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Somewhat confident that Alex would pick 'dare', Julia had brainstormed something rather fast. Since she had noticed Alex greet Zwei when she entered, she knew they must have some type of relationship, whether it be as acquaintances, teammates, or lovers. Either way, it would be somewhat interesting. Excited to see what would transpire, Julia would enthusiastically say "Alex, I dare you to be Zwei's faithful slave for the next 2 rounds. If you disobey, you'll have to take 2 dares as punishment! Enjoy!"

Knowing that this dare would be much worse for the person she would be sitting on, Julia would give a confident "Okie-dokie!" Sadly, she couldn't pick the person who's had the least interesting dares tonight, so she would have to go for the 2nd best options. In an attempt to make an informed decision, Julia would think to herself "Wellllllll, Zwei has only had truths...and he enjoyed that kiss. Tristan and Alex had to kiss, Setsuna clearly didn't enjoy the kiss, and I can't pick Isabelle. Is there someone I'm forge- MAO!" Instantly knowing who to choose as the name came to her, Julia would rapidly close in on Mao and take a seat on the vacant boy's lap [Auto-sit, boyo]. If one were to describe how painfully bony Julia's ass was, think of high quality tent spikes smelted in the fires of hell.

As she took her seat, Julia would happily say "I hope you don't mind my stay!" which was followed by a hearty giggle. Almost forgetting to select a new victim, Julia would rapidly point to Alex and say "Oh, and Alex, Truth or Dare?!"

Still sitting cross-legged with a rather devious grin on her face, Julia would keep the name "Lucina" in mind. Just in case she ever met this person, she would know to give her some valuable information about Isabelle. Lost in thoughts, it would take Julia about a minute to respond after noticing that she was probably called due to the weird silence accompanied by everyone looking in her general direction. In another attempt to raise the level of the game, she would reply with a confident "Dare!"

Do you have a Tinder? If you don't, what would your profile read like if you did have one?

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Would you say that you like to "dab on the haters"?

Holding in her excitement to finally 'see' some action, Julia would confidently say "Alrighty, dare it is! You're gonna go ham on Zwei like our good friends Tristan and Alex just did! Feel free to use your tongues, by the by!" Pretty proud of her dare that would help to escalate the game even further, Julia would take a sip of her beer and wait for the magic to happen.

As the game was still in it's beginning phases, Julia sat rather quietly in criss-cross-applesauce sipping her rather mediocre beer. Although, she became rather interested at the girl-on-girl action that was taking place before her. Although a bit surprised at the pretty quick transition to kissing, Julia would have no objections to a bit of 'touchy feely business' this early in the night. Deciding it was right about time to take this game up a notch, Julia thought "Now that we've had some lesbo, let's try and get some straight action" to herself with a stupid grin plastered on her face for a few moments.

Adjusting her position to place both legs out in front of her with her arms supporting her top half, Julia would excitedly say "Setsuna, TRUTH or DARE?", also hoping he would pick dare. However, she also had great options if he were to pick truth. Either way, something juicy would come out of it.

Surprised by all of her guests arriving at the same time, Julia would grab her handy-dandy megaphone and wander over near the door where all her guests had gathered. Quickly unraveling her hair out of its ponytail to appear more casual, Julia would loudly speak into her microphone [while still notably being right near everyone anyways] saying "Hello my lovely guests! I'm so glad you could make it! In case you don't know for some reason, I'm Julia! Then motioning to the spacious area near the beds, Julia would continue by saying Come on and sit in a circle over here when you guys are done getting situated and acquainted! By the by, beer is in the mini fridge and that wine shit is on the table! For our first turn, I'll let our friend Isabelle throw out the first truth or dare to anyone of her choice!" Then plopping herself down, Julia would wring her fingers in excitement for the memorable truths and dares that would inevitably come out of this game.

**Isabelle gets first "Truth or Dare" to anyone of her choice**

The thread is up for everyone involved:,1164.0.html

If you can't post within a reasonable amount of time (3-5 days) just tell me and I'll skip you. However, if you just go MiA, then I'll cut you and add another person from the sign-ups. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's ToD bois.

Before the sun could even rise, and as the clock struck 4:30AM, Julia's alarm would go off; filling her room with the sound of shitty idol pop. Nearly falling out of her bed in excitement, Julia would shoot up and say "Haaaaaaaaaaapppyyyyyyyy anniversarrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyy!" as if she were talking to a group of her friends. Kind of weird, but some of that pent up energy needed to be released. First, deciding to change out of her sleepwear, Julia would grab her usual school uniform for the day, as it was a Monday and she did have classes. Although basically the generic female school uniform, Julia would simply wear a long-sleeved white button-up shirt without the overcoat, always making sure to leave the top 3 buttons undone while tying a brown cardigan around her waist to be somewhat trendy looking. After getting dressed, she would tie her plain brunette hair into a makeshift ponytail while simultaneously trying to use her other hand to brush her teeth, something she's managed to learn over her many years of mastering the "morning rush". After completing her ritual, she would rush out the door, planning to get breakfast later; party preparations were her top priority right now.
The events of the next couple of hours transpired in a flash, and Julia herself couldn't believe how quickly it went. After running to one of the many 24/7 Vale liquor stores, she ran back to her dorm to organize and clean, mostly because her roommates left a mess when they went on missions without her for some reason. Needing somewhere to place the packages of beer and bottles of wine she bought, she would look to her roommates mini fridge...which would only fit the beer. Dangerously throwing the wine onto a random bed, it would have to do for now while she went about her daily class schedule.

