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Razzmatazz Gele - 2nd Year warrior of happiness of Team ____. "Oh, I also like ____! Let's be friends!"

Janna Tarmac - 1st Year tank lady of Team HTDG. "Our job is to protect the innocent, and that's what I do."

Reginald Royale - 1st year snotty brat of team MARS. "I'm telling father about this!"

Rufus Chocla - 2nd year freestyle rapper of team ____. "Rap comes from the Soul, don't mess with the Flow, if you can't take no more, don't wait for Encore!"

Anza Burgundy - 1st Year archer of team CRSA. "War eagle, feller!"

Silica Methiviola - Assistant to the Royale Family/Reginald. "Suck my metaphorical dick, nerd."

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