to his needs. Shiroe was taught to fight at a young age by many tutors in many fields but only Dunham managed to be able to cope with him for battle training, being a former huntsman who owed life to his family. Being raised primarily by his butler instead of his parents Shiroe grew up somewhat unused to social interactions save for business mannered conversations or formal ones leading to rather awkward interactions during his schooling in Atlas.
In an advanced session of his training Shiroe had to fight multiple atlesian robots without using his semblance despite his reliance on it but got a serious injury which left a scar running down from the left side of his chest down to his right waist from the blade that struck him down when his aura was depleted. Even with his busy tutelage schedule Shiroe had excellent grades but not that many friends, he was often shunned by people due to his standing in society and the influence of his family in the region. Shiroe learned to be quite independent but still a bit untrusting of the people around him. Being an excellent fighter and student, he managed to get accepted into Atlas academy but a sudden business venture in Vale prompted his family to move their base of operations there and send their son to Beacon academy instead.


Kind and polite, Shiroe was taught to be a gentleman in every aspect, especially to women. Although he can get along quite easily with people he lacks trust in strangers because he's always been left out as a child and is never sure how they really feel. Shiroe can be quite serious at times especially in battle but he'll often doubt his abilities as a teammate and would find himself committing vital mistakes. He can be also be quiet at times, but his knowledgeable about current events and happenings making him capable of holding conversations with most people but his upbringing may lead others to believe that he lacks proper casual conversational skills.

Aura and Semblance:

Rune Caster

Shiroe can cast runes by having contact with any object he touches. He can do so by touching the object and channeling his aura to the spot of interest. Shiroe can also place runes and activate them at a later time even at a distance, this includes placing runes on simple objects such as rocks and throwing them as if improvised grenades. He has several different types of runes, the runes can be used to enhance the effects of normal attacks and also dust powered abilities. He can only cast up to 15 runes max at any point in time due to his current condition so he can't have infinite runes at the ready to trap an enemy. Attacking a rune can cause it to activate prematurely and waste any dust that was used in it as well. Shiroe usually releases dust on an object and places a rune to use the dusts properties and magnify them, he can do this with his Sabre or even by throwing dust on it himself or through the dust in his gloves. He can deactivate a rune to make a new one in its place but has to change the dust used if the new property doesn’t coincide with the previous type. Mixing dust types also has varying effects.

Rune abilities:
Spoiler: ShowHide

AOE effects have a max radius around 10 feet

Rune of fire: By placing a rune on an object with dust he can make inferno's and explosions when he activates it. Max area is around a 10 foot radius. They can be placed side by side to increase the blast radius. Can also be used to set objects on fire such as his sword or a small area.

Rune of ice: Uses "ice" dust to freeze an area, attacks with ice related attacks or give elemental abilities to objects such as his weapon.

Rune of Lightning: Uses "electrical" dust to cast electrical attacks or enhance his weapon or any object. Objects can not be guaranteed to not harm the user if held.

Rune of Earth: Uses "Earth" dust to cast ground, dirt, or rock based attacks or enhance his weapon or any object with it.

Rune of binding: Rune that binds an enemy and renders them immobile. Lasts for about 15 seconds or if the target is strong enough to break free. Binds are strong as tightly woven rope and can be cut just the same. 

Gravity Rune: Increases the gravitation pull in a small area making it possible to stick onto walls or hold something in place.

Rune of Force: Rune that can increase the strength or speed of an attack or even movement such as a jump or dash. Power of speed can be used as one super quick burst, exhausting the rune instantly or slightly sped up running for a few seconds. Attacks can be enhanced significantly in one strong attack or spread out for numerous slightly harder strikes.

Rune of Light: Rune that emits a bright light, can be placed on objects.

Rune of Protection: Rune that gives a temporary shield on the object or area it's placed on. Reduces force of impact from strikes but not so much for elemental attacks.

Combat Behavior:

Being a lightly armored Sabre wielder, Shiroe would attack with quick, calculated movements, often preferring to launch multiple light attacks instead of one heavy attack if he can. Shiroe has good reflexes and outstanding reaction time during battle and can use runes to strengthen his attacks both physically and ‘elementally.’ Shiroe is a smart fighter and wouldn’t recklessly fight if there are better options available and would constantly learn from his mistakes, changing tactics in the heat of battle if possible.

Another set of tactics Shiroe uses involves setting pre-set runes on surfaces before battle, allowing him a sort of tactical advantage with ready made traps and supportive vestments. If needed, Shiroe would often prepare runes on dust vials themselves making quick casting possible while expanding his repertoire of attacks and skills.

One downside to Shiroe’s fighting style is his lack of trust in comrades so he’ll never be one to suggest tactics or lead a team properly. The lack of armor and his build considered, Shiroe cannot take a strong blow without flinching of buckling and relies heavily on supportive runes to hold his ground. Ranged fire over a constant barrage also poses a problem for him if he has no runes prepared to defend against them. With regards to rune usage, Shiroe cannot cast them instantly and infinitely at any one time and must prepare them accordingly.


Name: Ryujiin

Primary Form:

An 88 centimeter long silverish-white Sabre. The blade has multiple Runes engraved on it to allow quick casting for Shiroe, allowing his semblance to quickly take form and activate at a moment’s notice. Around the length of the blade are multiple dust release holes along with several dust compartments in the handle which can be quickly released and accessed with two triggers on the handle, one for changing compartments another for releasing dust.


The sword is a memento and relic passed down generation to generation from before even the great war. Several adaptations were added with the increase of technology but it keeps it's simple design and the runes engraved on it by its former wielders as both aesthetics and semblance adaption for those in the family with similar abilities.

Approved Characters / Vermilion Desdemona
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:54:21 PM »

Name: Vermilion Desdemona

Age: 19

Species and Gender: Human Male


Occupation: Student at Beacon Academy. 3rd year. Heir to Desdemona Estate


Vermilion has a tall stature standing at 6’2 and an athletic build from years of training with a pale complexion and sharp distinguished eyes, their color being what he was named after, Vermilion. His face is long with a tall nose, thin lips, and a slightly pointed chin adding to his rather regal appearance, to top it all off he also has straight white hair that trails down all the way to his back. Vermilion's combat and also normal attire consists of a black vest and a shirt trimmed silver near the edges and a black robe inlayed red on the inside.


