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Approved Characters / Re: Azzar Ikhal
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:50:13 AM »
Approved, nerd.

The Vale Region / Coffee Away From Home [Limited 1/3]
« on: November 28, 2017, 04:03:13 PM »
Arian found himself in Vale. Again. This time, it's for a team related mission instead of the Vytal Festival, but still, he prefered not being in Vale any longer and returning home. With a sigh, he brings the mug to his lips, sipping away as he watches live move on outside the window. Arian looks back to the menu, remembering the cafe's name for future reference as he does enjoy their services.

Placing the mug back down onto the table, Arian went back to looking out the window, particularly the establishment that currently catches his eye: Duels 'N Stuff. It does look particularly strange, given the Atlesian-style architecture, but from what Arian heard, it's a great place for hunters-in-training to spar when they're away from home.

Sighing once more - he's been doing that a lot lately, he should look into it - Arian went back to drinking his coffee, and thinking about whether or not he should get a refill.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: November 27, 2017, 09:41:51 PM »
With a bright smile on his face, Sovereign seems extremely pleased by the fact that he's free to do what he wants. He's slightly less pleased at getting a chaperone out of Airi, but he can make it work. "Great! Let me melt the guy out of his icy cage and make sure the cops come by to pick him up." Sovereign hurries over to the frozen criminal and quickly melts the ice off of the criminal.

Once the ice melts down - leaving the criminal with a wet suit - Sovereign quickly picks up the criminal by the arm and slams them down to the ground behind him. That should be enough to keep him down until the police comes by. Looking around in the environment he's currently in, Sovereign finds the optimal bystander to call for the police and hold the gangster down.

"Hey, can you guys make sure that the police come by and pick this guy up? Thank you!~" With a grin, Sovereign looks back to Airi and Lyra, giving them a "follow me" gesture before running off into the direction the hideout would be.

Why am I always gone?

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:46:48 PM »
Sovereign thought about what Airi told him, and it seems that what she said got to his head. However, the childish grin on his face clearly states that he didn't really care as he'll probably just smash all their faces into the ground anyways. "That is a good point, but I'll be able to beat them anyways!" After stating what's on his mind, Sovereign went back to melting the ice off of the frozen gangster. While that was being done, Sovereign seemed to wait for what more Airi has to say before he starts to venture off onto another journey to defeat the evil in this city.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: September 16, 2017, 08:02:51 PM »
Sovereign frowned at Airi’s deal, but he is going to have to deal with it because he’s pretty sure Airi will hurt him if he messes up. Instead of trying to negotiate or talk her out of his deal, Sovereign decided to just go with it and places his gauntlet on the frozen gangster’s chest. Flames appear to burst out of his gauntlet. It would seem like it would be too much and harm the frozen statue, but instead, it slowly melted the statue. Sovereign was a few seconds into this process until he had a great idea. He quickly redirected the flames, starting to melt the areas where the gangster’s pockets would be. Ignoring the tingling feeling, he managed to get those areas free and started to search the pockets.

By doing so, he felt two important things (what he deemed important anyways), a piece of paper and a wallet. Quickly swiping the lien from the wallet and hiding it in his gauntlet, Sovereign fished out the piece of paper from the gangster’s back pocket. Unfolding it, Sovereign’s eyes widened behind his mask before returning to Airi. In an excited whisper, he quickly told Airi what he learned, ”I must’ve frozen a newbie, because he has a literal map to where the gang is! We should go and take them down while they don’t know that we know!”

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:19:52 AM »
Sovereign felt a sharp pain in his left arm, but that was overshadowed by the very familiar voice. That very same voice had sent chills down his when he heard how angry she sounded. As if it was an instinct trained into him, Sovereign can feel the excuses on the tip of his tongue in order to save himself from the dangers he is currently in. In order to not reveal his alter ego, Sovereign metaphorically bit his tongue so that he would not shout. Sovereign held his left arm with his right to make sure it does not move in a painful way, before whispering back to Airi, ”I had it under control, and I even yelled a warning.”