Making sure to grab her signature megaphone before she left, Julia would head to her first class of the day: combat basket weaving, with it's motto being "You never knew you'd need a basket in a fight until now"! Following this were subjects like Grimm studies, weaponry shenanigans, and a bunch of other fun subjects. After a long day of classes, Julia would spend her afternoon socializing, gossiping, etc. with her friends like usual. **Do you get the point of this portion yet? It's to show how fucking normal her day is, and that nobody cares about the anniversary. I'll save you some shitty exposition and let's skip straight to the ToD, shall we?**

Finally ending her day at 8PM, Julia wouldn't be tired or relaxed like most people. About as pumped up as some drug addicts, she would pace around the room waiting for her guests, megaphone in hand.


"Hey guys, totally Kell here. Memes are great, haha. Traps are gay and so am I. Anyways, entering Zwei because I want to die."

T'was a dull and boring Sunday evening at Beacon Academy. As classes for the day finished and students began to relax, the campus practically fell asleep. However, a very strange occurrence was taking place on this extremely tranquil eve; Beacon Academy's most annoyingly energetic and positive student looked depressed! Julia Eneida, known to many as the one girl cheerleader squad, had been thinking about Beacon Academy's Anniversary. It boggled her mind how something so important could be forgotten by almost everyone who attended the academy! Her initial goal was to create an unofficial celebration that would be remembered and possibly repeated over and over as a tradition, but she was rapidly losing hope as many ideas came and went.

What do students like? Alcohol and physical contact. What would students remember? Stupid shit that their fellow classmates did after drinking aforementioned alcohol. What party game would combine both of these to make the best party of the year? "TRUTH OR DARE!", Julia would shout into her ever-present megaphone, probably waking up everyone in her dorm building and then some. Also shooting up out of her seat, she would run to grab her scroll to get the word out for the future most memorable party day at Beacon!

Quote from: A Super Special Day to Remember!
"Hello my fellow Beacon enthusiasts! If you don't know me by now, my name is Julia Eneida, and I want to liven up the Anniversary of our beloved institution by having a game of truth or dare! It doesn't seem like much, but I hope many students will follow in the footsteps of their dear friend Julia and host their own games in the name of our Anniversary. What I did for the first game was randomly pick 5 of you guys to come and play (names listed below), but of course your guests don't need to be randomized if you so choose! I know my good friends will be hosting randomized games, so you can look forward to at least a few of those! That should be all for now, so thanks for reading, and I hope we can make our Anniversary a day to remember!

-XOXOXO, Julia

My Special Guests:
1: Setsuna Antiqua
2: Alexandra Reinhardt
3: Isabelle Aozora
4: Mao Visorith
5: Zwei Carter
6: Tristan Pyrails

Yeah, bois, it's that time of year again! Another year, another Truth or Dare thread! This one will operate in the same way that our previous games did: "One player will start by asking Truth or Dare of another player. Should the player answer Truth, a question will be asked, one which will have to be answered truthfully. Should they answer Dare, they will be asked to do something, which they must do. If they refuse to answer truthfully or complete the task, they will be penalized, and the punishment will be up to our hostess Julia to decide. After the player is done answering the question or performing the deed, they will be able to ask the question of 'Truth or Dare?' to another player. They CANNOT ask the person who asked it of them. Finally, a player can only pick the same answer up to three times in a row before having to pick the opposite".

Alcohol will be provided by your hostess, Julia, but your characters are responsible for bringing any snacks and such. If you don't have a link to your character's profile  in your signature when you sign up, make sure to include one in your post; otherwise I won't put your name in the randomizer. I'll leave sign-ups open for a day, and then we'll get things started on the 13th after I randomize the names to see who gets in. Happy 4th site anniversary to all of you, and let's have another great game of Truth or Dare!

9/13/17 Update: I randomized the list, and the participants should be listed now! Sorry I didn't want to include more, but I feel going over this would be a bit troublesome. But as Julia said, feel free to start your own games and help the tradition! The thread will be up sometime today or tomorrow, and I'll most likely message you all on Discord when it's up. Thanks for signing up, and best of luck.

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Moved out of MIA on 8/20/2017.

WiP Characters / Re: Malina Nahualli - Huntress
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So far, I've noticed one extremely problematic thing with this profile. I don't know how anyone could even think of making this public without considering what you didn't.

Goodnight Kiss: Able to knock out someone for up to an hour.

The name Goodnight Kiss implies that the target would be laying down for a good nights worth of sleep. However, they're only knocked out for up to an hour with this variation of venom. Are you a fucking madlad? I think I can speak for the entire approval team when I say messing with an opponent's sleep schedule AND having a deceptive poison name like that is a little too much. I suggest you change the name to properly reflect the nature of the ability. Something along the lines of "You-Have-To-Wake-Up-At-5-For-Combat-Training-But-Oh-Well-Fuck-Your-Sleep-Schedule-Amirite". This is honestly a newbie mistake, and I thought you would have yielded better results considering your amount of time here. Smh, tbh.

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