Living a life of luxury would mostly be expected to be one without worries or troubles, especially if one came from an esteemed family of wealthy land owning individuals who pride themselves in their family ties and ability in combat. This often lead to even higher expectations of the heirs, especially if he was the only legitimate one after quite a while because of his father’s inability to stay faithful to his wife.

Vermilion grew up in the Desdemona manor with no less than a king sized bed to himself, three straight meals, plenty of servants at his beck and call and a life full of expectations, education, and rigorous training. From an early age Vermilion was taught the basics of what any rich spoiled brat should be taught coupled with rigorous training and exercise despite his already innate combat ability. Being from a family of esteemed huntsmen and huntresses, rich ones to boot, his education and training was nothing shy of brutal and unforgiving, forcing him to work even harder than usual just to get the slightest amount of praise from his family members, most notably his mostly absent father, Claude.

At the age of 10 Vermilion was introduced to a girl who was sent to live at their household, a poor looking one at that and also a faunus. Who she was and why she was there didn’t interest him in the slightest and he figured she might just be some random girl his family picked up for the sake of showing charity or the like. From the moment they met he knew that she was going to be a headache for him rather than someone to have fun with, much to his chagrin. He mostly ignored her during their lives at the manor only to have very minor interactions such as those he’d have with the servants, almost to the point where it took him a few months just to learn her name due to ignorance. Hannah was a turning point in his life because being an only child, Vermilion rarely had playmates aside from obstacle courses, weapons, and training dummies. He eventually tried warming up to the ‘guest’ but was always met with looks of disgust and hatred. Being a typical spoiled brat he took it as a challenge and most of the time treated her like someone beneath him and eventually just barely took notice of her except during some seldom joint training sessions where for some reason, she was able to keep up and sometimes hurt him intentionally, most of the times ending with quick repercussion by either himself or some other family members.

Even as they studied in Signal Academy Vermilion would notice this fury in his half-sister, (up till now he doesn’t know they’re related as of their 3rd year in Beacon), and always responded with immediate brutality of his own causing him to develop a new pleasure out of inflicting pain on others, most notably Hannah. For some reason he noticed her trying to protect him at times from those jealous of his standing and probably thought it was some innate care she developed somehow despite their quarrels and being somewhat used to punishment himself since he was a child.

Eventually both of them landed a spot in Beacon, and oddly enough, also got paired up in the same team. Vermilion noticed Hannah becoming more and more aggressive, usually choosing to let out her frustrations on him which he duly answered during a myriad of sparring sessions mostly aimed on the two of them trying to beat each other to a pulp despite their varying combat styles. He also noticed some odd behaviours from Hannah such as choosing him exclusively as a sparring partner and even staring at him while he slept which he attributed to maybe some lingering affection or whatever weird practices the girl might have developed. For two years the both of them along with their teammates managed to stay alive and pass their struggles at Beacon, most of them being due to Hannah’s and Vermilion’s conflicts, and are now at their third year.


Vermilion, having been raised in a highly challenging and hardened household, is not as easy going person to say the least. Though he would not hesitate to socialize when necessary he always views people and events as a means to an end and would more often than not use them to his advantage. Contrary to what some may think, Vermilion is not anti-social and he would mingle often but people to him are more akin to tools then equals but he still considers them a way to stave off boredom and maybe find people among the masses who are more worthy of his attention than others. He would not directly show arrogance unless pressed but his manner of speaking might be offensive during more serious matters as he would hold his opinion above others due to his upbringing, stubbornness, and confidence.

In battle Vermilion is not foreign to playing dirty, if pressed and necessary he would use any means available to achieve victory even if it means doing heinous things to destroy the enemies’ spirit or sacrificing some things to achieve a greater goal in the long run but this does not mean he’s a constant cheater. If there are ways in which such things aren’t needed he’ll refrain from doing so for his image. Vermilion is brutal in his methods and would put results above anything else, caring little to what others think if he finds his way the most effective, he also tend to ignore authority if he finds the one leading a lesser person than him.

Vermilion is known to have slight sadistic tendencies and sometimes shows the occasional grin when inflicting pain on others. Although he denies any such claims those close to him would feel a certain darkness in his methods and words.

Aura and Semblance:

Prince of Impalement

Vermilion’s semblance is one of extreme prejudice and precision, allowing him to manifest dozens of spears at a moment’s notice to impale his enemies where they stand, corner them and limit their mobility, or just blanket the field with lances flying from multiple directions to overwhelm them. Being able to create spears within a 20m radius around him Vermilion uses them strategically to keep an enemy on their toes or just pester them from multiple directions, letting them pelt at them repeatedly to tire them out, trip on them if he wished with some protruding out the ground, or use them himself as weapons to combat the enemy in addition to his own weapon. Vermilion isn’t able to fully control the spears movements other than launching them in a straight path from where they were manifested or dissipating them before they could stab or hurt someone he needs unharmed. The spears can manifest anywhere within his area of effect but take a short while to manifest and a tinge of red aura in the area shows where they’d appear.
The spears take an appearance more akin to long stakes, not like actual broad headed weapons and could have lengths of barely a foot long to almost 3 meters in length for variety. The spears are tough enough to withstand several normal melee weapon hits before breaking and disappearing but can also be deflected and have a solid form and can’t phase through objects, only called back and dissipated.

Combat Behaviour:

When it comes to fighting styles Vermilion is a natural when it comes to combat. Wielding a long weapon he prefers keeping keeping enemies within spear range but doesn’t exactly have difficulty when extremely close due to being well versed in both armed and unarmed combat, mixing spear thrusts, kicks, punches and even headbutts where they’d fit in. If it means winning Vermilion would do what it takes whether it’s rather unorthodox or even unsportsmanlike actions coming from someone with a wealthy and refined background. Another tactic Vermilion is fond of employing is harassing his enemies till they tire and then pick at them later with ranged fire or simply leaning back while his semblance does most of the dirty work.


