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Jostled into alertness, Airi opened her eyes and immediately stood to her feet.  Following the other students, she climbed the train ladder.  The large Ursa Major was the first to catch her attention, for obvious reasons, but she couldn't help but notice the Beowolves attacking the Dust car.  "We need to protect the Dust car from sustaining too much damage," she shouted over the commotion, Grimm roars, and howling of the wind.  "If the Grimm critically damage it, the Dust might explode and take the train with it."  Looking back at the Ursa major, which was much too big to ignore, she suggested, "We might be able to have three of us on the Ursa Major and peel off one to protect the Dust carriage."

Approved Characters / Re: Celeste Izusa
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Growing up, Airi had rather severe motion sickness.  It didn't matter the vehicle - car, ship, train, or airplane - she had difficulty avoiding the dizziness and nausea that so often accompanied such trips.  As a result, Airi's eyes were closed.  While Airi had outgrown most manners of motion sickness, except for the kind that came with travel by boat, she still kept her eyes closed and put herself into a sort of half-sleep - a holdover from when she was still affected by motion sickness.  When Taylor introduced herself to the group, Airi, still eyes closed, responded, "My name is Airi, also a third year." 

Plot Zone / Re: Taking A Bull By The Horns [SIGN-UPS]
« on: February 06, 2018, 03:35:34 AM »
Airi Okairos

Diddling themselves - it's not a tradition that's limited to only the holidays, but it's a tradition they do observe nonetheless

I'll sign up Auric Herz

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: December 13, 2017, 05:22:37 AM »
Lyra was the last to reach the building, and thanks to her rather weak constitution, she was all out out of breath.  Standing just outside the threshold of the door that Sovereign had kicked in, she watched the boy and Airi get to work against the occupants.  At least at the onset, she didn't notice anything particularly threatening about the people inside, so she wondered if Sovereign's intel was correct, significantly doubting him.  Either way, Lyra wasn't in a position to contribute anything, so she kept minimal attention to herself, waiting for aura to be spent so that she could harvest is for her own attacks.

Everywhere Else / Re: An Afternoon Downtown [Closed]
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:58:50 PM »
Lyra still didn't know what to think of this strange man, and she wasn't sure if they should follow him when he asked them to go along with him.  Nonetheless, Lyra saw that Airi seemed quite comfortable with him, or at least sufficiently so.  As a result, Lyra elected to trust Airi and follow along.

The Vale Region / Re: The Lion's Blade[Plot][Closed]
« on: December 04, 2017, 09:41:40 PM »
Airi looked at the massive Grimm that had suddenly appeared before the group.  It was not something that she had ever seen before, and honestly, she was quite amazed by its strange form.  However, Airi's attention was brought back to her immediate surroundings when she saw Fallow run out past the creep to get at the new Grimm directly.  "Wait, come back!" she called out to him, but it seemed that he was already gone too far out into the throng of Creeps.  To the remainder, she said "Alright, we'll need to clear out these Creep.  I want to pull back to evaluate a better plan of attack, but since Fallow has already run out there, we need to consolidate and bring him back.  What are your thoughts?"

"Hmm," Alexandra thought.  "Alright, I dare you to do a silly dance."  That seemed innocuous enough.  However, a slight grin crept across her face as she continued speaking.  "I expect you to give us your best silly dance, but keep in mind, though, that Julia's dare to sit on your lap still isn't over.  You wouldn't want to cause her to fail her dare, would you?"

As Zwei commanded her to heed and obey, Alexandra's eyes narrowed in anticipation of what diabolical task her debauched teammate had in store for her.  When she finally did hear his command, a brief look of confusion passed on her face and a slightly audible "huh?" made its way past her lips.  "Oh ok."  Alexandra got up and walked over to Zwei, sitting down next to him.  How strange, Zwei was.

Upon hearing the dare, Alex slightly gulped before shooting Zwei a jokingly nasty look.  Alexandra and Zwei, as teammates, always had a sort of older sister-younger brother relationship, despite her being younger than him, so for her to be his slave, if even for just a little bit, was going to be quite strange, especially with someone as silly and unpredictable as Zwei.  "Alright then, dare accepted," she affirmed to both Julia and Zwei.  "In the meantime," she continued, "Mao, truth or dare?"

