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Approved Characters / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 18, 2018, 05:41:41 PM »
You’re definitely going to want to expand on Azure’s combat behavior. A sentence isn’t usually enough to encapsulate a character’s fighting style: how do they face down human opponents? How do they face down Grimm? What are their primary strengths and weaknesses? How do they get along with a team or when fighting alongside other people? And how do they use their semblance in a fight? All of these factors are important to consider for a fledgling huntress, since it’s a useful resource when in a sparring thread - both for you and your opponent.

Three specific weaknesses of your character’s combat styles are required, just to note.

Approved Characters / Re: Azure Blair
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:21:58 PM »
Hi, welcome to rwby-rpg! I’m glad to see you’re getting started with a character right away, but as someone who’s put out nearly 5 profiles, let me just say you don’t need to make an entire other post for Azure’s backstory - it’s not something we really shy away from here. And if you’re really concerned about length, you can put it all under a spoiler. But seriously, don’t be afraid to just plonk it all into her profile!

(Also it makes it easier on the mods and they’ll appreciate it)

Everywhere Else / Re: Being a Responsible Adult [CLOSED]
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:18:24 PM »
Prism sits down quietly, staring into her noodles for a few moments as she thinks. She’s got a lot of questions, she can’t lie - a faunus professor at Atlas Academy is shocking in every sense, but it’s also… well, fantastic, frankly. It’s nice knowing faunus students at Atlas aren’t totally under the mercy of a brutal staff. Instead of starting right away, she elects to quickly shove some noodles in her mouth and swallow them down with a quick slurp, before letting herself burst into her round of questions.

“Okay, so - obviously, your wife knows with all the makeup pallets all over the house, but like - does anybody else at the academy know? What about any students? Why do you choose to teach and stay here of all places instead of moving somewhere less blatantly racist? How do you deal with it everyday?

Everywhere Else / Re: Being a Responsible Adult [CLOSED]
« on: September 11, 2018, 12:44:30 AM »
Prism appropriately spends a few more moments starring in stunned silence at Hunter as he cleaned up the broken mug, before rushing forwards to clean up all the little shards he left on the ground as he turned to his phone. If she just broke someone else’s mug, the very least she could do was make sure nobody got their foot sliced open if they came through with bare feet.

Brushing the spare shards off her hand, she turns back to Hunter and laces her hands together, rocking on her heels as she waited for him to finish texting. After frowning at his phone for whatever reason, his attention finally returns to her as she stutters into an apology. “S-so, uh. I’m sorry about that. That outburst was one hell of an overreaction, including like…” She gestures to the floor in front of her. “Shattering your mug. I’ll- I’ll make sure to replace that for you, it’s the least I can do. Um. I guess the fact you’re actually a faunus? G-gotta admit, that’s a plot twist I didn’t expect in the slightest.” She finishes, joking weakly.

Everywhere Else / Re: Being a Responsible Adult [CLOSED]
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:59:09 AM »
Prism snort to herself as Hunter explains his team, and how people think things would’ve ended up. “Hey, I can definitely relate. You’d think given our team name, everyone would be fawning over Coconut. But nah, the dude gets stuck on the team with an asexual chick, a massive lesbian, and a bisexual disaster faunus. So I get it, totally.” She finishes, with a smile.

Prism wanders into their modern kitchen as Hunter disappears upstairs, taking in every little detail of the modern loft. It’s a rather nice place, she’d admit - maybe someday with a proper Huntress’ salary, she’d be able to afford this type of apartment. She spends a few minutes opening cabinets before she finds the cups, pulling out a couple of mugs prior to his request, before setting them down on the counter. She’s picking up one to inspect the decal on the outside as Hunter returns to the kitchen, turning to face him to ask a question-

The mug drops from Prism’s hand and shatters on the floor as her gaze locks on Hunter, mouth agape. Without his disguise on, the dark rings around Hunter’s eyes let Prism know the professor’s true identity almost immediately. She can only really flounder in shock as she stares on, before reaching up with her spare hand to touch the space underneath her eye to mimic him, before finally expressing her actual thoughts with real words. “The fuck!?

At least that answers the question of who the makeup artist in the house is.

