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Everywhere Else / Re: Foreign Delicacies [Closed]
« on: August 31, 2018, 10:43:59 PM »
"Chantou Rou." She responds, barely nodding her head in Diana's direction. "Kinda' interestin' we got peeps from all 'round the world here. From Mistral myself."

There's a quiet moment as the mantis faunus watches the exchange between what she could only describe as two overly-polite nerds, before silently snorting to herself. Yu was a decent guy, and fairly amusing as well. Diana had a kind face and a sweet attitude, and being from Beacon at least severely lessened the chance of bigotry, so this was a risk she was willing to take. Besides, if worse came to worse, she's got a rental car in the parking lot she could drag Yu to. "Y'all can keep up this battle of manners long as you want, I'mma thinking of ordering food. Do either of you want anythin'?"

Keeping her ears wide open in case she hears the Good New's trademark whistle, Prism doesn't move from where she's landed. She only moving to change the orientation of her blade, lowering the blade to the arena floor. She shifts one leg backwards so her stance is perpendicular to the marketplace on the other side of the the arena, her hands braced at the back and midpoints of the weapon. Flipping the weapon so the blade is facing towards the sky, the white steam begins to rise off her weapon as she ever-so-slowly hoists it into the sky - her muscles trembling almost imperceptibly, as if she's hoisting a great weight.

in the center of the blaze in the marketplace, Smokey would see the loose circle of wind tighten and tighten until it was barely a meter across. Corresponding to the slow elevation of Prism's blade, the whirlwind would begin to rise from the ground. It grew slowly but steadily, thriving off it's fiery surroundings - slowly growing into what could only be described as a fiery maelstrom, pushing six feet in height and continuing to rise.

Smokey wouldn't be able to see it from where he is in the center of the wild fire, but Prism's eyes have closed behind her goggles - so focused on the task at hand, the hummingbird was completely open. With such a great exertion, once that whirlwind dispersed she wouldn't be able to take off again right away, needing a few seconds to recharge. But if Smokey revealed himself, the damage this type of attack could cause just might be worth it.

It's not like Smokey knew that, anyways.

Attack Log:
Feeding the Firestorm (still building)

Prism's Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 5/5

Prism only manages to dodge the lightning-dust arrow on pure reflex, tucking in her wings to drop a few meters. She quickly catches herself as they become a familiar iridescent blur, but unfortunately for her it's just long enough for her to lose sight of Smokey within the fire.

She's got no time to waste now.

The hummingbird faunus quickly empties her entire cartridge into the arena across from her, firing five red-hot shots that shoot through the sky. She's definitely not aiming for Smokey, as there's no slow, deliberate search for her her opponent - instead, where each bullet impacts along the front of the marketplace, individual stalls burst into flame. It's not much to start off, but given just how flammable the rest of the arena was, it wouldn't take long for the fire to quickly spread - and more importantly, semi-trap Smokey within his own personal flammable hell.

She just manages to catch the heavy familiar thunk of Good News deploying within the depth of the fire thanks to her sensitive hearing, making her stomach drop. It's going to be a bitch to hear coming, but that characteristic high-pitched whistle is hard to miss - she's really going to need to focus her hearing.

The second thing the hummingbird does is tug her goggles down over her eyes, before the updraft around her cut out, and she dove - towards all places - towards the ground. The smoke on the far edge of the arena where Smokey emerged cleared of haze as Prism forced the bubble of wind back. Not only did this give her a patch clear of haze to land on, but it also forced the thick smog enveloping Smokey's half of the arena backwards, making it all that much thicker with less room to fill.

Prism pops another cartridge into her rifle, before transforming it into it's secondary mode and popping in another cartridge of bullets in case she needs to make a quick takeoff. What she wanted to do next required a lot of concentration - enough so that she couldn't remain hovering at the same time. With her wings outstretched, ready to take off at a moment's notice, the hummingbird holds her glaive vertically in front of her, moving the blade in slow circles.  The white haze formed by her aura thickens and rises like steam, showing just how heavily she's concentrating.

The hummingbird faunus can feel everything in the air around her. The hot air rising from the smoke, the breezy bubbling enveloping half of the arena, slowly choking out the marketplace - every little shift in the aircurrents, every pocket of hot and cold, the difference between clean air and the smoke. She can feel the strength of the fire, feeding off precious oxygen to keep alight. In the very center of the all the chaos, in the heart of the explosion left behind by Good New's untimely delivery, the wind begins to stir, moving in a slow circular pattern.

Attack Log:
Fire bullet Hellstorm (not actually aiming at Smokey, just making more fire)

Prism's Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 5/5

Prism tilts her head slightly to the side as she watches Smokey spring headlong into the personal hell of flames he created. She honestly can't quite parse together what he's trying to accomplish - either he's got one hell of a plan in store she can't predict yet, or he's trying to force her in after him. Which is... a debatably good plan, if she were anything other than a sniper.

