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Amane looks at Prism. Then looks back to the merchant. Taking a quick moment to look him up and down, she then asks "You want to smoke some molta?"

The merchant looks at her, unsure if he heard right but with a hint of excitement on his previously-gruff face. "Eh? Molta?"

"Si, si. Molta." Amane reaches into her bag and pulls out a cylindrical semi-transparent container filled with nugs . There was a rectangular label on it that simply read 'Genius' in bold black letters.

"Let's go!" The man excitedly opens the backdrop leading to the resting area of the booth, gesturing them in.

"Oh I don't think she wants any. Amane turns to Prism. "Just stay put here for a bit and play with that or something." She gestures to the rifle. "I'll be right back." She disappears behind the backdrop.

From behind, their voices could somewhat be heard. "Here take a hit... Alright... Keep going, keep going... Aww you gotta clear it boet! There you go, you gucc?"

"Oooh this is very good molta..."

"I know right? Here, take an eighth."


"Si, mi amigo. There's your eighth."

"Thank you!"

"Shall we get back to business now?"

Amane walks back out followed by the man, who looked a bit dopey. Standing back at the booth, she says, "I'd like a box of two hundred please."

"Here, I can give you fifty percent off!" says the merchant.

"Really? That's Awesome my boet. Thanks!" Amane fist-bumps him and then transfers the crypto as the man sets an ammo box on the table. Amane opens it and gives it a quick look before closing it and handing it to Prism. "There you go. Alright bye! Enjoy your eighth!" Amane waves to the merchant and looks to see what Prism wants to do.

The Vale Region / Re: A Walk In The Shadows (Inex, CLOSED)
« on: July 14, 2018, 10:19:42 PM »
Amane nods, "Kâo jai láew." While Julia of the Haema Foundation comments on her taste in desserts, Amane takes the oyster and a scoop of the almond granita. "Gin hâi a-ròi!" She eats the entire bite, savoring the fresh, salty ocean taste of the oyster and the sweet taste of the almond, the two flavors coming together in an unusual but pleasant marriage.

Watching the woman place the Lien cards on the table, Amane accepts them discreetly and nods. "Thank you." She didn't need it but perhaps Mozetti could find a good use for it later. "So Julia, what sort of work do you do for the Haema Foundation?"

Beacon Academy / Re: Crème de la Crème [CLOSED]
« on: July 14, 2018, 09:04:58 PM »
Amane watches the fight, and despite not using a sword herself, she picks up on a few of their fighting techniques and habits while learning from their mistakes. It could be helpful on the occasion she does use a sword.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: July 14, 2018, 08:54:52 PM »
Amane is entertained by Prism's antics.

Amane will not only be able to passively erase memories of her appearance but actively manipulate them too. This can make her appearance a memetic weapon that can be used to overload somebody's mind just by looking at her. She will also be able to accurately hit every single bullet from an automatic burst with pinpoint precision at sniping ranges. Amane will also balance her weaknesses out a little more, improving her proficiency at aura techniques, hand to hand combat, and swordsmanship.

Occupation-wise, she'll be answering directly to the Council for a while on top-secret missions for reconnaissance or to retrieve things like magical relics before going independent, forming her own private organization with people loyal to her under the cover of a legitimate investment company that also operates out of numerous business fronts. However, her and her operatives will still help and be in mostly good standing with the Council.

Beacon Academy / Re: Renovations [Team CASA] [Closed]
« on: July 03, 2018, 05:24:06 AM »
Amane pulls up a picture of two house centipedes on her scroll and shows it to Coco. Keeping the roach between her thumb, index, and middle finger she points to the insects with her pinky. "This one here is Louis and this one here is Marianna. They protect my home from foreign invaders." She looks at Prism and back at the roach in her hand, then back at Prism before nodding. "Alright, time fore you to go," she says, setting the insect on the windowsill. It starts crawling back inside before she picks it up and turns it around. "Nope, wrong way, come on, out you go or Prism is gonna eat you." She keeps prodding the roach until it starts heading down the side of the exterior wall as Amane walks into the bathroom, washes her hands, and comes back out.

Despite four out of her five shots not hitting their mark, Amane was rather amused by her opponent flailing her arm to block the first three shots and turning to dodge the fourth. She was also quite impressed at Shoko-La making all those awkward broad movements in under two seconds without losing her balance or spraining her wrist. Very nice...

As Shoko-La got into a sprinting stance, Amane flicked her pistol to the woman’s supporting back foot the moment she was about to take off while firing a shot, taking advantage of the tensed muscles to be more difficult to dodge and to throw her off balance, with the momentum carried through the push hopefully sending her face forward into the ground. As a safety measure, Amane also fires two bullets in near-instantaneous succession, sounding like a single gunshot to the untrained ear. Each round was angled towards the sides of the tips of Shoko-La’s guns pointed towards her, taking advantage of the assassin’s one-handed grips to parry the guns aside and possibly knock them out through the weaker, more open areas of her hands by leveraging the impact force. Both bullets ricochet off and continue towards Shoko-La. "You ever considered shooting normally?” Amane asks in a genuinely curious tone. “Might do you a whole lot better.”

