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The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: April 22, 2019, 11:33:28 AM »
     "It's nothing important." Ayaka quickly replied, nonchalantly lifting the bag, "Just a bundle of fabric and whatnot."An adorable bundle of fabric. She thought, quickly moving the bag out of grabbing distance.
     "I've been thinking of improving my combat attire, as well as some casual apparel." Did that sound normal enough? Best to just change the subject, and luckily enough Iron took the bait.

     Unable to resist a groan at his claim of jealously Ayaka sniffed, "I feel no such thing nor do I feel the need to participate in such fruitless excursions for the sake of vague romantic attractions." Who needed relationships anyways? True, Isabelle and Iron weren't on the unattractive side of the spectrum but Ayaka had always seen them as allies at the very least.

     The red tinge spread slightly to her cheeks, tinting them a healthy pink as she entertained other thoughts despite her stony expression. She'd be lying if she said she didn't ever think about dating, but that was not on her immediate concerns as of late.

     Wait...did she just fall for her own diversion?

     She cleared her throat once more, wondering if she needed water, and said, "So, considering Iron's so out-of-character performance, I'm guessing Isabelle was right. What do you plan on doing next, though? If you're planning on buying stuff for the dorm I guess I could assist. If not, I'll be one my way if you two want to be alone again."

     Maybe she should buy some other stuff to cover up her initial purchase. It was another matter altogether to hide the damned doll later...Claim it a gift for a relative? Maybe? Anyways, whatever choice they made she had to get her story in order.

The Vale Region / Re: A Difference In Social Skills [CLOSED]
« on: April 20, 2019, 06:39:31 AM »
     "Perhaps she would, maybe she'd find something her size."  A strict yet sultry voice said, approaching the duo with a katana on her hip and a few bags in her hands. She was, of course, their teammate, Ayaka. "I jest of course."

     Coming from her own shopping, Ayaka found the two wandering about and decided to make herself known. Wearing an asymmetrically-folded jacket, a brown flat-cap, shades hanging off a chest pocket, and her signature pants, cut high on the left thigh, Ayaka looked quite fashionable despite her rough cut clothes. Remnants of a face mask seemed to be peeking out of a jacket pocket too.
     She declined the invitation beforehand because she needed to prioritize a certain sale. One that she'd rather not let be known. Of course, she couldn't just ignore her team when she saw them, all she needed to do was keep a certain thing hidden in the inconspicuous black bag that she held. Subconsciously moving the bag out of sight she offered a small nod, at both the team leader and the rare sight that was Iron. Perhaps he finally decided to climb out of whatever hole he'd have been hiding in the past few weeks.

     "I'm sorry, I had to prioritize something earlier so I couldn't meet up. I may be heading back soon, though." Ayaka stated in a calm manner, clearing her throat as a tiny tinge of red tinted her ears.  That particular thing, as it turned out, was a sale on a certain limited edition doll she had been eyeing the past few months. Professionally made and quite popular because of the show it came from. Ayaka, however, only cared about the outward appearance. She couldn't find the time to watch something as childish as a cartoon in front of her team. "I see Iron is alive. Are you two...on a date perhaps?"
      Fortunately the sale was on the other side of the mall, though she hoped the two wouldn't pry on what she bought.

     It took a while but Kei finally managed to get through the lock, having the other students look for one piece of junk or another or for her key that she supposedly dropped. In one swift motion, the thief spread some of the dust on the floor on the lock, pressed a laminated document she snagged a while back against the scanner, then pressed her palm against it.

     The door opened with a mechanical whir and the simple yet annoying obstacle slid away to allow the students in. Sorry guys, Kei thought, but there are more important things at stake than their silly mission. She slipped in, wondering if the door closed automatically or not, but it stood open while the others were busy doing...well nothing. If they saw her walk in they wouldn't be none the wiser anyways. She- er - he was an employee here. At least on the outside.

     As Kei stalked through the suspicious caboose she heard muffled sounds of arguing just ahead. The room was lined with sheets of steel way too heavy to be moved individually and had a few deactivated Atlesian Knights just standing at ready on the sides. An alert would probably cause them to hop back into action but as it was they seemed content with just staying stiff as statues. Kei thanked her luck that the lock worked, otherwise she would have to deal with getting caught on top of being shot at by the train's security detail. Another door barred the way and it was just as locked as the previous one. Another splash of dust and the same trick later she got through and walked in to sounds of...was Professor Nox yelling?


     "I will NOT participate any further in this project, Jonathan!" Despite his wiry frame the Professor stood firm and slammed a fist against a large white pod behind him. It looked like an egg flattened on one side, resting on the floor supported by several mechanical arms, wires, and large amounts of tubes feeding fluid and power into the device.

     "A theory does not give right for experimentation of living, breathing subjects!" Nox continued, "We don't know what would happen if a person's aura can handle such strain, nor can we measure without further research. I dropped this years ago because of that and even you supported my decision!"