Name:Crimson Spike

Primary Form:Spear

Vermilion fashions a long spear with a large mechanical section at the forefront before finally tapering off into a long spike instead of a blade. The spike end of the spear is usually retracted back to half its usual length but when activated it can lunge forward with great force effectively making it a powerful penetrating weapon and also retract completely for a blunt strike. The mechanism inside the large mechanical casing near the spike contains the piledriver mechanism and rotating gears allowing for rapid extension and retraction of the spike for multiple rapid stabbing motions when in contact with something be it a body, a wall, or armor, usually used when the target is immovable, pinned down, or heavily plated.

Secondary Form:Pile driver

The shaft of the weapon collapses and retracts into the larger section leaving only a small bit left outside as an extra handle while another handle extends from the top of the weapon allowing it to be held in a shorter and more compact form. The piledriver form works similar to the previous form but the spike can extend even longer than before using the collapsed shaft for extra length. In its compacted form the piledriver mechanism is more stable and gives it much more powerful punching power allowing it to punch through hard objects with ease or with multiple successive piston powered punches.

Tertiary Form Anti Material Rifle

Midway in length between the piledriver and spear forms the weapon reveals small iron sights near the end and tip with the spike holder acting as a holding point and the end of the shaft revealing a trigger for the gun form. The rifle form fires at a rather slow pace despite being semi-automatic but the punch it delivers more than makes up for its lack of speed. Having anti-material capabilities the rifle form is a force to be reckoned with in mid to long range combat.

Dust Functions:

The weapon’s dust functions mostly consist of enhanced strikes using kinetic and other force enhancing/auxiliary dust but not so much for other elemental types in exchange for much more durability in the dust compartment and more compartments for the aforementioned types.


Though having trained with various weaponry before unlocking his semblance Vermilion always preferred the fact that longer melee weapons kept targets at bay without getting a single scratch on himself. Prompting for both ranged and melee as well as something to deal with armor, Vermilion came up with his own design, with the help of further engineering by his family, and fashioned a weapon that catered to his nature and preference.

Approved Characters / Wisteria Lockheart
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:49:42 PM »

Name:Wisteria Lockheart

Age:17, Machlud 9

Species and Gender: Human, Female.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation:Student at Beacon. First year.


Spoiler: ShowHide

Wisteria has long purple hair reaching her waist with a lacy white ribbon right above her left ear and deep amethyst eyes. She is 160 cm (5' 3") tall and weighs 46 kg (101 lbs) sporting an athletic figure with both a modest bust and hips. Aside from the school uniform which she usually wears, Wisteria dons a battle outfit consisting of a battle dress and vest that ends just above the knees and a silk skirt that she ties around her waist. Her combat attire and generally sometimes normal attire also includes gloves with dust compartments in them for weaponless semblance casting as well as her leggings and oddly enough her white ribbon. She is also usually seen carrying a small fashionable white satchel that carries an array of dust canisters and vials.


Spoiler: ShowHide

Wisteria was born to a wealthy family consisting of herself, her mother and father and a half-brother who was 7 years older than her.  She lived a relatively peaceful life as the younger child but never fully got along with her brother who was being trained for the sole reason of taking over the family business therefore never having the time to play with her. While her brother was being trained in business and politics, Wisteria found interest in physical activities such as sports and combat, focusing more on playing around and roughhousing with her friends and maybe some other unfortunate neighborhood kids. Discovering her ability to manipulate the effects of dust using her semblance her parents hired a renowned aura specialist to help her control and train her ability at an early age but due to her tendency to be hot headed there were often times when her parents would come home to see a hole in the wall or a blackened portion of the training field forcing them to send her to an Academy specializing in combat to train under more proper conditions.

During her stay at the academy she was quite popular among both the students and the teachers due to her skill with ‘spell’ casting making her almost like a celebrity in terms of fame but more notably due to her hotheadedness. She would often be asked to join in various tournaments and events and often come out victorious thereby increasing her popularity throughout the area. After coming home for vacation a few months after she would proudly show off her medals and brag of her achievements but her older brother Arthur never gave a word of praise and would snob her off if she tried to talk to him about it. In a fit of anger she challenged Arthur to a duel knowing very well of his private combat lessons that came along side his education and felt confident that she would trump him in single combat due to her boosted pride. Just as she thought she was about to win she was defeated and laid flat on the ground with a sword to her neck, Arthur hovering above her looked at her with a sad look on his face before he finally left. A few days after the duel he left for a different kingdom to expand the family business leaving without even saying bye to his sister but left her a note that praised her for her efforts and also saying sorry for his coldness towards her. After a a few months she finally understood why he only sent the letter after he left. She found out that he wouldn't be coming back for a long time and perhaps wouldn't be able to see the family again until after a few years, therefore he acted cold towards Wisteria to prevent her feeling sad about his departure. Knowing that he'd probably be able to come back after relations and expansions steady out in the other country she vowed to be something he'd be proud of when he comes back, dedicating herself to becoming a huntress and also be able to bring honor to her family and more so, Arthur. After her stay at her academy she decided to take her training to the next level and go to Beacon to fulfill her dreams of becoming a huntress.


Wisteria is not exactly the nicest character around, she's hot headed, impulsive, and extremely violent when someone pushes her buttons, usually resulting in flying reading materials such as: History books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, to name a few. Usually heavy stuff. Wisteria, despite being more of a magus type of fighter, is extremely athletic and loves sports as much as the next girl. She is kind most of the time and would often go out of her way to help her friends but is often aggressive towards boys. Wisteria is easily flustered and would often respond to such situations with a book or, if nothing heavy enough is available, a kick to the face.
      Despite often showing her tough side Wisteria is actually quite fragile and can easily be hurt by the actions or words of others and, more often than not, herself. When it comes to her friends she tends to be protective while also being somewhat of a teaser. Wisteria, oddly enough, is a great cook and often cooks lunch for herself and her friends when she feels like it. She likes cooking and small cute things that can be cuddled. She also has a pet baby boar
Spoiler: ShowHide
that she carries around with her.