Sovereign turned back to the frozen gangster, wondering if he should include Airi in this mission of his. Cringing as pain in his left arm flared up, Sovereign seems to have made up his mind as he starts shuffling towards the frozen gangster at a really slow pace in order to get his message to Airi, ”I’m gonna see if I can get this frozen gangster to talk and take down a lair or two. Join me if you want!” As Sovereign got close to the frozen statue, he quickly swiped the screen on his gauntlet, using his fire dust to slowly melt the gangster out of his icy tomb.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:47:00 AM »
Sovereign thoroughly enjoyed the wind, zooming pass him as he ran through the alleyways and the streets. With his newfound vigilante outfit, and a flowing scarf trailing behind him, he's starts to patrol the streets once more. His most recent outing has left him somewhat injured, but Sovereign could deal with some of the leftover pain.

Briefly turning on the upcoming corner, he bumped into a uniform that was alarmingly familiar. Not exactly the good familiar too, as it was a gang's signature uniform. Before anyone knew what happened, Sovereign grabbed the person and threw them onto the ground as hard as he could. Surprisingly, they quickly recovered with a punch to Sovereign's torso before running off. In a grunt of pain, Sovereign held his chest as he starts to take off after the villain.

Sovereign must've looked strange with his visor and scarf as he chased the villain around another corner. As Sovereign was a huntsman-in-training, the gangster stood no chance in escaping. With a great yell, Sovereign made his presence clear to nearby bystanders, "I got you now villain! Citizens, get out of the way!" Slamming his fists down onto the concrete, ice forms from his fingertips, creating a path of ice from his fingertips to the gangster. Said path of ice captures the gangster, fully enclosing him in ice. Any bystanders quickly got out of the way from the ice trail, thus only capturing the gangster.

With a pained sigh, Sovereign sat down at the curb outside some pastry shop. He really should not have pushed himself too hard, since he's aware that some masked vigilante sitting on the curb would look strange.

Approved Characters / Re: Sovereign LeBlanc
« on: August 29, 2017, 12:01:38 AM »
Edits made:

-Changed Occupation
-Add to history to account for new occupation
-A really shitty clean up of the profile

Approved Characters / Re: Sovereign LeBlanc
« on: August 04, 2017, 01:54:25 AM »
Pre-Edit: ShowHide


Name: Sovereign LeBlanc

Age: 20. 4th of Niege, 55 A.C.

Species and Gender: Human Male

Symbol: N/A

Occupation: Third Year Atlas Student, Part Time Magician, and Full Time Con Artist.

Appearance: Sovereign looks very much like his brothers as they were practically identical. However, an experienced observer would be able to pick out a few quirks that can be picked out from the rest of his siblings. Sovereign stands at the height of 5’10 which goes well with his lean athletic build. Much like his brothers, Sovereign shares their sharp eyes and neutral mouth expressions, which could often turn into a condescending smirk at times. Sovereign is a bit paler than most of his brothers, with his hair color being a strong golden blonde color. His hair is fashioned in a rather spikey style like his brothers that is almost impossible to pull off without dedication. Unlike his brothers, he has electric blue eyes, and they are a bit more dull than the rest of his siblings, but it’s barely noticeable. Most facial structures were shared, but other than that, those are the most obvious quirks.

Sovereign's casual attire is quite similar to his brothers: a cool looking, dark-grey hooded windbreaker of average length over a white polo/white undershirt combo, simple dark-khaki jeans, and black urban sneakers with white bases. On his right wrist is a cheap, upper-class watch. He does have both of his ears pietced, and unlike some of his brothers, wears metal spuds in both. Mostly, it was basically copied or stolen from Avery, have fun with that.

However, when in combat, Sovereign wears DPM instead of the normal windbreaker. They still look similar in design however, except for the black, sewed in backpack on the back.

