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Approved Characters / Re: Aoife Alaura
« on: May 25, 2017, 08:27:39 AM »
Ok so here's my feedback

I really like the history and how it was written but currently she doesn't have enough combat experience to put her in a place where she would pass the Beacon exam. I suggest when her dad comes upon the sum of money to put Her through a combat academy like signal first. It could allow her to get more experience, fix some attitude, explain in a realistic way how she got a professional fighting style, and leading into my next point ...

I don't usually go into this area but this weapon isn't enough to battle Grimm. Your fists and a plain revolver won't be enough to combat deadly Grimm. There is a reason that people usually build their own weapons in Signal and it's because normal weapons don't work, or don't work nearly as well.
If they did the military could just go in there with a couple or rifles and- you get the picture.

Anyway shes good character! A little edgey around the corners but nothing that breaks reality.
I look forward to her edits

Approved Characters / Re: Mae Tulimanu
« on: May 25, 2017, 07:26:26 AM »
Approved 2/2

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: May 23, 2017, 09:37:39 AM »
Xavier took this time to do what he did best. Studying and inventing were the things that made him happy and allowed him to take his mind off things. Lit by the soft blue glow of a holographic screen Xavier sat down near one of the cargo cars bearing one of the Schnee package. Fidling and tinkering with a little ball a small amount of smoke started to fly. Ignoring the small plume, Xavier took a glance at a monitor that hovered beside him. The monitor had a handful of different screens, each one displaying a different scene on the bus through the eyes of his bronze beetles.
My greatest invention...surprisingly turning out to be not a cannon or a weapon, but a little computer the size of a beetle.
Leaving the sphere abandoned for a minute, Xavier grabbed the holographic screen and looked for anything interesting happening on the train. It wasn't until a beetle caught sight of Mythos that he stopped and took a moment to ponder. The sight of her on the top of the train was a reassuring one but also one that sent a pang of guilt through him. He had been a bit harsh earlier, that was a given. But Xavier stood firmly to his belief that it would better to be cautious and analyse before rushing in.
Still, maybe there would be time to make up and get to know his leader better. He was sure there was a way to match the faces of the two girls and if there wasn't; Xavier was sure the technology wouldn't be too far out of his reach.
The distinct sound of a door opening snapped him Xavier out of his musings. Closing the holo-screens and picking up the tinker-ball Xavier faced the door to greet whoever was on the other side.

Plot Discussion / Re: Is there interest in more standard missions?
« on: May 23, 2017, 08:04:18 AM »
Sounds great!

WiP Characters / Re: Mikafar Lupine
« on: May 11, 2017, 10:34:05 PM »
As a person who has made 5 different characters it is expected of you to know the rules.

I'm moving this to WIP and giving you a little bit of time to fix it up.
You can pm me to ask specifics but before you do I want you to think really REALLY hard about why you think this character was denied.

You have enough experience now that we shouldn't have to hold your hand.

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:47:07 AM »
Xavier let out a sigh of relief he didn't even know he had been holding.  Throwing a glance of gratitude towards his two other teammates Xavier relaxed as the tense air that had settled in the past few minuets dissipated.

"Thank you for understanding Mythos it means a lot to me. Perhaps we could schedule in some down time later if you want to get to know Lien better. I know what its like to be a new person in a new place, at some level we all do. I'm sure that you'll find time to get to know everyone eventually."
Xavier spoke with a calm tone, one that resonated calm. Xavier was no fool, he could clearly sense the displeasure Mythos had with the plan. He hated coming off as a know-it-all resister, it was one of his down falls, but he would rather be a know-it-all then take unnecessary chances. Not to mention that if Mythos was who she said she was, they would have plenty of talking time to figure out the strange resemblance.

Not exactly knowing what to do or where to go he decided this would be a good time to kick it back for a bit. At least until their leader told them otherwise Xavier was perfectly content with fiddling away with his inventions.

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: April 20, 2017, 06:30:40 PM »
Xavier paused for a moment and took a second to ponder his leader's words. It wasn't reassuring that she was inferring a WF attack in such...exceptional circumstances and requesting closer time with Lien. It was laughable how obvious she was being if she did mean to harm their team, but even if she was completely innocent Xavier wasn't taking any chances. 
"Think about it this way, our job is to be guarding a single cargo. We were hired for Grimm, nothing more and nothing less. Our opponents will be coming to us no matter what and having the two ranged experts together would be great for a siege. If you want me at the front that is fine but you'd be pretty defenceless since me, Lien, and Jett are in the thick of it. Next thing we know you could be in a sticky situation and we can't do anything to help you. Had this been any other situation like an infiltration I would agree with you without question. But since Jett's and Lien's ranged capabilities it would be better if you had a partner to stay with you. Its the reason we work in cells."