Aura and Semblance:

Wisteria uses her aura to augment and create 'spells' using dust as fuel and her dagger as a way to channel these spells with more accuracy and speed. She has three categories of spells mainly Offensive, Defensive, and Supportive but can improvise combinations if the need arises. Wisteria can only cast a maximum of 5 spells at any one time, this means if she has 2 defensive spells up she could only use three spells as long as the others are in effect. Wisteria’s spells don’t really have limitations other than aura and dust supply but she tends to have a few favorites or much more favored ones due to her constant practice with them but this does not limit her to these skills alone. If needed she may combine one or two spells for a different effect or make a completely different one but it usually takes her a while longer than her usual ones to manifest due to spontaneous creation rather than a much practiced favorite. Small spells generally have cast times ranging from instantaneous to 1-2 seconds depending on the complexity of the spells while larger more complex and dust exhausting spells consuming more aura and maybe take a bit more time to cast respectively. Very large area attacks may have much more taxing aura costs and dust usage whilst small spells may be repetitively used without worry of aura and dust supplies. Some spells may require constant attention while other could be left as is depending once again one the complexity and power of the spell.

Offensive spells:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Fire Spells
Fire ball: A mage classic. Wisteria shoots a ball of fire (as large as a basketball) in front of her to burn her foes. The power of said fireball can be compared to a small explosion caused by incendiary grenades. Once casted the fireball travels in a straight line until it hits something and cannot be controlled once it is released. Can travel for up to 50m before dissipating.

Fire Pillar: Wisteria summons a pillar of fire (duh) in front of her. The Vertical pillar has a radius of 10 feet and can be controlled to move for about  20 seconds before dissipating. Moves at a rate of 3m/s when forced to move . Can also be casted in front of her horizontally in a straight line with an effective range of 30m. Radius is smaller in it's horizontal form, around 3feet (roughly 1m) in diameter.

Ice/Water Spells
Ice bolt: Wisteria summons a hail of icicles above an area, pelting it with large shards of ice for about 10 seconds or until she stops the spell herself. Radius of affected area ranges from 5m to 15m. Can be casted from a range of 50m max.

Frost Diver: Wisteria sends a line of frost towards an opponent attempting to freeze the first thing it comes in contact with  in place. If the bolt is a direct hit there is a chance that the ice would encompass most of the body, capable of freezing things as large as an ursa. Power of the freezing can be adjusted to control how much of the body is frozen. Frost diver has an effective range of 20m max and travels at a rate of 20m/s on the ground.

Hydro Pump: A large blast of water fires towards a target with enough force to launch them a few meters away. Can be used continuously as long as dust is available but Wisteria cannot move from her position nor can she cast any other spells while it’s active. Can be Cast directly from her person or from any point on the ground like a geyser.

Air Spells
Air Blast: Air is blasted in a concentrated blast in front of or around Wisteria to knock foes away or below her to blast her upwards.

Razor Wind: Wisteria uses this to attack with air as if it were a physical blade, making gestures with her arms or legs to indicate the direction the air follows to attack. Effective range is 5 meters and lasts 20 seconds.

Earth Spells
Earth Throw: Multiple rocks, a huge large rock, or a lot of sand is thrown towards an enemy from Wisteria’s position.. Up to 100kg of earth could be thrown depending on how much dust is used..

Earthshake(semi supportive): Wisteria channels power into the ground below her using dust and effectively causes tremors that can unbalance enemies or crack the earth below her. Energy dissipates drastically at 30 meters away and is usually ineffective at that range.

Lightning spells
Lightning bolt : Wisteria sends a bolt of lightning from above her target or from her hand. Effective range being 20m with a casting range of around 50m. Takes around 1.5 seconds to cast.

Thunderstorm: More powerful version of Lightning bolt. Electricity crackles around Wisteria and anything ranging from 5-20 m radius is hit with multiple lightning bolts. Takes 4 seconds to cast.

Kinetic Spells

Force Push: Wisteria uses the spell to knock enemies away from her immediate position, capable of pushing an ursa back around 10m. Casting range 1-2m.

Defensive Spells
Spoiler: ShowHide

Napalm Field: Wisteria casts a ring of fire around her and her allies, preventing the advance of enemies.. She can choose where to cast it within an effective range of 30m. The field spans up to 15m in diameter. Can be casted in a straight line with a length of 20m max. Lasts 30 seconds max or until dispelled.

Ice wall: A wall of ice is manifested in front of Wisteria with a thickness of 3 feet and a height of 10m. Length can range from 2m-10m. Can only be casted in her immediate position. Lasts 30 seconds max or until dispelled.

Thorns of Ice: Wisteria manifests multiple sharp and pointed icycles around her, protecting her from incoming melee fighters. Spikes have a length of 3m each and form a crown of thorns around her with a radius of 2m from her position.

Earth Wall: A wall of Stone is lifted in front or around of Wisteria with a thickness of 2 feet and a height of 4 meters. If cast around her it has a radius of 10 meters, also useful for keeping things in. Length can range from 2m-10m. Can only be casted in her immediate position. Lasts a minute or until dispelled which then it will crumble into smaller stones.

Lightning dash: Wisteria channels electricity into her body to allow for a quick dash from her current position or a powerful leap up to 10m high to get away from a certain position.

Force Field: Wisteria creates a force field spanning 2m from her body to protect her from attacks. The field can withstand normal melee attacks and gunfire but will dispel with a powerful attack such as small explosions or something of the same caliber.

Supportive Spells

Spoiler: ShowHide

Elemental enchantment: Can enchant her own weapon or the weapons of her allies with elemental effects such as fire, dust, electricity or add supportive enhancements such as increased force by kinetic dust. Lasts 10 seconds. Can cast a maximum of 5 weapons at a time.

Tendrils of lightning: Wisteria casts 5 tendrils at an enemy. These do not harm the enemy or slow them down at all but once an attack lands on them one tendril would be dispelled and unleash a powerful surge of electricity.

Defensive coat: Wisteria casts a small aura field that encompasses ones body to lessen the damage taken from attacks to some degree. Lasts 5m.

Combat Behavior:.

Depending on the situation Wisteria can either go severe offensive or supportive using her arsenal of spells to both dominate a battlefield and protect her allies. Though not foreign to melee combat, she would prefer to stay at a distance rather than go hand to hand with enemies especially against large numbers. If her dust reserves and aura are low she would more often than not stick closer to an ally with proficiency in close quarters and take on a more supportive role rather than participate in direct combat, if alone she'd try fleeing or regrouping if the odds are against her.


Name: Azoth

Primary Form: An ornamental dagger with a slightly large hilt and blade. Has few engravings on the hilt and contains multiple compartments for sealing dust in for later release.