History: Sovereign has always loved his siblings, he really did. It didn’t help that they were always off to cause mischief one way or another, which is something he practically bathed in when he was younger. Born in a declining upper class family within Atlas, it was hard to get mischief done throughout the strict regiment of the entire city, but they did it. Sovereign would’ve quit being a part of all the mischief, but he couldn’t. The reason being that he didn’t care for his reputation nor the needs of their family. All he cared about was his siblings, and he’d go with them wherever they went. After all, his brothers meant all of the world to him, and he would gladly suffer for them as they would do for him. Hence, Sovereign being one of the main culprits of their heinous crimes of mischief. However, just because he loved his brothers all so much, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a hobby to have some getaway time from them. That hobby was messing with his siblings, especially Avery, since impersonations and pranks were his favorite things to do to his younger brother. The other hobby was magic tricks. At first, he took up magic tricks as to con some people out of money for his siblings, but then he truly started to enjoy said tricks and delved further into the art. Sovereign, from then on, wanted to be a magician *cough* Con Artist *cough*, but when his brothers were dragged along to combat school, he HAD to follow them since he simply can’t leave them behind after all those years staying with them.

So, like before, Sovereign continued their siblings reign of mischief and conned a few students via lots of sleight of hands for the hell of it. However, unlike before, Sovereign had to pick up some of their slack academically so his younger siblings don’t have to do everything, as well as watching their back, insuring they got out of any mischief and cons scotfree. Sovereign also always made sure that the brothers don’t have any money issues by conning a few students here and there. Of course, the staff wised up like they should, often catching the triplets in the middle of their heinous crimes of mischief and many of Sovereign’s cons. In fact, the first time the staff caught Sovereign was practically famous. Sovereign had been cheating out a gambling ring, basically robbing them blind of their money. When it had been revealed that he had been using sleight of hands… Well, it wasn’t exactly pretty as Sovereign had to undergo a lengthy apology and repayment. After they graduated after many years of “hard work” and mischief, they were brought along to Atlas, with a warning in hand from the previous school’s staff about their history of mischief.

Much like their previous school, Atlas academy was a blast for the LeBlanc siblings. They continued their reign of terror, generating a reputation of mischief and confusion. Since some of the siblings are downers, *cough* Avery *cough*, they (mostly Sovereign) still had to continue and bring along all the LeBlanc siblings into mischief and trouble. It got worse when Sovereign got really good at acting via lessons, so now he can flawlessly pull off an imitation of all his brothers. Heaven itself prays for Atlas Academy, as they are not ready for wave 2 of mischief.

Personality: As the second oldest of the Le Blanc triplets, Sovereign prides himself as the “intelligent” kid of the bunch, though he’s sure Avery is better. More often than not, he’d find himself bailing out his brothers for homework and other school-related activities. Sovereign also happens to be the second silliest brother, only behind his older sibling, Aurum. For all his intelligence, he seems to be only using it for pranks and cons that Sovereign finds himself doing. Keep your eye off him for one second, and you could yourself caught in a diabolical prank that he had devised 5 minutes ago. Sovereign also happened to pick up some of his brothers’ traits, so have fun with that.

Under all that silliness, Sovereign is actually a really nice guy, albeit really shy. He truly believes that there is good in all things, and wishes to bring it out within people. Sovereign will fight for that right, for a second chance and for the goodness of themselves. Good luck with trying to get Sovereign to admit this, he’s very easily embarrassed by this sappy dream.

Just hope that you’ll never see Sovereign’s own darkness against this fight.

Aura and Semblance:
Sovereign’s aura is quite large, and glows an electrifying blue. When Sovereign ever uses his aura or semblance, the electricity in his eyes glow ever brighter.

Creation of All Things - There is beauty within life...

Sovereign is a lover of good in all things, so it makes sense that his very soul pronounces that. He can manipulate the elements around him, dragging it out of its place for his usage. Of course, if he took a huge chunk of stone out of a building, that wouldn’t be very good, which is why he was lucky enough to be able to use a SCF to create the elements out of nothing.

With all that excess tidbit out of the way, we’ll get down to the basis of his semblance. To manipulate the elements around him, it would cost 3% for every immediate action (such as manipulating stone and throwing  to hit an enemy in the face in that instant), but if it was a prolonged action (such as dragging a large boulder around) then it will cost 2% every minute.

The basis acts the same way for when Sovereign is creating an element that was originally not there, except it requires dust, and the cost often depends on the action he is trying to pull, so he keeps lots of dust on hand.

Combat Behavior: Sovereign is a brawler, through and through. His speed and strength makes up most of his power behind his punches. Sovereign also happens to incorporate dirty tricks whether it be “magic” of other shenanigans into his fights, so his semblance most definitely helps with that style of fighting. He keeps control of his fights, and the brawler / mage behaviors help with that. His gauntlets are quite durable and packs a punch when used with dust.