It won't be hard to wait him out.

Prism hovers a bit lower, taking one final shot at Smokey's back as he attempts to disappear into the burning inferno. With her clip now empty, she pops the cartridge before reaching for her belt, before momentarily hesitating. The haze in the air from Prism's little bubble of wind has gotten all that much thicker, acting as cover for her opponent - but he couldn't put up with it forever, probably.

So why doesn't she make that so much more of a problem for him?

With a wiry grin on her face as she decides on a plan, the next cartridge of bullets she pulls from her belt has a red metallic casing - not that Smokey could notice that from his position.

Attack Log:
Bodyshot (7%)

Prism's Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 5/5

Prism frowns to herself at the wasted damage, watching as he simply picked up the crossbow and started to book it across the arena to the burning wreck of stalls on the other side. She needs to start focusing on pumping out as much damage as possible. Every little bit against Smokey is going to be important, especially if he manages to get her into range and she wants any chance of wining.

She tracks him across the field through the scope of her rifle as he runs. She fires off another two quick shots then, trying to sneak in as much cheeky damage as she can get.

There's something else peculiar happening in the arena, but it's unlikely Smokey would've noticed it yet. He might be able to catch the glimpse of what appears to be steam rising off the hummingbird faunus if he looked closely enough, but against the bright backdrop of the sky and the colorful canvas of the rest of the stadium, the chances were slim. Instead of safely rising and dispersing in the sky, the smoke from Good New's latest article was slowly cycling back down into the arena, under the guise of a very light breeze that permeated the entirety of it - the rising cloud of ash never actually reached the target in the sky. It was still thin for now thankfully, but it wouldn't be much longer until the haze in the air grew particularly noticable.

Attack Log:
Bodyshot (7% x 2)

Prism's Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 1/5

The taller woman takes Rufus' slug directly to the chin, resulting in a grunt as she rolls backwards off him, freeing up his legs. That doesn't mean he'd get a chance to run away all that quickly however - she quickly pulls herself onto one knee, halfway into a standing position as she brings Goliath around to retaliate with a point-black gunshot.

Attack Log:
Point-Blank Bodyshot (6%)

Jima's Combat Stats:
Aura: 57%
Goliath: 4/5

The updraft slows down to a light breeze as Prism loses focus, only maintaining the the wind through some purely-instinctual reaction as she tracks the path of Good New's bullet. The bright-red fireball that serves an excuse for Good New's ammunition whistles it's way across the entire stadium, drawing the eyes of every individual - before the Mistralian market where Prism was moments beforehand is abruptly brought into the depths of some firey hell, encompassing the entire back half of Prism's side of the arena.

There's a few moments where the hummingbird stares slackjawed at the flames, completely frozen in midair. Her grip unconsciously tightens on her rifle, and she draws herself in a bit more, tucking her legs towards her chest as her eyes go glassy. It's just, it's a lot of fire. A lot of fire. Fire enveloping everything around it, burning wooden structures and scaring the ground, illuminating things in the night. It's just like- well- just like-

The light breeze swells in a harsh gust of wind, and Prism snaps back to reality with a shake of her head.

Right, she's got a match to win.

Glancing down at Smokey confirms he's making a beeline for the crossbows lining his side of the arena, dislodging one with a horrific use of such a pretty gun. Those crossbows are the only long-distance weapons he has access to, other than Good News, so it's more than likely he's going to attempt to shock her out of the air

She only spends moments quickscoping onto Smokey and firing off a shot that'll hopefully deter him from the fairly-obvious plan.  The hummingbird then focuses on in on the wooden pillar in the center of the arena, firing off her rifle to hit the button with a crack. Considering it's a non-moving target, there's a high-and-likely chance she'll hit - and then Smokey will get to deal with the barrage of arrows that came his way, while rendering him unable to use the long-distance weapons dotting the perimeter of his half of the arena.

...after this is all over, Prism would probably need to have a discussion about racial bias with the announcers and the judges.

Attack Log:
Bodyshot (7%)
Shooting the Button (Causes arrows to fire, 4% x 10 with however many you deem fair hitting Smokey)

Prism's Combat Log
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 3/5

Prism's facial expression goes flat, her eyes narrowing while her mouth became a thin line. C'mon, a chicken of all things? Now that was just cruel.

The direction he's aiming his cannon-rifle hybrid confirms her suspiciouns of his attempt to blow up the marketplace, making her slowly drift more towards Smokey's side of the arena in order to avoid the inevitable explosion. She's not sure what he has to gain out of destroying her cover, but it's not of much use now that she's revealed herself. Plus, with all those hanging lights it's not like she could've flown in there anyways.

