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Is he gone?

(SOVEREIGN pokes his head out from behind AURUM as to check for his safety.)

(With a shaky grin) Thank god! (Sovereign moves away from Aurum with confidence) I agree with Aurum about pretty faces! Food? Not so much!

Beacon Academy / Re: [REDACTED] [Closed]
« on: January 05, 2017, 03:23:04 PM »
Fenix grinned while he was unpacking his luggage. His leader was going to be interesting, that's for sure. Fenix's once organized luggage is soon put into disarray as he threw around clothes, trinkets, even potentially lethal objects onto his bed in a hurry to unpack everything. Since it seems that it's time to reassure said leader, Fenix decided to voice his thoughts in a short and simple way.

"Yeah, what they said." Finally removing everything from his luggage, Fenix quickly shoves it somewhere near his bed. Fenix then took the time to slightly organize the mess he had created before jumping onto the bed to relax.

The Vale Region / Re: A Dis-ARMing Situation [Closed]
« on: January 05, 2017, 03:13:35 PM »
Iron briefly considered asking Vivian so that he may keep the arm until they make it back to his workshop just so that he may investigate the arm further. However, that might halt their progress back to Beacon and discourage Vivian from working with Iron, so he did the smart thing and returned the arm to Vivian. As Iron returned the arm, he planned to keep an eye on the arm so that he can see how the arm reattached to Vivian.

"Well. Here."

General Discussion / Re: RWBYFanon's 2nd Gladiatorial Games
« on: December 06, 2016, 12:03:21 AM »
Name: Hanjo Shumuda
Race and Gender: Human Male (210)
Equipment: Copper Bow (32.5), Leather Breastplate (10), Leather Leggings (7), Leather Gloves (4), Copper High Boots (12.5)
Skills: Adept Archer (84), Competent Dodger (30), Adequate Discipline (9), Novice Swordsman (5)
Points Remaining: 16
Backstory: After murdering his not brother Genjoj, he sought forgiveness and repentance for his actions. To make himself feel better, Hanjo decides to kill people instead of, y'know, leaving them alone. What a surprise.

Beacon Academy / Re: Blinding Rage [Closed]
« on: December 03, 2016, 11:42:10 PM »
Noir was waiting as the sounds of talking pass him by. Foreign or familiar, it really didn’t matter to him as he waited for the bell to sound. Time passes, until it’s interrupted by Noir’s team leader as she rang the bell. With a quick reaction to the sound, Noir raised his gun while he activates his semblance. Feeling the familiar strain, he quickly enacts the action he had planned to take. Noir sees the two figures, of whom he assumes are Mithra and Mira, in front of him, and quickly aimed, albeit losing accuracy. Four shots rang out as Noir fired off two bullets at each.

The strain started to slowly grow, so Noir quickly disabled his semblance. With a quick sigh of relief from the pain, Noir put his left hand down, with his sword hand out as he waits for them and the sounds they’d make. Noir seems to back up a little bit, assuming that Lyssa is next to him, so that he could give her some more ground to use in battle. Noir intends to avoid using his semblance, and he’ll do it by giving himself plenty of room to do what needs to be done.

General Discussion / Re: RWBYFanon's 2nd Gladiatorial Games
« on: November 28, 2016, 11:40:12 PM »
Name: Genjoj Shumuda
Race and Gender: Human Male (210)
Equipment: Iron Scimitar (40), Iron Breastplate (40), Iron Leggings (32), Iron Gauntlets (16)
Skills: Competent Swordsman (30),  Competent Fighter (18), Skilled Armor User (20)
Points Remaining: 14
Backstory: After being nearly murdered by his not brother Hanjo, Genjoj sought peace and harmony after his recovery. He intends to do this via killing people. Works right?

The Vale Region / Re: Walking the Beat [Event]
« on: November 16, 2016, 12:22:47 AM »
Eklipsei seems to have a pause in his movement for a moment, before continuing on forward. He had heard Dorothy’s input on team positioning, and he was currently mulling over whether or not that would be a good idea. Eklipsei COULD possibly lose Dorothy if she was to be found by their target, however he imagines that she theoretically could handle herself. Eklipsei would have to adjust for the what would essentially be the missing person, but he can probably handle that with the assistance of the students currently with him. Solidifying the evidence within his mind, he decides to voice his conclusion.

”That is a reasonable idea, we’ll speed up so that we’ll distance ourselves.” Eklipsei’s body moved in a way that suggested he was gonna say more, but suddenly the ground started to rumble beneath them. He quickly brought his gun up, quickly twisting and turning in all directions to see what might be causing it. It was a good idea, but unfortunately Eklipsei forgot the most relevant direction. The ground in front of them broke apart, as a Grimm that looks like a King Taijitu comes roaring out of the hole.

With a roar, the both heads of the Grimm rampaged around the area as it left the hole. Buildings fell as Eklipsei quickly fired upon the Grimm in reaction to its rampage. One head continued to rampage as if Eklipsei’s attacks did not affect it, further ruining the area around it. However, the other head quickly turned to Eklipsei and slammed into him. With his armor not built to take on Grimm, Eklipsei gets thrown into a building, destroying more of the area around them.

Eklipsei had been incapacitated, and is currently trying to recover their bearings and weaponry. With a blurry vision, Eklipsei starts trying to get up, only to fall back onto the ground in pain… After a few seconds, both heads of the King Taijitu turned to the group of students as their new targets. With a roar, the Grimm bares their fangs at the group as both heads start to slither around the area.

(OOC: I’m going to be extremely informal for combat in this thread, so you don’t actually have to do aura counts. However, I will call BS if need be, and politely ask that you edit it.)