For all his strength and speed, someone who has experience in a martial art or melee style would most definitely take down Sovereign easily since he has no “solid technique.” If you also constantly stay unpredictable, you might be able to throw off Sovereign. The dust usage by Sovereign isn’t very… stable sometimes, so knock a few wires loose and you’ll have yourself an advantage.


Name: Dust Particle Manipulator, or DPM for short.

Primary Form: Sovereign wields bright white metal gauntlets that have energy vents on the side of his wrists for when he uses the dust within his dust backpack, the gauntlets itself seems to be running tubes into the dust backpack. On the top of his wrists seems to be a display that allows him to choose what type of dust are going to be used.

Secondary Form: DPM is actually a windbreaker that has a sort of backpack looking thing sewed into the back of it. It looks scarily similar to the windbreaker the siblings would usually wear. Inside the backpack would be piles of powdered dust that are sorted by element that would feed itself into the gauntlet for his usage. The tubes itself and the backpack are very fashionably placed and hidden so that it does not restrict Sovereign’s movement but is still effective.

Dust Functions: DPM is used as a SCF for his semblance, as well packing power behind his punches, since the energy is within the gauntlet and the heat is just released by the vent. Sovereign uses all types of dust, but the effects of each type are what you would expect.

History: Acting as his team’s Dust Mage, he created DPM himself with some assistance. Originally just a normal brawler, he picked up some Dust Training in order to fully compliment his semblance and fighting style.

Everywhere Else / Re: Beach time, murder time...Wait, what? (CLOSED)
« on: June 30, 2017, 02:56:23 AM »
Noir frowned as he listened to what the first year said, and proceeds to stand up. You wouldn't think it, but blood in a lagoon would probably imply murder. Noir briefly thought about what he should do before voicing it, "We can call the police and look around while they get here." Activating his semblance for brief moment to figure out who else noticed the "blood" according to the first year, he seems satisfied with who's with him. Noir adds onto his previous thought, "We have enough people to investigate." Preferably, Noir would like to look around with ALL his weapons, but he only has his gun on him since it was easy to carry around incognito. He doesn't even know if his fellow peers have their weapons since they were supposed to be relaxing.

Everywhere Else / Re: Beach time, murder time...Wait, what? (CLOSED)
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:20:34 PM »
As the waves tickled his feet, Noir was thinking. Quite deeply in fact. About what? He wasn't too sure, as he had no idea what to think about in the first place. Then, Noir frowned as he corrected that in his head, 'Actually, incorrect.' Continuing on with his thought as he shifted his head onto his knees, 'I'm thinking about why a blind guy would be at the beach and not in the water.' Noir continues to muse about his thoughts when a voice comes from his side. Glancing quickly in the direction the voice came form, then looks back to the ocean before he gives his answer. "Sure." Feeling out the aura of the person soon to be sitting next to him, Noir detects insignificant details that provided enough evidence for Noir to safely assume that they are probably a huntress-in-training.

Everywhere Else / Re: Beach time, murder time...Wait, what? (CLOSED)
« on: June 14, 2017, 05:09:21 PM »
Noir was just sitting down at the edge of the water. He's not sure why he's at the beach considering he's blind and it could very quickly go wrong, but it was nice to have the water touch his feet every now and then. He could do without the sweater, but his wardrobe didn't contain much variety there. At least his trench coat isn't on him right now, or he'd be sweating up a storm.

He may think that he's an approachable fourth year student, but someone just sitting at the edge of the water and staring off the distance may or may not put off some people.

Approved Characters / Re: Catalina Glenn
« on: June 13, 2017, 12:55:31 AM »
Editing: ShowHide

Name: Catalina Glenn

Age: 18, Born 62 AC Klever 14th

Species and Gender: Human male

Symbol: A piece of dust crystal formed by merging the four basic elements of dust and a white spot in the center. The main color for the symbol is Catalina blue.

Occupation: Beacon Academy first year student

Appearance: He is 183 cm tall and weighs 55 kg. He has long hands, and a face with rather yellowish skin. He usually sports short pants and blue T-shirts.