Still, that massive amount of smoke and fire would be annoying to deal with, so it worth a shot attempting to slow him down. Reaching for her belt, the hummingbird faunus pulled one of her precious dust-tipped bullets from it, loading the shot individually into the bolt-action mechanism on her rifle. Scoping in on her opponent, the shot fires moments after he initially insults her - aiming at his shoulder and upper arm, meaning to lock him up.

Attack Log:
Ice Dust Bodyshot (6% + Chance to freeze the limb)

Prism's Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 4/5

[Elbow-Drop granted by Walter]

As the grappling hook finishes recoiling, Rufus's sudden leap over the trench doesn't come as much of a surprise. His semblance packs a powerful punch with it's blowback, so based on their impromptu game of tug-of-war, Jima wouldn't be surprised if he tried to boot her into the trench - and that's proven as Rufus comes in swinging with a fairly obvious feint. She doesn't buy it thankfully, but instead lets him slide partway past her - immediately dropping to one side at the same moment, slamming her elbow into his stomach to prevent him from getting any further.

Attack Log:
Elbow Drop (4%)

Jima's Combat Stats:
Aura: 62%
Goliath: 5/5

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: August 22, 2018, 09:46:41 PM »
"I'm not surprised, it's just - that's never how it should be done." Prism responds, annoyance evident in her voice. "Calen, here's the important question: whoever this kid was, do you know if they actually meant to kill the faunus? Was it an act of racial terrorism, or just some freak accident? The debate of morality surrounding this entire conversation depends on it's origins - everything depends on context." She answers, before stepping up to switch places with him.

Prism tilts her head slightly at his response to where he's from, making a quiet mental note to dig around a bit about that. Smokey's response reveals he's from Atlas, which - in retrospect, kinda makes sense. He hasn't chimed in on this entire conversation yet, so he probably wasn't one of the racist Atlesians, since he had no problems with her or Billy, just one of the incredibly ignorant ones instead. And those could always be educated, so Prism had no beef to pick.

Calen's question isn't unexpected, and Prism answers quickly enough. "One guess, faunus rights." she replies, coolly staring down Calen before bringing her rifle up to shatter the target. "I was the president of my high school's faunus rights organization, which probably won't come as a surprise."

She pads back to the firing console then, pulling her scroll from one of her pockets and whacking it against her hand a few times to get it to turn on. While the old piece of tech booted up, she briefly considered her question - they had been getting fairly heavy recently, so something to break the tension might be in order. "Best part about Beacon, as a school, so far?" She asks, before pressing the button to fire the target with a thunk.

Oh, so that's the other gun.

Prism stares down the scope of her rifle at the oversized canon Smokey's wielding, her jaw slightly slack. She knew he had another gun other than Matchstick, and she knew it was powerful, but she wasn't expecting- well, that! What did he say that one time? It's a modified version of the gun on an Atesian paladin?

The part that's even scarier is the fact that it's pointing to her half of the arena. There was no way he knew where she was yet, so it's a safe bet that he isn't going to point that thing directly at her. A gun that size is bound to fire some powerful artillery, too. Her Mistralian marketplace was built mostly of rickety wooden stalls, so whatever that thing fired was going to punch right through everything - and more than likely, set everything on on her half of the arena ablaze.

Welp, at least that made her next course of action clear. She couldn't risk staying there.

Prism pulls herself into a crouching position, clutching Hawk's Eye as she leaps straight up off the rooftop. Her wings become an irridescent blur as a familiar updraft kicks into gear around her, propelling her nearly 10, then 20, then 30 meters above the arena - rising high into the air where she could keep an eye on everything her opponent was doing. That cannon might pack a powerful punch, but it'd definitely be slow to fire and could probably be seen from a mile away, so she had a pretty good chance of dodging it.

What Smokey might have a harder time dodging is the quick bodyshot she fires off as she rises into the air, coming into a steady hover.

Attack Log:
Bodyshot (7%)

Prism's Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 4/5

Coconut Cream would be able to feel the hot glare of his team's leader from the announcer's booth. There was a hot flush to the hummingbird faunus' cheeks as she emerged from the gate, pulling Hawk's Eye from her waist as, quietly contemplating the best way to get back at her teammate. She could always force him to run laps until he passed out or sit on his back while he did pushups, one of the few benefits from being Casanova's leader - but he'd probably enjoy both of those, so it really wouldn't be hard to make a good chunk of his collection of illicit material go missing. And get scattered throughout the school for everyone else to see, setting him up for the world's most embarrassing scavenger hunt. Yeah, that's not too bad of an idea.

Prism shakes her head then, focusing back on the task at hand. Hiding her teammate's porn collection could wait until later - she needed to win her match against Smokey. Thankfully, the round's environments were tilted heavily in her favor - Smokey's stuck smackdab in the middle of a gigantic field of lighting dust crystals, while the urban environment before her was perfect for someone small and agile to hide in.