In response to Julia's choosing of her as the next participant, Alexandra answered resolutely, "I choose dare!"

Approved Characters / Re: Graham Dylandy
« on: October 06, 2017, 02:25:14 AM »


Name: Graham Dylandy

Age: 17, 6th of Saaral

Species and Gender: Male Human

Symbol: A traditional Japanese katana with cracks and splinters coming off the blade

Occupation: First Year Beacon Student

Appearance: Graham Dylandy stands tall at 5'11. He has a simple complexion, with pale, tanned skin, grey irises and short, messy chestnut brown hair, several locks of which fall across his face. Graham has the facial shape of a slightly flattened oval, not enough to warrant it being a circle. He cuts a fine line between being built and being skinny, having enough of both to confuse people over arguing which description fits him better. Graham is left-handed instead of the usual right.

For everyday clothing, Graham chooses to show his status, opting for a sleeveless electric crimson tailcoat with bright silver linings, which travel the length of the topcoat in ornate patterns. The tailcoat reaches the top of his thighs. An armband with delicate patterns adorns his right forearm. Under the tailcoat, he wears a white and auburn tank top with black and gold trimmings. He also wears, compared to the rest of his outfit, plain white denim shorts with no special features to them, apart from pockets. His footwear of choice is, strangely enough, sandals. However, these are more tight-fitting than usual sandals, allowing Graham to run. His symbol is nowhere to be found anywhere on his clothing, the only visible place being a tiny stamp on his blade.

In combat, he adds on three extra components: a thin metal belt with a movable metal arm and clamp for his weapon; over his tailcoat, a small ammo belt that encircles Graham's right shoulder and armpit, holding dust canisters, and a mechanical combat mask that covers and protects his mouth and nose when in combat. It splits in half and loosely covers his ears when not in use. However, Graham finds the mask a bit too "edgy" and does not wear it in combat with other humans, unless there is a specific reason to (Desert environments and the like).
Spoiler: show
Without the red circles, link because image is too big to simply fit on page

History: Born in a rich family in Vale, Graham Dylandy was the newest in a line of Hunters who could trace their ancestry all the way back to the Greyed War, where his ancestor fought without the usage of Dust, opting instead to carry a simple tachi into battle. His skill wielding the blade made up for his not using any Dust, and he did not participate in major fights, instead striking the back lines of the enemy and fading away before major conflicts erupted. It was the Dylandy family's decree that at least one descendant should carry on the mantle of being a Hunter, and as Graham was an only child, he was raised with the mindset of being a Hunter capable of impressing his father, who was also a Hunter before him, and passing on their age-old traditions to the next generation.

Every Hunter who had ever come from the Dylandy family had wielded the family heirloom, the same tachi that was used in the Greyed War by their ancestor, passed down with its techniques, kept in near pristine conditions. The techniques were, unlike others, not lost to time and stayed the same, apart from improvements added on by each Hunter. The tachi was the family's most precious possession and was what defined their style. Along with the blade, each generation passed down their gradually expanding knowledge of fighting, a form of martial art based on a iaijutsu/iaido hybrid. Graham was taught this style of combat by his father, who was brought up in the old styles and methods of the Hunters before him, which included his father's father (Graham's grandfather) and his grandfather. At the age of 10, Graham began his iaido training, practicing the movements of the tachi blade, and at night, he would study to catch up on his education. Due to his implanted mindset, however, Graham showed little interest toward that direction.

It would be 3 years before his father deemed him ready to move on to actual sparring, practicing the first instance of
iaijutsu with a blunt steel blade, unlike the wooden practice blade Graham had used during his iaido training. This took some time to get used to, as the transition from a wooden to steel blade was, well, strange. In order to allow Graham to spar more freely, his father unlocked his aura before the transition. However, 3 years of just practicing movements does dull the senses of combat, and to counteract this Graham's father brought him to an arms convention hosted by an Atlas company. There, Graham was treated to a spectacle of fighting with weapons beyond his comprehension, all bolstered with technology at another level that even two years of constant training couldn't hold a candle to. His young mind, exposed to high-tech mechanics for the first time (Apart from scrolls, his family didn't keep with the times) swarmed with ideas as to how the techniques he was learning could be aided with such technology.