History: The family of his lived for generations in the Mountain Glenn.
Sometime in days of Vale, the there are people disliked to live by some unnamed law and decided to move out altogether. They traveled to immediately southeast of the kingdom, and they found mountains full of grimms and caverns, but otherwise perfectly habitable. They decided they're strong enough to clear the grimm and make it into a settlement. They aggressively fought, gaining grounds and losing very few men, but wide out in the open the Nevermores and the Griffons soon became a significant threat. Before any major casualties formed, they wisely retreated into the tunnels. Using dust deposit lying around, the quickly scouted and gained knowledge of the region and the settled into the safe state when Catalina was born. Over time, they merge into a big family group(despite the bloodlines still distinct enough to avoid inbreeding) and the name Glenn formed as the mountain name and their family name.
Living so close to Vale, they kept regular contact with them and have a friendly relationship with them. When Vale decided to expand into there,  they were appointed as head advisors naturally. With prominent knowledge, family battle skills leading into success and exclusive rights to developing the cities they quickly rised to the tops of Vale society. Catalina's childhood was comprised mainly of running wild in the mountains, devising routes to avoid or trapping grimm, and observing natural phenomenon and combine them with knowledge gained when he occasionally go to school. Despite the danger always presenting itself, by knowing all the hiding spots, improvising the environment and strength in the numbers, the children are well exposed to the wildlife and Grimm, while safety is assured. Hiding and observing Grimm developed his thinking ability and tactical skills as well as scientific mind. But when they rose to the high classes, he had to join the balls, the dinners and stuff. And the notorious wager duels. As a result, he was obliged to practice melee combat and devise ways to improve current materials to create new types of dust.

Until the grimm outbreak came. He rallied the local hunters, fought bravely and sniped the grimms threatening civilians. It earned him the urban legend of 'grimm sharpshooter'.
Despite the the wealth stored not being depleted by investing all their business into mountain Glenn, their family legacy may be losing to time... So he enrolled into Beacon Academy to become a scientist and a huntsman while hoping to repopulate Mountain Glenn and extend the legacy into the history. On the entrance exam, the academic test and live combat were passed with flying colors but the sparring with the current students was a big struggle.

Personality: From the days of observing wildlife, he concluded that no particular person is right or wrong and so is a particular morality. He didn't hold a grudge to almost anything, not even the creatures of grimm(readily destroying them if needed nonetheless), but if anyone tries to assert his own value into someone else then his Berserk button is hit. Hard. Especially Faunus-Human discrimination in both ways.
He also dislikes social etiquette and manner but usually exercise self restraintants when in representing the family. He also follow through all the procedures and sportsmanship when in combat. He likes arts like performing arts, music and mathematics. Catalina's observation also gives him the idea of how terrible it is to end one's life and will take measure not to cause it.
Finally, he prefers being alone but if there are companions that can be with him, he will treat them with utmost devotion.

Aura and Semblance: His aura is weakened by the lack of faith or even a strong value, but being to manifestation of one's own soul, thinking about metaphysics, philosophy and chemistry and such actually more than makes up of it. Catalina Glenn's Aura colour is, of course, Catalina Blue.
He didn't actually name his Semblance, but people around gave it the nickname 'aurashift' and he picked it up. The semblance control how the field of aura is projected around his body in what shape. He can trap his target in it, use it like a long lance to stop charging enemies, or shape it like Zerohanded weapons. He can also infuse the aura with dust to amplify the maximum surface area without making him instantly collapsing of fatigue and giving him that dust property, electrifying the aura, camouflage or create gas bubbles safe for breathing. However if too much dust are present in the aura field than it might explode spectacularly upon impact usually knocking him out or worse.

The strength of the aura surface won't be changed either unless amplified by a high concentration of dust(but he does remember the risk of getting blown up).

The taxation on his mind from complex shape shiftings is no small business either. The best analogy is as he puts it, 'Controlling like 10 limbs when your mind is suited to use 4'. He may have to remain still for this purpose, and usually utilizing it in melee fight for more the a single encounter, while giving him a great edge, can either hinder his prowess for the rest of the fight, leaving him defenseless for anywhere from a few seconds to half a minute, or straight up passing out from the strain. He is actively searching for courses to remedy and to recover faster.