Secondary Form: Dagger unlatches half of it’s blade at the side, allowing it to extend further in the form of a thin cutlass. Due to her semblance and dust use, Wisteria is able to combine dust effects with her weapon.

Dust Functions:

Aside from dust release the blade can, combined with her semblance proficiency, be used in unison with her spells.


A family heirloom as well as a sign of her status as a Lockheart. The dagger serves as both a sign of pride and wealth for their family.

Approved Characters / Aurum LeBlanc
« on: September 27, 2016, 10:15:13 PM »

Name: Aurum LeBlanc

Age: 20 4th of Niege, 55 A.C.

Species and Gender: Male Human


Occupation: Atlas Student. Third Year


Aurum at first glance would look exactly like his brothers, being identical triplets and all, but he does have his own quirks that differentiate him ever so slightly. Standing at 5’10 with a lean athletic build, he seems inquisitive at first glance, sharing the same  sharp eyes and rather neutral mouth expressions but will quickly change to a more lazy tone when relaxed with an impish smirk and golden smile. Aurum’s complexion is rather fair due to Atlesian heritage while his hair color is a strong golden blonde fashioned in an impressively spiky style that would seem impossible to pull off without dedicated time to fix it beforehand. Aurum’s eyes glisten with an electric blue tinge being also sharp ended with thin eyebrows right above that arc ever so slightly inwards.

He casually wears a black t-shirt and slightly ripped jeans adding to his carefree appearance but doesn’t mind changing into his brother’s clothes with or without their permission. When it comes to combat attire Aurum would simply put on his weapon/armor scales and have them in the form of scale plates covering his arms , torso, and legs and maybe don a fashionable scarf and some random accessory that would make him stand out if he wanted to.


Aurum was the eldest of his three siblings, siblings that looked exactly like him and were born only a few minutes after each other. In short Aurum was the eldest among a batch of mischievous triplets  and was always one of the perpetrators behind heinous crimes such as stray water balloons hitting innocent teachers, buckets of ice cold water sitting on top of partially opened doors, and the occasional ink jet explosion during class. Needless to say he would often get his identical siblings caught up in the mess whether they wanted to or not.

Despite being a somewhat easygoing occasional prankster Aurum and his siblings went to combat school as expected of the Atlesian youth, and somehow made it through the early stages without getting expelled. Detention and hard labor was often a repercussion for bad behaviour but it was during these times that Aurum would excel with his lighthearted nature and would brighten up the situation despite being one of the causes of their misfortune most of the time.  Being as they were Aurum and his brothers often faced hard scoldings and lectures mostly saying that they were unfit to be soldiers as they were, not that Aurum cared but much to the dismay of their professors they did fairly well in both academics and combat courses meaning it would be a shame to expel such students with high potential just because of a few disciplinary issues. By the time they got into Atlas huntsmen training academy they were bound to be straightened up into fine individuals and better yet, soldiers...or so the higher ups thought.

Even in Atlas academy Aurum would drag his siblings into even more fun situations and though not get scott-free they did fairly well enough as usual in the important stuff to not get kicked out of school though they did have to avoid some extremely strict professors who would like no more than to hang them by their ankles and dunk them in freezing cold water.

Being especially lazy compared to his siblings Aurum always had problems when it came to training, always being rather fluid in his style rather than adopting a single technique. Because of his indecisive and lax nature he opted for a weapon and mixed style that adopted multiple techniques while constantly changing in the heat of battle, this had both its advantages and disadvantages however.


The eldest of the Le Blanc triplets and also the most easy going, leaving the worrying and stress to the others. Aurum tends to relax most of the time and rarely worries about the consequences of things often leading to scoldings and repeated trips to the headmaster's office. When around his siblings he would most of the time try to act in similar fashions to the other three leading to confusion due to their already similar appearances and try to cause some troublesome fun that may or may not be initially his doing. Aurum is a natural prankster, he’d use tricks and small misleading statements to get people to do awkward and/or embarrassing stuff much to his amusement and more often than not his siblings would be there to either assist him or take the fall along with him, mostly because they look the same and people can’t tell who’s who.

Aura and Semblance:

Golden Time

Aurum can create a sphere around himself wherein the occupants would experience time at different speeds relative to those outside. He cannot create a bubble without being inside it and the spheres cannot last more than 2 seconds without him inside it in real time. The larger the difference in time perceptions between the inside and outside the smaller the sphere created. Aurum can use this ability to create a small sphere that can fit around 4 people max and accelerate or decelerate them and their perception of time relative to outside the sphere. The fastest it can accelerate is a roughly a minute inside to 10 seconds outside, 6 times faster than normal speed. The speed bubbles last a maximum of about 10 seconds in real time or about a minute in accelerated time during sped up use. Inversely it can last 60 seconds in real time or 10 seconds in slowed down time. Projectiles entering the sphere are deflected haphazardly from their original orientation and people leaving or entering the sphere experience a suddenly lurching sensation due to the jump in speeds and objects passing the edges of the sphere would be met with some resistance akin to buffeting winds or passing through water.. Projectiles leaving and entering the bubble are subject to the same effects as those inside, or outside of it. If a bullet heads for the bubble from outside its trajectory would be angled haphazardly and rarely go in a straight line, often curving around and going all over the place, meaning that people inside the bubble can’t shoot and out gun someone in faster or slower speeds. 

Combat Behavior:

In battle Aurum doesn’t really care much about teamwork unless needed and usually just takes on enemies one at a time and occasionally butting in other’s targets trying to finish them off quicker than usual. He’s quick to the draw and prefers reducing the difficulty of things by selectively choosing his quarry but will also use his semblance to assist his teammates so they can easily overpower their opponent. With his weapon and semblance, Aurum is more than capable of holding is own in single combat while using his extremely flexible weapon to disorient, disable, and dispatch folks quickly and effectively in confined spaces.