Back at home, Graham spent a considerable amount of time researching different companies that offered mechanical upgrades, including prosthetics, Dust systems and launching chambers. He also brainstormed concepts that could possibly improve his combat capabilities further beyond his limits. One example was his cutting speed, where his line of thought went to Kinetic Dust. It would definitely improve the velocity of the cut, while another was to completely reforge the tachi with more modern concepts and designs. This ultimately did not proceed because Graham had zero experience with forging his own weapon. He also stayed clear from completely replacing his arm with a prosthetic, though it would be much more powerful. Being a cyborg didn't align with his interests, though he did purchase a mechanical combat mask that covered his mouth and nose when activated.

He went to his father/mentor with the information he'd gleaned and memorised, expecting to be given praise for his hard work and the green light to start modifications. What he didn't expect was harsh rebuking and what would almost result in physical punishment if not for his mother. It turned out his father didn't believe in the advantages of technology, believing that mixing it with their traditions would ruin the meaning, as well as trusting in their skills alone to carry them through any difficulty. "If it isn't broken don't fix it", basically. On the other side of the spectrum, Graham believed that combining technology with sword techniques could push the boundaries of how far he could improve, redefining his limits with no technical aid. This clearly went against the creed of the family, and his father forbid Graham from further pursuing the topic.

The young Graham was nothing if not determined at this point to prove his father wrong once and for all. He continued his training under his father with the pretense of seeing sense in what his father said, with his aim truly being to learn all he could from his father before taking his own path. At 15, with his father deeming him worthy of wielding the family tachi, he presented Graham with the precious sword, the elaborate patterns and simple yet effective blade being the chosen weapon for every Hunter under their roof. However, Graham threw that concept out the window, secretly approaching an Atlesian weapons modification store to request upgrades to the sword, providing ideas and concepts as to what he wanted done to the blade. The end result was Reformation, complete with a Dust ejection system and modernised design. Alongside the tachi, Graham requested a completely new weapon, Trinity, based off a tanto blade and completely mechanised. To prove his father wrong, Graham enrolled in Beacon Academy, under the guise that he was still using the unmodified sword, relying on his training to tide him through, aiming one day to cross blades with his father and open his eyes to the wide world of opportunities that awaited.

Personality: Graham is your wealthy, old descendant of a traditional family with a twist. He is a vivid believer that technology is the next step to improving the art of combat, even going so far as to modify the old family heirloom, which is considered to be mutilating the sword, at least in his family traditions. Apart from his ideals, which he will fight to defend, he's your average rebellious teenager. Rich and yet not spoiled, he doesn't flaunt his wealth to others, only using money for essentials or enhancements to the tachi blade and sheath (basically, splurging on technology). Graham is practiced at controlling his emotions, capable of showing a good poker face. Otherwise, outside of classes, which he does not do well in (he can't really be bothered to learn stuff that doesn't relate to fighting), and fights, he's pretty easygoing, able to keep his own in a conversation-well, most of the time. In a combat situation, he's confident from the training he's been through, which could be his downfall--overconfidence. It must be noted that Graham does not fight for honor/glory, nor does he fight for the sake of fighting-he will avoid combat if unnecessary.

Graham has a few hobbies, including playing with practice butterfly knives, pen tapping, and magazine-reading, the latter only because he is constantly searching for ways to prove his father wrong, that technology does indeed push the boundaries of combat, and is the way forward if he wishes to improve. He has no skill with actually assembling technology, and relies on outside sources to supply him with the kit he needs. He highly enjoys rock and metal music, and might burst into song if he thinks no-one's looking. If faced with a problem, he has no qualms with spending money to solve it, aka "money isn't a problem". He can be determined if he wants to, even headstrong when challenged. If someone questions his ideals, like his father did, he takes it personally and will not back down until the other person concedes his point.