Combat Log:
- Foot Shot: 4% + 3% faceplant
- 2x Parry Shots - Chance of disarm, ricochet (2%)

Aura: 100%
Stamina: 100%
P229 (.357 SIG) Ammo: 3/12 (-3)
Action Time: 1.5 seconds

Amane kept her gun lowered towards the floor, both to exercise fantastic trigger discipline and so Shoko-La couldn’t predict her line of fire. She ignored the feint, having picked up that Shoko-La’s hand wasn’t properly braced for a committed trigger pull but the moment Shoko-La moved her gun down to squeeze the trigger, Amane flicked her pistol up while pulling the trigger and fired a shot towards the other woman’s barrel. The two bullets collided in midair, creating a splash of water that fell to the floor. With her gun now in single action after the initial shot, Amane didn’t wait to watch and chained the shot with five shots in less than two seconds, each bullet precisely aimed while taking into account Shoko’s movement speed and blocking. The first one went towards her center of gravity near her navel, the second went towards her left shoulder, the third went to her left kneecap, the fourth one to her head, and the fifth to the right side of her chest. Amane had experimented with using two guns at once before but very soon realized that just learning to shoot one gun with deadly precision at rapid-fire speeds made for more efficient use of her training time, which she spent the better parts of her second and third year at Signal practicing and drilling into muscle memory.

Combat Log: Attack defended + 5 shots at 4% each

Aura: 100%
Stamina: 100%
P229 (.357 Sig) Ammo: 6/12 | 53 (-6)

OOC: If you're asking me, Shoko-La's guns look a lot like two-barrel muzzleloaders but that doesn't seem very fair... I don't see anywhere there might be a functional magazine on their appearance (especially with barrels that large) except for the big orb which could be a Dust crystal, so how much do you want to say her guns' capacities are?

The Vale Region / Re: A Walk In The Shadows (Inex, CLOSED)
« on: June 29, 2018, 04:47:32 AM »
"Hello Julia of the Haema Foundation, I'm Amane," she said extending her hand for a handshake as the larger man brought her an almond granita with a fresh oyster on top.

Amane's response to Shoko-La's question was to eject the magazine from her gun and load a fresh one in while securing the spares in her coat and the used one in her waist. She watched silently as Shoko-La talked and spun her guns around. All Amane could think of was how utterly and dangerously nonexistent this woman's trigger discipline was, especially for a huntress.

Beacon Academy / Re: Stargazing [Open]
« on: June 29, 2018, 04:27:36 AM »
Amane looks at Prism with interest as she requests to shoot Smokey's gun. This should be entertaining.

Everywhere Else / Re: [Mistral] Summer Shopping (PM for invite)
« on: June 29, 2018, 04:07:43 AM »
"Just exercise common sense," Amane replied while making her way to the booth and greeting the merchant. "Hi, my friend is considering getting a case of these dust-tipped rounds here, could she fire off a few shots?" She turns to Prism, "Try it out, if you like it I'll buy some for you."

The man looks at them silently, then grabs a Sig 716 battle rifle laying on a table to his right, loading a 20 round magazine in before handing it to Prism and gesturing with his hand to the open shooting zone behind him.

Everywhere Else / Re: Shiver [Closed]
« on: June 29, 2018, 03:42:14 AM »
Amane steps into the house holstering her pistol and silently watches Janus poke through the pantry.

On a corner of Vale’s industrial district is an old, abandoned building, once a piano factory until a large section of it had burnt down in a fire a few years ago, taking the lives of a number of workers. After the incident, nobody wanted to go near the building anymore so it was left there and forgotten. However, recently the building has found use again and was purchased by one Amane Petrichor at an extremely low price. Despite seeing the occasional shifting figures in the corner of her vision or random pings on her aura detection, it was a perfect location (spacious and private) to train without disturbance.

Today, as her team and other students were training at school, Amane had her own idea to improve her combat skills. Between the White Fang, Illustrious, OGRE, and other unsavory people she came across on her missions, she needed to fight against a more realistic opponent and not instructors or other students at Beacon, so she had tasked one of her contacts with locating an assassin or rogue huntsman to train against. Her contact, having a vast underworld network had deduced Shoko-La’s identity as she passed through Vale and signed up for the assassin’s offer under Amane’s name.

Parking her motorcycle inside the building, Amane gets off and pulls out a gun case stuffed into her backpack. She sets it on a nearby table and opens it to reveal a P229 pistol with six loaded magazines. This is what she will be using today. She also takes out a small bundle of violets and sets them at the center of the burnt section of the building before picking up her gun, screwing on the silencer and loading a magazine in, then pushing the slide back. She loved that feeling of the heavy pull and everything clicking into place.

As she waits for Shoko-La to arrive, Amane decides to warm up a little. Keeping her weapon lowered as she gets into position facing a few targets across the span of the fifty meter long building, she flicks it up quicker than the blink of an eye while squeezing the trigger and nails one of them just slightly off center. Having fired her first shot of the day, Amane lowers her gun, then once again flicks it up, making her way through the targets at a rapid pace. Detecting the woman, Amane decocks her pistol back to double action and places it on the table before turning around and listening to her. "Just not the Ducati, not there- she gestures with her hand to the burnt area with the flowers -everywhere else is fair game."

The Vale Region / Re: A Walk In The Shadows (Inex, CLOSED)
« on: June 23, 2018, 12:16:28 AM »
Amane sat at a table inside Mozetti's Gelato looking out the window and studying the world moving around outside. She wore a black polo shirt with white edges on the sleeves and collar, blue jeans, her scarf loosely draped around her neck with a pair of brown-tinted  aviator sunglasses hanging from the collar of her shirt, her beanie, and as always, her watch on her left wrist. Her fragrance today was the L'Immensité by Louis Vuitton with notes of grapefruit, ginger, and a variety of other herbs and scents perfect for the warm weather. Aside from an elderly Mistralian man with chestnut-colored skin at the register and a tall, muscular dark-skinned man with a large scar on the left side of his face carrying a few boxes, Amane was the only one indoors with the other customers sitting at tables outside, having ensured that their meeting won't attract unwanted attention.

Noticing the well-dressed woman walking towards the store, Amane subconsciously read her body language and got a feeling that this was her contact. This was confirmed as she spotted the red earring and waited for her to enter.

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