Most of what Xavier said was just unbiased fact. If a Grimm sneaks up on their leader while she's alone in the backline it could lead to a lot of battlefield confusion and momentum loss. Which would be something crucial and they are under attack. If they were expecting white fang then it would get real nasty real quick if they had a hostage situation on their hands because no one was around to cover their leader.

"I will listen to what you say but you must take into the team weaknesses and lack of multiple ranges options is one of them. Not to mention I would rather you two had 'girl time' during free time no?"

Chuckling a bit to the last part Xavier listened intently to what he team had to say. He had hoped that he could keep Lien away from Mythos for a little while but even if he couldn't there were other ways to keep an eye on them. In the corner of the room a small bronze beetle perched itself.

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: April 10, 2017, 07:20:02 AM »
The glow faded away as Xavier turned off his machine and smiled at Jett."Its not everyday that a bug fix actually works. As the leader said, the overseer should not be a problem but wondering around the train alone seems like a stupid idea in general. Keep with your partner and we should be fine, speaking of which... "
Xavier locked eyes with Mythos and spoke with confidence

"Lien and Jett make good partners since his heavier fighting style complements her light one. Not only that but I will probably be the one in the back lines with you, giving you cover while simultaneously wreaking havoc to the enemies front line. If it's alright with you I think that we would make good partners atleast for the time being."

Glancing back to Lien and Jett, Xavier shot them a look that said please don't fight me on this.  Xavier was well aware that he was talking more business then usual and if he could have it his way then they would have their old leader back. But that wasn't how the world worked and Xavier would be damned before something went wrong on this mission.
Standing up and parting his trench coat slightly a swarm of mechanical beetles flew out and exited the room. Positioned in the different train cars it would prove easier to stay connected if Xavier knew where everyone was.
Putting his feet up, Xavier finished his address to the room. He wanted to be more participative in the conversation but "Mythos" was showing way to many red flags for him to be comfortable. Ironic seeing as he is lying down, but until he knew he could trust this new leader it would be best to keep her as close to him as possible.

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: April 03, 2017, 08:49:34 AM »
Xavier had zoned out of the conversation as he absent mindedly tinkered with a black octagonal box. The drone of his leaders words became background noise as he contemplated the tast at hand. Atlas did not fuck around with security and certainly not with their dust supplies. It wasn't unusual for them to higher entire military units to defende one shipment.
So this begs the question, why them? A group of inexperienced 2nd year Students of a Valian academy. There was definitely something going on.
Looking up to check in what his leader was saying he noticed that she was getting comfortable. Xavier passively smiled completely ignoring the question that his leader asked. Completely unintentionally of course, Xavier seemed to be extremely focused on his task.
This mission has 'ambush' written all over it. They have a big target and the perfect scapegoat. he glaced over to Lien for a second before a spark coming from his box drew his attention back to it.
This isn't makes me wish that our leaders mid drift was our biggest concern.
A flicker of energy from the box in his hands pulsed for a half a second before it went as quickly as it came. If Xavier had to be honest his leader wasn't exactly instilling calm amongst him. Lien had a very big target on her back right now, that racist conductor would not hesitate to blame her for anything that went wrong. And while in this delicate situation they get a leader that not only looks exactly like her but conviently has a blank memory? Yeah, no.
She was fine for now but Liens safety came first. His leaders sights better be kept on the enemy or she was going to be receiving a very quick and very swift hammer to the back.
The shape in his hand glowed a brilliant blue as a force field washed over the room. A steady pulse of energy emitted from the machine as Xavier let out a long sigh and wiped some sweat from his brow.
It was too early to be coming to rash conclusion's better to be prepared then dead.

Beacon Academy / Re: A Casual Time-Wasting Spar [CLOSED]
« on: March 24, 2017, 08:13:04 AM »
Griz heard the gunshots mere moments before he felt them collide with his arms and legs. Spinning around violently to the sniper in the corner he saw her turning around to fire another volley and Griz dived behind a rock. He heard the bullets ricochet off the stone as the ram faunus caught his breath. Still recovering from the shock wave he set off Griz smiled too himself.
Good thing I have thick skin or I would be a goner
Griz flexed his arms and legs where they were hit. His aura didn't stop the pain but years of experience of being roasted, punched, shot, and cut would help him walk it off.
Bracing himself against his stony cover Griz took deep breaths and finished recuperating. He was almost back in fighting condition after the shockwave. Building up his aura Griz set his sights for Tina. If she wants to shoot at him she was very welcome to do so but while the shockwave had disrupted everybody it had also given the meele fighters something that changed the battle. Cover.
Before it had been a flat field leaving them sitting ducks to gunfire  but they had places to duck and hide.
Griz mapped out a rout to where the shots came from calculating Tina's position from approximately where on his body she hit him.
The ghosts of pain finally faded away as Griz was ready to get back into the fight.
Lets get this show on the road were the last thoughts through his mind as Griz bursted out from behind the rock making a beeline for the next available shelter. Repeating this pattern Griz travelled in a z-shaped line randomly changing his direction and speed at any given moment.
Lets see how well she handles when her enemy is up close and personal