Aura and Semblance: Aura Color- Electric Crimson / #FF003F

Semblance: Taunt Targeting- Graham looks at a visible living object--human or Grimm--for 2 seconds. The target then gains a deep red glow around it's outline, only visible to Graham, while Graham also gains the same glow, only visible to the target. This makes him feel like he's done a 5-min jog. Graham gains a 1/3 damage boost to his attacks against the designated target; however, the same applies to him, as in he takes 1/3rd more damage from the target as well. The target can dispel this effect by moving out of Graham's view completely. This can be achieved simply by forcing Graham's eyes closed for a duration of time longer than a blink, or by pushing his head so he can not see his target. Or moving behind cover. Only one person can be targeted at a time, and the effects fade after 10-15 seconds. After the effects fade, forcedly or otherwise, Graham must "recharge" for 15 seconds before he can use his Semblance again.

Combat Behavior: Think of Graham as a left-handed high-tech samurai with no code of honor to uphold. Due to Graham being left-handed, any tactics his opponent may have when fighting are mentally thrown off balance. He is very flexible (his body, not his tactics) and can use this to his advantage. Graham can alter his fighting style slightly between one-handed and two-handed, one being the swifter and shorter swings and parries, while two being the heavier slashes and stabs. When using a one-handed grip, his right hand is almost always on the ridged grip of his sheath. He does not dual-wield his tachi and his tanto, only using one at a time. Graham is capable of pulling off butterfly knife tricks with his tanto mid-fight to distract his opponents, though he does run the risk of dropping the blade.

He is proficient in close-quarters dueling, whether it be against swords, axes or hammers, but struggles against brawlers or fighters who get inside his tachi's range, or stay far enough from him that the tachi blade cannot reach them, like spear/glaive users. Graham has no hand-to-hand training, so disarming him will render him basically helpless (he can barely throw a punch). He has based almost all his combat strategies and styles on single combat, and while he excels at it, he is easily overwhelmed if multiple enemies gang up on him. In team fights, he singles out an opponent and focuses them down. It is noted that he does not adapt quickly to unorthodox weaponry like chains, boomerangs, or weapons that aren't normally seen on the battlefield, nor are his movements fast.

During his training, Graham was taught iaijutsu-based techniques as well as iaido, focusing on being aware and quickly responding to attacks. The training resulted in him being able to carry out smooth, controlled movements as well as enhancing his reaction time, and he prominently displays this when fighting, returning his tachi to the sheath after every confrontation, or when he needs to reposition himself. Iaijutsu is also utilised with the tanto. One technique he has practiced often is a Kinetic Dust-enhanced sword strike, straight from the sheath. The increased momentum from the Dust charge allows Graham to carry out highly powerful swings, though this is limited in that he needs to return the tachi to the sheath, and that he only has a limited amount of dust charges (5).


Name: Reformation

Primary Weapon: Reformation is a renamed and heavily modified tachi blade and sheath. Measuring 30 inches in length, the electric crimson-colored blade of steel itself is relatively unchanged, retaining the traditional signature on the base of the blade, but with an additional symbol, translating to Reformed, etched crudely by Graham, as well as being repainted to his liking. The curve of the blade has been slightly straightened, though unnoticeable by an untrained eye. The two-handed grip of the blade, once adorned with gold tassels, has had the width reduced slightly and the tassels removed, replaced by a modern katana grip. It has also been modified to be left-handed. A slot for Dust canisters on the base of the handle has been added to the tachi.

Dust Functions: Graham only uses two types of Dust for Reformation, Electric and Ice dust. He keeps 3 canisters of each type with him at hand.

Electric (Lightning) Dust charges the blade with a electric current. The next strike that hits any target releases the energy into the target. Can paralyse a limb for a tiny duration of time. When this type of dust is inserted into the blade, there is audible crackling and blue sparks fly from the blade. The energy is only released on contact with a surface.
Ice (Freeze) Dust imbues the blade with a light blue color. The next strike causes any target it comes in contact with to freeze over. Can freeze an entire limb, though the ice is not thick. The ice is only activated if the blade comes in contact with a surface.