     Jonathan smiled. "See now, William. That's where you're wrong"

     "What? This is clearly an aura pod, that means you have someone inside!"

     "Some thing, William. A vegetable has no emotions nor can it feel pain. Not that it was a person to begin with anyways. Nobody is going to miss a Faunus-" Jonathan practically spat the word, "Not to mention White Fang scum. Just because you're desperate to feel the same way as them, to feel emotions the same way, doesn't mean you should get in the way of progress William, not when you've contributed so much to this endeavor. Perhaps in the future we can even create devices capable of enhancing conscious, living souls. Think of the possibilities! Every person has the potential to no longer fully rely on mechanical weaponry to fight Grimm and terrorists alike. All it would take is a simple machine-"

     "And huge amounts of dust." Nox cut in, "Just give me the plans, I need to see everything before I make my decision..."

     Jonathan's thin lips stretched into a smile once more, "Now that's the William I know. Professor Ovid would be glad to hear you've come on board."

     "I haven't agreed yet, Jonathan. I'm merely interested in the schematics."

     "Of course."

     A loud crash echoed throughout the chamber, and Jonathan pulled out his scroll. Atlesian Knights all throughout the car sprang to life and and started marching towards the source.

     Jonathan stood straight, raising an eyebrow at Professor Nox. "I'm sure it's nothing. But we can't be too sure."

     Nox could only scrunch his eyebrows at the words, taking his hands away from the machine before pulling out his own scroll.


     The ship was sinking, grimm were trying to kill them, Dorian was out cold, which was actually a good thing, so Aurum did what any sensible Huntsman in training would do. Nap.

     Well what could he do? Even as awesome as he was he couldn't exactly use dozens of speed bubbles to get them out. For one, he was exhausted from his previous splurge of power, and for another, he just didn't feel like taking a dip in ice cold waters surrounded by evil licorice. He'd have liked to talk to the pirate by she didn't have a parrot, which was a big minus in his book.

    Aurum snored as the pod got jostled them around but took a groggy moment to say, "Stupid evil licorice." Before going back to sleep. If Dorian was getting a pass to sleep so should he. He'd need his energy considering he didn't have anything to snack on while waiting. Listening to Avery drone on might help but the rocking felt almost pleasant. Like some evil cradle that was going to drown and rip them apart any second now. Pleasant.

Approved Characters / Re: Lucas Meridiem
« on: February 16, 2019, 07:54:35 PM »

Approved Characters / Re: Lucas Meridiem
« on: February 13, 2019, 09:22:46 AM »
Let's see...

Given that the lantern requires dust to work for multitude of effects, I'll suggest adding a time limit to how long those effects last. Or rather, how long the dust last.

Another point that needs clarification: Does the dust need to be inside the lantern? Or can he suddenly use a canister in hand, and the lantern a few hundred feet away jsut catches fire or ice or whatever?
Can he sense where the lantern is without seeing it? Does he have some sort of control or awareness of what happens around the lantern?

That's all for now.

Approved Characters / Re: Ayburn Parda
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Approved Characters / Re: Aoife Ridire
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Approved Characters / Re: Tiber Rostrum
« on: February 11, 2019, 06:24:02 AM »
Bird boi has feather throwing knives? Approved. Well as is at least. DM me if you plan on making changes or not, then I'll rererereview

     It felt dangerous, holding this much energy. Rarely did Ayaka ever get to reach these levels of charge with her blade to the extent where she wasn't even sure if it was still safe to unleash. At these levels, at this situation, what could possibly happen if she struck at full force?

     A shot rang and Ayaka didn't have time to think any further. She rushed forwards and took the shot to her pauldron, shrugging off the damage to her aura then closed the distance in flash at optimal cutting distance..

    "Now fall." Ayaka was one with her blade and attacked.

     Light shone through her sheath and energy hummed as her blade left its confines, crackling with energy and searing hot with sealed aura. In that very instant, a single draw cut, Ayaka unleashed her semblance with enough cutting power to destroy most in it's way. The slash emanated as quickly as it was drawn, and with Catalina's seemingly dull gaze Ayaka was sure it would hit. Defended or not, the attack would leave its mark and she would claim victory.

Aura - [63%]
Attacks: [4 turn charged semblance attack - 60% - Traveling] (Could technically hit for more under certain circumstances)


Beacon Academy / Re: Starting a rebellion [RBLS]
« on: January 29, 2019, 06:09:34 AM »
"Well, whatever you preference I guess I could always brew something if need be." Shiroe said, tilting his head at Lilla's question. "No, not a person. It's a type of herbal infusio- it's the type of tea." He sighed. This team is going to take a bit of work to get used to.