Aura check: ShowHide


The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: March 24, 2017, 07:24:00 AM »
Xavier repositioned himself so he was facing Mythos and glanced around the assembled group. The gadget he was tinkering with was safety tucked away as he got down to business with the rest of them.
Listening to her explication Xavier deduced that this leader was a pretty good fit for their least in the combat aspect. Socially however she seemed a bit rough around the edges but that just might be nerves or her...interesting history only time could tell.

Xavier could feel the waves of an awkward silence that set in after Mythos had finished talking. Winding that was his queue to introduce himself Xavier playfully elbowed Lien beside him to break the ice.

"T'is great that we have somebody who recognizes beauty when they see it! The name is Xavier Cendres and I am the team's combat and utility unit. But that probably mean nothing to you so...let me SHOW you what that means."

After finishing his monologue Xavier stood up out of his chair and brought out his scroll. Suddenly tiny brass beetles flew out of his trench coat and flew around the room. Different cameras appeared on the screen and by using all the different perspectives a small map was being constructed. While this was happening Xavier gave his new leader an explanation.

"Inside and outside of combat situations I have many skills. I use these bugs to scout area ahead of team. My arms can lift over 1000 pounds to clear way for allies. I am effective in both ranged and close-combat. Using cannon and heavy artillery from the back of a fight and my hammer for when a Grimm's skull needs to be bashed in. Heck I am even willing to tank a few hit for you with my dust shield so whenever you need a position filled, you call me"

Smiling and sitting backdown feeling like he had explained his purpose well Xavier was about to go back to tinkering when a jolt of pain shot up his arm. Right...he was a jack of all trades but even he had his limits. Reflexively rubbing his right shoulder as he remembered forcinly tearing it off to save a woman's life. The fateful day that the Bombs over Vale had dropped.
Shaking off his temporary trance Xavier steadied his voice the best that he could and added to his introduction.

"I may be able to cover many positions but when I am stretched too thin it can prove dangerous. My multi tasking and reaction time could use a little more work then I am proud enough to admit. Also I tend to avoid small areas as often as maximize efficiency of course! You try swinging a hammer in a small room and not breaking anything."

Quickly covering up his sudden nerves Xavier contently ended his speech having gone over his strength and weaknesses. Trying to ignore the sweat that had appeared on his forehead Xavier brought out the device he had been tinkering with earlier. In his slight panic he had forgotten to seigway into an intro for Jett.

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: March 19, 2017, 05:05:09 PM »
Xavier was just wrapping up his chat with the engineer. Everything seemed to be in working order! Honestly Xavier was impressed, it had been a while since he was last able to inspect such an intricate machine. With parting words exchanged he was ready to re-join the others when the blaring speaker came on. Xavier's eyebrow twitched in annoyance as their...guest rambled on in that insufferable tone of his. As the microphone clicked off Xavier got a spur of the moment idea. Pressing some of the controls on the keypad nearby the train lurched forward suddenly causing some personal to grab onto something to avoid falling down.  To Xavier's fortune that man did not, how could he tell? Well loud profuse swearing from the communication cabin was a tell tail sign that somebody's head had just been violently acquainted with the floor. 

Dashing out of the room before the engineer could look at him funny Xavier made his way back to his team chuckling slightly. It was a good thing he did because seconds later an angry Atlasian burst through the door to the engineering car. Only to be faced with an unimpressed engineer and a few mechanics. Sometimes you needed to take the small victories.
Taking a seat in his teams waiting room Xavier set down his briefcase on the floor beside him and pulled out a small box to tinker with. Smiling at Mythos from his seat he gave her a small wave with screwdriver in hand. This was going to be a good mission indeed.

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: March 11, 2017, 12:38:19 PM »
Xavier's grasp on his brief case tighten in anger. He hated when people were such embarrassment to his homeland. The reputation of Atlas would never change as long as people like him continued to exist in the world. Letting out a sign of resignation Xavier put on his coat and buttoned up his shirt. Well at least there was some bonuses to his day. The new leader was very straight forward and too the point. Just like how he liked it. He could tell she was a little nervous but that was to be expected, they did have a mission ahead of them after all.