The Vale Region / Re: Bombs over Vale [Open]
« on: November 16, 2016, 12:21:13 AM »
Fenix had been casually walking around Vale, keeping an eye out for the many shops of Vale. He had been looking for a new everyday suit now, but he hadn’t been making any money lately, so he can’t exactly afford one as of now. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not making a list of what he wanted to buy and the location to get them from within Vale. With that in mind, Fenix has a bright smile on his visage, and nothing could ruin that at all as he walks down the streets he is on.

He had heard a faint noise, and thought nothing of it. However, when his gaze passed over the area it came from, Fenix saw smoke rising in that direction. With a worried frown, Fenix quickly sped over to the area as fast as he could to see what’s happening. As he moved closer and closer to the area, the sounds of chaos started to grow louder and louder around him. Spying two people, one leaving the other, he quickly sped up to the figure that was left behind.

As he grew closer, he had a clearer look of the figure, Fenix took in the appearance of the girl as he quickly closed the distance so that they can talk over the chaos. With a quick glance to see if she was injured or not, Fenix quickly assessed the situation out loud, ”Are you hurt? What happened here? Do you need assistance?” Fenix quickly glanced over her crutch, which is what he presumed to be a weapon, before taking out his brass knuckle and fitting it on. With a frown and a bit of distaste, His thoughts about the figure that left the girl behind swirling in his head, Fenix mutters to himself, ”At least make sure people you come across are safe…”

Beacon Academy / Re: [REDACTED] [Closed]
« on: November 07, 2016, 01:00:00 AM »
Fenix adjusted his tie as he made his way to his team dorm. He had dropped his weapons off at his locker earlier, while picking up his baggage from the very same locker. Fenix had prepared for his transfer, and kept most of his things neatly compacted within the luggage, making it easy for him to only use one of them instead of multiples. After traversing the hallways for quite a bit of time, he finally arrived at a door that proudly holds their team name, ‘ZCFR’. With a quick sigh from all that tedious movement, he quickly opened the door and made his way inside.

Tilting his head downwards to adjust his sunglasses, he quickly surveyed the new inhabitants of the room, before putting on a nice grin to address them. ”Hello, I’m going to be your new teammate. Glad to have you.” Quickly taking a bed that he assumes in unoccupied, Fenix throws his luggage onto it. The luggage neatly lands on the bed, prompting Fenix to start unpacking without a single pause in hesitation.

Beacon Academy / Re: Blinding Rage [Closed]
« on: November 07, 2016, 12:20:08 AM »
Noir zoomed through the hallways, and arriving at his destination, pulled his weapons out of his locker. Noir had speedily armed himself, before closing the locker and zoomed off again to the practice arena. Throughout his speedy run, he had adjusted his grip on both his gun and sword in preparation for the fight ahead of him. Honestly, Noir had no idea what to expect, but that’s not going to stop him. Probably anyways. Not wanting to piss off his new team leader fairly quickly, he sped up, arriving at the arena in a good time...

Across his other two teammates, Noir had awaited for his partner. After certain amount of time, his mind started to wander off before a voice, of whom he assumes to be Lyssa’s, gets Noir to focus. Listening to what would essentially by Lyssa’s game plan, he nods his head since he should be fine. When Lyssa told the other two their state of readiness, Noir tenses, as his mouth starts to form into a frown. He slightly crouches as if he’s going to get a running start, as he tightly clenches his sword and gun. Noir is going to try his best without his semblance, but he’ll most definitely use it if things get messy.

The Vale Region / Re: Walking the Beat [Event]
« on: November 05, 2016, 11:59:57 PM »
(OOC: I'm gonna give y'all till Tuesday to post, since I know people are busy.)

RPG Discussion / Re: Lack of Hunter/ress threads
« on: November 05, 2016, 11:36:45 PM »
Honestly, it's the creator's responsibility to create those threads for hunters. It's not the staff's job to do what you should be able to do. If you want a thread for your trained hunter or huntress, just make one and it'll fill up.


(SOVEREIGN runs and hides behind AURUM, turning him around.)

(With a silly grin) Take my brother instead! (Sovereign shoves Aurum in front of him, as if he was offering a sacrifice)  I have nothing to do with his crimes!

The Vale Region / Re: Walking the Beat [Event]
« on: October 30, 2016, 12:34:52 AM »
Eklipsei gave a quick glance backwards, doing a quick check to see if all members had made it out, then tilting his head upwards to catch the sight of the Bullhead leaving them. With a tired sigh, he looks back to his team members as he straightens up once again. "We're going to be walking in this direction," Eklipsei pauses as he points towards the direction the team were facing, "since information states that they'll be somewhere along this route around this time." Eklipsei unholsters "Dragon Fire" as he starts walking in the direction he had pointed out, as he glances around the area they are in. It's rather dirty, empty, and there were often patches of destruction that was incompletely fixed. It was as if the neighborhood was not managed because of outside influences, but there were areas that seemed like there were attempts to clean up the place.

Moving at a slow pace alongside the hunters so that they can hear what he has to say, "Keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior, or anything out of the place." Eklipsei turns off the safety on his gun with a clip loaded in, as a way to prepare for the unexpected. Eklipsei glances back before adding on a little tidbit, "Get your weapons ready, however I do recommend to not have it completely out in the open." Eklipsei then looks back to the direction he was walking in, picking up every single detail as he is walking.

The Vale Region / Re: Walking the Beat [Event]
« on: October 29, 2016, 01:47:37 AM »
(OOC: I'll be a little busy on Saturday, and it's way too late for me to post today. Expect a late post on Saturday, or an early one on Sunday. Sorry!

Edit: I'll edit this post later with an actual post, unless Kiith posts before I can.)

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