Prism presses a fresh clip into the butt of her rifle, slinging it over her shoulder. Instead of taking up and off like she normally did, the faunus quickly moved to the nearest food stand. It's not hard to hope up onto the edge of the low counter, before leaping for the edge of the roof - with a beat of her wings, she manages to nab onto it, pulling herself up flat to lie on the slopped roof. Shimmying her way across the rooftop and moving carefully to avoid being seen from the ground on the other side, Prism scooted her way to the high end of the roof that faced the other side of the arena, before pulling Hawk's Eye off her shoulder and setting it up on it's bipod to scope out the other half of the arena. From her position, she'd nearly be invisible - all except a hint of the scope of her barrel would be visible, and even then it'd be difficult to spot amongst the rooftops - if Smokey could even do that, from his position on the ground.

Now all she had to was wait for her opportunity to strike.

Prism's Combat Stats:
Aura: 100%
Hawk's Eye: 5/5
Action: Scoping out Smokey's half of the arena.

Introductions, birthdays, and departures. / Happy Birthday Monster!
« on: August 20, 2018, 11:06:04 AM »
Happy Birthday to MonsterManic, one hell of a stellar dude that's been a great friend since I joined the site. Directly responsible for the completion of several characters, a great teammate on Casanova, and a writer I always look forwards to reading. Thanks for everything, man.

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: August 18, 2018, 11:37:43 AM »
Jima so enraptured in her new weapon that she barely notices someone running headfirst into her back, only twisting when she hears a familiar voice. Turning her head to glance over her shoulder confirms her suspicions, giving a grin to the short newcomer. "Smokey, long time no see! Yeah, this is-"

She barely gets the first sentence out before someone else approaches the two standing in the middle of the courtyard. Her nickname for Smokey makes Jima snort, and her characteristic snort just grows into a mischievous smirk as she asks if the two of them are dating. "Jima Purpora. And excuse you, it's fiance, not girlfriend. We're going to wed this summer, it'll finally end the blood feud that's been happening between our families for centuries. Isn't that right, dear?" She clearly jokes, glancing to Smokey.

Regardless of whether or not Smokey runs with the joke, two more curious students approach, both complimenting her handiwork. That earns both of them a blinding grin flashed in their direction, and Jima crosses her arms as she gazes proudly at her creation. "This beauty here wad designed and built by yours truly, thank you very much! Her name's Requiem, though right now she's technically in her Alpha configuration. Fully capable hoverboard with the classic three-crystal motor, only amped up in scale and size. She's capable of limited flight, high-powered dust effects, aaand," She steps forwards, yanking a drawstring on the side of the motor on the hilt. The sword immediately roars to life with one pull, before settling into a heavy purr as the blade of the sword opens up, a chain locking into place as it begins to rotate. "Inbuilt chainsaw!

"I only really got her up and working, and I'm about to take her out for a field test." She explains, affectionately patting the motor. "I know this good Grimm spot a bit of a ways into the Emerald Forest and was gonna take her there - if you're all interested in seeing her work and feel like killing some large Grimm, feel free to tag along."

To put it simply, this match had drawn Prism to edge of her seat. Literally. Once Smokey had smashed through the ice with Calen, Prism had sprung to her feet. The hyperactive hummingbird faunus was literally at the barrier of the arena, bouncing on her heels with her hands on the wall as she watched with baited breath as she'd watched the two disappear underneath the water, then a third as Billy followed, and then finally a fourth as Setsuna himself dived. To say the entire arena had been on edge hadn't been inaccurate - it's not everyday the action's literally taken where the cameras couldn't follow.

All they could do is stare at the hole in the ice, and steadily watch the aura counter on the side of the ring tick downwards.

She'd burst out cheering for the fledgling knight when Setsuna had reemerged from the icy water with Billy in his arms, dumping the woman on the sidelines before diving back in after Calen. Watching Calen literally shoot out of the water like a cork had made actually make him snort, and some dark part of her had found a certain amount of vindictive joy in watching Calen be used like a baseball bat - but he'd managed to stop it short with his semblance, leaving Prism to bury that weird feeling with her loud cheering for her friends.

She could at least wince in sympathy as Smokey attempted one last all-out attack, watching him knock himself unconscious with his own gun. She'd managed to get a concussion with it in it's normal form, she knew the gun's kick - she could only imagine how badly that hurt while in volleygun form. Calen's last few clumsy swipes combined with the wide spread of Matchstick just kicked Billy's aura into the red, and with a loud cheer the hummingbird faunus had literally leaped out of her seat, her updraft kicking in and hovering several feet above the stadium as the victory went to Aztec. Winning was fun, but it was even better to see her friends win.

Now all she needed to do was go congratulate the two on their winnings, maybe take them some hot chocolate, and casually rub Calen's face in the fact he spent most of the match clinging like a burr to Smokey.

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