Turning around to see the familiar faces of Lien and Jett. They were always reassuring to have around. Reaching around them both Xavier gave them a nice and firm pat on their backs.
"It is nice to see you two again and doing missions none the less! I hope you haven't gone soft on me Jett. Hopefully this leader decides to say a little bit longer then the last one did...speaking of which the new leader looks a lot like you don't you think Lien?"
Xavier's voice turned a bit curious at the end of his greeting. It was a tone that Lien and Jett would both have known very well by now. It was his 'insatiable curiosity' tone.
A tiny bronze mechanical beetle had flown out of his jacket and onto his shoulder.

"Well if you excuse me friends I need to go chat with the engineer on board, I need to make sure some last checks go through before we head off! Il meet you back in the lounge to catch up and meet the new leader."
Xavier smiled at them as he left to meet the man in charge of the locomotive. He hated to ditch his friends so soon but the safety of this cargo was priority. It was important and if the team was met with a sticky situation he had to make sure the train would be ready to go at a moments notice. While he walked Xavier began to ponder. The resemblance we between the leader and Lien was defiantly...uncanny. If Lien had a sibling she would have definitely the team beforehand. Interesting...absolutely interesting...something to talk about when he rendez-vous'd with them back at the lounge. 

The Vale Region / Re: Dust on the Rails [initiation] [MLDC]
« on: March 09, 2017, 09:02:01 AM »
Xavier smiled and exhaled a breath of satisfaction. Today really was a wonderful day. He had a team again, his hair was finally agreeing with him on how to look, and the mission description included his favourite words.
"By any means nessesary"
Oh boy those words sent chills of excitement down his spine. No limits mean using Ashen Snow to her full potential. Did he feel like blowing up bad guys with the strength of a anti-tank artillary shell was NESSESARY? Not exactly. Did he think it was hella efficient and fun? Fuck yeah he did.

In fact it had put him in such a good mood that he decided to help with the loading before joining his team. Shrugging off his trench-coat and shirt, Xavier clad in his overalls, hoisted the shipping container into the air and onto the train. His bionic arms groaned and strained slightly against the intense weight. It certainly was a workout for his aura and semblance but it was a way to blow off all his pent up steam. After the last of the shipping containers had been loaded, Xavier joined the rest of his least he though it was his team. Profuse swearing and motorbikes seemed to be the tell tale signs of a second year student.

Xavier walked up to the two, shirt and coat in hand and cooling down from the exercise. Looking closely one could see the scars where the metal of his arms met his shoulders. It was a little gruesome to see in full view. Brushing back sweaty hair Xavier spoke in a thick regional Atlasian accent.
"It is beautiful day for mission no? Reminds me of summer back in Atlas.
Though I do wish ever day of summer back then is as exciting as it is now. After all it's not everyday that you are escorting payload for Schnee dust company."

Beacon Academy / Re: A Casual Time-Wasting Spar [CLOSED]
« on: March 05, 2017, 04:28:22 PM »
Griz smiled,
This was just how he liked it. With everyone going at each other they had all have forgotten about him. Arguably the most experience fighter there...appearances can be deceiving. Griz let the kinetic dust in his gauntlets build up to full power as he made a move of his own. Slowly pacing himself into the middle of the arena he saw the events from the others transpire. Gun slinger to gunslinger then to Chris back to Cat. Honestly it was a game of rock paper scissors. Of course that was until Griz saw Chris dodge the hammer attack aimed for him with speed that would have even made some seniors flinch.

There is no way a first year has that type of speed...unless he has a speed semblance.
Seeing the attack Chris had aimed for Cat's head, Griz made a decision. There was no way someone like her could handle a guy like that in close ranged combat. So Griz was just going to subtly grab his attention...yes...subtly.
Flaring up his aura Griz smashed against the ground with dust and aura amplified strength. The result was a powerful shock wave that travelled to the ends of the arena. The earth upheaved itself and the once flat playing field had become filled with jagged rocks, boulders, and uneven land. Tina would have had plenty of time to dodge the wave seeing it coming from a mile off, Catalina depending on her reaction time might come off with just a few scratches but it was Chris's actions that would interest Griz the most.
If he decided to go through with his attack the shock wave would most definitely hit him when he hit the ground opening him up for follow up attacks.
If he dodged then everyone got off scot-free but then he had lost his opportunity for some free damage
If he wanted to to some cheeky speed things then the moment he stopped Griz would take advantage of that.

Of course these were just the things that Griz expected. He wouldnt be surprised if the kid found some way around it. He was "The Tiger" after all.
Griz let out a breath of tension after such heavy aura manipulation and settled into his boxing style fighting stance. His gloves cooled off as the kinetic function temporarily switched off to cool down while Griz observed Chris's next moves very carefully.

Shockwave damage: 8%

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