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:44:17 AM »
Carmine would get a cocked eyebrow at the comment about first years from Chantou, being the last of the little group off of the Bullhead as she lets Aurelia and Dawn do the talking. She simply nods in agreement to their point, but behind her calm visage her thoughts are churning - why the hell would he want the students to join them for dinner? If a town’s got a Grimm problem, it’s usually better not to waste time on the pleasantries of socialization - every moment could mean lives are lost. “Dunno if you caught the memo here Mayor, but dinner ain’t really an option. We’re here to save lives, not to enjoy the local cuisine. If ya’ really wanna help us, any food to go for camp tonight would be useful - but otherwise, we should be on our way as soon as possible.”

Making a mental note to keep an eye on Dabaru, her gaze switches to Drachotia as he takes the opportunity to introduce himself. Backup from a hunter is welcome, especially if things get too difficult - but given their wide variety of talents here, they should probably be okay.

Dude, I’ve got stuff like university or shopping for groceries most of the time. I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but at least ask me before skipping me next time, okay?

Beacon Academy / Re: Big Game Hunting [Closed]
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:32:16 AM »
Jima’s signature grin gets bigger at Smokey’s question, deactivating the hoverboard mechanism and grabbing the handle just before the massive sword hits the ground. “Plenty big. We’re talking Deathstalkers, Creepers, and  probably a King Tajitu if we’re really lucky. And hey, the more the merrier! When it comes to fighting Grimm, the more firepower we’ve got, the better.” She confirms, before flicking a switch on the hilt of the sword. The blade collapses inwards and practically halves in size, letting her slide it into a sheath on her back, before she sets off out of the training range towards the Emerald Forest - beckoning for the herd of first years to follow.

Unfortunately for their motley little crew, what would follow would be nearly an hour of walking through the depths of the Emerald Forest. At the very least, Jima was an intrepid tour guide - spouting off a wide variety of facts about both Grimm and her weapon, barely stopping to breath as she rambled on and on about the composition of the alloy in her weapon, and the major weak spots of a King Tajitu. The path they’d be following could barely be described as more than a deer’s trail for the majority of it as Jima led them further and further, seemingly without end to the hike - until she’d burst through the sudden end to the treeline with a triumphant “Ah-ha!” and out onto an ancient stone road.

“C’mon, this way!”

Giving an abrupt about-face, Jima would beckon to the group to follow her down the worn-out road, overgrown with moss and dead leaves. In the distance would a massive stone wall nearly three stories tall, made from the same crumbling stone as the road. At the base was a worn-down arch, acting as the entryway for a rough-hewn tunnel that sloped upwards through the thick stone - and where Jima would promptly stroll as if she’d done it before.

“I found this place way back in my first year, when I was out exploring the Emerald Forest for the first time.” Jima explained, her voice faintly echoing off the walls of the tunnel. “According to what I could dig up from the library, this is a colosseum from waaay before the Greyed War - people from all over would come here to spectate fighting. I couldn’t find much else beyond that, but it’s still a really fucking awesome place to find.”

At the end of the tunnel, the motley crew of hunters-in-training would break out into the overcast sunlight once again, revealing the massive collueseam that stretched before them. The open field was nearly the length of a football field, surrounded by a high wall with a several large openings along the length of it. The group would emerge from the tunnel’s entrance into the stands where they could observe the ancient colosseum in all it’s glory - before Jima would beckon for her to follow them again, trotting down a worn-out staircase before picking her way down a section of the arena wall that had crumbled with age - leading them all to the arena’s floor.

“The reason this area is so convenient to us is the fact that with all the fighting that went on in ancient times - well, to paraphrase it lightly, there was a lot of bloodshed.” Jima said casually, unsheathing her sword to transform it back into it’s full length. “Even it was entertaining to people back then, this place has a history of tragedy - an ancient one, stretching back centuries, probably. With all that energy concentrated into one place, well, it’s a magnet for Grimm.” She answers, glancing back at the group that followed her. “Even to this day.”

Everywhere Else / Re: Being a Responsible Adult [CLOSED]
« on: September 09, 2018, 01:18:20 AM »
Prism warily followed Hunter into his apartment, passing him his grocery bags to take to the kitchen as they entered the door. It was your typical upperclass Atlesian apartment - modern and elegant, blending into the featureless landscape just as well as the rest of the city did. Her initial unimpressed look is at least quickly replaced by a raised eyebrow at the sight of so much makeup scattered all over the place - which one of them was the makeup freak? “Nice place.”