Name: Silver Proteus

Primary Form:

The base and most basic form of the weapon is in the form of hundreds of razor-sharp scales capable of interlocking with one another. Holding these scales together are thin yet durable wires made of a substance akin to graphene to prevent easy breakage. Each individual scale is made of a mix of both the wire material and metal with sensors built in to allow for location detection and orientation. Due to the increasingly large amount of the scales it would be nigh impossible to properly process and manipulate them without a higher external processing system. Attached to his back like a small metallic backpack is a computer fully dedicated to tracking the movements and positions of the scales in conjunction to Aurum’s commands. Certain keywords or gestures are used for base weapon forms while Aurum can manipulate the scales to some degree for some on the spot management lest something happen to the processor. Scale relocation usually takes a while due to the sheer number of them depending on what form is being changed. The more complex the next form is compared to the previous one the longer it takes, of course.

Predetermined forms::

Steel skin:

Silver proteus’ scales wrap themselves around the user’s upper body, most of them on his front with thinner layers at the back and none at the joints. In this form Silver Proteus is basically armor and used in close quarters where long weapons would be too unwieldy or if he feels like walking around without having to hold anything. Having the armor on would mitigate damage taken as usual but it’s not an all protective device, most of the scales would be near the arms and torso for deflecting blows. With a simple command Aurum can make the outermost scales turn into a prickly exterior used to poke and stab stuff by running into them.


Forming a long blade, simple in design looking like a rather long box cutter, Silver Proteus is used to cut things. Ta da! Or stab. Can be turned into two separate swords of shorter length. The blades can curve and attach themselves wherever aurum wants as long as enough scales are there to hold them in place, usually shortening the blade.

Razor net:

With interconnecting wires, Silver proteus digresses to its most haphazard and unrestrained form: A tonne of blades and a tonne of wires. Used to catch stuff that moves around too much and cut them if they struggle..

Spiny whip:

With the amount of scales and wires involved Silver Proteus can get pretty long and can be used to tie things up, lash around like a whip or slash things about from afar. Other uses may require further imagination.

Dust Functions:

Nope. Not gonna add elementals to another goddamned weapon.


Obviously someone as lazy as Aurum wouldn’t have made this so he had his family and some other connections fashion a weapon that fits his rather lax yet spontaneous. Due to the complexity and required maintenance of the weapon Aurum actually has a little debt to repay and is trying to learn the ins and outs of the thing, even after three years of using it.

The Vale Region / Lost and Found...or Not[CLOSED]
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Prancing around Vale was a petite dog faunus swinging around a suitcase full of...something. She had yet to check. Just earlier she was on her way back to the dorms after a quick visit to the local pub. She was trying to get info on who had what nowadays and maybe pick-pocketed a few knickknacks on her way out but just before she left she saw a group of suited punks mumbling over what seemed to be a suitcase shimmering with goodies then leaving it beneath a table so she could pick it up herself! How kind!  That was one of the easiest swipes Kei had ever done her whole life, it was as if those punks were practically handing out the suitcase by leaving it out in the open while they took a smoke.

After leaving the building Kei heard an uproar followed by gunshots and people storming out of the pub dropping whatever drinks they had as the gang of goons started interrogating every single nearby soul who had a suitcase. Quickly darting for an alleyway Kei pranced off and emerged with a huge grin on her face thinking she just got away with easy loot till she ran into a tree in the middle of the sidewalk, well at least it could've been a tree seeing as how the girl was. Seven feet tall...almost eight actually.

"Ah! I'm so sorry, please don't hurt me! Kei stammered, immediately picking her innocent persona lest it be someone she knew. Unfortunately, she was."You...we're in the same classes right? Mithra or something? Sorry I'm very bad at names.

Apologizing right off the bat Kei's eyes widened as she saw that the suitcase had plopped open after falling on the ground revealing a few precious stones worth a small fortune. Why did it have to be today that I ran into someone I knew? Shit, how do I explain this one...

Approved Characters / Kei Almas
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Name: Kei Almas

Age: 20. Birthday Amare 14

Species and Gender: Female Dog Faunus


Spoiler: ShowHide

Occupation: Thief. Fourth Year Student at Beacon


Kei has dark brown hair arranged in a slightly bundled up ponytail tied up with a pink ribbon but the ends of her ponytail have slightly lighter brown fur. She has small (dog) ears on top of head that flop over slightly to the sides. Kei has a deep tan complexion despite coming from the rarely sunny  Sfumata and stands at a height of 5’6 with a light body build. She has round, olive colored eyes, and a petite nose that adorns her often innocent looking face.

When on the streets, Kei wears either her normal casual clothes with a cloak and mask on when she’s thieving but may also wear a typical street Urchin’s attire to avoid being too inconspicuous  to mask her gender. Being a master of disguise she could keep up with any sort of disguise she finds suitable for the occasion as long as it fits her body build.

Face Claim

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Life was hard living on the streets of Sfumata. Kei started living alone at 6 years old, her only retained memory of her family being that of when she and another girl her age were playing in a park one day only to be separated by faunus extremists. Having to fend for herself, she learned early on that people harbored hatred against her kind and that she had to find other ways of surviving on the streets since nobody would take her in. With no home, no family, and no friends, Kei had to stay in alleyways, sleeping in cardboard boxes, and if she was lucky, maybe an abandoned building near the far side of town while living with soot stained clothes and polluted air. One day, when she was near dying of hunger, she saw an unattended fruit stand  in a shoping center she frequented to beg from. The owner was busy on the opposite side of the mall talking to someone else leaving it completely exposed to any cunning hands that wanted to swipe things from it. Seeing an opportunity present itself, Kei donned a small rag on her head as a hood and quickly swiped an apple from the vending stand but as she tried getting it a couple more fell out of place, alerting the vendor of the theft and sending her scurrying outside the shopping center and into an alleyway in a state of panic. As she ran through the alleyway in her tattered ash-stained clothes and filthy bare feet, her shirt snagged on a stray nail effectively stopping her getaway and allowing the vendor to catch up. As he grabbed her by the scruff, she dropped the apple she stole and started crying, begging the man to let her go. As the man yelled at her a  young monkey-faunus eating a banana nearby found the apple rolling by and decided to take it for himself. Upon seeing the girl struggling in the man’s grip, he threw the apple straight at the man’s face, making him drop the girl and luckily enough slipping on a nearby banana peel allowing the girl to pick up the apple and get away.

After being sure that she lost him, she sighed in relief and relished the joy of having food again. Just as she was about to bite the boy that saved her earlier showed up and smiled at her also motioning at the apple as if to show he was also hungry. Feeling sorry for the boy and also as a way of thanks, she took a large bite from the apple and handed it over to the boy who in turn also took a bite. After they finished the apple, the two started talking and quickly became friends.