Sheath: The once ornate sheath has had many more modifications compared to the tachi. The black curved leather casing with red metal streaks and the original shape remain with the width being thickened, but the first 1/3rd section of the sheath has been removed near the mouth, replaced with a rifle-esque receiver. This device is powered by Kinetic Dust cartridges, with a 5-cartridge clip on the bottom, the modified section looking like a rifle loading chamber. There is also a ridged hand grip and a trigger complete with trigger guard, to fire off the Dust charge. When the tachi is in the sheath and the trigger compressed, the dust charge triggers, blasting the tachi out of the sheath with considerable force. Near the end of the modified section is a indented section for a clamp, replacing the traditional ropes/hangers that allow the blade to be worn horizontally. The clamp is attached to a movable mechanical arm on a belt, allowing the sheath to be extended or retracted away from the waist. The tachi and the sheath hang on the clamp on Graham's right side of his waist, horizontally.
Spoiler: show

Concept from MGRR: HF Murasama sheath

History: Once the old family heirloom, passed down to wielders in the Dylandy family that sought the mantle of a Hunter, Graham took the tachi and the sheath to a weapons modification store, where he requested for the blade to be customised to his preference, disregarding the blade's history in favor of his own ideals. The result was a mechanised version of the old blade, retaining the tachi's characteristics while simultaneously bolstering the power of the swings.

Name: Trinity

Primary Form: Trinity is a tanto blade that can fold up similar to a butterfly knife. When not in use/sheathed, the blade of the tanto telescopes so it fits the length of the handle. The handle then splits in two, like a butterfly knife, and folds around the blade, concealing it. The full length of the tanto automatically springs out when the two sections of the handle come together and exposes the compressed blade. Trinity is 12 inches long when unfolded, only 4 inches when folded, and Graham normally hides the blade in a pocket instead of displaying it, compared to his tachi.

History: Trinity was one of Graham's steps to proving that technology does improve combat, redesigning a traditional weapon with new styles and technology. It proved to be a useful surprise weapon.


Approved Characters / Re: Infrared Ray
« on: October 06, 2017, 02:24:20 AM »
Spoiler: show


Name: Given name:Infrared, Surname:Ray

Age: 24

Species and Gender: Female rabbit faunus

Symbol: A silvery wave of arcs which subtends 5 degrees with a frequency of 1 arc per 3 centimeters on a brick red background.

Occupation: 4th year Atlas student

Appearance: She doesn't really care about what she wears and only look for warmth and agility with her outfit. Usually she wears T-shirts figure is around 150cm tall with 75 cm around her waist. Her rabbit ears at the top of her head are obvious and provide sensitive hearing akin to average rabbit faunus. Her rabbit ears have white fur.

History: She was born in Atlas with an elder brother and a one-year younger sister, and is looked down upon just like the rest. But unlike most people her parents are not being forced to near-slavery but are rather well paid with a decent position as managers of a small group of other faunus in a faunus respected and safe-ish dust mine. She went there occasionally to mine dust to get some Lien for buying entertainment goods and services. She became slightly more masculine thanks to her almost all-male companions. But her relationship with her parents soured because they gave her a beating every time she came for no particular reason, and got especially hard ones after knowing that she received combat training under a certain group of former hunters. When she was 8, she finally realized that even in a faunus respected environment, a mine is still that dangerous after being trapped by a collapse with the aforementioned hunters. It was there and then she discovered her semblance when she had a rock squashing almost right on her poor ears but instead punched a small hole that allowed for breath. After a long discussion they trained her on spot to help
By shaking a loose piece of rock and launching it at the debris one at a time they craved their way with assistance from her friends as she now calls them out the first sight from her is a mix of fury, worry and joy from her parents. What happened when she returned home?
Well, she wished not to talk about. Nonetheless, her relationship with the group became better than ever and they trained her all her life in fighting.

At the age of 18 she applied(she wanted to at 17, but were stopped by her parents after a good talk and for good reasons) to the Atlas academy and got denied. The report card was signed by a male teacher who unsurprisingly looked after her later saying her fighting skills were more then capable for academy students of the same year but the writing tests were marginally failed. She worked much harder on her knowledges and combat skills ever since(with the side effects of becoming addicted to Remnant: the Game and plays it super often) and two years later she got accepted into the second year of Atlas.
She's a faunus and is again discrimated, but no one messed with her physically after she earned support from professors don't discriminate them.
She loved electromagnetism thanks to her name and wanted to create a coilgun as her weapon but failed horribly after taking a hint in maths from another teacher and still almost electrocuted herself along with her teammates. At school she were bullied for loving 'stupid magnets' since that incident (and slightly less for being a faunus),But the damage was done. It changed her as what she is now.
Under quite a lot of pressure which included people disturbing her family houses that got chased away with great difficulties and private threatening of withholding graduation, she enlisted in the Atlas Military under training to become specialists AND faunus equality promotion, doing dirty but borderline legal and safe(/slave) to PR work, and even then her promotion was withheld for one year by refusing twice and only agreed after talking to practically everyone she knew of.
Her latest mission is to dig up a blueprint for something that was lost in mountain Glenn during the breach of the city, which used obsolete but secret to outside Atlas tech.