She’d at least admit it gave the sterile apartment a more homely feel.

Regardless of the furniture, Prism wanders over to the nearest couch and plops onto it, reaching into her bag to nab an energy drink and pop the tab. On her second pass of the room, it was a little less featureless than she thought - beyond the incredible amount of expensive makeup, there were photos of an obviously-younger Hunter and Prim on the walls, alongside two strangers. The small hummingbird would wait he’d reemerge from the kitchen, before gesturing to the photos along the walls. “That your team, back in the day?”

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: September 09, 2018, 01:09:26 AM »
“Oh my fucking god.”

The anger bubbling right beneath the surface comes to a boiling point with Prism as she’s interrupted by a total stranger, whirling on her heel to stare him down as the hummingbird physically grows larger - every feather on her wings poofing up, making her appear just that little bit larger. “M’kay, listen to me you random-ass dipshit, who apparently thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to burst in on a conversation between strangers without even bothering to fuckingintroduce yourself. Firstly, violence does not only work in self-defense - for every goddamn faunus that fought not to be confined to some tiny little island off the coast of Mistral, you’re disrespecting a legacy that’s been fought in blood and tears for the necessity of assuring our fucking freedom. Violence in times of oppression is necessary, despite all it’s fucking tragedies. Secondly, you’re both right - hate stems from a combination of ignorance and greed, which tend to combine into this nasty little cocktail of letting people get away with fucking warcrime-worthy exploitation as those in power convince themselves we’re not really people!! That misinformation fucking spreads, rendering entire populations convinced that we’re just animals and painting violent pictures of faunus who simply want to mind their own business -  which leads to further fear and hatred while they take advantage of something they view as just a resource! It’s a self-perpetuating cycle, if y’all haven’t figured that out!” She finishes, stomping her foot in emphasis at the last words. “And what’s this bullshit about hating homosexuality? For fuck’s sake, I’m bisexual! Don’t have your ignorant ass make assumptions like that!”

The hummingbird gives a few angry breaths after the end of her tirade, before an especially deep one gives her the wind she needs to keep going - whirling again to stare down Calen. “Thirdly, you living embodiment of a limp dick who literally just admitted to being racist, I don’t think anybody can really trust your viewpoint on this entire matter, at like, all? You repeatedly dodged questions until I cornered you between your pride and your desire to win, and honestly, I still don’t think you’re telling the truth, since that excuse of yours barely counts as an answer - especially with all those details about how the kid snapped his neck you gave us.”

She stares him down as he asks his question and the target fires. She barely takes her eyes off him to transform her weapon to it’s glaive form with a flick, before swinging it through the air and sending a massive aura crescent flying down the range - slicing the target clean down the middle.

Glancing to see the results of her efforts, the clean slice of the target is satisfying enough her feathers lie flat - but not before pointing the sharp end of her glaive directly towards Cat, sending that glare towards him. “You, introduce yourself.”

Beacon Academy / Re: Weathering the Storm [Open]
« on: September 09, 2018, 12:11:42 AM »
“Wait, ya’ seriously think that’s what’s botherin’ me?” Chantou says, a hint of amusement in her voice as she watches him laboriously draw especially-measured targets onto all of the straw dummies. It’s true - it’s not like Chantou’s dressed in much either, having stripped down to a crop top and a pair of short-shorts to deal with the weather. ”Dude, this is Beacon. There are waaay better ways to accomplish what you’re doing.”

Instead of remaining standing, Chantou takes the opportunity to wander over to the half wall that marked the edges of the outdoor range, plopping down on top. No point in staying standing for this conversation.

Everywhere Else / Re: Being a Responsible Adult [CLOSED]
« on: September 09, 2018, 12:02:25 AM »
Hunter’s dive into his memories as he takes her groceries makes her pause a moment, tilting her head. “If you’ve lasted this long, I honestly don’t think you’ll be breaking up anytime soon. I’ve heard the students complaining around the academy - apparently you’re something of a lovesick puppy?” She teases, before her expression turns serious again. “But like - what do you mean what you were? It’s not like you’re a different species or something.”