The boy’s name was Ali and he lived in an abandoned apartment near the far ends of the city's soot quartet. Also having no friends and apparently also an orphan, the two of them started living together and tried many ways to make a living on the streets. From cleaning people’s shoes to begging, the most effective way of earning money they could think of was theft. Early on it was just simple pick-pocketing from people in the streets but as the years flew by they learned to adapt tricks such as scamming people for money by pretending to be sales people or even sneaking into the homes of a few snobby rich people they ran into on the streets all the whilst taking their valuables as they slept. Though they were thieves, they swore never to steal from people who were struggling and to help those in need as well, mostly because they reminded Kei of herself when she was much younger. Although not formally schooled, the two managed to also steal books to learn new tricks from and, in the process, also learn some basic skills in order to be able to impersonate or scam people more effectively.

As the jobs got more daring, so did their reputation. Though they were never caught and were rarely seen, it wasn't always the case that they’d be able to steal something and get away with it. Sometimes, to get to something valuable, they had to fight their way through some guards; but they never killed. Kei fashioned a yo-yo that she managed to steal from an accomplished entertainer-slash-huntsman, though the ordeal almost got her caught and thrown in jail. Ali, on the other hand, used a scimitar that could split into two.

Due to Sfumatas' rather lax outlook on faunus and the general populace's' rather busy-body attitude, Kei managed to fit in wherever she went. Knowing that the progress she had with Ali was rather limited due to their lack of combat skill she decided to go to find a way to hone their skills. Choosing a combat school was practically impossible due to the fact that they’d be monitored more often so they decided to find other crews that knew how to fight. Eventually they found solace with the White Fang. Since faunus weren't as abused in Sfumata, being the main workforce in many major factories, the White Fang had little to fear and were quite influential early on save for the higher quartets. The two thieves quickly learned how to fight and with the weapons they had and their thieving skills they became quite well known among the ranks. They not only learned how to fight but they still thieved every now and then from abusers of the poor.

As the clashes between faunus and people rose and as the White Fang started becoming more aggressive in their ways Kei started to see that what they were doing was wrong and wanted to run away from it all. Unfortunately Ali was against it thinking that their future in the White Fang would be brighter than it would be if they worked alone or moved elsewhere. The two had a big fight and eventually Kei left. She couldn't stand the fact that her best friend changed so much due to her decisions but she couldn't just stay in Sfumata anymore, she knew that Ali would find her eventually. Before she left, still in the process of packing up her things from their old hideout he managed to catch her saying he was sorry they had to pick different paths. As he drew his sword and raised it against her he flipped it over and handed it over hilt first indicating that he wanted her to have it. Taking the blade for herself she left without even saying goodbye, leaving Ali all alone on the rooftop as a torrent of tears started running down her face.

After getting herself together and forging some documents, Kei made way for Vale at the age of 14, leaving Ali and the White Fang to look for some better things to do with her life.  In Vale, she kept her thieving ways but only under her own standards. She didn't steal from those in need and never tried killing especially if they didn’t deserve it but she did have a few close calls with the law. After a year in Vale she couldn't help but think she could do better; so she forged some documents and submitted them as an application to Beacon, hoping that maybe she could find her calling in life.

Present day. Kei continues with her thieving ways but puts her team before them, sometimes getting into some fights every now and then but learning to accept each other for who they were, heck it's not like they were that virtuous either. Passing several semesters and now in their 4th year, Kei aims to perfect her techniques, become the best thief in all of Remnant and also become an accomplished huntsman along with her teammates, using them as support and also helping them along with way.


Being a generally easy going person, Kei likes hanging around large groups of people, not only because of the fact she likes socializing but it also gives her opportunities to find good sources of potential loot. She likes gaining information from large groups and is often seen hanging around for gossip about who has what to see if something is worth stealing. To avoid seeming suspicious she often shows an innocent side of herself but in reality she is actually rather cunning. Kei adopts an air of innocence most of the times but would show her more impish side to those she’s closer with. Extremely confident of herself, Kei wouldn’t easily back down from a good opportunity to know someone with loot on them.

Though being a thief, she generally picks her targets carefully and would often times decide to steal from the ‘high and mighty’ rather than the common people, unless of course they have something of considerable worth. Having fended for herself on the streets, Kei would most often than not sympathize with the poor and wouldn’t hesitate to give most of her found loot to someone in need but would also be wary about those who might scam her or abuse her themselves.

When thieving, Kei could adopt any sort of personality she could think of, as long as she’s practiced it, making her good with faking identities or even impersonations(with the proper disguise of course.)

Aura and Semblance:


Kei’s semblance allows her to create tangible clones of herself and turn invisible when activated during, but not limited to, several circumstances. Clones have noticeably weaker attack power and would often dissipate when sufficient damage has been inflicted. They can only be created within Kei’s contact distance, meaning they appear wherever either within arms length or at the end of her yo-yo attack, including along the string should she will it. Any known clones can be manipulated to appear elsewhere as long as Kei makes contact with the surface in which they would reappear, this includes her yo-yo attack. A maximum of 8 clones can be made at any one time but they cannot be made within 4 seconds of the creation of the last clone.

Known uses of semblance:

Substitution - The nature of her semblance allows Kei to let an clone take her place and do the same exact action she was doing beforehand effectively creating a distraction and disorienting image for the enemy or just a dummy for the enemy to hit. Kei would be positioned near her clone but usually out of direct sight such as directly behind it in the face of an enemy attacking in front etc etc.

Mirror Image - Kei appears as a blur for a moment and then reappears as 2 separate individuals. One of them being her true self while the other is a clone. The clone has severely less attack power compared to the real thing and is easily dissipated when sufficient damage is inflicted.

Gang-up - Kei strikes an area in which her clones reappear after one second, effectively changing their position and bringing them together within a small area of the desired location. This includes striking a person and bringing the clone right next to them. Downside is it reveals where the real user is and possibly brings clones too close together for an area attack.

