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RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: July 27, 2018, 10:58:19 PM »
What-If: End of A Beginning - Sovereign LeBlanc

With a gasp of pain, Sovereign jolts awake as he was greeted with the familiar sight of his room in the LeBlanc residence.

Lying as still as he could so that the pain could go away, Sovereign could only tear up and quietly sob. As the pain calmed and his eyes, Sovereign gently moved his arms to sit himself up. Tearing up once again at the initial pain, Sovereign was finally able to sit up through the pain.  Looking at his heavily bandaged arms, he could see that they were bleeding again. Usually, Sovereign would replace the bandages himself, but after what happened...


He didn't want this. If he had suffered alone, his heart wouldn't be hurting so much. After all, a mother shouldn't have to see her broken child in so much pain... Was it wrong for him to do what he did? He wanted to protect those he cared about! Sovereign couldn't simply just wait and watch people suffer! It wasn't fair! Sovereign never expected another gang to show up after his fight! As Sovereign struggled with his thoughts, a creak in the doorway interrupts his thoughts.

His mother's tear-streaked face broke his heart all over again. Sovereign could only stay quiet as he raised his bleeding arms for his mother to see. Her eyes teared up even further as she went to replace the bandages on his arms. At that moment, there was only silence except for the quiet sobs of his mother. As his bandages were completely replaced, Sovereign's broken voice broke the depressing silence in the room.

"I'm sorry I was such a disappointment."

His mother suddenly hugs Sovereign as if he would disappear if she didn't hold onto him tightly. The sound of her sobs grew even louder as Sovereign could only hug back as he repeats "I'm sorry" over and over again. Sovereign could only think about how this could've been avoided if they had come...! Sovereign shakes his head. That wouldn't be fair to her. Neither of them could have expected another gang to stumble upon him. Neither of them would have expected this. Wiping away his mother’s tears, he gave her a look asking her to leave and recover emotionally. As his mother left him alone and her quiet sobs recede deep into the residence, Sovereign went back to looking outside the window in his room.

Atlas was pretty. The snow outside sent a perfect trickle down the window, almost as if it was something from an artistic masterpiece. Standing up with his arms limp, Sovereign went over to the window, eying what seems to be flowers being covered under the snow. Snorting, Sovereign realizes the awful comparison between the flower and himself. As Sovereign quietly watched the snowfall, his thoughts had finally gathered about for his situation.

He should never use his arms again. That's what the doctor told him.  Sensory nerve damage. Heavy scarring. Shattered bones. Fortunately, the bones will heal in time and the scarring he'll have to deal with later, but that's fine. If those had been his only injuries, he could still fight. The real killer is the nerve damage. As a result of his victory against the two gangs, he'll always be in pain from the slightest amount of pressure. Fighting had become impossible. Sovereign’s eyes tear up as he reached the same unpleasant thoughts he’s been having ever since the diagnosis. Dropping into a fetal position against the window, he lets out the loud sobs that he’s been holding in for a long time.

He can never be a hero again.

Wow, it's like a guy that is super reliant on aura would take such a class! Take Noir

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: July 20, 2018, 12:57:33 PM »
Being used to the warm and kinda soft feeling of Airi being on his back, he kinda misses it. With a sigh, Sovereign stretches for a bit and gets ready to charge at greatsword chick. Swapping over to his fire dust reserves, he starts a ball of fire that's condensing and condensing. Greatsword chick frowns as she gets ready to defend against an attack, but it was never going to come. Instead, Sovereign charges at the gal and tries to distract her while his attack charged up. Dodging strikes left and right, the ball of flame seems to be more and more volatile.

As for the grunts, they are clearly afraid of Lyra, but with nothing left to lose they could only charge Lyra all together hoping that what little defense capabilities they have will overwhelm her. Unfortunately for them, aura isn't the most useful for them as of right now. Especially since greatsword chick seems to be teleporting around Sovereign trying to hit him.

RPG Discussion / Re: Weekly Writing Prompts
« on: July 17, 2018, 07:37:01 PM »
Canon: Do What You Have To Do - Hunter d’Azur

The sound of the alarm was the first thing he heard this morning.