If his emotions is to ever get too unstable, his aura will also get unstable shapeshiftings, which could endanger himself and his surroundings.

Combat Behavior: Despite processing tactical skills, he also likes to do the work himself, partly due to difficulty to describe plans as good as in his mind. But he will remain calm the whole way, or just hiding and picking people off. And thus when he's in melee, he will hit hard and hit fast, hoping he can finish the fight before getting hiy too much, placing all of the aura in in strength and agility. He doesn't like to teamwork very much either.


Name: The primary form is named Got' eem and the secondary Take that!.

Primary Form: A sniper rifle, with long(and sharp in the end as bayonet) silenced barrel and a large chunk of recoil absorber to allow automatic fire. The cartridge can store 20 or less shots before having to reload. It also have a sight with adjustable magnifing and rangefinding capabilities.

Secondary Form: The cartridge and the sight moves into the recoil absorber which has the barrel sticking through to from an eye of a sledgehammer. It has exhausts on all directions and the original bullet barrel to either use as a blowtorch, propel swings, or light the whole thing up in general for looks and imitation.

Dust Functions: Dust are used as ammunition serving various purpose, including high impact/explosive rounds for breaking aura, customized stimpack shots for healing, shocking dust rounds to stun, freezing and heating rounds and such. Powdered dust are used for weapon camouflaging and the exhausting to flamethrow.

Unless otherwise specified in the very first post possible, he carries the following amount of dust:
  • 2 cartridges of explosive dust rounds that damages 2% of an average aura over 2 meters radius
  • 1 cartridge of piercing rounds that damages decrease by 0.3% per centimeter of coverage and does 3% aura damage at most.
  • 5 rounds of shock rounds that hit for 1% aura and shock the target for 15 seconds.
  • 5 rounds of stimpack shots that remedies pain, small injuries(anything that doesn't leave a scar) and other abnormal status, and help regenerate aura at 1% per second for 5 seconds.
  • 5 rounds each of heating and freezing rounds that burns or freezes anything flammable/freezeble in a 1 meter radius. Neither burning nor freezing will damage any aura.
  • A single repulsion crystal that is strong enough to knock Ursai around.
    It can be used to propel a shot and hit twice as hard, shot to knock things around harming 5% aura and some fall damage, or make a hammer swing 1.5 times faster.
  • Four small boxes each containing powdered forms of a basic dust type. They can be infused into his aura, but anything above 75% of a box in total is an explosion waiting to happen. The other use is to be poured into the head and then fired. They have a 10 meter radius.
    Fire and air dust can also propel swings by a factor of
    [1+(air=0.4, fire=0.6)(amount of dust relative to a single box)]

Anymore items brought would proportionally hinder his movement. And all of this is stored in his toolbox weared on his back so if you're able to rupture that enough... It would go as well for him as an flamethrower operator with the same treatment.

History:It's a combination of the best form Mountain Glenn's, including the weapon's cast, the optical sight, the design and the forging are all from and in Mountain Glenn. It was thought up before the grey war ended, researched through the Faunus civil rights war came into fruition on our generation thanks to efforts throughout the house. Catalina inherited it because he's the only one into combat.

Upkeep:This is the most limiting part of the weapon. To repair, the components must be freshly created and replaced in the peculiar environment only provided in the caves of Mountain Glenn. The dust can be wholebought, though refining still takes a lot of time to finish the rounds for use. Especially with the fall of cities there, obtaining them become more and more dangerous and time consuming.

Name: (none)

Form:A toolbox that contains a pickaxe, a shovel and ab axe. Their handles are all half a meter long, about as long as from his elbow to his wrist. It is also used for storing ammo and other dust.

History: Catalina brings them along in his days in the mountains, usually to improvise traps for grimms, help mining dust and such. In days where he lives in a city and when not combating grimm, he leaves the tools behind as they severely restrict his mobility.


Plot Zone / Re: Beach time murder time! Wait, what?
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:43:34 PM »
I am here for the meme. You can have Noir or Iron. Preferably Iron.

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