Personality: Following the official and direct order from the military, she despises the White Fang and refuses to talk about them. Outside of work, she liked to be a know-it-all who is terminology insistent and always correct the others whenever she remembered one off the top of her head. She is also loves to deconstruct a subject when she has a strong opinion towards it.
In hindsight of her childhood experience, she loved to slap her friends' back in kindness but it had made her friends and (hopefully temporary) enemies alike because she usually made their aura flicker if she isn't controlling her strength.
Applied the other way around, beating her to a pulp is the worst way to tell her to get a hold of herself.
On studying, she focuses on subjects she liked and practically ignores the rest as a trauma of her failing to create a coilgun. This is a main reason for failing 4th year in grimm biology and history year once other then the one above.

Aura and Semblance:Her aura glow is mainly red but with small but scannable amount of infrared by glowing in the same way regular colorful aura glows.
Her semblance is to make flying object she recognizes visibly and wishes to, upon contact, fly back with the incoming speed at an angle of her choosing with 10 degrees of error. The expense of this is extra aura consumption and pain proportional to the original damage. Dust infusing makes the dust coats on the projectile with the dust effects. It also can't bounce off anything coated in aura.
The cost of aura in percentage is proportional to the change of kinetic energy required to bounce the way she wanted. When a rocket from reaction is bounced exactly back(or to any other directions for that matter) Infrared took 40% aura damage and can barely stand up immediately afterwards.
Combat Behavior: She is a glass cannon thanks to the costly semblance. As such, she’ll stay far and bombard her enemies at long range, or cut or bash them down at close range but had nothing in between. She also somewhat fear her semblance's pain and will actively avoid using it.

+Powerful long range firepower
+Proficient melee range combat
+Effective and useful semblance
+A few more years worth of training
+Rabbit faunus(Enhanced hearing and near perfect night vision)
+Aura vague sense

-Doesn't want to use her semblance too much
-Very self damaging semblance and long range weapon
-Can't hit anything in between effective range of two weapons(where aim-dodging is easy but out of melee reach), which is quite a large gap
-Reaction and its shells are very bulky and is impossible to conceal
-Can't wield both weapons at once as they're both handheld
-slow even when not carrying reaction
-relatively fragile aura even without considering semblance

Name: She named it Reaction because of its huge muzzle energy and recoil.

Primary Form: A bulky brick red shoulder mounted rocket launcher with an tube length of 1.5 meters that can both smash people and fire unguided rockets. It dealt 20% damage to her when she tested it against herself without using her semblance and costed herself 40 if semblance is used to sent it exactly back due to cost of her semblance.
Dust Functions: Kinetic dust were used to launch and timed with a fuse for fragmentation or high explosive heads. A very large amount of them is used and thus creates a recoil that harms her aura at about 10 percent per shot AND knocked her down if her semblance is not used taking her 20 seconds to reload. She can bring 10 to 20 rockets with her and a cart had to be made for just that.

History: She decided bigger firepower is better when it came to firearms and made it as powerful as possible. Before it was finished she can only bash people around with the exterior and slash with her sidearm. It was only made possible after she enlisted into Atlas Military for usages on the field as fire support.

Name: Action.

Primary Form: A blue regular longsword with a one meter blade and wieldable with both one hand and two hands. A squeeze trigger activates the dust stored in the hollow handle.

Dust Functions:Linings of dust channels provides dust usage when triggered. They make the sword coats in in the dust so it heat up/freezes/electrify. Its output can make the whole sword freeze an arm or equivalent, can heat up to deal 5% per second on (another student), and current flow can stun upon hit for about 10 seconds.

History: That group of former hunters gave it to her as a present for entering Atlas Academy. She is therefore more proficient with it than she is with Reaction.


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