Combat Behavior:

Being lightly armored, Kei is not often a direct fighter and would most oftenly use trickery and cunning to get her way with her enemies. Hiding and striking when they least expect it is one of her specialities and escaping being her forte. She’s not afraid to use ‘cowardly’ techniques to get her way and if it means a win, she’d play dirty if she had to. Coupled with her weapon, a most peculiarly typed one, she could launch unpredictable attacks from all sorts of angles and despite the size of it, she could hit extremely hard. Acrobatics are also not foreign to the thief and she excels in freerunning and acrobatics. To top it off she is a master swindler. Kei, more often than not, would approach a target in anyway possible be it stealthily or cleverly, and would disarm an opponent of key items needed for battle such as ammunition, dust canisters, or sometimes the weapon itself and maybe also a few trinkets and valuables. Sleight of hand could do many things to those unaware. With Kei’s knowledge in thievery avoiding traps has become almost second nature to her but avoiding them isn’t the only things she’s good at. When it comes to trickery Kei knows how to make simple traps that can snare enemies, stun them, or effectively disabling them with her myriad of equipment or just improvised materials lying around, and take down whole groups of grimm or people without even laying a finger on them.


Name: Djinni (Genie)

Primary Form:

Yo-yo and Glove

A slightly bulky yo-yo. It’s a yo-yo... Looks surprisingly normal enough at first glance and can be used to do a lot of cool and fancy tricks.

Aside from the usual stuff a yo-yo can do, Kei's can do a bit more than that. The string of her weapon (yes it’s a weapon) is a reinforced carbon polymer that can undergo extreme tension and stress before breaking. No, (unlike the myriad of string-like weapons on the site) it is not used for cutting people or other things up like steel wires would but it could still strangle if you choke, duh. The string is more often than not used to tie stuff up and grapple onto stuff, which wouldn't be practical at all if the string ends up cutting it due to a sudden added force. The yo-yo has an extremely long string and the preferred length of the string can be adjusted at any one time with the use of some tweakings on Kei’s glove. If it’s cut or snaps up at any one point, Kei can simply just make a quick knot around her finger with the leftover string assuming that there’s enough string left to make a decent weapon.

The body of the yo-yo, though surprisingly ordinary looking, has a durable frame made from a tough metallic alloy that gives both strength and lightweightedness for better handling but enough durability to withstand the strength of her dust and semblance aided attacks. Within the frame are compartments for a practical amount of dust, and some adjustments that allow Kei to manipulate some fine tunings in the yo-yo such as revolving speed, string length, and energy output through her glove.

Djinni is capable of retaining energy from the dust stored inside the yo-yo, and releasing it in a powerful burst or explosion on impact. The strength and power of the explosion usually isn't that large of an area and is mainly used to enhance the force on impact of the yo-yo onto a target area, including enemies but a direct impact would probably break through concrete at full power and crush a few bones. The dust inside the yo-yo can also fuel the yo-yo’s revolving speed, allowing it to quickly zip back into Kei’s hand, or increase its strike/revolving speed by spinning faster to create a slight burst of air pressure around it to propel it at lightning speeds. If spun fast enough the yoyo can generate enough strength to be used as an improvised cutting weapon, though not really that effective compared to blades.

Dust Functions:

Kinetic dust powered strikes are common with Djinni and help supplement the lack of any real driving force behind the unlikely weapon. With enough energy released Kei can use the yo-yo to break even concrete with ease.

History: Kei found the yo-yo one day along with blueprints in the home of a particularly acrobatic Huntsman. When found, the weapon was hardly worth anything since it was just in the making and barely able to hold itself together. Although it was obvious that it was still in the early stages of it’s development Kei couldn't help but feel a slight bit of attachment to the ‘toy’. After some time, a lot of patience, and a lot of money spent buying parts legally due to difficulty acquiring of specific parts through thieving, Kei was able to make the once useless toy into a potentially effective weapon...after a lot of training and self-inflicted injuries of course.

Name: Sandwinder

Primary Form:

The blade of Sandwinder has a particularly ornate pattern consisting of swirls and sharp curves through which dust can be channeled to allow the blade to have a burning effect. The heat can be moderated through the handle from a simple super-heated blade to a sword bursting in flames. The handle is insulated from heat and the tempered alloy used to forge the blade is extremely resistant to increased brittleness caused by repeated heating and cooling of the blade and is often rumored to actually harden the blade a tiny bit after every use, though such rumors have to strong basis. The blade can be seen to have notches around it in which it’s counterpart, a twin blade of similar build but of different effect can be placed to produce a single, heavier, but more powerful blade.

Secondary Form: Hand-cannon (A big handgun)

The blade of sidewinder is divided along several portions and folds 3 times towards the handle along the length of the blade to reveal a barrel that was hidden within the blade. The gun can fire up to 10 high powered rounds, usually with fire properties, or a large burst of flame that has a range of 12 feet that can only be used twice before reloading once more.

Combining the gun/blade to its compliment would add further effects and power but seeing as Kei only possesses one of the two, the other being with Ali, she can only use the fire portion of the weapon.

Dust Functions:

Being the flame half of the weapon, Sandwinder can catch fire and deal, well, fire damage while its gun form can shoot short ranged bursts of flame as well.

History: A memento from her best friend and fellow thief, Ali. Given to her right before she ran away from the white fang while its other half remains with its original owner.

Additional Equipment:

*Smoke bombs, flashbangs, and stun grenades
*Lock picks
*Tool Belt (includes cutters, pliers, mini drill etc etc)
*Extra rope and wires
*Rewiring tools
*Oils and other substances

General Discussion / How to make a character for dummies (Research phase)
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Obviously I wouldn't be making something like this if people were perfect and profiles warmed my heart every time I read them. They do, they warm my heart all right. Warm it so much that it catches fire and makes me want to slam my head on the keyboard because of how much love I'm feeling. (In case you're a dummy that's sarcasm...baka)

Before i go into a blabbering mess about what do's and don'ts should go into a character I'm gonna collect some ideas. So in short give me general ideas of what shouldn't or should be in a profile so I can condense them into something meaningful and full of joy and love while I skin a b*&@

Ideas can be anything from uberly edgy names being a huge turnoff to weapon histories or the all dreaded and overly flamboyant semblance sections, anything really. Just don't blatantly link profiles or name names cuz public shaming is bad. really bad. Like seriously. No I am not snickering while writing this. honest. *snickers*

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