     It didn't take much longer for Shiroe to prop the chilled cookies into the oven and set the tea on the table. The aroma of bergamot filled the air as Shiroe begun pouring tea into four different tea cups. His personal cup was white, with a silver trim and a rather modestly decorated base. His cup for Reggie was there as well, a deep purple with gold engravings almost, if not as fancy as his own garments. Unfortunately the cups he brought out for Lilla and Akel were simple modest whites with not particular decorations on them as of yet. He hoped he could find proper ones for them soon enough.
     "Please, help yourselves." He said, taking his side nearest the kitchen area while he sipped on his freshly brewed tea. Goosebumps ran across Shiroe's neck as the strong aroma of the tea filled his nostrils, it was a while since he last had such a powerful aroma. Perhaps it would not be to his new team's liking as well. he did not, in fact, add sugar or whatever cream to the tea pot sitting on the table. Who knows, maybe they're used to bitter stuff.

     Just to be sure, Shiroe started rummaging about the cupboards for his store of sugar and cream.

Shiroe took a moment to regain his sense. After tumbling into the snow he was on his back, in a small hole caused by his fall. He still had his sword, fortunately, and his runes were still intact, meaning his wasn't exactly defenseless either. His mind went to Reggie, probably still holding of Calen, a youth of similar yet less arrogant demeanor. How was he faring, better? Worse than himself? He had no clue, but as it stood without watching each other's backs they'd be at a continued disadvantage.

Setsuna burst out of the mist not a moment sooner and Shiroe could do nothing but bring his sword up for a parry. White clashed against green and Shiroe deflected the blade to his side, his saber grinding against Setsuna's to the point where sparks flew. In the same moment he brought up his leg, aiming to catch Setsuna from below with a Rune powered kick, unfortunately aimed at his groin. Had it been any other situation he wold have opted to flee, but being on his back, and having no options to speak of, he had no choice but to resort to such a shameful maneuver. He just hoped it wouldn't be too disgraceful.

Aura: 91%
Attacks: Rune powered kick to the family jewels - 10%

"Then I guess I won't be getting an answer." Ayaka couldn't help but scoff to hide her disappointment. This far into the tourney and that was all he had to say? Pathetic, and as she thought he was nothing but a stone- no, a pebble in her path.

With the short respite that she got she was ready for another wave of attacks and her hand itched to let loose her blade. It was evident that her opponent was buying time. Evident that he needed a set-up for his attacks. But no matter how long he waited, how long he schemed, there was a difference between fighting, and simply playing a game.  To Ayaka this was no game.

Energy rippled through Swallow's Bane, humming like a fine tuned string, begging to be released, singing for freedom. The power, just like her motivations, came from her and her alone. She relied on no one, not even her team, and she believed that if she failed, no matter that cause, it would be on her and her actions alone.
Just a little longer, Ayaka thought, caressing the handle of her blade. Just a little while more. The moment would present itself and she'll end the fight as swiftly as she would a swallow in the wind.

Status: Winded, Blade charging for several turns. Patient.

     Ayaka held on to her wires as Catalina backed off, not giving much slack for him to move. The wires attached to his waist meant he'd be able to move sideways, but not backwards much. That was enough.

     Shooting the ends of her spool to ground the trapped wires, Ayaka then begun tracing the line with her finger. The wires held firm, and her blade kept charging, all that was left was to release all that energy.

     She knew next to nothing about her opponent. Personality-wise at least. She only learned what she can from their clashes. A coward, a schemer, maybe even a bit tactical, but nothing told her why he fought. Ayaka found constant running annoying, cowardly even to an extent, especially when against a supposed equal. Underhanded schemes disgusted her, but she had to admit they had their uses. Unfortunately she'd rather do without.

     Walking towards Catalina, Ayaka kept distance just a few meters away. Her left hand ever so slightly on the wires that pulled taut on her opponent, and her right resting on the hilt of her blade. She paused, despite her semblance flowing into her blade, and spoke. "Why do you fight?" She asked, her eyes judging, "From what little I can tell I have no reason to respect what I see. A coward, a schemer, and not even a good one at that. You fight as if expecting everything to fall in place but I see no strength behind your actions." She wasn't buying time, she had more than enough charge to deal a hefty blow. She didn't care about raw strength more than she did technique, so why did she talk? "Whatever your answer I'll tell you this. You are but another step towards my goal. A rough stone on my path. Win or lose, you have not earned my respect with what you've shown."

     She wanted to cut him down right then and there but she held. She could at least allow a reply, besides, she had the swallow in her cage and could draw her blade in a split second. "Anything you'd like to say? Stone?"

     Ayaka bolted as soon as she saw the aura blanket. Crackling with electricity, she wanted no repeat of the previous exchange and be rid of further grabs. Unfortunately that almost meant abandoning the trapped wires.

     With a flick of her blade, Ayaka severed the wires caught in the blanket, letting them snap towards Catalina like whips, and angled away from the front to get better use of the ones left behind.

     Charging her blade again, Ayaka sheathed her blade and kept her distance preparing for her next series of attacks.

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