He groaned as he lifted his head from his pillow. Glancing at the entrance of his apartment, he began to fumble for the weapon that rests at his bedside. Firmly grasping the handle, the sleep-addled mind cleared as one thought surfaced.

Ah. The alarm is going off again.

As if he was a predator rising from its resting place, Hunter calmly got up and stalked towards the entrance to his apartment. His hand on the door handle with his weapon ready on the other, and he quickly swung the door open ready to attack the intruders. However, there were no intruders to be found. With a sigh, Hunter propped his weapon next to the doorway and quickly left the safety of his home so that he can investigate. Upon turning around, Hunter could only groan about more work due to the vandalization of his doorway.

Animal. Faunus scum. A long time ago, it would've gotten his blood boiling. Nowadays, Hunter doesn't even acknowledge the insults anymore since it could’ve been someone waiting to attack him instead of cheap talk. Hunter went back inside to grab his painting supplies so that he can paint over the door once again. He didn’t want to draw any more attention to himself, so he made it quick. Once the door's paint job was finished, Hunter would go through his usual routine again. He would start brushing his teeth first while he approximates the amount of food left behind in his worn-down fridge. Noticing the lack of food, he notes that he’ll have to be out for longer than usual to go grocery shopping. Hunter finished brushing his teeth and started taking out temporary hair dyes for the day. Dyeing his hair red for today, Hunter would also apply makeup while the dye dries so that he conceals the small, black, and prominent ring around his eyes. Usually, he can pass it off as baggy eyes, but it’s better to be safe than sorry for today. Putting on a medical mask, Hunter quickly put on a pair of jeans and a hoodie. Grabbing his weapon and concealing it the best he can, Hunter left for the day.

Fortunately for Hunter, he avoided most of the humans that would recognize him regardless of the actions he took to disguise himself. As for everyone else, Hunter would get away with strange or even dirty looks, but that was okay for him. They won’t find him next time. Like every other day, Hunter went through his routine. For him, it would be earning money from odd jobs, buying instant noodles from the nearest convenience store, and immediately returning home. It’s a little disheartening Hunter couldn’t spare time for other outdoor activities, because after all...

His home wasn’t the best, but then again, when has it always been better than something like this? His home had always been small and empty, with signs of wear spread throughout the apartment. Even then, something about his apartment being so barren makes his heart sink every time he comes back. With a tired sigh, Hunter moved to place the instant noodles in his “kitchen” - and calling it a kitchen would be generous. Making sure that he had the water boiling, Hunter went back into his bathroom to wash out the hair dye. While he does so, Hunter couldn’t help but think as the water ran through his hair.

Why am I still here?

Hearing the familiar sound of boiling water that is ready to be poured into an instant cup of noodles, Hunter shakes his head to clear his mind as he returns the kitchen. Getting a cup of noodles open and applying the seasoning, Hunter pours the boiling water into the cup. Once that’s done, Hunter sits down on the floor as he stares at a clock and waits. And then he would wait even longer. Once three minutes passed, Hunter quickly jumped up and got eating utensils for his meal of the day. Like every other day, the room would be silent except for the sounds of messy eating. Most of the time, this would begin Hunter’s end routine for the night, where he’d clean up after himself, brush his teeth, wash the makeup off, and getting into bed with his weapon near.

Tiredly staring at the ceiling, Hunter could only wait for sleep to claim him, but today, he can’t help but think. Think of a more innocent but brighter past. Think of a girl that brightened his world when he didn’t understand why it was dark in the first place. Most of all, he can’t help but think of a promise. A promise that maybe someday, they’ll find each other again and be something more. He had to admit, that was quite a silly and far-fetched thought. They were children then. They couldn't predict the type of people they would become.

But maybe…

And like that, Hunter fell asleep, his weapon on standby.




His grip tightened on his weapon.

The sound of the alarm was the first thing he heard that morning, it’s the first thing he hears every morning.