As Hunter finishes bagging her items, she reaches out to grab the plastic bag and slide it over her arm - before she stops short as he suddenly spins around, looking at her sheepishly as he asks for help. “C’mon, aren’t you like a grown, fully-fledged Hunter? I’m pretty sure you could handle a couple plastic bags full of groceries yourself.” She jokes, but reaches for a couple of his own bags anyways. She’s not stupid enough to pass up free food. “Just to warn you though, I eat alot. That thing about hummingbirds needing to eat constantly to live apparently transfers - I eat enough for two of me.”

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

The sudden icy wind comes as a surprise, buffeting Jima. She just manages to shoot her grappling hook into the ground in front of her to secure herself against the icy wind and close the head of the mace, but that doesn’t stop the damage.. She forces herself to swallow the shriek in her throat as her glasses are coated in frost, throwing the pair of spectacles to the side - he’s currently cost her more money in clothing than this match is going to be worth.

She’s not going to be able to keep up with this barrage for long. Given Goliath’s composition, the shotgun composition has been frozen shut, rendering her only ranged weapon useless - and it’s not like it’d even function when frozen, anyways. She’s out of options, her body rendered useless in the oncoming windstorm - leaving her only with her mobile senses.

Including her voice.

Taking a deep breath of the icey air, Jima would orient the origin of her voice directly against the side of Rufus’ head, before screaming at the top of her lungs. Not like he’d be able to see it coming - her mouth wasn’t even open. It wasn’t exactly something that’d do any physical damage, but it’d hopefully be enough to distract him - and maybe just enough to get out of her current predicament.

Attack Log:
Annoying Shriek (directly in Rufus’ ear, dog and otherwise)

Jima’s Combat Stats:
Aura: 36% (-3% x 7 seconds)
Goliath: Frozen shut

Everywhere Else / Re: Being a Responsible Adult [CLOSED]
« on: September 08, 2018, 12:04:06 AM »
Prism’s quiet for a moment, before she quietly nods. That’s… surprisingly kind, if a bit of a weird reason. She passes off her basket of groceries to hunter, before snorting to herself at his later point. “Very mean, though I don't think you mind too much?” She quips, nodding towards the ring on his hand.

Professor d’Az- Hunter is surprisingly kind for an Atlesian professor. One part of Prism wants to be suspicious still, but frankly, the young faunus had gotten so used to the casual racism that permeated every part of Atlesian culture that, well - Hunter was a welcome change, and despite her suspicions she wasn’t stupid enough to reject kindness.

Besides, after that match with Smokey, she didn’t have enough left in her to put up a proper fight, anyways.

The Vale Region / Re: The Hunter Of Lenshin (Closed)
« on: September 07, 2018, 10:09:02 PM »
In the far back corner of the bullhead sat the third member of the party, the mantis faunus that Aurelia had mentioned was leaning against the wall. At the acknowledgement of her name, Chantou gave a simple nod confirmation - no point in introducing yourself, when someone does it for you.

The chance like this to test your skills didn’t come often, especially to first years like Chantou. The chance to fight alongside high-level students during an advanced mission wasn’t something you just passed up - especially given her team’s recent inactivity. To put it simply, Chantou was itching for this mission - even if her calm exterior didn’t show it.

Plus, maybe if she lucked out, she’d discover her semblance in the process.

Regardless of why she took the job, the rest of the her party seemed interesting. Aurelia was there, already having encountered the horse faunus once - it might’ve been a casual occasion, but it was obvious she was definitely more than capable. There was that weird panther faunus who alternated between staring her phone and then at the rest of the makeshift team for a few minutes, then went back to her scroll. And there was the dude with the gigantic-ass sword, which  - well, really spoke for itself. If there was any saving grace about their ragtag group, it was the fact they were all faunus - no worries about racial discrimination here.

As the Bullhead pulled overhead, Chantou leaned towards the window, eyes locking onto their apparent welcoming party. A faunus with horns, and some random human - wearing matching pinstripe suits, which is kinda weird. ” Yo y’all, we got tweedledee and tweedledum waitin’ for us.”

Plot Zone / Re: Hunter Of Lenshin
« on: September 06, 2018, 11:15:32 PM »
Sorry dude! Uni's busy, I'll get a post up tomorrow for sure.

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