Approved Characters / Re: Malina Nahualli
« on: July 04, 2018, 06:07:07 PM »

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: June 21, 2018, 08:48:37 PM »
Looking at the havoc Lyra is creating, Sovereign could only watch in surprise as she started to tear through flesh. Face shifting into a sheepish grin, Sovereign could only think, Oh dear, the police department isn’t going to be happy about that. Quickly returning his attention back to the nearly downed pipe boy, he was quickly surprised by the last ditch effort of the thug in an attempt to knock Sovereign out. Dodging the first pipe swing onto his head (and making sure Airi doesn’t get hit by it), Sovereign quickly stops carrying Airi with his right hand and gives pipe boy a mighty uppercut that sends the thug collapsing. Regrabbing Airi’s leg with his right hand, he quickly adjusts himself so that Airi is still comfortable on his back.

In his peripherals, Sovereign can see that greatsword girl is looking at him and cutrently growling. Quickly facing in her direction, Sovereign could barely react as she instantly appears at his side with the greatsword being swung at both his back and Airi. Adjusting his body so that he’ll take the brunt of the damage, he was knocked back towards Lyra. Wincing in pain from the damage build up from both his semblance literally burning his body up and the two mercenaries,  Sovereign quckly assessed the situation which just so happens to only be only 9 grunts left and greatsword girl. Turning to Lyra, Sovereign hurriedly explained the situation, ”How fast can you take down the grunts? I’m currently running low on my combat capabilities.” Sovereign can definitely beat greatsword girl, but it would be best for Lyra to intervene so that he’s not too injured for the next patrol.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: June 20, 2018, 03:28:53 PM »
"Sounds great. Wait, what are you- Oh not this again." Sovereign lets himself smash into the ground after being brought to his knees, recognizing the ever familiar feeling that Airi brings around when using that semblance of hers. Fighting against it would not be beneficial, but at the same time letting hitting the ground face first was not fun. As the feeling eased up, Sovereign started to prop himself up, scanning his opponents for the most incapacitated, but also for those that still had a large threat potential. The grunts were still up and about, but they looked like they can be taken down with ease. As for the two bigger fish, they seem a tad bit stunned from the effect. Almost ready to lunge with a burst of speed, Sovereign stopped himself after hearing what Lyra asked of him. However, he didn't even need to think of a reply. In fact, with a huge smile on his face, the only reasonable response was:

”Trusting your senior? How adorable!"

Looking at the two experienced thugs (which he now donned as pipe boy and greatsword girl), Sovereign quickly swapped over to his ice dust reserves. Picking up the collapsing Airi and put her on his back comfortably, Sovereign created spikes of ice and sent them towards pipe boy. Pipe boy tried to dodge them, but only slightly succeeded as some of the spikes hit his left arm. In retaliation, pipe boy slammed the ball of ice with all his might, as if it was a baseball, towards Sovereign. In some measly attempt to dodge it and close the distance, Sovereign felt it hit his left shoulder hard. Normally, he’d start complaining about the pain, but with a cocky grin Sovereign couldn’t help but mouth off while divekicking the poor boy into the warehouse’s wall, ”This is Sov Airlines, housing one passenger known as Airi, please excuse the minor turbulence!” Taking the brief moment of rest to ready up, he can eye severely beaten pipe boy try to get up, as greatsword girl is starting to rally the rest of the grunts (which is not much at this point), ”Get your stupid asses off the ground and get ready to swarm the girl!”

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:40:01 AM »
Hesitating at first, the grunts slowed their advance on the two, until the merc leading them was currently giving them the evil eye. Immediately, the grunts charged at the two hoping that numbers will give them the advantage in combat, trying to swipe at the two with their gunblades. As for the merc himself, he picks up a pipe as he charges up a ball of ice infront of him that is ready to be hit as if it was a baseball.

As for the grunts Sovereign was dealing with, he chucked them around enough where they should be down for the count. The merc with a greatsword on the other hand, immediately charged towards Sovereign. With a grunt, Sovereign blocked it with his gauntlet, using his fire dust to blow up the area in front of the merc's face. As a result, the greatsword user felt her sword blast upwards, she frowned before slamming Sovereign with the side of the blade. Not able to block it, Sovereign essentially flew over towards Airi and Lyra, eventually getting back on his feet and skidding.

"How is it on your end?" While it does seem like there is more trouble than how he is usually prepared for, Sovereign does not stop grinning with confidence as he's sure that they'll prevail in the end, albeit with some pain.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: March 12, 2018, 12:18:43 AM »
Sovereign with a big smirk on his face looked towards Airi, "I'm always right!" Looking back to his opponents, Sovereign charged recklessly towards the area that was concentrated the most with gangsters. From his actions, the gangsters screamed in fear as they quickly brandished gunblades to fire at Sovereign. With a smirk, Sovereign swapped to ice as he creates a wall of ice between him and the enemy. Listening to the bullets hit the ice and the enemies trying to scramble away from each other, Sovereign showing off how surprisingly nimble he is as he flips over the wall of ice (he winced in pain from the action). One of the cannon fodder managed to react fast enough and strike Sovereign, however Sovereign just took the blow and redirected the cannon fodder - by throwing him - to one of the mercs. With a tsk, the merc jumped over the flying body as she brandished a greatsword before starting to slowly approach Sovereign. The other merc took a glance at Sovereign, then looks towards Airi and Lyra, signalling some of the grunts to come over and take them on.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: December 12, 2017, 12:41:23 AM »
While Sovereign was running, he did peek behind him to see if the two were actually going to follow him. To his surprise, they actually did! However, the thought of Airi following him did make him kind of nervous since he can easily get busted if he messes up while he's on her watch. Regardless, Sovereign sped away so that they have enough time to take down criminals AND get dinner. Preferably without Airi being present because she is a complete downer.

"COMMENCE PLAN A!" Which is essentially no plan since Sovereign just barged in and dive kicked one of the cannon fodder into a wall. Recovering his footing from the dive kick, Sovereign quickly eyed the shmucks around him, deducing that there is currently twenty five people surrounding him, and around twenty three of them are cannon fodder. With a grin, Sovereign knew he can probably deal with the two mercs on his own (but it's not very preferable). Not knowing how much space he had put between himself and his current allies, Sovereign decided to buy a little time and distract some of the poor gangsters by using his wind dust to push all of them back with force.

(OOC: Do you guys wanna do an official combat system or just try to keep it reasonable without worrying about numbers?)

Approved Characters / Re: Azzar Ikhal
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:50:13 AM »
Approved, nerd.

The Vale Region / Coffee Away From Home [Limited 1/3]
« on: November 28, 2017, 04:03:13 PM »
Arian found himself in Vale. Again. This time, it's for a team related mission instead of the Vytal Festival, but still, he prefered not being in Vale any longer and returning home. With a sigh, he brings the mug to his lips, sipping away as he watches live move on outside the window. Arian looks back to the menu, remembering the cafe's name for future reference as he does enjoy their services.

Placing the mug back down onto the table, Arian went back to looking out the window, particularly the establishment that currently catches his eye: Duels 'N Stuff. It does look particularly strange, given the Atlesian-style architecture, but from what Arian heard, it's a great place for hunters-in-training to spar when they're away from home.

Sighing once more - he's been doing that a lot lately, he should look into it - Arian went back to drinking his coffee, and thinking about whether or not he should get a refill.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: November 27, 2017, 09:41:51 PM »
With a bright smile on his face, Sovereign seems extremely pleased by the fact that he's free to do what he wants. He's slightly less pleased at getting a chaperone out of Airi, but he can make it work. "Great! Let me melt the guy out of his icy cage and make sure the cops come by to pick him up." Sovereign hurries over to the frozen criminal and quickly melts the ice off of the criminal.

Once the ice melts down - leaving the criminal with a wet suit - Sovereign quickly picks up the criminal by the arm and slams them down to the ground behind him. That should be enough to keep him down until the police comes by. Looking around in the environment he's currently in, Sovereign finds the optimal bystander to call for the police and hold the gangster down.

"Hey, can you guys make sure that the police come by and pick this guy up? Thank you!~" With a grin, Sovereign looks back to Airi and Lyra, giving them a "follow me" gesture before running off into the direction the hideout would be.

Why am I always gone?

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:46:48 PM »
Sovereign thought about what Airi told him, and it seems that what she said got to his head. However, the childish grin on his face clearly states that he didn't really care as he'll probably just smash all their faces into the ground anyways. "That is a good point, but I'll be able to beat them anyways!" After stating what's on his mind, Sovereign went back to melting the ice off of the frozen gangster. While that was being done, Sovereign seemed to wait for what more Airi has to say before he starts to venture off onto another journey to defeat the evil in this city.

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